Transferring Data To The New iPhone Xs

In this manual, I described the easiest and best way to transfer all data from the old iPhone to the new? Step by step.

Transferring Data To The New iPhone Xs

So, you bought a new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR, and now you need to transfer all your data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. No matter how you decide to transfer data, using the automatic setup of iOS 12, iCloud or iTunes, before you start, you need to backup your old iPhone.

Tip: If you make an encrypted backup of your old iPhone using iTunes, then restore it to your new iPhone. All information is transferred, including passwords. In addition, it will save more time and require less effort in working with the backup.

After you have made a backup, choose which method is more convenient for you to transfer data to the new iPhone.

How to automatically transfer data from an old iPhone to a new one

In iOS 11 and newer versions, it is possible to quickly transfer data from one iPhone to another. The only condition is that both smartphones should be next to each other. So, let’s begin:

1: Turn on your new iPhone or iPad and put it next to the old device (both devices must have iOS 11 or newer).

2: A window should appear on the new iPhone Quick Start, where he will offer to configure a new device and enter his Apple ID.

3: After that, the image should appear on the new iPhone, scan it with the old iPhone.

4: When the password prompt appears, enter password from old iPhone on the new one.

5: Set up Touch ID on a new iPhone or iPad.

6: Now the question should be asked about restoring data in the new iPhone from your last compatible backup.

7: Choose what you want to restore to your new device from iCloud or iTunes, set up as a new iPhone or iPad, or transfer data from an Android device.

8: Agree to the terms.

9: Choose whether you want to transfer some settings related to “Siri”, “find my iPhone”, Apple Pay, geo-location and privacy.

10: Complete the setup process for your new iPhone or iPad.

How to Transfer Data to a New iPhone Using iTunes

You will need a Lightning cable or a 30-pin (if it’s an iPhone 4S or older model).

2: plug in your old iPhone to a Mac or Windows computer.

3: Launch iTunes

4: Click on iPhone icon on time menu.

5: Choose encrypt local copy and add password.

6: If you are asked about creating application backup, click skip. (They will be installed anyway)

7: Wait for the backup to complete.

8: Disconnect the old iPhone from the computer, turn it off and remove the SIM card from it.

9: Paste SIM card in your new iPhone and turn it on.

10: plug in your new iPhone to computer Mac or Windows.

11: Start customizing it, choose a language, connect to a Wi-Fi network.

12: On the iPhone Settings page, select Recover from iTunes copy

13: In iTunes on your Mac or Windows, choose restore from backup

14: Choose last backup from the list and enter password.

Depending on the size of the backup, applications and music, you will have to wait a while until all this boots up. Do not disconnect the iPhone until the recovery from the backup is complete. Upon completion of the process, the device can be used.

How to transfer data to a new iPhone using iCloud

If you use iCloud cloud storage, you can take a backup from there and transfer all the data wirelessly. For starters, it’s better to manually start the backup on the old device before installing it on the new iPhone. This will guarantee that all the latest information has been archived and transferred.

1: take your old iPhone.

2: Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to Wi-Fi. (If it is discharged, plug it in to charge.)

3: Log in to your old iPhone Settings

4: Choose an item iCloud

5: Find and go to point Backup

6: Click on Back up

7: When the backup is finished, turn off your old iPhone

8: Pull out the SIM card from old iPhone

Be sure to wait for the backup to complete before proceeding.

1: Install your SIM card into the new iPhone and turn it on.

2: Start setting it up, choose a language, connect to a Wi-FI network.

3: On the page IPhone setup select item Recover from iCloud Copy

4: Log in to your account iCloud. (Enter your Apple ID and password.) And click Further

5: Choose last backup from the list and enter the iCloud password (if necessary)

Depending on how much data will be downloaded, including music and applications, this will take some time. Be in the range of Wi-Fi as much as possible to speed up the process.

Your iPhone may become very hot in the process, and the battery may run out too much during recovery. Do not worry, after recovery, the temperature will become normal.

How to transfer data to a new iPhone from an old smartphone on Android or Windows

If you decide to switch from an Android smartphone or Windows Phone, you can also transfer some data from them to iPhone, although not all of them, for example, you can transfer.

Still have questions about data transfer?

If you have any difficulties or if you still have questions about transferring data from one iPhone to another, write in the comments below!