Transferring data from phone to phone Xiaomi

Transferring data from phone to phone Xiaomi. Contact display problems

We will not recommend any specific. We will tell you about everyone. And you choose the one that will seem the most convenient.

It seems that this technology is not so much already using. But it remains useful. For example, in order to send important and valuable data from one Xiaomi phone to another.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both phones. The settings have an appropriate button-in the form of two or even three triangles-tables.
  • Select data that you need to “teleport”.
  • Click “Send”. Bluetooth.
  • Confirm the sending. We’ll have to wait a bit, because for a split second the files will not “fly away”.

Very simple and convenient option. But you can choose another.

How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi via Mi Cloud

As a conductor between smartphones, the Mi account is well suited-in its cloud storage of the Mi-Cloud there are reserve copies of multimedia, contacts and system files. The method of transferring data to a new device is similar to what is used when importing through Mi Mover.

  • The “Settings” menu select the “System Applications” option. Find the Mi Cloud section, go to the “backup” tab (may be called the “backup device”).
  • They give the task to create a backup. “do it right now”.
  • On the new device in the same menu, the item “Restoration of Data” is chosen.
  • Clicking on the “restore” icon launched the process.

For those users who are used to viewing materials from their smartphone on the desktop screen, they can do this using special Mi PC Suite or Mi Phone Assistant programs. With their help, you can also create backup copies that will be stored in PC memory. In this case, the task of how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi can be solved through a computer.


To take advantage of this method, you need to activate your Mi-account profile or create it if it was not done earlier.

Mi Cloud: Backap and synchronization with Mi account

A convenient way to transfer important files. The application of the possibilities of a built.In account. At the first entrance to the phone, the system asks the newly.Made owner to make a profile, come up with a login and password, and also tie the device in case of loss of access to the account. After connecting, the user of the smartphone receives many additional functions, including the possibility of creating a backup copy.

In the future, the saved data can be quickly transferred to a new device without the need to switch between Xiaomi. All that is necessary is to enter the new apparatus under the same login and password as on the old device. If the owner of the phone has previously made a backup, it will be enough to unveil the file.

Before transferring data to the new Xiaomi phone, consider the cloud constant restriction. It is only 5 GB. In most cases, this is enough to copy music, video, backups and other data.

To get started, go into the old phone, from where you need to transfer the data, and take such steps:

  • Enter the settings. Mi account and enter data for authorization (pass registration);
  • Enter the Xiaomi Cloud section and click on the desktop reservation

Now the data is in the cloud. It remains to connect to it on a new device and click on the link to restore from a backup copy. In this case, the information is “poured” on the Xiaomi smartphone in the floor. Give an important point to the password, which should be as reliable as possible.

How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

When using Mi Mover, not only transferring applications from the phone to the phone will be made, but absolutely everything is copied. From contacts and files to thin settings of the operating system. Let’s show how this happens in reality.

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We connect two Android Smartphone to one Wi-Fi network

Download the Mi Mover application on both phones

We launch. On the old smartphone, select the mode “I am the sender”, on the new one. “I am a recipient”

How to Transfer Data from Android Device to Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro?

QR code is generated on the new smartphone

It must be scanned with an old phone launched in the sender mode

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After their conjugation, we select on the old smartphone the data that needs to be postponed

And click on the “Send” button

That’s all. When the transfer of data from android to Android will end, all applications and other information from the old Xiaomi smartphone will be on the new one. You can use all the usual applications and settings.

How to throw data from Xiaomi to Samsung

Another top application is Smart Switch

To transfer notes from Xiaomi to Samsung Mi Cloud, you can use third.Party solutions. For example, Smart Switch application. First, install it on both devices.

  • After that, open the application on Xiaomi and give all the necessary permits.
  • Connect both smartphones to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • In the application on the start screen, select Wireless.
  • On the Samsung smartphone, select “Get Data” and wait until the confirmation from Xiaomi appears.
  • In the window that opens, select “Applications” and put a mark on the desired program.
transferring, data, phone, xiaomi

In such a simple way, you can transfer not only not only notes to Samsung, but also other types of data.

Possible problems

Knowing how to transfer contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi, and having instructions at hand, difficulties rarely arise with the movement of information. But there is a common problem that beginners face. For example, a person bought a new Xiaomi smartphone, copied the numbers on the phone, but did not see them. The list of subscribers was empty.

To solve the problem, go to the Settings section. And at the next stage, system applications. Further enter the contacts section. By default, they are not active. The user’s task is to enable this option, and then make sure that all the information display. A similar situation will occur if you want to choose a certain list of contacts.

We must not forget about the smartphone menu, where there are many options for sorting. For example, the display of data in alphabetical order. If the contacts are not displayed in the list, but the person is confident in the presence of telephone numbers, it is important to pay attention to the tolerance only from the phone numbers or contacts of the SIM card. They must be in the inclusive position (transferred to the right side).

Transfer through SIM

The easiest way. Nothing is required to install and additionally include on the phone. Involves only the means of the smartphone itself.

transferring, data, phone, xiaomi
  • We enter the “Settings”. “system applications”. “contacts”;
  • Choose the highest option called “Import and Export”;
  • In order to transfer contacts to SIM, you need to select the export to the SIM card and save the transmitted data there;
  • Rearrange SIM into the second device;
  • Further actions are related to the import of saved contacts on the other Xiaomi phone. Choose places of conservation at your discretion or leave it at the map and use it as it is, or import in your phone memory.

The main thing happened. You moved the contacts of your subscribers.

Together the transfer is simple. Options of imports and exports, due to their importance, are called, you will not confuse. I carried out all the actions to transfer Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro on my own phone with global firmware. So claims like: “And I do not have such an option in the settings”, are not accepted.

How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

Technologies go far ahead and allow you to currently transfer files extremely quickly from device to device. Xiaomi has several functions for this. Two of them, called Mi Drop and Mi Mover, create a bridge for transmitting data between two devices through Wi-Fi modules.

Note: at the same time, the mobile Internet, as well as the Wi-Fi network will not be involved!

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In general, to move the data in Xiaomi smartphones from one to another is possible in several ways: an integrated option exclusively for Xiaomi smartphones called Mi Mover, Mi Drop to send data to smartphones of other brands and by transferring files through the Mi account.

Through Bluetooth

To transmit data, you can use the old Bluetooth module in the old fashioned way, which is able to transmit data without third.Party between any devices.

In order to transmit it, it is enough to turn on the function on both devices, note the necessary files on one of them and click “Send”, then select the Bluetooth method in the list that opens, then specify the name of the recipient’s profile, and confirm the receipt on another device. The sending procedure will be completed on this.

Important! During the first transmission, smartphones may refuse to connect, since no conjugation was carried out between them.

Mating is a simple procedure that provides devices for mutual access to files. To install it, you need to go in both devices in the Bluetooth settings, activate the modules and search. Devices will become visible to each other. Click on the name of the required phone. A window confirmation will appear. Click “accept” on both devices (but first on the one from which data will be transmitted). The conjugation will be successfully carried out.

transferring, data, phone, xiaomi

Important: the procedure is performed once. Can be freely accepted and transferred to files without recovering.

Mi Drop app

The program is designed to transmit selective files. In other words, you can enter the section with music and choose only those songs that you want to copy.

transferring, data, phone, xiaomi

Unlike Mi Mover, Mi Drop allows you to discharge files to smartphones of other brands. For this to happen, you will need to download the application with the corresponding name from Play Market.

The process of copying information in this way is very simple. To transfer files you will need:

The copying process will be considered completed on this. At the same time, one should not forget to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is activated automatically, unlike the access point. On some devices, the disconnection of all the modules is automatically.

QR code

To transmit information extremely easily through the use of QR code, you will need to use the Mi Mover option. It is available in the “Settings” section.

Further, to transfer files exclusively between Xiaomi devices, perform actions:

Note: This type of transfer of information from one device to another does not imply selective sending. It is carried out only by sections, with each file contained in them. Such sections include: images, video, audio, data, applications, documents, and t. D.

Through the Mi account

Mi account is a cloud storage designed for the owners of Xiaomi devices and offering 5 GB of free space. This storage has the functions of copying not only music files, video and other things, but also system files, backup copies.

To reset all the settings and files, you need:

Important: if the entrance to the section is carried out for the first time, then it will be necessary to click “Use the Mi Account”, then enter information for authorization and input.

With confirmation of the action on the new device, information copied from the old mobile phone will be transmitted. Even the location of the icons on the desktop and the settings of the system will be the same.

Cloud storages

Cloud storages are very convenient data storage services outside the device memory. They are preserved on the servers of those companies that are engaged in the development of clouds. Disadvantages only 2:

  • The transmission requires the Internet connection and the presence of a sufficient amount of traffic for the possibility of resetting all information.
  • Limited storage data.

Otherwise, these are convenient data storage services. They are intermediaries for temporary storage of files, which subsequently after loading to other devices, you can completely remove. The transfer can be carried out at an unlimited distance, which is a big plus.

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There are two very popular cloud storages. Russian Yandex.Disk “and the American” Google Disk “. Both of them have similar functions, and differ only by the intense. Storage allow you to download and store files for an unlimited time. Further, the user leaves the link to other users of the storage to the necessary data, and another user can download them to his phone.

You can enter one account from different devices. Therefore, this option for transferring files is preferable for the owner of the device, since there is no need to register two accounts.

Transfer to SD

To copy files on memory cards through Xiaomi smartphones, you will need to resort to the help of third.Party. Because there is no standard alternative.

Which is better: a backup copy or data transfer

Direct data transfer is more convenient than backup

The transmitted data is sent to the device-receiver, in fact, and in the form of a backup copy. That is, they are used immediately, and not stored in the form of a separate archive with files. Suppose if you need to transfer the alarm clocks, after a successful transmission, they simply appear in the appropriate application. The same goes for photographs, videos, applications and other data. This is especially convenient, because the recipient will not have to spread all the received files manually.

Data transmission from a device to a device is the best alternative to a backup copy. The fact is that usually a copy is saved once a day, and someone once a week. Therefore, it is likely that it may not take into account the latest changes on the Donor device. Accordingly, it will be impossible to achieve their automatic transfer to a new device. And, transferring the information directly, we, firstly, get the entire spectrum of files at once without loss, and, secondly, we do not need to connect to the Internet to download a backup copy.

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