Transferring applications to another phone

How to transfer apps from phone to phone

Often after the purchase of a new smartphone users want to transfer applications to it from the old phone, as downloading them from the Internet is very long and not always safe (this applies to software downloaded not from Google Play). So below we will break down the most popular and effective ways to import apps to other devices. With this, even an inexperienced Android device user will be able to transfer a program or game to another smartphone.

You can transfer applications to a new device in the following ways:

Selectable, Safe and Fast

Transferring as needed

You want to transfer only some types of data, not the whole setting? You can choose what to transfer according to your requirements.

3x faster speed

Compared to transferring data using Blouetooth or apps, MobileTrans offers much faster data transfer with all the operations done on your computer without the need for Wi-Fi or internet.

Protect your data

You are the only person who has access to the data in your devices. MobileTrans never stores any data without uers permission.

Data transfer from Android to Android using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth, a wireless data transmission technology, transmits data using special radio frequencies. It’s a built in feature in phones. This allows data to be transmitted, creating a secure network with a short range.

Using Bluetooth to transfer data is not that difficult. In this article, we have broken down each process. Just follow the steps below.

  • First, find the Bluetooth function on your device by either pulling down the menu at the top of your phone screen. You will see the Bluetooth icon. Click it to turn on the Bluetooth device.

Or go to settings and press “Connections”. A new window will appear, turn on Bluetooth to turn it on. Be sure to do this on both devices.

Click to establish connection. “Key” will be requested on both devices. Enter the same keys on both devices to successfully pair them.

For future connections to the same device, tap the device name under “Paired Devices”. You will receive a message asking you to confirm. Press “Accept” and both devices will be paired.

The progress bar at the top of the screen will indicate the status of the transfer. It is recommended that you hold both devices as close to each other as possible.

“Migrating” from Android to Android

In case of Honor 9, it’s simple. go to advanced settings, select data transfer with Phone Clone and do all the same steps as described above. Of course, note that you do not have iOS on your old smartphone, but Android.

However, if your new gadget does not have such a built-in data carrier, that’s okay. You can use any third-party utility from Play Market. For example, CLONEit.

The CLONEit app can transfer 12 types of data to the new device: contacts, SMS/MMS messages, call logs, applications, all types of files on the SD card (pictures, videos, music, etc.).д.The app can also be used to transfer data such as passwords, calendars, system settings (including Wi-Fi passwords, accounts, and browser bookmarks), calendars, and other data.). There are no limitations on the number of files that can be transferred, or their size.

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The way CLONEit works is quite simple. The app itself must be installed on both Android devices. You create a wireless access point on one of them and connect the second one to this point, and that is how you transfer the information.

To transfer data from one Android smartphone to another using the CLONEit utility, follow these steps:

Download CLONEit app from Play Market on both devices.

Launch the program on the old device. Press the “Sender” button.

Open CLONEit on your new device. Choose the phone as the recipient.

Wait until both devices can see each other in the app. Click on “Connect”.

Choose what kinds of information you want to transfer (photos, contacts, applications, etc.) and choose what you want to transfer.д.).

Press “Start” and watch the migration process.

The CLONEit developer says the data transfer speed is 20 MB/sec, so you won’t have to wait long.

Data Transfer via Google

The service will easily move your notes, call logs, contacts, music, photos and videos, search history to your new phone.

How to transfer data through Google Account:

In “Settings” of your old device select “Accounts” 2. Enter your Google account and click “Synchronize”. There must be check marks next to the materials so that they are downloaded to the new device 3. Add a Google account to your new phone. 4. Select “” and then click “Synchronize.

You can see your files and information on your new Android device. Operation takes on average 5 to 10 minutes.

The user must have a Google account. If it is not available, register an account on Google service:

After registering you can copy all the information from one smartphone to another in a few clicks.

How to transfer data to Samsung from your Android smartphone

If your new phone is from Samsung, then it supports the special Smart Smitch app, available to download from Google Play.

When you open Smart Smitch on your phone, the user is offered 3 options for data transfer: wireless, USB cable and external storage. Let’s look at the easiest one. the first one.

To connect wirelessly, you need to:

Then select “Wireless” “Get” “Android;

Install and open Smart Switch on the old device;

Select “Wireless”, enter the necessary data and click “Send”.

From Huawei phone to Android smartphone

Like Samsung, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei has created a special program “Phone Clone” to quickly transfer materials between smartphones.

First, download the application and run it on the two devices;

Open “Phone Clone” on the new phone;

Click “This is the new phone (sending)” to activate the WI-FI connection;

Open the application from the old phone;

Click “This is the old phone“. In the opening window of the new device detection, enter the password from the WI-FI network and connect to the new phone.

Specify the information to transfer to the new phone and wait for the operation to complete.

Transferring data manually

To download content from older Android phones, the above options may not work. There will be no possibility to install them.

In this case the data can be transferred by outdated, but no less reliable methods:

Use a USB cable

A suitable option for those who are afraid that personal data could get into the network.

  • Connect your old phone to your computer
  • On your phone select “transfer files”
  • Copy the necessary information (contacts, photos and videos, files) to your computer
  • Unplug the old device to connect the new one
  • Transfer the copied materials
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Via Micro SD card

  • Open “Explorer” on your old smartphone;
  • Select files to transfer
  • Click “Copy to memory card”
  • Remove the Micro SD and insert it into your new phone.

Via Bluetooth / NFC

  • On both devices, turn on Bluetooth or NFC under “Wireless networks
  • Activate Android Beam
  • Place the devices a short distance away from each other
  • On the old phone specify the files you need to transfer and press “Transfer”.

Note that Bluetooth cannot transfer text messages, contacts, call history or apps.

The technological development moves towards creating simple and fast solutions for comfortable transition between phones. Use any of the options that suit you to transfer data so you do not have to “get used” to a new phone, spending a lot of time and effort. Otherwise, you risk losing data or performing the file transfer procedure between devices in an insecure way.

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How to transfer game from phone to phone using Google backup

Using the backup from Google is a standard program and actions that the user can do at any time, but with some complications:

  • The user should understand that it is quite difficult to transfer a single game using this method, so you will have to flip applications;
  • Also, the user must have an Internet connection in order for everything to run smoothly.

On any Android-device uses an account from Google, so this method is as relevant as ever. To make the transfer, it is necessary to apply the following:

  • First, the user should open the settings of the device. As a rule, they are located on the main or home screen. You can also look in the control panel;
  • Next, in the settings it is necessary to find the item “System”. Click on it;
  • After that click on the item “Advanced”, and through it we go and see the item “Backup”, which is responsible for the actions we need;
  • It is worth making sure that it is enabled on the drive from Google, otherwise you will not be able to transfer data on the program and games;
  • Next comes the most difficult part. the transfer itself. You need to turn on the new phone. You will be offered the option to restore the backup. Click on the button “Start” to start the process of direct copying;
  • After selecting “Copy from cloud storage”, where all the games will be stored;
  • In the next section, log in to the account, do it correctly, entering the username and password of the existing account. For more details on how to sign up for Google, see the video below.
  • After clicking on the copy of the device that you would like to restore;
  • Click the checkbox to migrate apps;
  • Wait for the restore process.
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Now not only the games are transferred to the device, but also all the data. If the user finds that some programs or games are missing on the device, he can simply and easily install them through the “My apps and games” section of the menu on PlayMarket.

This method, although laborious, is quite convenient in the sense that you can transfer all the data from one device to another at once, if you use a simple backup. There will be no need to download additional programs, which are worth talking about in the following method.

Transfer apps from Android to Android in 1 click

It can be done using MobileTrans. Transfer Phone Data, the app can help you transfer contacts, messages, music, photos, apps and other data from your old phone to your new one with one click. It doesn’t depend on which phone you switch to, Android or iPhone.

Transfer apps from Android to Android with ease

  • Transfer data, including apps, photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages, notes, and more.
  • Compatible with 8000 Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.
  • Supports transfers between two phones on different operating systems.
  • High speed data transfer without internet.

Learn a step-by-step guide on how to transfer apps from Android to Android:

    Install and run MobileTrans on your computer. Select the “Phone Data Transfer” module.

Note, if you want to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android, try WhatsApp Transfer feature MobileTrans. Not only can they help you move an app to a new Android phone, but also your chat history, photos, and documents.

Which way to choose?

Virtually all of the above methods of transferring apps to Android 11 are similar to each other. There are other applications, but functionally they are almost the same.

If there are few apps on your smartphone, the APK Extractor or even a library from Google Play will do. Users who have a lot of apps or games will be better served by Google backup or the ES Explorer app. You can use them to move programs not one by one, but all at once.

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