Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone

New account

If you want to start a new life from a clean smartphone and are not at all worried about how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, saving your correspondence and photos, the process is trivial. Install a new SIM in your phone, download the messenger from the App Store and register again.

The advantage of the method is the absence of any preparatory actions. Minus. all contacts will remain on the old account, you will have to add them again.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

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It would seem that when you change your phone, transferring popular applications is easier than ever, because they have versions for a variety of platforms. But sometimes funny situations happen with instant messengers. For example, WhatsApp is very popular, and the amount of necessary actions depends greatly on how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone: to a completely new account, to the same number with saving contacts, or with a full transfer of the communication history. We will analyze what and how you can do in such a situation and how you can transfer WhatsApp data.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Please note: if you actively use both phones with the same account, there is a risk of encountering account blocking. Better to transfer WhatsApp as above and not go back too often to the old platform.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 2021 (2 Free Methods Tested)

And the developers also claim (see that saving history when transferring Watsap from Android to iPhone is impossible. Probably due to the nature of the platform, the data is stored in a different format. Reminds me of an excuse, since a regular address book between different types of smartphones is easily transferred through a Gmail account.

The maximum, as you can copy records from WhatsApp from Android to iPhone officially. send them to yourself by e-mail to view them as a text file. If that suits you, open the chat menu and in the “” section choose to send the chat by mail. Keep in mind that the media will simply be attached to the letter.

Full move of WhatsApp to the new OS

And yet, there is a way how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone with history. What the creators of the messenger could not (or did not want) to do was fixed by the developers of Backuptrans. The set of applications from this company includes a special utility for painless migration between platforms. You can download it on the official website ( For work with 3 devices they ask 19.95, for 8 devices. 29.95, and unlimited for a year will cost 149.95. Or find an alternative version of the software somewhere on

To transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another, you need a computer as an intermediate element and a pair of cables to connect both smartphones to it at the same time.

Install the program itself and iTunes at least 11 versions. Install WhatsApp on iPhone and verify the number.

Launch the program (Android version of WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer is required) and connect the phones.

Before restoring chats to a new location, back up the contents of your account to your computer. On Android, a corresponding message may appear, in which case, confirm saving the data, but do not enter the password. Then click “OK” in the program.

After that, all dialogs and their contents will be available on the computer. This means that it will be possible to transfer messages to the target phone.

3 Ways to Transfer Whatsapp Messages from Android to iPhone|Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

If you want to transfer all the dialogs, select the source smartphone in the list and click on the data transfer icon. Or select the appropriate item from the context menu of the phone.

For a separate dialogue, the actions are similar, only you need to first select a contact.

Specify where to copy messages. Please note that iPhone must be closed for WhatsApp to work properly.

If you use the same SIM card, then the process is even easier. connect Android with SIM, make a backup, rearrange the SIM card (do not forget to verify the number in the messenger) and connect iPhone to download history from a local copy.

Transfer using a backup

If the first two methods are not convenient for you, try using WhatsApp message transfer using a backup.

  • Back up your messages on your Android device. After completing the process, go to “Settings” and click “Chat Settings”. In the drop-down list that appears, select “Send chat by email”.
  • Install WhatsApp on iPhone. Use your current phone number in it to activate your existing account on a new gadget. After that, you will see a pop-up window informing that a backup copy of messages has been found.
  • Click the Restore command. Your WhatsApp messages will be transferred from your Android device to your iPhone. The data transfer process will take some time depending on the size of the backup.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android Smartphone to iPhone

Have you recently changed your Android smartphone to an iPhone? Here’s how to transfer messages from WhatsApp to a new device.

Transfer using a dedicated application

The dr.fone application allows you to transfer messages from WhatsApp between any gadgets. Here’s how to send data from Android smartphone to iPhone using it.

  • Install and launch dr.fone on your computer, and then connect your Android smartphone and iPhone to your computer. On the main screen of the application, select “Restore Communication Application” → WhatsApp → “Transfer Messages from WhatsApp”.

Transfer via email

Here it will be possible to send only one correspondence at a time, so this method is useful only if you need to transfer not all messages, but from some contacts.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android device, go to Settings and tap Chat Settings. From the dropdown select “Send chat by email”.
  • Select the WhatsApp conversation you want to transfer. A pop-up window will appear warning: “Attaching media will increase the size of the email.” You can choose “No Media” or “Attach Media”.
  • Enter your email address and click “Submit”.
  • Sign in to your iPhone mailbox. There you can view messages sent from WhatsApp, but you will not be able to sync them with your account in the messenger itself.

Transfer using a special program

One of such programs is Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer. It allows you to send backed up messages from your Android device to your computer and from your computer to your iPhone. Direct transfer of data between smartphones is also possible.

  • Install Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer on Computer and Launch It.
  • Use USB cables to connect your Android device and iPhone to your computer. In the pop-up that will appear on the phone screen, click “Back up my data” when it pops up, but do not provide a password.

What is the difficulty of transferring WhatsApp data between smartphones

Users constantly face problems transferring data from WhatsApp and other messengers from one smartphone to another. over, in the case of transferring information from iPhone to iPhone through a backup copy, in which, as it seems, all data should be saved.

The problem is that WhatsApp internal files are often not transferred even through backups. Either part of the correspondence will not be copied, as luck would have it. the most important, then attachments will be trite, including valuable photos and videos.

That is why in this manual we talked about how to transfer correspondence and all other information from WhatsApp from smartphone to smartphone in the correct way. Transfer so that absolutely all data from the old smartphone is on the new one. It doesn’t matter if you need to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to iPhone or from iPhone to an old Android smartphone with outdated firmware. This is the main advantage of the method, which is much more efficient compared to transferring data with other utilities or manually.

To transfer WhatsApp data between smartphones, we will use the MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer utility. It also allows you to transfer data between iOS, Android and Windows Phone bypassing iTunes, Samsung Kies and other similar programs.

Transfer using backups

Another effective way to export your WhatsApp data archive is to back up your conversations on the first device and then restore them to Android OS. The user needs to follow this instruction.

  • We back up the program data archive on the “apple device”. Open WhatsApp, then in the menu find the item “Settings”.
  • Find the sub-item “Chats”, then “Copy”.
  • Click the “Create a Copy” button.
  • Perform the procedure for uninstalling the messenger on iOS.
  • Download and install the WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone from the Play Market.
  • After installing the program, go to the desktop of the device.
  • Find the WhatsApp icon, then click to open the messenger.
  • Authenticate using the phone number to which the account is linked.
  • An information window will open, click on the “Restore” option.
  • Wait for the restoration process to complete.
  • Now WhatsApp conversations and media will be available on Android.

Launch the iBackup Viewer app

To get started, connect your iPhone using a USB cable to a stationary computer or laptop, launch the iTunes media player and click on the icon of your iPhone on the screen. Make sure data encryption is disabled and click the Backup Now button. Then open your browser and go to, download the iBackup Viewer backup software. When the installation is complete, just activate the program.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android with WhatsApp Transfer

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android

Download and install WhatsApp Transfer on your computer. Works on both Mac and Windows.Win DownloadMac DownloadWin DownloadMac Download Get a free trial by email to download to your computer

Enter your email address, we will send you links to download our products. After installation, you will see the Social Transfer App option on the top menu bar. Click on it and select WhatsApp Transfer module after connecting both phones to computer or Mac via USB cable.

Please note that in order for this process to work, you need to follow the onscreen instructions to enable USB debugging on your Android phone.

Make sure both phones are correctly detected in your WhatsApp Transfer program. When you click the Transfer button, your WhatsApp data on your iPhone will start transferring quickly to your Android phone.

Depending on the size of your WhatsApp data, this process may take several minutes. You should also be aware that any WhatsApp messages already on your Android phone will not be deleted.

Transferring information to another phone using the cloud

To transfer information from an old gadget to a new one using the Google cloud service, you just need to back up to your account.

  • repeat the first 4 steps from the instructions to save information on the device;
  • follow the link “Google Account” and select the proposed option or add a new one;
  • click on “Back up to Google Drive” and set the required frequency;
  • start data transfer by pressing a button.

Next, you need to log in to the account where the information was saved from a new smartphone. To do this, you must use the same phone number to which it is linked. After receiving the files, you should download “WhatsApp” and restore the history of correspondence.

Working with gadgets on iOS and the iCloud service follows the same instructions. To transfer information, it is required that a SIM card is installed in the new gadget using the same number to which the restored account was registered.

Backing up to Google Drive.

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via email

  • First of all, go to the “Settings” section of the WhatsApp application on your iPhone, then click on “Chat Settings” and then select “E-mail Chat” from the list.
  • Select the WhatsApp chat history you want to transfer. A window will appear informing you that the attached media files (i.e. images, videos, etc.) will be sent by email. If you want them to be transferred, then click on “Attach media”, otherwise click on “No media”.
  • Then enter your email address and click “Send”.
  • Log in to WhatsApp on your Android device, then log in through the account you specified in the previous paragraph.

You now have the ability to view old WhatsApp messages by email. However, you cannot sync WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android device. To do this, use other methods.

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android with Wazzapmigrator

Wazzapmigrator is the most downloaded WhatsApp transfer app on google play. Basically this app takes all iPhone WhatsApp data and converts it to a format that Android Phone can read.

This is a paid app and costs 6.99. But it is a sure way to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android if you follow the instructions step by step.

However, you need assistive software to do this, and the procedure is quite complicated. Want to take a shortcut?

Here’s how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android using Wazzapmigrator:

Backup iPhone Data to PC with iTunes

Back up your iPhone to a local PC in unencrypted format. To do this when backing up your iPhone to your computer using iTunes, simply uncheck the “Encrypt backup” box.

You will need to download iTunes Backup Extractor on your PC. It will help you take a closer look at the WhatsApp files in the iPhone backup and extract them. We recommend that you use the iBackUp Viewer ‘which is free.

You can also choose iPhone Backup Extractor ‘which is free until 4 files are extracted (enough to download the WhatsApp backup file).

Extract ChatStorage.sqlite data, AKA WhatsApp to your computer

With iBackUp Viewer, you can extract WhatsApp files from iTunes backup. Your chats will be stored in the following location:

AppDomainGroup. Group.Net.WhatsApp.WhatsApp.Shared. ChatStorage.sqlite

AppDomainGroup. Group.Net.WhatsApp.WhatsApp.Shared. Media (it will be in the form of a folder, copy the whole folder)

Transferring WhatsApp Data to Android

Once extracted, you can import WhatsApp history (ChatStorage.sqlite) from PC to Android in various ways.

After transferring WhatsApp Data from PC to Android, you also need to download ‘WazzapMigrator’ on your Android phone from Google Play.

The final stage

Connect your Android phone to your computer. It will show you the internal files. One of these files will be the WaszzapMigrator Folder.Copy the files previously extracted from the iPhone using the tools mentioned in step 4 to this folder and press the play button on Android. Then you can let the app do its job and do all your WhatsApp messages from your iPhone to your Android phone.

While this app is the most downloaded WhatsApp transfer app on Google Play, the process doesn’t seem easy and doesn’t always turn out to be the most reliable way to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android.

How to transfer chats from iPhone to Android and vice versa

IOS and Android gadgets create different backup file formats. Therefore, even if you move a copy created in one system to another, you will not be able to extract the information. Access to old conversations when changing a smartphone to a model using a different operating system can only be restored using special software. An example of this is WhatsApp Recovery.

Moving information about dialogs from “iPhone” is done according to the following instructions:

  • install the program on your computer;
  • connect iPhone to PC;
  • activate the software and go to the tab for receiving data from an iOS device;
  • copy WhatsApp archives;
  • download the messenger to your new Android phone;
  • connect the device to the PC;
  • move the files extracted from the old gadget to the WhatsApp folder;
  • install the application and accept the offer for data recovery.

If you need to move conversations from Android to iPhone, you can use Backuptrans or its free alternatives. Working with it is carried out according to the same principle as described above.

Apart from special software, there are no other ways to keep dialogs active. If you cannot use them, it is possible not to lose information by using the “Export chats” function and receiving all messages in the form of files with the txt extension to your e-mail. However, they cannot be restored as active WhatsApp chats.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats and Media Files from Android to iPhone

Smartphone users often switch from one operating system to another, but transferring data is usually accompanied by various difficulties. Some applications communicate with each other, some have a special login function, thanks to which downloading the application to a new device and recovering data is easy. Mobile phone manufacturers are improving technology every day, especially when it comes to transferring contacts from Android to iPhone, and now it is possible to transfer phone records and messages. Unfortunately, so far, no phone manufacturer has provided a solution for transferring WhatsApp chats from Android devices to iPhone.

WhatsApp has gained worldwide fame and recognition in the past few years, and nowadays many people prefer it for sending messages, rather than traditional SMS. The WhatsApp team is doing a great job, but switching from Android to iPhone is still a challenge. I would like to keep access to the message history on the new iPhone, but this is impossible. so after all?

No not like this. There is now an excellent program that can transfer your WhatsApp message history from Android to iPhone. you just need to install it on your Mac or a simple computer and follow these steps.

Enable USB Debugging on Android

First, enable USB debugging on Android to start the process. Go to Settings, click About Phone, click Build Number seven times to unlock Developer Mode, then go back to Settings Advanced For Developers and enable USB debugging on your Android.

Make sure you have WhatsApp messenger installed on both Android and iPhone

Make sure you have WhatsApp messenger installed on your Android with a verified phone number. The WhatsApp application must also be installed on the iPhone, but you do not need to verify the phone number on it.

Step 3a: Run the program on your computer and select the Transfer mode

Now you need to launch the program to transfer WhatsApp on your computer and select the option “WhatsApp” if you want to transfer messages and media files in WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, or select “WhatsApp Business” if you have the version of “WhatsApp Business “. Then select the first option in the main interface of the program, “Transfer”.

Hint: You can choose Russian as the default language by going to Settings Language and selecting “Russian” as the default language.

Step 3b: Connect Android and iPhone to your computer and click the Transfer button

Now you need to connect both Android and iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Click the Transfer button when the software recognizes both devices. Click “Allow” on your Android screen.

Back up WhatsApp chats from Android to computer

First, you need to launch the WhatsApp application on your Android device and back up your messages by going to Settings Chats Chats Backup Backup. Be sure to disable Google Drive Backup by selecting Never in the Google Drive Backup section before clicking on the Create Backup button.

Click “Continue” by copying the WhatsApp data from your phone / memory card storage, and the program will start reading the WhatsApp data that is on your Android.

Troubleshooting: What to do if the app displays a “New backup not found” notification?

If the app displays a “no new backup detected” notification even though you have backed up your WhatsApp chats to local storage, you need to click “Select backup history” and then select the latest backup. Then click “Continue” and the app will start reading WhatsApp chats from local storage. This step is optional. It only needs to be done if you run into this problem after you’ve already backed up your chats.

Verify your WhatsApp account / phone number using the program

Before proceeding to the next step, you need to enter the phone number that you used in the WhatsApp Messenger application on Android.

Prepare iPhone for transfer

Here are a few steps to take before connecting your iPhone to your computer and restoring chats from a backup:

but. First, you need to make sure WhatsApp is running on your iPhone with a verified phone number. You can remove the SIM card from Android and insert it into the iPhone to verify the phone number. Once logged into your WhatsApp account, click the Logged in button.

b. Next, go to Settings Your Apple Profile Find My iPhone and turn off Find My iPhone. You can turn it back on when you transfer WhatsApp chats to your iPhone. After disabling the “Find iPhone” function, click the “OK” button, and the program will begin to restore WhatsApp chats to your iPhone.

Disconnect iPhone from computer

Now you just have to wait. Disconnect your iPhone from your computer when you see the “Data Transferred” message on your iPhone. All is ready!

Between two Android smartphones

When copying files locally, either a memory card or the phone itself is used. Many modern smartphones have an automatic data backup function. By default, it turns on every day at 2 am. You can view the saved database in folders named Whatsapp Images, Whatsapp Animated Gifts, Whatsapp Video.

Also, the autosave option is present in the Whatsapp messenger. If automatic saving is paused, the function can be restarted.

  • Open “Settings” on the phone, and then. “Data and storage”.
  • In the “Mobile network” and Wi-Fi section, set the necessary values ​​for copying.
  • Then go back to “Settings”, tap on the line with the name “Chats” and check the box next to the item “Chats backup”.
  • Finally, click on the green column “Backup” and save the settings.

You can then reinstall the files to another Android device. If a memory card is used to transfer information, then first you need to install it on a new smartphone, and then download the “WhatsApp” mobile application to it and specify the old phone number at the first start. After that, it remains to allow the restoration of the backup copy of the correspondence from the messenger and follow the further instructions of the system.

If everything is stored in the internal memory of the old phone, then you will have to transfer the files first to the computer using a USB cable. The messenger should be installed on the new device, but not launched. At this time, you need to connect both phones to the PC, open the sdcard / Whatsapp folder on the old smartphone and transfer it to the new one. After that, you can proceed with the installation of the WhatsApp application on the new device. Then you need to follow the instructions of the system and finally indicate the old phone number: if you write a new number, the data cannot be restored.

Transfer Whatsapp between different OS

You cannot directly copy data to a device with a different operating system. Information can be saved without the possibility of synchronization.

Transferring Whatsapp chats within the same platform

You can transfer chats to a device with the same operating system by saving the files in the internal memory in advance, copying them to an SD card or cloud storage. At the same time, all information is protected from accidental loss, provided that it has not been deleted earlier.

How to save Whatsapp conversations when changing phone

Every owner of a new smartphone or tablet is faced with the need to transfer important information from the Whatsapp messenger from an old mobile device. The question arises, how to transfer “WhatsApp” to another phone, keeping the correspondence and contact list. Observing simple rules, the user can transfer messages from the old device to the new one and continue communicating with friends and acquaintances.

Android to iPhone

You can transfer “WhatsApp” files from your Android smartphone to your iPhone using the WhatsApp Transfer Software. After installing the application on the computer, smartphones with different OS must be connected to the PC via USB. Go to the shared Transfer folder and find the “WhatsApp” files. Next, you need to open the data of the correspondence in the messenger, select them and click on the inscription “Copy from Android to iPhone”. In the future, the file must be moved to the iCloud storage installed on the iPhone.

IPhone to another iPhone

You can transfer files to another Apple device using local copy. You can install this option yourself. To do this, go to the iPhone Settings, select the Chats subsection, and then activate the slider next to the Save Media line. You can upload the necessary files using the file manager or PC. The messenger must be downloaded to the new device after transferring the Whatsapp folder from the previous smartphone, allow the start of file recovery by entering the old phone number.

You can also copy data and sync it between Apple devices using the “cloud” storage iCloud, which is analogous to Google Disk. Here you can set the option to save the daily history of the “WhatsApp” messenger. For further transfer to another iPhone, you need to open the cloud storage on the previous device, click on the “Create a copy” line and transfer all the correspondence there. After that, the messenger is installed on the new device, the archive is transferred to it.

Transfer WhatsApp Backup from Android to iPhone

And since WhatsApp failed to “marry” them, some of the users who were not ready to lose their correspondence were forced to abandon the transition from iOS to Android and vice versa. It is especially ironic against this background that you can transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram without any problems. But here we need to thank the team of Pavel Durov, who made a convenient transfer of chats for those who want to use the branded messenger.

The update with the function of transferring chats to WhatsApp is likely to be released closer to the summer. But many users may not endure and will switch to Telegram

Chats from WhatsApp to Telegram are sent one at a time, which is not very convenient. But this is quite understandable by the fact that transferring all the correspondence from one messenger to another is rather strange, since some users can be present in only one. However, if this suits you, read this manual. everything is there.

It’s hard to say when the WhatsApp update with chat transfer will come out. Usually, messenger developers have been testing innovations of this scale for quite a long time. It may take them a month or two or three. There have been cases when new features appeared in beta version six months before the actual release, and some appeared only in select countries. obviously to conduct more massive testing.

Is it possible to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, someone from the management of WhatsApp, as usual, made a statement that Apple was trying in every possible way to spoil the messenger. Allegedly, Cupertino is afraid that WhatsApp can provoke an outflow of iOS users to Android due to its versatility. After all, if a person is not tied to a service that is only on one platform, it is obvious that nothing can keep him from switching to another. But WhatsApp forgot to mention that you can’t just transfer your chats from the messenger from Android to iOS and back. At least for now.

Transferring WhatsApp chats between iOS and Android was not possible, but soon this limitation will be a thing of the past

WhatsApp plans to allow its users to transfer all correspondence between Android and iOS. This feature was found in the beta version of the messenger. Despite the existence of workarounds for transferring correspondence, there are simply no official ways to transfer all chats at once.

Why is a moot point. WhatsApp insists that it does not do this for security reasons, because when the correspondence is stored in the cloud, it is much easier to access it for third parties. But, apparently, the developers of the service have found a way to transfer chats in a safe mode.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Apparently, the transfer function will only be available if the most current version of WhatsApp is installed on both devices. the sender and the receiver. This is logical, given that during the procedure, some mechanisms are used to ensure a safe transfer.

This is how the screen for transferring chats to WhatsApp on iOS will look like

At the same time, the technique itself is still unclear. For some reason, the screenshot shows two smartphones tilted one towards the other. It is possible that the transfer will be possible only if there is a direct connection between them via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, without a cloud, which the developers consider unreliable.

If WhatsApp really allows all of its chats to be transferred between iOS and Android, this could be a big breakthrough in the development of the messenger and, perhaps, really provoke the transition of users from one platform to another. The problem has always been that WhatsApp kept backups of correspondence on separate cloud servers. Android used Google Drive, iOS used iCloud.

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Transferring Whatsapp data from iPhone to Android: basic methods and nuances

Transferring Whatsapp messenger data from iPhone to Android is a fairly common problem that people face when using the application if they want to save the necessary information: not only files from the chat, but other things (we wrote about transferring WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone separate article). Better yet, to get started, download WhatsApp for free on Android on our website and only then understand its many, but not so complicated functions.

It is probably difficult to imagine such a situation when a person who is accustomed to the iPhone suddenly decides to change it to a smartphone with Android, but nevertheless, the question of how to transfer a backup copy of whatsapp files from iOS to Android system is relevant for many.

The whole process can be done in several ways.

Through the Restore option

You can also transfer whatsapp messages from iPhone to Android through the “Recover” function:

  • make a backup copy of all conversations in Watsap on an old gadget (see how to send by mail);
  • calmly remove our messenger from the old phone;
  • on a new device, open Watsapp, enter your account and indicate your phone number;
  • after installation, the program will show a message with a proposal to restore the old information; we agree. and everything will turn out the way you wanted.

A similar operation can be performed using third-party computer software. The utility is called Backuptrans WhatsApp Transfer for our mobile platforms. You only need to connect both of them to the computer and make all the settings: on the apple gadget, start the messenger and view the conversation history, on the PC, right-click on the Apple device and select the desired option for transferring information.

You can use any of these methods, which seems to you the most comfortable and simple.

How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from iPhone to Android

In this version, we use e-mail, let’s highlight a few simple steps:

  • on the old device go to “settings” and. “send chat by mail”;
  • so that the transfer of whatsapp correspondence history from iPhone to Android is correct, do not forget to indicate. “Attaching data will increase the size of the message”;
  • then we indicate the email address and select “Send”.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android?

Using iCloud. This option is suitable for those who have the latest version of the Apple smartphone. Backup is carried out step by step:

  • go to the section “Backup” / “Storage”
  • all that remains is to wait for the saving to end automatically (that is, it should reach the cherished “OK”).

Then we launch a new gadget, where we must complete the recovery of information that was previously transferred to the archive.

Benefits of Watsap:

  • it is the most popular application among similar programs in the world;
  • simple and intuitive interface, no unnecessary bells and whistles. only functionality and style;
  • there are not only text messages, they can be supplemented with embedded media files (How many minutes of video can be transferred in Wotsap. read here);
  • there is a web version for keyboard adepts;
  • user base. you can be sure that you will be able to chat with almost every subscriber from your book with contacts in a smartphone.

Thank you for your interest in our materials! We wish you pleasant communication!