Transfer Whatsapp Chats To Another Phone

Transfer Whatsapp Chats To Another Phone

If you buy a new smartphone and log into your Vatsap account from it, you will find that old correspondence will not be automatically transferred. This is sometimes critical because they may contain important information that simply needs to be stored. Fortunately, this problem can be easily dealt with. This article details how to transfer WhatsApp chats to another phone: from Android to Android and from iPhone to iPhone.

Recovery through Google Drive

Let’s start with Android. New versions of WhatsApp support backup of Google Drive, which makes the process of transferring message history from one phone to another extremely simple. So, how do you transfer Vatsap chats using this method:

    On the smartphone from which you want to import chats, in the WhatsApp application, click on the icon with three vertically located dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Immediately after entering the same account on another phone, you can restore all your WhatsApp chats from a backup to Google Drive.

Manual backup of WhatsApp chats

If you are using a version of WhatsApp that does not yet have a backup function through Google Drive, you can transfer chats in another way.

  1. Repeat the second paragraph from the previous subheading.
  2. Click “Backup.”
  3. All your dialogs will be saved in the format of a special file to the phone’s memory, which you need to transfer to the new device in any convenient way.

Let’s see how to transfer WhatsApp chat history using a computer and a USB cable.

  1. Connect your smartphone to the computer using the USB cable.
  2. Go to “My Computer” and find the folder of the mobile device that appears.

How to transfer chat history from iPhone to Android

Unfortunately, without using third-party paid applications, the security of which is a question, you won’t be able to crank up your plan. At the time of writing, it is impossible to transfer data from Android to iPhone and vice versa.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

In this case, the procedure looks quite simple and does not differ much from transferring data from Android to Android.

  1. Activate backup via iCloud in WhatsApp’a settings: Settings Chats Backup copy.
  2. If necessary, make a forced backup, then run the application on another device, having previously logged into the same iCloud account and confirm the restoration of chats from the backup copy.

Do you know any other methods of transferring WhatsApp data between devices? If so, and they are completely working. Feel free to share them in the comments.

When buying a new mobile phone, you need to transfer Whatsapp to another phone. Fortunately, the developers have provided a backup storage in the messenger, with which you can restore correspondence with friends, colleagues or relatives. If the user decided to change the phone, then a copy of the dialogs created in the memory of the old device will help him in this. With lost devices it is more difficult, in this case, data can be restored only through the “cloud”.

Transfer information between Apple devices

The easiest way to restore old correspondence on iPhone phones. The device has a special iCloud storage, which stores a backup copy of the correspondence. Before you transfer Vatsap to another phone, you need to create a “fresh” archive. To do this, you must:

  • Go to iCloud storage.
  • Click on the “Backup” option.
  • Wait until the information is saved.

After creating a copy, you can begin to transfer data. The user needs to turn on the new device and enter iCloud. After, find the WhatsApp messenger in the App Store and install it. During installation, the program will offer the user the option “Restore from copy”. In this way, you can restore dialogs even if the device is lost.

Transfer data from iPhone to Android

Forwarding correspondence between Apple devices and Android devices is also possible, but will require more time. For the “procedure”, the user will need only a usb cable and a computer.

The subscriber who decides to move the dialogs from the iPhone to another smartphone will need:

  • Log in to your iCloud storage on iPhone.
  • Back up the information.
  • Connect iPhone to a personal computer.
  • Go to the “WhatsApp” folder and find the “Databases” tab.
  • Copy a document with the extension.Db.Crypt to your computer.
  • Connect the new phone to the PC.
  • Install the Vatsap program on your Android smartphone. After installation, the application does not need to be launched.
  • Transfer the file saved on the computer to the “Databases” folder.

Only after transferring the document to the smartphone’s memory does the messenger start. In the WhatsApp application installed on Android, all old correspondence should appear.

Transferring information between Android phones

Moving old dialogs to a new device with the Android platform is simple, but you will need a flash drive. Dialogs are backed up to a memory card inserted in an old mobile phone.

Then, the SD card is inserted into the new phone. Only after that Vatsap is installed on the smartphone. The program itself will prompt the user to transfer information from a flash drive to a new device.

Transferring conversations between BlackBerry devices

Between Blackberry devices, you can also send dialogs from WhatsApp. To do this, you need the BlackBerry Link program, which works on the basis of iCloud. The utility is designed to create a backup copy of information. The user needs:

  • Make a copy using the utility.
  • Download the archive to a new phone.
  • Launch WhatsApp instant messenger.

Every owner of a new smartphone or tablet is faced with the need to transfer important information from the Whatsapp messenger from an old mobile device. The question arises how to transfer “Vatsap” to another phone, keeping the correspondence and contact list. Following simple rules, the user can transfer messages from the previous device to a new one and continue communication with friends and acquaintances.

Setting up a backup copy and transfer of Vatsap to another phone with saving of correspondence

When changing the phone, backup folders are created for all contacts and chat rooms with correspondence. User can copy files manually. To do this, he must go to the “Settings” of his device, and from there go to “Chats”. Here you need to tap on the inscription “Backup chats”, and then click on “Backup to save information”.

If the number has changed, then you can enter information about it in the messenger as follows:

  1. Install on your mobile device that supports 2 SIM cards, the old and new SIM cards.
  2. Open “Settings”, and then go to the “Account” section and the subsection “Change phone number”, then enter a new number in the field that appears.
  3. To confirm the action, click on the “Save” button.
  4. Reply to the SMS message that came to the previous number, having passed verification.

You can save the necessary information using the Google Drive storage. Subsequently, with its help it will be easy to transfer everything you need from the “Vatsap” to another device. To do this, just connect the new phone to the computer via the USB port, open the folder with it and find the backups (they are called “msgstore”). All files must be copied and saved to a PC.

You need to download the Vatsap application on a new phone, but do not open it, but first connect the mobile device to the PC. Having opened the database, you need to create a new folder and transfer the backup files from the previous phone there. Only after that you can enter Vatsap and allow the chat and contact list to be saved on the new phone.

Transfer Whatsapp chats within the same platform

You can transfer chats to a device with the same operating system by saving files in internal memory in advance, copying them to an SD card or to cloud storage. Over, all information is protected from accidental loss, provided that it has not been deleted before.

Between Two Android Smartphones

When copying files locally, a memory card or the phone itself is used. Many modern smartphones have an automatic data backup feature. By default, it turns on every day at 2 a.M. You can view the saved database in folders with the names Whatsapp Images, Whatsapp Animated Gifts, Whatsapp.

To do this, you need:

  1. Open “Settings” on the phone, and then. “Data and storage”.
  2. In the “Mobile Network” and Wi-Fi, set the necessary values ​​for copying.
  3. Then go back to “Settings”, tap on the line with the name “Chats” and check the box next to “Backup chats”.
  4. Finally, click on the green column “Backup” and save the settings.

After that, you can reinstall the files on another Android device. If a memory card is used to transfer information, first you need to install it on a new smartphone, and then download the Vatsap mobile application onto it and at the first start specify the previous phone number. After that, it will remain to allow the restoration of the backup copy of the correspondence from the messenger and follow the further instructions of the system.

If everything is stored in the internal memory of the old phone, then you will have to transfer the files first to the computer using the USB cable. On the new device, you must install the messenger, but do not start it. At this time, you need to connect both phones to the PC, open the sdcard / Whatsapp folder on the old smartphone and transfer it to the new one. After that, you can continue installing the Vatsap application on the new device. Then you need to follow the instructions of the system and finally indicate the old phone number: if you write a new number, the data cannot be restored.

C iphone to another iPhone

You can transfer files to another Apple device using local copy. This option can be set independently. To do this, go to the “Settings” of the iPhone, select the subsection “Chats”, and then activate the slider next to the line “Save media”. You can download the necessary files using the file manager or PC. The messenger on the new device must be downloaded after transferring the Whatsapp folder from the previous smartphone, to allow the start of file recovery by registering the old phone number.

You can also copy data and synchronize it between Apple devices using the iCloud cloud storage, which is an analogue of Google Disk. Here you can set the option of daily saving the history of the Vatsap messenger. For further transfer to another iPhone, you must open the cloud storage on the previous device, click on the line “Create a copy” and transfer all the correspondence there. After that, the messenger is installed on the new device, the archive is transferred to it.

Transfer Whatsapp between different OS

To transfer information between devices, use the Whatsapp Recovery program. It needs to be installed on a PC, and then connect the iPhone to the computer. After that, you should open the program and find the “Vatsap” folder there, go to its contents using the dir command line.

On the Android device you need to download the messenger and, without installing it, copy the “Vatsap” folder using the Copy button, transferring it to your smartphone. After installing the application, it remains only to confirm the phone number registered in the system, and then restore your correspondence.

From Android to iphone

You can transfer Vatsap files from an Android smartphone to an iPhone using WhatsApp Transfer Software. After installing the application on the computer, smartphones with different OSs must be connected to the PC via USB. Going to the Transfer general folder, you should find the “WhatsAp” files. Next, you need to open the correspondence data in the messenger, select them and click on the inscription “Copy from Android to iPhone”. In the future, the file must be moved to the iCloud storage installed on the iPhone.

Transferring conversations between Blackberry devices

Blackberry has its own “cloud” storage. Link. Using it, you can make copies of files, including the Vatsap correspondence. In the future, it remains only to transfer everything to a new smartphone and run an instant messenger on it.

Transfer on smartphones with Windows Phone

All smartphones running Windows have the “Data Transfer” feature. If the option was not found, it can be downloaded as a special application from the Windows market. In order to duplicate the messenger correspondence and send the file to another device, you need to enable Bluetooth on both smartphones. After that, activate the “My Data” option in the “WhatsApp” application and click “Continue”. From all available Bluetooth devices, you need to select the desired smartphone and start synchronizing with it. To download files, you need to check the boxes next to them and start the copying process.

How to transfer correspondence to a computer

First you need to select the media to which the files will be transferred. It can be a memory card or cloud storage. You can save the correspondence from the messenger to the PC by connecting a smartphone to it, opening the Whatsapp / databases folder and saving the files.