Transfer Photos From Iphone To Computer

Convenient export of photos ands without iCloud or iTunes. Access to them from a computer via USB or Wi-Fi. Reliable backup.

Best memories are always with you.

Easily save your favorite photos on your Mac or PC. Export photos ands from your iPhone or iPad by simply dragging and dropping them onto your computer. If needed, iMazing will even convert HEIC, Apple’s new graphics format, to JPEG. Unreliable cloud storage and complicated synchronization with iTunes can finally be forgotten.

Transfer Photos From Iphone To Computer

Transfer photos to iPhone and iPad

Your vacation photos will look great on the iPad screen, and now they are very easy to transfer there! You do not need to start iTunes or enable synchronization with iCloud: just iMazing is enough. Connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer and start disassembling mobile photo albums. Even a Wi-Fi connection is supported.

Space saving

Is iPhone running out of space? Take a look at Camera Roll. perhaps it’s been worth it to clean up there for a long time. You don’t have to select unwanted photos one by one on the small screen of the phone. just quickly mark them from the computer. And even if you accidentally delete something you need, iMazing always keeps a copy of the data in a safe place.

Access hidden albums

With iMazing, you have access to all photos, including those that are usually not viewable. In addition to regular smart albums (such as Favorites, Selfies, or Slow Motion), iMazing shows:

iMazing and photos

iMazing: A reliable program for exporting photos ands to any Mac or Windows computer without iCloud and iTunes.

Supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod models.
Compatible with Mac and Windows.
Latest version: 2.11.1. Last update: Mar 6, 2020 Latest version: 2.11.1. Last update: Mar 6, 2020 Latest version: 2.11.1. Last updated: Mar 6, 2020

Reviews about

Use iMazing and forget iTunes

I have been using iMazing for the last 4 years, because I did not like to share my photos on iCloud. but instead I could easily backup my photos to my PC´s hard disc. The real reason was that I wanted to RELOAD a certain number of my earlier photos. back to my iPhone. a piece of cake with iMazing.

One of my essential apps

It’s one of my essentials for managing some of the files / pictures and Apps on my phone. There are some things that I can only do with this App, like accessing separate versions of photos taken (raw, edited, Hipstamatic, etc.). The app also makes it very easy to access and download text messages as well as voicemails.

The best file management and backup software for iPhones.

iMazing is the very best software to manage and backup the files on your iPhone! I currently use an iPhone X, which I am extremely happy with. However, I always found it complicated and cumbersome to backup and manage my files on my iPhone using iTunes. Enter iMazing! It is simply the very best software to backup, manage / transfer files and photos and even transfer all your content and apps to a new iPhone. In addition, iMazing’s support is incredible! I recommend iMazing without any reservations.