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Transferring photos from one Android to another in different ways

Do you often encounter a situation where you need to transfer photos from one Android to another? Be that as it may, there are many tools available for this task. You can transfer photos using both the means of the operating system and third-party applications. You can use any of the presented methods that seem to be most effective in your situation.

The convenience of the method is that the Google Photo app syncs all the photos in the cloud and shares them with any Android gadget of the user. In this way, you get access to any of your photos.

To synchronize photos you just need to download the application from Google Play on both devices and activate synchronization at first launch.

Important! When you activate synchronization you can set the type of Internet connection, which allows you to save photos in the cloud. If you have an expensive mobile internet connection, it’s recommended to perform the transfer exclusively using Wi-Fi.

Wireless networks

The Android system is well implemented to transfer any files via Bluetooth. To send a file to the user, you need to go to the directory with the desired file and click on it with a long tap. The context menu “Action” will appear, where you should select the line “Send”, and then in the pop-up list. Bluetooth.

You will be prompted to turn on Bluetooth on your device and scan the network for possible connections. Then select the desired device and click file transfer.

You will be able to use the built-in File Explorer to select the content you want or install any file manager such as Total Commander for Android or ES File Explorer File Manager.

Restore data to the new smartphone

If your new smartphone is not activated

Turn on your new smartphone and follow the setup wizard. Select the language and region and connect to the Network.

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The wizard will offer to transfer your data to the new smartphone. Click “Next” and select the “Copy from Cloud Storage” option.

Enter your Google username and password, and accept the terms of the license agreement.

Select the desired backup from the list and, if necessary, enter the password from your old smartphone. Specify exactly what you need to transfer and click “Restore”.

Continue to follow the instructions of the wizard. The restore will be done in the background.

When the configuration of your new smartphone is finished, wait for about 10 minutes: Android will install all the apps from the old device.

If your new smartphone is activated

Assuming that your smartphone has already been switched on. For example, the consultant in the store showed you how it works. If so, you have two options.

Open “Settings” → “System” → “Advanced Settings” → “Reset Settings”. If there is no “Advanced Settings” option, select “Reset Settings” directly from the “System” menu.

Select “Delete all data” → “Reset phone settings”. Wait for the device to reboot.

Now follow all the steps from the previous instruction with the setup wizard.

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If you do not want to reset anything, open “Settings” → “Accounts” (or “Users and accounts” or “Synchronization”). Press the button “Add account” at the bottom of the screen. Choose the type of Google account.

Enter your smartphone password, if necessary, and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to enter your email address and Google account password.

From the Settings->Accounts menu, select the Google Account you have added. Click on it.

Make sure that all of your data types are checked. If you don’t have it somewhere, paste it in.

Press “” → “Synchronize”. Wait for it to finish syncing. This will transfer your contacts, mail, calendar to your new smartphone, but not your apps.

To copy them, open Google Play and click on the icon with three horizontal lines at the top left. Open “My apps and games.

Go to the “Library” tab and install your apps manually.

Method 5. different utilities

Don’t want to use your computer? Then you may transfer the contacts with the help of third party software. It is available in google play. Although there are also those programs that you have to download from unofficial resources.

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We can recommend several utilities:

transfer, meizu, samsung

Using all of the above applications is not difficult. Each utility has an option to back up your information from your gadget. After that, you only need to send a file with contacts (and any other data) in the format.vcf to your mail. In turn, on your new device, you will need to go to your email account and download the file. Open it and you will get all contacts and phone book entries.

For your reference! Using similar software, you can easily transmit from one Android device to another, not only contacts, but also other information (SMS-messages, photos, images, video, music, etc.д.).

How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung?

Launch MobileTrans and select the “Phone Transfer” function in the main interface of the program. Then connect Xiaomi and Samsung phones to your computer. Once the program has detected both of your devices, specify the source and destination device for the data transfer.

In order to move the data (photos) from the internal memory of the smartphone to the MicroSD card, you will need to: Go to the “My files” folder. select the folder “Device memory”. select “DCIM” folder. Select the folder where you store your photos, usually “Camera”. click and hold on the photo. select.

Transferring without a computer

If there is no way to ensure that your phone is connected to a personal computer, you should use other options for copying your phonebook, and the first option is to try transferring using Bluetooth:

  • Turn both phones on and activate Bluetooth. To do this, go to “Settings”, select the menu “Bluetooth” and check the box next to “Visible for other devices.
  • On the old phone, go to the Bluetooth settings and select a new device using the search.
  • Confirm the ability to transfer data between devices by entering the same passwords.
  • Go to the phonebook and determine which contacts you are going to transfer to the new device.
  • You can find the contact you want in your phonebook, click on “Transfer” and select “via Bluetooth” as the transfer method.

Advanced Settings

Once you’ve figured out backup restore, you need to pay attention to another app called Settings. On your smartphone, you’ll find an app called Google Settings (if it’s running Android Marshmallow (6.0), this will be another section in the standard Settings app). Here you can manage the different services connected to your Google account. There is much more than just backing up your data, but in this case we will focus on it.

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Choose Smart Lock for passwords first. Google saves passwords for supported apps and sites to your Google Account here. That way you won’t have to re-enter your password if you’re logged in through the Chrome browser on your new smartphone. The same thing works with some third-party apps, if their developers have taken care of it. There are not many such applications yet, so it is better to trust the password managers. You can choose between Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password.

Another important aspect is backing up Google Photos. Your photos and videos will be sent to Google Photos. The user gets unlimited storage, but will have to tolerate content compression. Also any content can be stored in the cloud Google Drive, where you are given 15 GB to start with.

Using modern technology, you can easily move from one Android device to another, saving all the information and user data you have in memory. There is nothing complicated in the process of data transfer and backup, the main thing is to understand how it works. Of course, some data does not make sense to transfer, for example, if we are talking about contacts stored on the SIM card or bookmarks in Google Chrome.

Also it is possible to solve this issue by using special universal applications, such as Copy My Data and CLONEit. Batch Copy All Data. If you have got Root rights on your device, you can use Titanium Backup.

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