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How to transfer data from Redmi to Realme using Bluetooth?

Now we will talk about another way to transfer data through the Bluetooth function available on every smartphone. To start transferring files, you need to pair the two devices. Let’s take a look at the steps to transfer data via Bluetooth!

Steps to Transfer Data from Redmi to Realme Using Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth on both devices, and go to Pair devices Transfer.

Device pairing

Now you need to link both devices. To make them easier to find, you can rename them as you wish. On some devices, you may need to enter a special code to pair the devices.

After you have connected the devices, you can start transferring data between them. Click “Accept” on the receiving device and start transferring data.

How to Transfer Data from Redmi to Realme with MobileTrans – Phone Data Transfer?

First of all, we note our favorite tool from Wondershare, or rather MobileTrans. Phone Data Transfer. It’s a fantastic PC program with the right features for data transfer. The main difference between MobileTrans and other programs. It is support for cross-platform data transfer. This is the perfect option if you are looking for professional yet simple data transfer software for your phone. over, this software supports 8000 devices including iPhone, Windows Phone, HTC, Samsung and their latest versions. We guarantee that Wondershare Mobiletrans. the best way!

Key Features of Wondershare MobileTrans

  • Transfer data between devices, including contacts, music, videos, messages, calendar, etc., and cross-platform transfer is also supported.
  • Data transfer function of various social applications, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Kik, and others.
  • MobileTrans has an exclusive backup and restore feature, including restoring iTunes backup files.
  • Intuitive interface: transfer data, backup or restore with just a few mouse clicks. much easier than other programs.
  • 24/7 customer support, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Steps to Transfer Data from Redmi to Realme with MobileTrans

Download MobileTrans

Go to the MobileTrans official website and click the Download button to download MobileTrans to your Windows PC or Mac. Click on the Phone Data Transfer module as shown in the picture below.

Connect Redmi and Realme

Now you need to connect your Redmi and RealMe smartphones via a USB cable. Set Redmi as the source and Realme as the destination. You can click on the SWAP button to swap phones. Next, you will see a list of content, select the files you need and start transferring from one device to another.

Confirm data transfer

After you have selected the data you want to transfer, click on the “Start” button to confirm the transfer. Wait a few seconds for the process to complete and then disconnect both devices.

[2022] How to transfer data from Redmi to Realme

“Can anyone share a super efficient way to transfer data from Redmi to Realme? I’m not a very tech savvy person, but I’ve already tried a lot of apps that ended up being useless.”.

You have reached the right page, because here we will help you avoid countless technical problems with data transfer.

It’s hard to find the perfect data app because technology is constantly changing. Most smartphone brands have their own apps for quick data usage. But are these apps really that good??

We did a little research, read and analyzed a lot of programs and user reviews. The main problem we found. lack of device compatibility. In addition, you can hardly find all the necessary functions for data transfer in one application, since they are mainly created only for file sharing. But we have found a reliable tool that will perform all the necessary tasks related to data transfer.

In this article, we will share two standard ways to transfer data from Redmi to RealMe. We will also compare them in terms of reliability, efficiency, compatibility and availability.

So, let’s get started and look at the first way to transfer data.!

So, we have covered two ways to transfer data from Redmi to Realme. We would like to advise you to compare both methods under different conditions. First of all, check the reliability of data transmission via Bluetooth and compare with MobileTrans. mobiletrans. the most reliable solution as your data is completely protected and will be transferred to the target device successfully for sure. The effectiveness of the program is at a high level, as well as speed and safety. MobileTrans is 30 times faster than any other data transfer tool. And can you immediately transfer all the data using Bluetooth? Bluetooth does not support application data exchange, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Line, etc. On the other hand, MobileTrans has all the necessary functions. In addition, the program is compatible with most versions of Android and iOS platforms.

Therefore, you must consider all factors before making a decision.!

How to Transfer Data from Honor/Huawei to Xiaomi

How to transfer data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi. the question posed is quite specific, since it may be of interest only to owners of the mentioned phone brands. But, given the widespread use of smartphones from these Chinese companies, it is becoming more and more relevant. Fortunately, both manufacturers have thought about this issue and have provided special programs for transferring files and the phone book. Their use is extremely simple and will not cause difficulties for users. The main thing is to take into account some specific nuances of applications and study the instructions in advance. And then achieving the desired result will not cause huge difficulties.

How to transfer data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi via Mi Mover ?

Mi Mover is a file transfer service for Xiaomi. At the same time, the phone from which the information is sent can turn out to be any, the main thing is that Android is installed on it. To use the service, you will have to:

  • download and install the program on both phones;
  • launch the application and press the “send” and “receive” buttons on each device;
  • scan the QR code with the phone sending contacts (the code will appear on the second smartphone);
  • after establishing a connection between devices, it remains to select the files that you want to send;
  • and start the transfer process.

The receiving time depends on the number and size of the transferred files. At the same time, only the phone book, applications, call log and message history are allowed to be sent.

Transferring data to Xiaomi via Phone Clone

The main drawback of the service described above is that data acquisition is available only on smartphones with the MIUI operating system installed. and sending is allowed only from Android devices. Phone Clone is devoid of such disadvantages and can be used on any mobile device, including iPhones. To use the program, you will need:

  • install the application on both devices;
  • open the program and select the “old” and “new” phone, depending on where the files are sent;
  • scan a QR code or establish a wi fi connection using a password;
  • select the files that need to be transferred;
  • start transfer procedure.

It is important to emphasize that using the described approach will not incur traffic consumption, so users do not have to worry that sending contacts will lead to additional costs.

How to transfer contacts from Honor or Huawei to Xiaomi?

If the methods described above were not available for copying data for some reason, users will have to look for other solutions to understand how to transfer data from Honor to Xiaomi. Phone owners are able to:

  • use your Google account;
  • use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi;
  • transfer contacts using an external drive or flash drive.

It is important to emphasize that there are other methods for transferring files, including applications from third parties, but those suggested above stand out for their simplicity, versatility and security.

using a Google account

If the user stores contacts in a Google account. you can transfer them using this account. This will require:

  • enter the smartphone settings and switch to the “accounts” section;
  • log in to your own account, if this has not been done before;
  • press the “synchronize” button in the menu of available actions;
  • after which it remains to repeat the described procedure on the second device and wait until the phone book is transferred to the smartphone.

Usually, this process takes almost no time and occurs instantly.

via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

The second option is even simpler, since it will require the use of services and functions already installed on the phone:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • the first step is to turn on Bluetooth devices or connect them to a shared Wi Fi network;
  • then you need to enter contacts and click on the “control” button;
  • in the list of available actions that opens on Huawei, select export, indicating the preferred communication method;
  • after which it remains to establish a connection between smartphones and allow the transfer of the phone book.

The transfer time depends on the amount of transmitted information and takes from one to five minutes.

export to drive

The last way to transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi involves using an external media. Usually it turns out to be a regular memory card that is compatible with every type of smartphone. To use this approach, you will need to open contacts and select the “export to drive” option from the menu, after which they will be transferred to a USB flash drive. Then it remains to rearrange the memory card and repeat the procedure, choosing import instead of export.

It is important to emphasize that people who are afraid of data loss should make a backup copy of the phone book in advance. This will save the numbers in case of a sudden failure or error.

In addition to such undoubted advantages as modern functionality and high build quality, the Celestial brand is valued for the fact that its proprietary shell is unusually user-friendly. Among its conveniences is the ability to easily exchange information between two devices.

Of course, smartphones running on MIUI 10, 11 and 12 have the maximum potential. Due to the fact that the manufacturer constantly releases updates, it can even be installed on some older models. However, those on whose devices the firmware version 7-9 is installed can take advantage of special features for duplicating data.


Not all methods are available to owners of Xiaomi Mi A series 1, 2 and 3, since this line was released under the Android One program and does not have an additional shell.

Via Mi Mover

If both the old and the new smartphone have MIUI 8x or higher, then even a beginner can solve the question of how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi with all the settings and programs. This method will help not only to send a large amount of data from one device to another at a time, but also to backup.

All you need is Wi-Fi access and a pre-installed Mi Mover utility. If it is not the default, you can download it from the Google Play Store:

  • In the “System Settings” menu, look for the “Advanced” section (may be labeled as “Advanced Settings”), and in it. the item Mi Mover.
  • The gadget from which you want to download information is marked as “Sender”, and the second. “Recipient”.
  • A QR code will be displayed on the screen of the receiving device, which must be read through the application using the camera.
  • Establish a connection, a window with a list of files will appear. Select the ones you want and click on the “Submit” button. The transfer may take some time, especially if a full backup is required.
  • Upon completion, a notification will appear on the display indicating that the process was completed successfully.


For guaranteed data safety, it is recommended to upload a previously created backup copy to the cloud storage.

Via Mi Drop

This method is available even to owners of older models with firmware version MIUI 7. Using high-speed Wi-Fi, it allows you to share photos, video and audio files, contacts from the address book and documents. Among the advantages. no need to download additional software.

In order to exchange between smartphones, you need to turn on Wi-Fi on both and activate the function. To do this, simply click on its icon. it looks like a circle with an arrow pointing to the center. If the receiving device is not detected automatically, you will need to generate a QR code on it and scan it by the sender. Further, everything is simple:

  • Find the desired file, click on it and hold until a window pops up with a context menu.
  • Select the “Send” line, confirm the action on the receiving device and wait until the data transfer is completed.

This method is also simple and suitable for solving the problem of how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi with all the settings. Before starting the process, it is necessary to turn on not only Wi-Fi, but also Bluetooth on both gadgets, and do not turn them off until the work is completed.

By Bluetooth

You can move media files, contacts, documents and applications from phone to phone using the Bluetooth module. This method is available even to inexperienced users, and it does not have to use third-party applications.

First you need to pair, so that you can transfer data. To do this, you need to go to the Bluetooth settings by setting a search, select the one you need from the available devices, and confirm your consent to communication.

After that, on one gadget, select the files that you want to import, click “Submit”. On the second action, confirm, after which the exchange will occur automatically.


Compared to other methods, this one takes longer. Also, the use of Bluetooth leads to a significant consumption of battery power.

How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi via Mi Cloud

Mi-account is well suited as a conductor between smartphones. its Mi-cloud cloud storage contains backup copies of multimedia, contacts and system files. The method of transferring data to a new device is similar to that used when importing via Mi Mover.

  • In the “Settings” menu, select the “System Applications” option. Find the Mi Cloud section, go to the “Backup” tab (may be called “Device backup”).
  • They give the task to create a backup. “Make it right now”.
  • On the new device, in the same menu, select the “Data Recovery” item.
  • Clicking on the “Restore” icon starts the process.

For those users who are used to viewing materials from their smartphone on the desktop screen, they can do this using special programs Mi PC Suite or Mi Phone Assistant. With their help, you can also create backups that will be stored in the PC’s memory. In this case, the task of how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi can be solved through a computer.


To use this method, you need to activate your Mi-account profile or create it if it has not been done before.

Data transfer via backup

Not all Xiaomi models have a proprietary MIUI shell. Some of them work on a pure version of Android. On such gadgets, it will not be possible to use the capabilities of Mi-services. Their owners can create backups and use them to import information to a new device by other methods.

Most users have a Google Account and use its Google Drive or Google One cloud storage. To make a transfer with their help, you need to go to the system settings and act in the same way as the restoration is done through Mi Cloud.

Backup can also be done through a computer using third-party applications such as Fender, Titanium Backup or TWRP Recovery.

Fans of the Xiaomi brand do not have to fear that when switching from one device to another, information will be lost or they will have to fiddle with the settings again. Using the methods described above, you can transfer all the information to a new gadget.

All data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi via Mi Mover

If you need to quickly transfer large amounts of information, use the Mi Mover application, which provides a quick copy of information developed by Xiaomi. It can be used for all phones of this manufacturer, regardless of model. The application is available in MIUI by default. If your smartphone does not have it, install it from Google Play.

Mi Mover is one of the most convenient ways to transfer data

The process of transferring files is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Launch the application.
  • On the new smartphone that will receive the files, tap the “I am the recipient” button, which will result in a QR code.
  • On the old smartphone from which you are transferring files, tap the “I am the sender” button, enter the password, and then scan the QR code.
  • Specify the data you want to copy, then tap the Send button.

After that, you just have to wait for the end of the data transfer process. Both smartphones will display the remaining time. Copy speed is fast enough.

Transferring data using the ShareMe utility (Mi Drop)

Xiaomi offers another data transfer utility called ShareMe. If it is not installed on your smartphone by default, you can download it from the Google Play app store. The principle of working with it is similar to that described above:

  • Run the utility on both smartphones.
  • On each smartphone, specify its role (sender or recipient).
  • On the sending smartphone, specify the files you want to transfer.
  • Tap on the “Submit” button.
  • Approve receiving files on the second smartphone.

This utility uses Wi-Fi to transfer data. One smartphone serves as an access point, and the second connects to it, resulting in a network, which allows you to transfer data at high speed.

Create a backup to transfer data to a new smartphone

Data transfer via Bluetooth

When it comes to transferring files, the easiest way is to use Bluetooth. To do this, you need to perform just a few steps:

  • Enable Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Select the files you want to transfer.
  • Tap the “Submit” icon.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Specify the device to which you want to transfer data.
  • On the new smartphone, confirm the receipt of files.

It should be noted that this method is quite slow, suitable for transferring small amounts of information. For example, you can transfer a notebook, documents, etc. If you need to transfer several gigabytes of information, it is better to use another method.

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How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi. the easiest ways

When a smartphone is used for a long time, personal files, contacts, documents and various other important content accumulate on it. Therefore, when changing an old smartphone to a new one, it becomes necessary to transfer data to a new device, but how to do this? Xiaomi developers have foreseen this and created special utilities that allow you to quickly transfer information. See below for more details on how to do this.

There are several ways to transfer information from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

Transferring Data Using Backup

The easiest way to transfer data is through cloud storage. If you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can use it to transfer files of any size. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • On your old smartphone, back up your data to the iCloud cloud. How to do this, we told earlier.
  • Open “Settings” on the new smartphone, go to the “Mi account” section and log in to your profile to link your account to your smartphone.
  • Restore data on your smartphone from a backup.

Finally, we note that there are other methods of transfer, but they require additional accessories. For example, if you are using a flash card, you can transfer all the data from your old smartphone to it using the File Explorer application, and then insert the card into a new smartphone and copy the files to the phone’s memory.

You can also transfer data using a USB cable and a computer. To do this, you need to connect your old smartphone to a PC or laptop and copy the files. Then, in the same way, connect a new smartphone and transfer data.

Mi Cloud

The current application, created not only for exchanging data, but also for storing them, is Mi Cloud. When you first log in, the service will require the user to create an account, come up with a username and password, and link their phone, which will help restore access to the profile if the information is forgotten.

The service contains a huge range of different functions. both for communication and for other needs, among which there is a very useful one. Its essence is to create a backup copy of data that will be stored not only on the phone, but also virtually.

This will allow you to download the archived data to another gadget without the need to connect to another device. All that is required is to log into Mi Cloud with your username and password and download the necessary information. And if a backup was created, then the functionality of the program itself will unzip and install it.

Mi Drop

This feature is present on all Xiaomi devices starting from MIUI 7 firmware and higher. It is based on the wireless connection of two gadgets through the use of high-speed Wi-Fi, which is many times faster than data transfer via Bluetooth.

You don’t have to download anything to use this feature. The sequence of actions for using Mi Drop is very simple and looks like this:

  • We start the function by clicking on its icon (a circle with an arrow pointing to the center) in the drop-down top window;
  • Having found the file that needs to be transferred, click on it and hold until a pop-up context menu appears with various options for actions;
  • Among all the items we find “Send” and select it;
  • The main thing is to first enable the function on the recipient’s gadget so that the synchronization goes without problems;
  • After confirming the action on both sides, we wait for a while until the data is transferred from one Xiaomi device to another.

The function is very practical, especially in the case when it became necessary to quickly transfer several files, but for more global purposes there are other options.

How to transfer data from one Xiaomi smartphone to another

There are several ways to transfer data from one Xiaomi gadget to another. Among the most simple, we can distinguish the functions built into the smartphone, developed by the manufacturer. But there are also a lot of applications created specifically for this procedure. We will analyze each of the options in detail to find out their disadvantages and positive aspects.

Mi Mover

If you need to send a large number of files at a time or more, back up the data, and then transfer it to another smartphone, then Mi Mover will be an effective option.

  • First you need to activate Wi-Fi on both gadgets.
  • Next, in each of them, go to the “Settings” section and there find the “Advanced” item. which will be designated Mi Mover.
  • In accordance with the purpose of each smartphone, you should choose which of them will be the recipient and which will be the sender.
  • A QR code will be displayed on the screen of the recipient’s device and thanks to the camera, as well as a pre-installed application for analysis, it must be read by the sender’s device.
  • After a successful connection, the transfer will begin, which will take time if a full backup is being prepared for sending.

This method is very useful if the user, having bought a new smartphone, wants all the data stored on his old one to continue to be with him.


This is an application that has gained popularity among Android users, and since this operating system is the base in Xiaomi smartphones, it is often used by owners of gadgets from this company. The software is absolutely free, easily accessible and tested for quality by more than several million people around the world. You can download in the Play Market.

  • files are transferred wirelessly;
  • performance, unlike the Bluetooth function, is at least 200 times higher;
  • the functionality is Russified, so it will be clear to anyone;
  • allows you to exchange data not only between Xiaomi devices, but also synchronizes with PC and tablets.

Also, the creators of SHAREit regularly update their brainchild, adding new useful features to it every time. In this regard, the application is slightly better than the standard ones from Xiaomi, since they are updated only with the release of a new phone model.

There are several different ways to completely transfer data from Xiaomi phone. All of them are suitable for Mi and Redmi devices, for any versions of the MIUI interface. But the methods differ in terms of labor costs and time. So that you do not ask unnecessary questions, we will tell you about all the ways.

Transfer data to new Xiaomi via Bluetooth

This is the easiest way, which is suitable for beginners in mobile technology. It does not require third party applications.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both phones
  • Selecting the data to be transferred
  • Click “Submit” “Bluetooth”
  • We confirm sending on the second device and wait
  • Ready!

ShareMe (Mi Drop) from Xiaomi. easy data transfer from your old phone

  • Launch ShareMe on both devices
  • We agree to the terms of use
  • We select the roles of the sender / recipient for phones and allow access to files
  • We select the type of files, including APK, that is, application folders
  • Click “Submit”
  • We select the device in the list of recipients and approve the reception on the second phone
  • We are waiting for the completion of the process.

How to transfer all data from Xiaomi phone via Mi Mover

Mi Mover is an application that you will need to install on your smartphone. It’s free and available on Google Play and GetApps.

The path to the application function through the smartphone settings (for example, Redmi Note 5). Screenshots of the author

  • Download the application, run it and agree to the terms of the user.
  • We select roles on both phones: sender / recipient (the role can also be selected through “Settings” “Advanced settings” Mi Mover / “Settings” “About phone” Mi Mover).
  • Confirm the action with a password or QR code.
  • We select the necessary files from the old phone and select “Send”.

Mi Cloud from Xiaomi: how to use it to transfer data to a new phone

The Mi Cloud service saves a full backup of your system. Therefore, this method is the most convenient for its transfer.

Copying data via Mi Account (on the example of Redmi Note 5). Screenshots of the author

  • Go to “Settings” Mi Account Xiaomi Cloud
  • Enter account password
  • We create a backup copy of data through “Backup” “Create now” or “Reservation” “Cloud backup”

Sign in on the second phone to the same account

Important: both phones must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Transfer Contact Data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi via QR Code

This method was created to transfer the phone book. Xiaomi assigns a separate code to each contact.

It is quite convenient to transfer contacts from the phone book on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones via QR codes. Screenshots of the author

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on both phones.
  • Click on the contact and scroll until the QR code appears.
  • On the second phone, select “Tools” “Scanner” or in some models we just use the camera application.
  • Point the camera at the code, scan and the contact is transferred.

How to transfer data to a new Xiaomi smartphone using cloud storage

A backup copy of the data can also be made through a Google account, which many Android owners have. All thanks to the fact that Google supports the file and contacts synchronization service.

The path to upload files to Google on the example of Redmi Note 5. Screenshots of the author

  • To sync contacts, go to “Settings” Google “Restore Contacts”
  • To transfer the rest of the data, go to the Google Drive application
  • Click on the plus at the bottom of the screen and select “Download”
  • Select the desired files, wait until they are downloaded to disk.
  • After that, we enter the account on the second device and download the data.

In terms of transferring files, other cloud services, such as Dropbox, work in a similar way.

Transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi using an SD memory card

The method that may have come to your mind first (which is why we talk about it last) is to transfer information using a memory card. It is suitable if the old and new smartphones have a slot for it. It is most secure to transfer data using an SD card, since information is not uploaded to online media:

  • Insert an SD card into your phone
  • Go to “Explorer” and manually select all the files you want to transfer to the card
  • Confirm action
  • Move the card to a new phone

If you have bought a new Mi or Redmi series smartphone or want to share files with a friend, it is very easy to do so. Xiaomi offers a large number of applications and functions for secure data transfer, and now you know exactly how to use them.

Transfer from Xiaomi to Xiaomi using Mi Cloud

On Xiaomi gadgets, there are 3 ways to transfer data at once. They are designed for both single files and entire categories or a complete copy of the system from one Xiaomi to another. The Mi Cloud application is designed specifically for the company’s devices. In addition to 5 GB of free cloud storage, users can exchange data of any amount between Xiaomi gadgets. Data copied to the cloud is even downloaded to a computer. So, for example, it is convenient to send photos for long-term storage or processing.

You can also set up automatic synchronization of some data with Mi Cloud:

Thus, you can save any information: SMS correspondence, contacts, notes, photos, call log. In order for all the synchronized data to appear on the new gadget, you need to log into your Mi account and download them. They will automatically be detected in the necessary applications.

To transfer the entire system at once, you need to make a backup. For this:

  • In the Mi Cloud of the old device, find the item “Device backup”.
  • Activate the option using the slider.
  • You can create a backup manually using the “Create backup” button.
  • Through the “Scheduled backup” setting, you can choose how often the system will automatically save a backup to the cloud.
  • Sign in to your Mi account on a new device.
  • Open Mi Cloud App.
  • Go to the “Mi Cloud Backup” section.
  • Click the “Restore from Mi Cloud” button.
  • Select the desired restore point, if there are several.
  • notes;
  • applications;
  • layout of icons and widgets on the desktop;
  • alarm settings, time, time zones;
  • notification settings;
  • system settings.

The benefits of the Mi Cloud app include:

The disadvantages include the ability to transfer data only from Xiaomi to Xiaomi. Transferring from a device from another manufacturer will not work. It is also worth remembering that when restoring from a backup copy, settings and application data will not be transferred to a new phone. You will also need an account in the Xiaomi system, which not all users of the brand’s equipment have.

Mi Mover

This data transfer utility will allow you to send files from any device, but only to Xiaomi gadgets. To open the app on a company device, you need to:

In the window that opens, you need to select one of the items. The choice depends on whether the device is old or new.

For phones of other brands, you need to download the utility from the Play Market. It will only have the “I am the sender” button, since it cannot be transferred to Xiaomi.

Next, using the old device, you need to scan the QR code on the screen of the new one. Pairing will pass. After that, you will be able to select the type of data that will be transferred. Available:

In terms of functionality, the program is similar to Mi Cloud, but without an intermediary in the form of cloud storage, as well as with the ability to transfer from any device, not just from Xiaomi.

Unfortunately, applications are transferred in the same way, in their pure form, without cache and settings.

ShareMe (Mi Drop)

Another application from Xiaomi that allows you to share information between devices. There are two main differences from Mi Cloud:

  • Direct data exchange between devices without prior saving to the cloud.
  • Can be used on smartphones of any brand.

The program has the following functionality:

  • Receiving and transmitting data from another device.
  • Communication with PC.
  • Sending apps.
  • Select both individual files and categories. For example, you can send all programs in the “Popular applications” section or a folder with videos from WhatsApp.
  • Send entire photo albums.
  • Transfer music by artists, albums, folders.

Easy Sharing of files among Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, OPPO phones without any app. Only needs Wi-Fi

To start sharing files, you need to give the necessary permissions for the application to work. If you need to transfer, then the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Select the required files.
  • Press the “Submit” button.
  • Here, the first time you use it, you will be prompted for permissions.
  • Scan the code from the screen of the receiving device or select it from the list available for transfer.

To search for nearby devices, the program uses Bluetooth, which will turn itself on. Wi-Fi and mobile internet will also automatically turn off.

To receive files, you must press the appropriate button and let the transmitting device scan its QR code.

In this way, you can copy all the necessary data to a computer or another phone. Only contacts, SMS, settings will be unavailable. over, the first two can be transferred by saving them in the memory of the SIM card.


The option of transferring information via Bluetooth is simpler than the rest. It does not require any additional applications to be installed. There are no restrictions on this or that smartphone brand in any direction. To transfer a file via Bluetooth, you need:

  • Select the required file. You can transfer almost anything: photo, video, audio, text file, etc.
  • Hold the selected file until you have the option to check multiple items, as well as the context menu in which you need to click the “Submit” button.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the second device.
  • Make sure it has visibility enabled.
  • Return to the first device and on it, in the menu for selecting the sending method, click “Bluetooth”.
  • Find the device to which you want to send the file in the list of devices.
  • Wait for sending.

This method of transferring data to a new smartphone is the slowest of the presented. You should not use it to transfer large files unnecessarily. Also, you will not be able to transfer applications. Unless you make an apk file out of them. But the cache will still not be transferred.

For transferring all Bluetooth data, therefore, it is also not suitable.

How to transfer data from one Xiaomi smartphone to another

The average life cycle of an Android smartphone is 3 years. After this period, most people change gadgets for new ones. This is a logical figure, because in about this time, phones go through a sufficient development path to offer something new to the buyer, and not a slightly improved old one.

Smartphones have become a part of almost every person’s life. They have replaced diaries, cameras, televisions, and sometimes even computers. The phone’s memory stores important moments in the life of its user, which are accumulated throughout the life cycle of the device in one hand. From this follows a situation in which it is impossible to take and get rid of an old smartphone. you need to save photos, videos, correspondence, contacts, etc. However, it will take a long time to search for all files in memory separately. Also, it is unlikely that anyone has a desire to delve into a bunch of system files when transferring everything that is on the gadget to external media. Programs come to the rescue that allow you to transfer the necessary data from your old phone to a new one.

How to transfer the data of installed applications

As you can see, none of the previous methods allows you to transfer applications while preserving their internal data. This refers to specific settings, progress in games, and the like. A way that will help not to lose this data is synchronization through a Google account. Almost every program and game communicates through it. You just need to find it in the settings and activate.

To save your data in the application, you need:

  • Log in to the same Google account that is used on the previous device.
  • Download the right app.
  • If at the first login the program itself does not offer to synchronize user data, then you should do it yourself through the settings.

The Google account is universal, but not all people remember the password from it. Restoring it also does not always work, and it becomes easier to start a new profile.

To avoid this, users of the social network will use the synchronization option through it. It is also activated through the settings, as is the case with a Google account. You can create a fresh profile if you don’t have one, and link the apps you want before switching to a new smartphone. But it’s mostly just for games.

To transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi, you can use one of the simple and affordable methods.


Each of the listed transfer methods can be used on mobile phones with a shell version of MIUI 8, MIUI 9, MIUI 10.

Mi cloud storage is also suitable.

Via Bluetooth

This method of transferring data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi will appeal to an inexperienced user, because in this case there is no need to install or use additional applications. To start the transfer, you only need to enable the option on both devices, select the necessary information on one of them and click on “Send”.

Next, a list of methods will appear from which you need to select “Bluetooth”. After that, confirm the operation on another gadget. Once this procedure has been completed, the transfer will begin.

This method is simple but time consuming. If there is no time to wait, then you should choose another way to transfer data with Xiaomi.

Mi Drop app

Self-transfer of information from Xiaomi can be done using the Mi Drop program. it must be installed on the gadget in advance. The advantage of this option is to transfer files from Android to Android, while the devices can be of different brands.


Before proceeding, you need to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and do not turn them off until the operation is completed.

  • on the device that will receive files, activate the Wi-Fi access point and disable the function of accessing mobile traffic;
  • on the device that will receive the data, select Mi Drop and click on “Accept”. The application shortcut is most often located in one of the working windows;
  • on the second device, you must also turn on Mi Drop and click on “Send”;
  • from the folder with files, select those that need to be transferred, and click on “Submit” again;
  • the added device will be displayed in the window that appears. you should click on it. If it was not possible to synchronize the Xiaomi gadget in this way, then you need to scan the generated QR code. it will be displayed on the device for receiving data.

After that, in the first phone, confirm the receipt of files and wait for the operation to complete.

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QR code

If you have a new phone, you may need to transfer important data. So, in mobile devices from Xiaomi, each contact in the telephone directory is assigned a QR code. You can transfer them using this utility.

You need to transfer data to Xiaomi with Xiaomi or Huawei according to the following algorithm:

  • enable Wi-Fi on both gadgets;
  • click on the desired contact, scroll the page until the QR code image appears;
  • go to the smartphone that will receive new files, in the “Tools” menu, select the “Scanner” item in it.

After that, you need to point the camera at the QR code. as a result, the contact will be moved.

Via Mi account

Xiaomi provides every owner of a smartphone of its brand with 5 GB of Mi Cloud cloud storage. it’s free. But you won’t be able to enter it without creating a Mi account. With this storage, you can not only store the necessary information, but also transfer data from one Xiaomi phone to another or to a computer.

To log into your account, you will need to first register in it. To do this, you need to go through standard authorization by entering a password and email address. When the registration is completed, you must provide information to enter the cloud storage of the transmitting device to any other user of the device from Xiaomi.

Cloud storage

Placing files in Mi Cloud is possible only after creating an account. This service is needed to transfer data to a new device. This is important, for example, after buying a new device from a Chinese manufacturer.

To transfer data from the “cloud” to another mobile device, you need to go to Mi-account and Mi Cloud.

To upload the necessary information to the “cloud” you will need:

  • log in using your password and login. If everything is done correctly, then you will be taken to the home page, which indicates how much free memory is left. The standard volume is 5 GB;
  • to upload files to the cloud storage, you need to go to the “Settings” item;
  • select the item “Synchronization” in it;
  • go to “Mi Cloud”;
  • in the window that opens, select the type of data to synchronize.

On the home page, on the right, under the user’s nickname, there is a niche with categories that are copied from the phone. Here files from the gallery, as well as messages, recordings from the voice recorder and contacts from the phone book are saved automatically.

File Transfer Between Redmi & Realme Phones Without Any Apps

On the second device, you also need to go through authorization on the same account. Then you need to select the item “Data Recovery” and “Restore”. After that, all files from the backup will be restored.

Transfer to SD

You can use removable storage to transfer data from smartphone to smartphone. The following applications are suitable for transfer: AppMgr III (App 2 SD), Link2SD, MiniTool Partition, FolderMount, etc.


Many of them may require root privileges to function.

Then you need to download and install the program for data transfer. Using her instructions, move the files to the SD card. When it is installed in another device, it will display all the transferred data.

Transfer from other phone models

You can transfer all data to Xiaomi not only from Xiaomi, but also from Samsung, Huawei, Sony. Each model has its own sequence of actions.

Sending data from Samsung

Transferring data from Samsung to Xiaomi can be done through the Mi Mover app, but transferring data back to Samsung will not work.

To transfer data from Samsung to Xiaomi you need:

Top 5 Best Data Transfer Apps ⚡⚡⚡ Clone Your Phone In Just Minutes

  • on the device of the South Korean manufacturer, download and install the Mi Mover utility;
  • go to the same application with Xiaomi. To do this, select the “Settings” menu, go to the “System and device” item, where click on “Advanced settings”, and then on Mi Mover;
  • connect both devices to Wi-Fi;
  • on Xiaomi in the program, click on “I am the recipient”, after which a QR code will be displayed on the display;
  • scan it with a Samsung device;
  • in the list of categories, select SMS, contacts or programs.


Can’t move photos, videos, and audio.

The transfer will take place automatically.

You can choose another program. CloneIT. It will help you transfer passwords, SMS, call log, calendar, accounts, etc 12 different categories of data in total. The transfer algorithm is as follows:

  • download the utility and install it on two devices;
  • turn on Wi-Fi on one of the smartphones and create an access point for the second one;
  • run CloneIT on Samsung and click on “Sender” and on Xiaomi select “Receiver”.
  • wait for the devices to pair;
  • select files to copy, and start the process.

You do not need to immediately delete files from Samsung, because the program may crash. Also, before deleting, you will need to check the correctness of the data transfer.

Transfer from Sony

It is easy to move data from Sony mobile phone to Xiaomi smartphone. The Japanese company has specially developed an application called Xperia Transfer Mobile. It allows you to send files not only from Android to Android, but also to iOS.

To start the transfer, you will need to install and run Xperia Transfer Mobile on another device, then activate the application on the sending smartphone and select:

After that, you should wait until the data import is completed.

Transfer from Meizu

Xiaomi smartphones have an integrated application for transferring files between ShareMe mobile devices. Before starting the transfer, you need to make sure that the application is installed on both gadgets. The utility can be found in the official Play stores or on GetApps.

When the program is installed, launch it on both mobile devices. If you need to transfer files or contacts from Meizu to Xiaomi, select “Send” on the first device, and “Receive” on the second.

Next, specify the data to be sent and confirm the action.

After that, start the search for the second device in automatic mode. You must confirm the procedure and wait for it to complete.

Transfer from Honor and Huawei

To transfer files from Honor (Huawei) to Xiaomi, one of several methods will do:

  • Using a Google account.
  • Use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Transferring contacts using an external drive or flash drive.

There are other methods, including third-party applications, but the methods listed are simpler, more versatile, and safer.

With a Google account

If you store contacts in a Google account, you can use it to transfer data. For this you should:

  • in the settings, select the “Accounts” section;
  • pass authorization;
  • select “Synchronize” in the menu;
  • repeat the action on the second device and wait for the transfer to complete.

Via Bluetooth or WiFi

This method is easier, because no need to install additional services and functions:

  • turn on Bluetooth devices or connect them to a shared Wi-Fi network;
  • enter contacts and select the “Management” button;
  • Huawei will open a list of available actions. Select export by specifying the appropriate communication method;
  • establish a connection between gadgets and allow the transfer of the phone book.

Export to storage

The last method involves transferring files from Honor to Xiaomi via external media. As a rule, this is a memory card compatible with the type of mobile device. For this method, you need to open contacts and click on “Export to storage”. After that, they will be on a flash drive.


To avoid data loss, you must first make a backup copy of the phone book.

At the final stage, you will need to insert it into a new smartphone and repeat the procedure, just select import.

There are several methods for transferring data to Xiaomi. Export can be done both from devices of this brand and from mobile devices from other manufacturers.

Transfer between devices

Do not be intimidated by the tricky title and do not skip the article section. The fact is that on old firmware this word was in the settings and was used when transferring data, including contacts, between Xiaomi.

Bluetooth turned on and the exchange process was completed in a matter of seconds. Subsequently, the developers removed this feature, which led to a frantic search for all possible applications from Google that work on a similar principle. Those who wrote reviews about all methods of transferring data between phones hurried to “legitimize” the method, but Xiaomi confused all the cards.

Numbers are transferred from phone to phone in more than a dozen (!) Ways. So why do we need to install additional applications? The latest versions of Xiaomi firmware have made the choice of data transfer methods as diverse as possible. Let’s look at some of them.

To select, you need to go along the already familiar path: “Settings”. “System applications”. “Contacts”. “Import and export”. “Send contacts”.

  • Free transfer. The name itself suggests the transfer “for free”. It is positioned on the Internet as a new chip from Xiaomi. Mi Drop. When the option is activated, Bluetooth turns on automatically, and another Xiaomi smartphone is searched for nearby. Wi-Fi is not used. As soon as there is source for the transfer, a connection will occur and your contacts will get to the right place. If you like the method, mark the choice with a tick in the “default” box. In the future, all your transfers will be carried out according to this algorithm.
  • bluetooth. The method is old as the world, but it works. For it, you need to turn on Bluetooth yourself (unlike the previous one) and select from the found devices the one to which you want to send.
  • Mail. Sending will take place to your mail, followed by distillation to another phone The method is not very convenient, moreover, it will require the presence of the Internet in the smartphone.
  • Skype, Whatsapp, Viber. Mentioned due to popularity among the younger generation. They do not differ in anything special, they do not give any advantages compared to the methods already described. Forwarding is achieved by creating a standard contact file named 00001.vcf or similar.

This can be finished, since I tried to use the capabilities from the manufacturer, all sorts of MiShare and others, but instead of transferring, the phone freezes. This is due primarily to the firmware, on the global there is no such specific binding with the homeland, so I recommend using more familiar export methods. Do not forget about import: it is proposed to “fill in” contacts from Google or Mi accounts.

New technologies using QR code

He specially singled out this method, it is a kind of know-how and gives the transmission an ultra-modern sound. To activate, you need to follow the specified path: “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Mi Mover”.

The application is in the settings, which means that it is trusted. To pair two smart phones from Xiaomi, a QR code is sent, after which it is possible to transfer anything, including copying contacts. You only need to select the one you need and add it to the shipment, which could be easier. The only inconvenience is the mandatory presence of Wi-Fi in the phone of the sender and recipient.

Transfer via SIM

The easiest way. You do not need to install anything and additionally enable it on your phone. Assumes to use only the means of the smartphone itself.

  • go to “Settings”. “System applications”. “Contacts”;
  • select the topmost option called “Import and Export”;
  • in order to transfer contacts to SIM, you need to select Export to SIM card and save the transferred data there;
  • move the SIM to the second device;
  • further steps are related to importing saved contacts on another Xiaomi phone. You can choose the save locations at your discretion, either leave it on the map and use it as is, or import it into the phone’s memory.

The main thing happened. you moved the contacts of your subscribers.

Setting up transfer is easy. The import and export options, due to their importance, are called so, you can’t confuse them. I carried out all the transfer actions on my own Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro phone with global firmware. So claims like: “But I don’t have such an option in the settings” are not accepted.

Transfer through the cloud

The best way to transfer any phone data is to use the cloud from Xiaomi.

You will have to get a Mi account when you turn on your smartphone for the first time. So, you are just a step away from the desired action. If suddenly (pah-pah) something unpleasant happens to your device, the memory fails, the processor dies, or maybe they just steal it, that is the only way to return the missing contacts. It is to use the company’s proprietary service.

It’s very easy to back up your contacts to the cloud. You need to go to Mi account from the settings and tap on Mi Cloud, then turn on synchronization and select the object you need. In our case, these are contacts. A complete copy of all your subscribers will be created. By clicking on the link, you can always see and copy the necessary data, in some cases, accidentally deleted contacts can be restored (unless, of course, you realized it too late).

What does all this mean? And the fact that it will not be difficult to move and save everything you need, and it will bring colossal benefits. The new phone, when linked to the old Mi account, when synchronization is turned on, will quickly transfer contacts from the cloud, you won’t insert a SIM card yet, and the subscribers will already be in the phone’s memory. All of the above is true and possible for operations with a Google account. I advise you to duplicate your contacts and hide them in different places. Few things can happen.

Methods for Transferring Contacts on Xiaomi Phones

Recently I came across user complaints on the Internet that it is not possible to transfer contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi. Rather, it turns out, but not automatically. From everything written, I realized that people spat on the algorithms prescribed on the network and rolled the contacts manually. All 650 pieces. Let’s optimize the distillation process and eliminate unnecessary ordeals in a simple procedure.

Problems displaying contacts

Dedicated to an inexperienced user, well, or just a beginner. You can’t call it a problem, but it can spoil the blood. What is it, I bought a new phone, made settings, copied contacts to memory, but they do not appear. Subscriber list is empty!

The solution is simple. The thing is that you get a phone from Xiaomi with factory settings, which do not specify the way to display contacts, there is not a single clue in the smartphone so that he understands what he should do. He is waiting for your command.

We go along the already familiar path: “Settings”. “System applications”. “Contacts”.

SIM card contacts are not active by default. You need to turn it on and then everything that is on the map will immediately be displayed. The same will happen if you want to select a specific contact list. Below is an option that will help you point to all your existing accounts: Google or Mi. I do not indicate other possible accounts here, since during the first setup the device will ask you only for these.

You can specify all contacts together, but then they are duplicated, repeating each other when displayed. Which is not very convenient for typing. What to choose and what not, it’s up to you.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural in order to copy, restore or move contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi. It will take a little attention and care. And even if the incredible happens, and your phone somehow manages to delete all your colleagues, friends and loved ones, then there is no reason to fall into despair. There are ways to get back what you’ve lost and step into the same river twice. How to do it, read here.

How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

Technology has gone far ahead and now allows you to transfer files extremely quickly from device to device. Xiaomi has several functions for this. Two of them, called Mi Drop and Mi Mover, create a bridge for data transfer between two devices via Wi-Fi modules.

Note: in this case, the mobile Internet, as well as the Wi-Fi network, will not be used!

In general, it is possible to move data in Xiaomi smartphones from one to another in several ways: a built-in option exclusively for Xiaomi smartphones called Mi Mover, a Mi Drop program for sending data to smartphones of other brands and by transferring files through a Mi account.

Via Bluetooth

To transfer data, you can use the old-fashioned built-in Bluetooth module, which is able to transfer data without third-party software directly between any devices.

To transfer, it is enough to enable the function on both devices, mark the necessary files on one of them and click “Send”, then select the Bluetooth method in the list that opens, then specify the name of the recipient’s profile, and confirm receipt on the other device. This completes the sending process.

Important! During the first transfer, smartphones may refuse to connect because they have not been paired.

Pairing is a simple process that allows devices to share files. To install it, you need to go to the Bluetooth settings in both devices, activate the modules and perform a search. The devices will become visible to each other. Click on the name of the desired phone. The pairing confirmation window will appear. Click “Accept” on both devices (but first on the one from which the data will be transferred). Pairing will be successful.

Important: the procedure is performed once. You can freely receive and transfer files without re-pairing.

Mi Drop app

The program is designed to transfer selective files. In other words, you can enter the section with music and select only those songs that you want to copy.

Unlike Mi Mover, Mi Drop allows you to reset files to smartphones of other brands. For this to happen, you will need to download an application with the appropriate name from the Play Market.

The process of copying information in this way is very simple. To transfer files you will need:

  • Take a smartphone to which you plan to transfer files, activate a Wi-Fi access point in it and turn off access to mobile traffic.
  • Launch Mi Drop on the same device, select “Receive”.
  • After the appearance of such a window, the smartphone can be put aside.
  • Take Xiaomi and enter the “Explorer” on it.
  • Open the folder with the required files. Mark in it those that you plan to transfer to another smartphone and click “Send”.
  • Click on Mi Drop.
  • Touch the icon with the name of the detected device.
  • Confirm acceptance of downloading files on a device of another brand and wait for data transfer.

This completes the copying process. In this case, do not forget to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is activated automatically, unlike the access point. On some devices, all modules are disabled automatically.

QR code

To transfer information extremely easily using a QR code, you will need to use the Mi Mover option. It is available in the “Settings” section.

Next, to transfer files exclusively between Xiaomi devices, follow the steps:

  • In the “Settings” section, go to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Open the column “Mi Mover”.
  • Confirm terms of use.
  • Log in to Mi Mover on the device on which you plan to receive information and click “I am the recipient”.
  • The display will immediately show a QR code.
  • It must be scanned by the smartphone from which you plan to transfer files.
  • After that, it remains to select only the sections with the information that needs to be transferred and wait for the end of the procedure.

Note: this type of transfer of information from one device to another does not imply selective sending. It is carried out only by sections, with each file contained in them. These sections include: images, video, audio, system data, applications, documents, etc.

Via Mi Account

Mi Account is a cloud storage designed for owners of Xiaomi devices and offers 5 GB of free space. This storage has the functions of copying not only music files, videos and other things, but also system files, backups.

To reset all settings and files, you must:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to “System Applications”.
  • Further to the Mi Cloud.

Important: if you are entering the section for the first time, you will need to click “Use Mi Account”, then enter the information for authorization and sign in.

With confirmation of the action, the information copied from the old mobile phone will be transferred to the new device. Even the desktop icon layout and system settings will be the same.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is a very convenient service for storing data outside the device’s memory. They are stored on the servers of those companies that develop clouds. There are only 2 disadvantages:

  • The transfer requires an Internet connection and the presence of sufficient traffic to be able to reset all information.
  • Limited data storage.

Otherwise, these are convenient data storage services. They act as intermediaries for the temporary storage of files, which, after being downloaded to other devices, can be completely deleted. The transmission can be carried out at an unlimited distance, which is a big plus.

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There are two very popular cloud storages. Russian “Yandex.Disk” and American “Google Drive”. Both of them have similar functions, but differ only in the interface. Vaults allow you to upload and store files indefinitely. Next, the user leaves a link to other storage users to the necessary data, and another user can download them to their phone.

You can log in to the same account from different devices. Therefore, this option for transferring files is preferable for the owner of the device, since there is no need to register two accounts.

Transfer to SD

To copy files to memory cards through Xiaomi smartphones, you will need to resort to third-party software. Because there is no standard alternative.

Safe, time-tested application Clean Master will help with this. It was created to clean devices from various kinds of garbage, free up RAM as a result of closing unused applications, and also to clear the cache. The very function of transferring to SD cards is auxiliary and makes it possible to move applications from the device to microSD cards.

In order to successfully carry out the procedure, you will need to launch the application, go to the “Application Manager” tab and check the boxes next to those applications that you plan to move to flash memory. Next, touch the “Move” button and wait for the transfer procedure to complete.

File transfer from Xiaomi to Xiaomi: sending faster than via Bluetooth

The most “ancient” way to send files via Bluetooth has long become ineffective, since large folders could be sent after a huge amount of time. Now the transfer of data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi is several times faster. We will talk about new methods of transmission in the article.

Transfer from other phone models

In other phone models, it is possible to transfer files through proprietary applications. It’s simple, as is the case with the Mi Drop program for Xiaomi, because such utilities for the most part repeat each other and even have a similar interface.

To send files from other brands of phones to Xiaomi, you need to install the official application of those manufacturers from which the transfer is being made. Applications are downloaded on Xiaomi. For the reverse procedure, you will need to install the Mi Drop programs on smartphones from brands of other companies.

Transfer from iPhone

Gmail will help you move contacts from iPhone to Xiaomi brand devices. For everything to be successful, you will need to take a few steps:

  • Turn off iCloud sync in your iPhone’s mail settings. But so that the deletion of the list of phone numbers does not happen (for this you need to uncheck the corresponding item).
  • Make Gmail your default account on your account.
  • Synchronize contacts data with Gmail.
  • Upon completion of all these actions, the contacts will be sent to the email address. Then it remains to log in from the same email address on the Xiaomi device for quick integration of data into the phone book.

Sending data from Samsung

To transfer any data from Samsung, you will need to use the proprietary Smart Switch utility. With its help, you can easily send not only contact data, but also any other files. At the same time, the application not only allows you to interact with Android devices, but also with smartphones of the iOS family.

Transfer from Sony

Transferring data from Sony is as easy as transferring data from Xiaomi via Mi Drop. Sony has developed its own application called Xperia Transfer Mobile. At the same time, you can send files from it to both Android and iOS. To make a transfer, you need to install and run Xperia Transfer Mobile on another device, then activate the program on Sony and follow 4 steps:

  • select the mode of sending files;
  • choose the operating system Android or iOS;
  • select categories to send (photos, videos, images, documents, etc.);
  • wait for the file import process to complete.

Note: the program, like other analogues, transmits information via a Wi-Fi connection.

Transfer from Nokia

Nokia smartphones do not have a program that would allow you to reset data to another smartphone. However, contacts can be transferred via the Bluetooth module. To carry out your plan, you must enter the section with all saved phone numbers and select the number to transfer. Next, it remains to click on the “Functions” column and then on “Transfer”. After specifying the name of the smartphone to which it is planned to export, the transfer will be carried out. At the same time, some models of this company allow you to transfer information about contacts only by one name. The advantage of this method is simplicity. another Android device will automatically add contact numbers to the phone book.

As you can see, some smartphones do not have an official data transfer program. This can cause inconvenience not only for users of other smartphones, but also for fans of the respective brand. However, Xiaomi has a fairly broad alternative that involves resetting files in several ways at once.

Transfer data from Huawei and Honor to Xiaomi full step by step guide

Don’t know how to transfer data from Honor/Huawei to Xiaomi? We suggest using step-by-step instructions to perform basic actions. This question is considered one of the most popular on user publics. The popularity of Xiaomi gadgets is growing every day. Every third user has a smartphone from the brand of the same name. The developers have come up with special services for transferring data and contacts. It’s easy enough to use them. Difficulties in work even for novice users should not arise. It is important to take into account certain features and understand the instructions. Learn quick tips and quickly sync files to your smartphone.

Transferring data to Xiaomi via Phone Clone

The main drawback of the program is that the option works on gadgets with the MIUI platform. At the same time, it is possible to send a media file only from Android. The Phone Clone utility works on all models of smartphones, including the iPhone. Follow the detailed steps to use the program:

  • Download the app on both devices;
  • Open the widget and click on the “old” and “new” mobile, depending on the situation;
  • Make phone connections via WI-FI or scan a special icon;
  • Define a list to send;
  • Confirm the operation.

When using this method, the Internet will not be charged. Synchronization of the phone book, photos and videos will not waste megabytes.

How to Transfer Data from Honor/Huawei to Xiaomi via Mi Mover?

Mi Mover is a program to transfer data from Huawei and Honor to Xiaomi. This can be done from any mobile phone that has an android model. To use the service you need:

  • download and install applications on two smartphones;
  • enable the option and click the “send” and “receive” keys on two devices;
  • on the old gadget, turn on the camera and scan the QR code that will be displayed on the old mobile
  • activate operation.

It is possible to send any files, pictures, videos and contacts. The transfer rate depends on the size of the specific data.

How to transfer contacts from Honor or Huawei to Xiaomi?

For some reason, the previous methods are not suitable? We offer several other ways that each user will perform. They allow you to copy data without wasting time and megabytes. The following methods are currently available:

In addition, there are many third-party applications in the Play Market electronic store. Most of them are free. Despite this, such utilities are not a safe way. They can harm your smartphone and cause irreparable damage.

using a Google account

Google account holders can use a personal account. Often, page owners store important data in the profile. What is needed for this?

  • Open the “Settings” section and activate the “Accounts” folder.
  • Enter your username and password and log in to the system.
  • Find a key to synchronize;
  • Now continue on the second gadget and wait for the list of contacts to appear on the second mobile phone.

via Bluetooth or WiFi

This method is much easier. It does not require downloading additional programs or applications. The user needs to use the built-in capabilities of the device. To start:

  • activate Bluetooth or set up Wi-Fi on two devices;
  • after that, go to contacts and click on the “Control” key;
  • in a new window, select the item for export and determine the transfer method;
  • confirm the connection between the gadgets and send the phone book.

This action will take 5 to 10 minutes.

export to drive

Another way involves the use of additional media. Most often, users choose a memory card. It is suitable for any smartphone model. Insert it into a separate port, which is located on the side of the mobile panel. Check flash drive activation. Next, you need to launch the section with contacts and click on the item “export to a separate medium”. Wait until the information is transferred to the flash drive. After that, insert the memory card into another gadget. Leave the device on mobile or download the list on a new smartphone.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Are you worried about the security of your personal data? Then create a backup. In case of failure, the numbers will remain on the media. Neglecting this action will result in file loss.

Transfer data from Xiaomi to another Xiaomi phone

The popularity of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is growing every day, and therefore a completely natural problem has arisen: the transfer of information between two devices. Surely, most owners of modern smartphones have encountered a problem when it takes a long and tedious time to restore everything that was contained on a lost or broken smartphone. The article will discuss how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi in two main ways: the “Transfer” system function and through backup.

Transferring data between devices

In the MIUI 7 firmware version, the function is called “Transfer”. Only works if available on both devices. The transfer is carried out via a connection via Bluetooth.

For people using smartphones with this version of the operating system, the following algorithm works:

  • Then you need to choose from two items: “I am the sender”, “I am the recipient”.
  • The sender must, after pressing the appropriate button, specify the categories to be copied. These can be system settings, applications, contacts, files from a memory card.
  • The phone connects to the one on which the backup was performed.
  • After connecting, sending begins, which is performed automatically with the introduction of transferred contacts, settings, etc.

Modern version of the data transfer function

To date, in the latest versions of the MIUI 8.x firmware, the function has received a different name. “Mi Mover”. The principle of its operation has also changed and now the backup can be carried out according to the schedule, and they are subsequently transferred at the right time by generating a QR code by the sender and decrypting it by the recipient.

  • The sender opens a QR code scanner, which is necessary to decrypt the code created above and download the data. To download on the transmitting and receiving device must be connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi).
  • The menu that opens is called “Backup” and you can set the data backup schedule (days of the week, time), as well as determine what exactly will be backed up (system settings, applications).
  • Exactly what is selected in this paragraph will be encrypted.

Data transfer via backup

Another way to transfer the necessary data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi involves synchronizing both smartphones with one Mi account.

Today, it’s enough just to log into your Mi account (Mi Cloud) and, by analogy with the previous paragraph, create a set of rules for backup in the “Device backup” item.

Then, if necessary, you can click “Restore using backup” and selecting the desired restore point, download the data on another smartphone using the same Mi cloud account.

Thus, transferring data between two smartphones from Xiaomi is very simple. It is important not to forget about such a function as backup, so that for any reason you do not lose the most important data, files, settings, etc.

The app is NOT WORKING. Transfer from Huawei G630 Redmi 5A. Phones recognize each other, Huawei reads the QR code from Redmi 5A, then shows a list of data that can be transferred to Redmi 5A. We say the start is data transfer from Huawei G630 to Redmi 5A. Both phones show the amount of data transferred. After the transfer is completed, Huawei displays a message that the following data has been transmitted and FINISH at the bottom. Redmi shows information that the data has been received and is expected to be restored and at the bottom back. After that, a message appears on Redmi that the data has not been transferred. And so on in a circle to infinity. The minimum amount of data is transmitted only CONTACTS and still zero effect. Although everything goes according to the scenario: the phones establish contact, one transmits the other receives data, after receiving the phone is waiting for some kind of recovery of the received data?! until blue and EVERYTHING, if you press back, then Mi Mover closes and a message appears that the data has not been transferred. And more and more there is no CHOICE of actions repeated the procedure many times. the result is zero: data is transmitted-received, waiting for recovery-data acquisition failed.

This device has not been tested. It is possible that some incompatibility.

And what does huiwei have to do with Xiaomi?

Try Huawei Phone Clone (available on Google Play)

I bought myself a note 4x And tried to transfer applications from Fly 450 Nothing good happened. Applications are selected, archived, forwarded, but not restored to a new location. The receiving smartphone has a message waiting for recovery. and nothing happens indefinitely. After several attempts, there is no space, although another 5 gigabytes is free. I calculated that the data is transferred and placed in the Android data com.miui.backup.transfer cache folder Internal storage, in which folders with the transfer date are created in these folders there are files with the names of the applications that I tried to transfer and with the extension.bak Why is this the program is interrupted question to the developers.

After all, it is written that this copying only works from a Xiaomi phone to a Xiaomi phone)

realme has a more stable shell. But there is also a downside.

MIUI is arguably the most controversial Android skin. It is recognizable, convenient, it has enough exclusive features, like cloning all icons, and convenient design solutions, like volume sliders. At the same time, she is unstable.

Developers can finish the new version on the go. Because of this, stupid mistakes appear in it, like hieroglyphs instead of words in Russian. Applications can also become unstable. for example, the Camera crashes or does not save photos.

ColorOS by realme. Comfortable but odd looking.

ColorOS is optimized more meticulously. Otherwise, it is not inferior to MIUI. in the latest versions, the developers have taken the time to design, and now it is more in line with the times. The only thing is that not everyone will like the white-green color of the interface. Otherwise, it is no worse than competitors and more stable than MIUI, although it is inferior to it in terms of a set of features.

realme has better specs than the competition

The best that the company has created is the realme X2 Pro mid-range device. This is one of the first smartphones with a 90Hz screen at the time of release (autumn 2019), as well as monstrous characteristics.

The device was based on the then most advanced Snapdragon 855 processor, an ultra-fast UFS 3.0 memory chip and stereo speakers. For 30-40 thousand rubles. he just had no equal.

Realme X2 Pro. Beast by stats.

For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy A70 cost the same. It offered a Snapdragon 675 chip (170,979 points in Antutu, not at all a flagship score, the X2 Pro has 503,085 points in the benchmark), a 60Hz screen, and a single speaker. realme X2 Pro surpassed it in every way.

But even if you look at the devices more simply, you can see that they consistently outperform competitors in terms of performance.

Realme 5 Pro was sold at the entry level at the end of 2019. It was powered by the pre-flagship Snapdragon 712 processor (221,482 in Antutu) and ran demanding games at high graphics settings. Full HD screen, 4000 mAh battery, USB-C. and all this was offered for 12 thousand rubles. Generous even against the background of Honor and Xiaomi.

Realme smartphones are better than Xiaomi. But the company needs to work on the image

In 2020, it is difficult to notice the emergence of a new brand in the smartphone market. Especially if it is a company from China. they are developing too rapidly, they are too similar to each other, and on AliExpress you can find hundreds of brand names-nonames.

Lay Huawei P40 Pro, HONOR 30 Pro and OPPO Reno3 Pro side by side. They are the same, except for the company logos. And no one is going to be original with the design. this is what OPPO did in 2019, but now its smartphones follow trends and do not stand out externally.

From left to right: Samsung Galaxy S20, OPPO Find X2 Pro, Huawei P40 Pro. Almost the same.

However, you can stand out even among monotonous devices without being non-conformist, like Meizu ignoring camera cutouts (and huge financial losses). Realme did it.

The company produces entry-level and mid-range smartphones. And more than successful, it is the fastest growing mobile device brand in the world in 2020: its sales increased by 157% overall, and in Southeast Asia by 173%.

The achievement was obtained during a severe crisis. due to the coronavirus, the smartphone market decreased by 11%. And a couple of years ago, realme was a subsidiary of OPPO and sold smartphones in India.

realme masters new technologies

realme 6 is the most affordable smartphone with a 90Hz screen (20 thousand rubles). And this is the trend of 2020. with an increased refresh rate, the picture seems smoother.

Xiaomi sells the Redmi Note 9 Pro for the same money, and it offers a display with a standard 60Hz. For other parameters, it also offers optimal values, and does not move the industry forward.

Such devices are obviously a bet on the balance of characteristics. And it’s justified. such devices are more common. But the trouble is that with a rich assortment (at least one model in each price level), the company does not offer devices with experimental capabilities. And among the audience of Chinese mid-range smartphones, there are enough geeks who follow the industry and explore the characteristics of devices.

It is strange that Xiaomi does not even try to become a conductor of new technologies in the initial and mid-price levels. The 90Hz screen is offered by realme, the under-screen fingerprint scanner in the same segment was the first to offer the Samsung Galaxy A50 and became an instant hit, erasing all memory of the terrible Galaxy J line.

What realme is missing?

However, the words about the fastest growing brand are number manipulation. The company is progressing, but it is too early to compete with Xiaomi, Honor and Samsung. In terms of market share, it ranks only 7th, ahead of (Lenovo and LG), completely inconspicuous brands in 2020. To take the next step forward, you need to take other actions.

realme lacks a dedicated fanbase and promotion. The first appear over time, and the second requires large financial investments.

And it’s worth it, HONOR proved the effectiveness of advertising in the Russian market. In the first quarter of 2019, it became the most popular smartphone brand in Russia. Her smartphones were good, but that’s not the point. It is important that banners with them were everywhere from the subway and shopping centers to sites with targeted advertising. You have obviously seen ads with them. devices with artificial intelligence.

This is the only way to get the first audience, and high performance is the way to keep it. realme doesn’t do this yet.

In terms of working with the audience, it is not a competitor to Xiaomi. This company has a “Mi fans” community, MIUI developers listen to user Комментарии и мнения владельцев and add innovations or fix bugs, take pictures in queues for a new smartphone. Users feel connected to the brand, so they become attached to it.

All the same successfully does OnePlus. Apple also gained a dedicated community in the late 2000s. The formula for winning the audience has been revealed. realme for some unknown reason does not follow it, at least in the Russian market.

And for the formation of a community outside of Asia, everything is there. The rest is to make people aware of the brand. Then realme will become the main competitor of Xiaomi.

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