Transfer Contacts Samsung

How to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android step by step instructions

Transfer Contacts Samsung

You bought a new smartphone with Android OS. Hooray! Now you will enjoy much greater degrees of freedom than a Windows Phone system, beautiful and stable, but closed and monotonous. But before that, you need to do a few more things. The first one is to transfer your phone book to a new Android smartphone.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this manually. Now you can transfer all contacts from Lumia or another Windows smartphone to the new Android simply, reliably and with all the data saved. And for this there is a huge selection of ways!

Cloud transfer of contacts

  • Through Outlook
  • Via Gmail
  • Transfer contacts locally from Windows Phone to Android

    Cloud transfer of contacts

    Since all modern smartphones are designed for constant interaction with cloud services, it would be strange to give up their capabilities. If you’ve used a Windows Phone, you just have to have a Microsoft account. And your contacts are synchronized with the mail service. If you are going to use an Android smartphone, then be prepared that it will lose most of its functionality without Google online services.

    Hence, there are two simplest ways to synchronize:

    Via Gmail

    There are several ways to import a phone book to your Google account. But their essence is the same: link Microsoft and Google accounts by constant synchronization. This can be done using your phone:

  • Open the Settings section in your phone on Windows Phone, in it Mail accounts
  • Select Add Service, select Google from the pop-up list
  • In the window that appears, click Connect
    • The application will prompt you to log in by entering your Google account login and password. If you don’t have it yet, you can create it right here.
    • In the Windows window asks for a list of access rights, click Accept
    • Synchronization will start automatically. Tap on your account and make sure there is a checkmark next to the Contacts field. Optionally, you can sync emails and calendar.
    • When you start your Android smartphone for the first time, enter your Google account information. The database of contacts and other synchronized data will be downloaded automatically. [/ Su_list]

    This method is good when you don’t have an Android smartphone at hand yet. But there is a way to link contacts when you don’t have any of the phones at hand! For example, a Windows smartphone is out of order (or you have already sold it), and the courier has not yet delivered an Android device to you. The main thing to remember is the data for accessing your Microsoft account.

    • Open your Gmail mail on your computer in a browser (if you don’t have an account yet, create one)
    • Go to Settings
    • Select the Accounts Import tab
    • In the second line Import mail and contacts, click the Import mail and contacts link
    • Enter your email address on (or another Microsoft server)
    • Follow the import instructions
    • When setting up an Android smartphone for the first time, enter the details of the Google account into which you imported Microsoft contacts and mail
    • Contacts are imported to your phonebook automatically. [/ su_list]

    Through Outlook

    The entire phone book of a Windows smartphone is synchronized by default with your account. To transfer data to an Android smartphone:

    • Download the Microsoft Outlook application on Google Play ( and install it
    • Enter your Microsoft account information into the application [/ su_list]
    • Allow the app to access your data
    • When the application starts, tap on the menu icon in the upper left corner and select People
    • In principle, you can use the Outlook phone book as the main one. You just need to click on the number to start the call. [/ Su_list]

    This method is convenient because Outlook also makes your mail, calendar, and files on OneDrive available. However, as a phone book, Outlook is downright weak. There is not even a way to send SMS. Therefore, this method is only suitable for those who communicate mostly by email.

    Transfer contacts locally from Windows Phone to Android

    Until recently, this was unthinkable: the file system of Windows Phone was as closed as in iOS, moreover, it did not lend itself to jailbreak. Fortunately, now on Windows phones with an SD card, you can export your contact database without resorting to cloud sharing.

    The vast majority of applications for backing up contacts in Windows Phone bear the same name Contacts Backup (and where is the administration looking?) For us, the most interesting is the application developed by Amaze Pictures Inc. It allows you to save backups to.Vcf files even on smartphones without a memory card.

    You can download the application at

    For full-fledged operation, it is necessary that the Windows Phone smartphone and the computer are on the same wireless network. After the application creates a copy of the phone book, it prompts you to enter the IP address in the browser line through which you will download the ZIP archive to your computer. If you wish, you can include in the archive and photos corresponding to the subscribers.

    Unzip the file and copy the.Vcf file contained in it to your Android smartphone to import its contents into the phone book there.

    If it is important for you that a copy of your contacts does not get on the Internet, then this application is the best choice. Other similar Windows Phone apps use cloud copy to OneDrive.

    In any case, copying contacts from Windows to Android will not be a problem for you now.

    How to transfer contacts from Samsung to devices running Android Marshmallow?

    1. From the home screen, tap Apps.

    2. Next Contacts.

    3. Then, tap .

    4. Click Import or Export, depending on what you want to do.

    In this example, we will choose import, although the steps will be the same for both options.

    5. Select the location from which you want to import or export your contacts.

    In this example, we are importing from a SIM card.

    6. Choose where you want to save your contacts.

    7. Find the contacts you want to move, or click the box in the upper left corner to select all.

    8. Tap Done.

    How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung via Smart Switch Mobile?

    This application is specially designed by Samsung to solve data transmission problem. Users can freely transfer contacts, music, photos, calendar, messages, app data, call logs and documents with it. All data from your old device will be transferred very quickly.

    1. If you own a Samsung Galaxy or S edge, then you do not need to download the application, because this transfer function is already installed by the developer. Click on “Settings” = “Backup and reset” or “Cloud and accounts”, then press “Open Smart Switch”. If it doesn’t work, install the app on both phones.

    2. Launch Smart Switch on both devices. You can choose to connect via USB or Wi-Fi. If you have an external USB port (USB OTG cable), try using that. Connect the external port to the charging connector of the new device and connect it to the old one with a cable.

    3. If you do not have a cable and external port, then use the wireless method. Please select “Android device” and press “start”. Then take your old device and press “Send message”, without forgetting to click “To accept” on the new Samsung phone.

    4. After some time, a connection will be established between the devices. Files for transfer will be displayed on the old Samsung. Please select “Contacts” and press “Send message” they will be transferred to your new phone.

    However, Samsung Smart Switch Mobile has one major limitation, you cannot select certain contacts. The application is suitable for transferring all data, but cannot be used if you only need to transfer some of them.

    How to transfer contacts from Samsung to devices running Android Nougat?

    1. From the home screen, swipe up or down to access applications.

    2. Click Contacts.

    3. Tap the menu (three dots).

    4. Tap Manage contacts.

    6. This screen will allow you to import or export and then asks you to choose where to transfer contacts.
    In the example below, we will show you how to import contacts from your SIM card to your phone.

    7. Select where you want to export or import. In the example below, we have chosen to import from a SIM card.

    8. Tap the contacts you want to copy, or select the checkmark at the top of the screen to select all. Once you’ve selected your contacts, tap Done. 9. Tap the option where you want to move contacts.

    10. Press IMPORT or EXPORT to confirm.

    How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung, 4 ways?

    How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung or to any other Android device?

    When replacing an old phone with a new one, Samsung users may face a problem, not knowing how to transfer their contact list from one to another. Most of us prefer to add contacts manually, one by one, spending a lot of time on entering numbers and other information. But the worst thing is the probability of simply making a mistake, entering dozens of numbers.

    Our article contains much more efficient and less energy-consuming methods compared to the inconvenient manual transfer.

    How to transfer contacts from Samsung to devices running Android Lollipop

    1. From the home screen, tap Apps.

    2. Click Contacts.

    3. Tap the three dots (more) in the upper right corner.

    4. Select Settings. 5. Then Contacts.

    6. Click Import / Export Contacts.

    7. You will now have a list of your options for importing or exporting contacts. In the example below, we have chosen to export to SD card, but the steps will be the same for all options.

    8. Confirm your choice.

    How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung via bluetooth?

    Data transmission via Bluetooth is a well-known method for everyone. Without certain conditions, such as a network connection, users can transfer files from one device to another in two clicks. To transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung, this method is also suitable.

    1. Go to settings or swipe down on the screen to activate Bluetooth on both phones. Find another device to complete pairing.

    2. Open the Contact List. Long press on a specific contact will check the box. Select the contacts you want and click “SHARE” on the old Samsung and select Bluetooth. Or you can press “” in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Share”, so that you can select the files you want.

    3. Select a device to transfer and send contacts.

    As simple as it may seem, in fact, you may encounter some problems, for example, poor connection. Many users from time to time complain about the inability to find another device. Or an unexpected shutdown happens during the transfer, and everything has to start over. Because of such cases, most users tend to other methods of data transfer.

    Instructions: how to transfer contacts to a SIM card in OS Android 9

    Transferring contacts to a SIM card in Android 9 is as follows:

    From the main screen, you need to go to the address book using a special icon or through “Settings Contacts”.

    • Go to the Android settings menu, just click on the icon with three dots.
    • A menu will open with several items, among them select “Manage contacts”.
    • A window will open offering available options (merge, import / export, sync, change default storage location). Select the item “Import / Export Contacts”.
    • To transfer contacts from phone to SIM card, you must select Export SIM card.
    • Next, mark the contacts you want to copy.
    • If you need to move all contacts from the address book to the SIM card, just click on the Copy all button.
    • Complete the procedure by clicking on the Yes button in the dialog box that opens.

      Please note that when copying to a SIM card, only the phone number and contact name are transferred. Copying a photo, email address and other contact data will not work due to the limitations of the SIM card.

      Tip: You can do it differently: restore your backup contacts, or sync your new phone with your Google account. Read here how to do it. At the same time, you will not have any restrictions: you can copy email, address and other contact data.


      How to transfer contacts from a SIM card to a phone

      After the import / export of contacts has been made, you can move the card to another phone, all phone numbers will be immediately available.

      In order for the new information about contacts to be saved in the phone’s memory, it is necessary, accordingly, to transfer data from the SIM card to the smartphone. For this:

      Go to contacts through the icon on the home screen.

    • In the menu (opens after clicking on the Menu button, Options, or depending on the OS version that is installed on the smartphone), select the Settings item. In newer versions of the Android operating system, you must select the Manage contacts item.
    • Select Export / import of contacts, then Import.
    • We indicate where you need to copy the information (in our case, from the SIM card).
    • Selecting contacts, completing the import.

      After these actions, the contacts will be saved in the phone memory. If you change your SIM card, the numbers will still be available for viewing.

      How to transfer contacts from phone to SIM card on Android

      There are several ways to transfer contacts from your phone to a SIM card. Most often, you can get by with the built-in smartphone tools, that is, there is no need to install additional software. Methods for transferring contacts to a SIM card may differ depending on the version of Android installed on the phone.


      Why transfer contacts to a SIM card?

      It is convenient to transfer contacts to the phone’s SIM card: after changing the mobile device to another, there will be no problems with transferring numbers to the Android address book.

      Transferring contacts to Android OS 8, 7, 6, 5 and below

      In older versions of Android, copying contacts to a SIM card differs from the one described above. In order for information about numbers on a SIM card to be available on a new phone, you must:

      Go to the phone book using the dedicated Contacts icon on the home screen.

    • In the upper right corner, click on the Options item (In some operating systems, the Options item is indicated by an icon with three dots).
    • In the menu that opens, select the Settings.
    • Select contacts and in the menu that opens, click on the Import / Export Contacts item.
    • Click the button “Export”. Android will prompt you to select the location where you want to transfer contacts. Use the command Copy contacts from phone to SIM card.
    • Confirm your intention to copy contacts by clicking on the Yes button in the window that opens.
    • Mark the contacts for transfer. Further actions will be performed automatically.

      Transferring contacts to a SIM card in Android 4

      To transfer contacts from your phone to a Samsung SIM card (or to a device of any other brand) with the version of the Android 4 operating system, you must:

      Go to the contacts section using a special icon on the home screen or in the menu.

    • Go to settings. To do this, press the Menu button, Options or depending on the phone model.
    • In the window that opens, select the item Export / import contacts.
    • Then select Export to SIM card.
    • Select the contacts you want to copy. You can click the Select All button if you want to copy all contacts from the phone book.
    • Carefully read and agree to the conditions under which data is copied from the phone to the SIM card.

      As with other operating systems, only the contact’s name and phone number are saved when copying.

      Create backup contacts via Google virtual service

      Google cloud storage allows you to create backup prints on a remote server not only of the address book, but also of other user information (notes, photos, etc.). After successful synchronization, you can manage the saved data from any smartphone, laptop or computer.

      To copy contacts from phone to PC via Google, you need:

      Use a valid Gmail email address to link Samsung to your Google account (if you haven’t done so, of course).

    • Go to your account settings, check the items you want to back up and click Sync.
    • On a computer, through any browser, go to and log in under the same account to which Android was previously linked.
    • In the menu that appears, click Export. If a message appears on the screen that the specified procedure is not supported in the new version of the service, go to the old form and run the same function again.
    • In the next window, select All contacts and specify the backup format. For Windows, CSV for Outlook is the best option.
    • Activate the copy procedure by clicking Export.

      After performing the above actions, the file with the base of numbers will be downloaded to the hard disk of the PC.

      Phone book transfer using standard Android features

      For all mobile phones running Android OS, the Contacts application is standard. It is in its settings that there is a tool that allows you to write backup phone numbers to the external or internal space of the device with the subsequent transfer of this file to a PC.

      To copy contacts from Samsung to your computer, you need to do the following:

      Find and open the Contacts program on your smartphone.

    • Call its properties and start the Import / Export procedure.
    • In the window that appears, indicate where the phone numbers will be backed up: to the internal storage or to the built-in SD card.
    • Confirm the entry by clicking Yes.
    • Connect the device to the computer via USB cable.
    • Find a backup of contacts on Samsung and drag it to a PC like a regular file. The required document will be hidden in the storage / emulated / 0 / folder and have the.Vcf extension.

      In the future, the number base can be opened, viewed and edited through the Windows-integrated Outlook application.

      Manually copying phone numbers

      You can also manually transfer contacts to your computer from your Samsung Galaxy phone. However, this will be somewhat more difficult than in the previous case. The fact is that the required database is located in the Data system folder, access to which is closed without Superuser rights. Therefore, you will additionally need to unlock the root profile on your smartphone and acquire a utility that can work with administrative rights.

      Manual copying of contacts is performed in the following sequence:

      Root Samsung with KingRoot, Framaroot, UnlockRoot or another application with similar functionality.

    • Install the file explorer Root Explorer, which does a great job with root rights. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Market.
    • Go to the Data // databases folder through the explorer and copy the file with the contacts.Db numbers to the SD card.
    • Drag this base to your PC and store it in a safe place.

      In the future, a backup copy of contacts can be used to restore information from the phone book if it is unintentionally deleted.

      Transferring contacts from Samsung to computer

      Backing up numbers from your Samsung Galaxy phonebook to an external drive or PC helps you avoid permanent loss of personal data in the event of a mobile device malfunction, malware, system flashing and other cases. This procedure does not take much time and can be performed using both the built-in Android tools and additional software. Let’s consider how to transfer contacts from Samsung to a personal computer.

      Ways to transport contacts from Android to computer

      You can transfer mobile numbers from a Samsung phone to a PC or laptop in several ways:

    • Through tools integrated into the Android OS;
    • Manual transfer of the base with contacts;
    • Through the Google cloud service;
    • Using specialized software.
    • Each of the proposed options has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, if your device has a stable Internet connection, and your smartphone is tied to a Google account, then the best choice is to use the Google virtual drive. Otherwise, Samsung’s standard functionality or additional software will come to the rescue.

      Copying contacts through specialized software

      Another way to transfer contacts from a Samsung phone to a computer is to use special software, namely Smart Switch or Samsung Kies. In the first case, you will need:

      Download the specified utility of the version that suits your operating system on your PC, and then install it.

      • Download drivers for your smartphone. The USB Samsung Driver app will help you with this.
      • Connect a mobile device to the computer and launch Smart Switch.
      • In the window that opens, enter the Settings section and select Archiving items.
      • Specify the items, the content from which you want to copy, and click Ok.

        If you have not changed the installation path of the program, the phonebook backup will be written to the C drive in the Smart Switch folder. After the user has transferred contacts, the smartphone can be disconnected from the PC.

        To create a backup copy of numbers, the Samsung Kies program is also perfect, which can be found freely available on the Play Market or Samsung Apps. To accomplish this, it is enough to connect the PC with a smartphone, open the specified utility, select the Contacts checkbox and start copying.

        Data Transfer Methods on Samsung Smartphones

        There are several ways to transfer information from one Samsung device to another: using the proprietary Smart Switch utility, synchronizing with a Samsung or Google account, using third-party programs. Let’s consider each of them.

        Dr. Fone Switch

        A small utility from Chinese developers Wondershare that allows you to transfer data from one Android smartphone to another in just a couple of clicks. Of course, the program is compatible with Samsung devices.

        1. Enable USB debugging mode on both devices.
        2. Then connect your Samsung devices to your PC, but before that, make sure that the correct drivers are installed on it. Run other background switch.

          Click on the Switch block. When the devices are recognized, you will see an image like the screenshot below. On the left is the source device, in the center is the selection of the categories of data that need to be transferred, on the right is the destination device. Select the files you want to transfer from one smartphone to another and click Start transfer.

          As with Smart Switch, there are restrictions on the type of files that can be transferred. In addition, dr. Fone Switch is in English, and its trial version allows you to transfer only 10 positions of each data category.

          Transferring data from one Samsung device to another

          Smart Switch

          Samsung Corporation has developed a proprietary application for transferring data from one device (not only Galaxy) to other smartphones of its own production. The app is called Smart Switch and exists in the format of a mobile utility or programs for Windows and Mac OS desktops.

          Smart Switch allows you to transfer data via USB cable or Wi-Fi. In addition, you can use the desktop version of the application and transfer information between smartphones using a computer. The algorithm for all methods is similar, so let’s consider the transfer using the example of a wireless connection via an application for phones.

          Install Smart Switch on both devices.

        3. Run the app on your old device. Select the transmission method Wi-Fi (Wireless).

          In the window for selecting the OS of the old device, check the item Android.

          On your old device, click on Connect.

        4. You will be prompted to select the categories of data that will be transferred to the new machine. Together with them, the application will display the time required for the transfer. Check the information you want and click Send.
        5. Confirm receipt of files on the new device.

        This method is extremely simple, however, using Smart Switch you cannot transfer data and settings of third-party applications, as well as cache and save games.

        Synchronization with Samsung and Google accounts

        The simplest possible way to transfer data from one Samsung device to another is using the built-in Android data synchronization tool through Google and Samsung service accounts. This is done like this:

        1. On your old device, go to Settings General and select Backup reset.

        Within this menu item, check the option Archive data.

        Go back to the previous window and tap on Accounts.

        Select Samsung account.

        Tap on Sync All.

        • Wait for the information to be copied to the Samsung cloud storage.
        • On your new smartphone, log into the same account where you backed up your data. By default, the automatic sync function is active on Android, so after a while the data will appear on your device.
        • For a Google account, the actions are almost identical, only in step 4 you need to select Google.

        This method, despite its simplicity, is also limited, so you cannot transfer music and applications installed not through the Play Market or Galaxy Apps.

        Google photo
        If you only need to transfer your photos, then the Google service will perfectly cope with this task. It’s quite easy to use.

        Install the app on both Samsung devices. Enter it first on the old.

        • Swipe right with your finger to access the main menu. Select Settings.
        • In the settings, tap on the Startup and sync item.
        • After entering this menu item, activate the synchronization by tapping on the switch. If you use multiple Google accounts, select the one you want.
        • On the new device, sign in to the account you turned on sync and repeat steps 1-4. After some time, photos from the previous Samsung smartphone will become available on the currently used.

        We have reviewed the most convenient methods for transferring data between Samsung smartphones. Which one did you use?