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How to locate by phone number. Search on the Internet, through a service provider and geolocation

The development of telecommunications has led to the mass use of mobile communications in our lives. Getting a present or buying a brand new cell phone, we don’t think about the fact that we’ll lose or forget it in a store or a cafe, and it will be necessary to search for it. The mobile network operators have taken care of this for us by creating the necessary services. A subscriber of any operator must know how to track the location of Android or ios phones by number. Ways and services to solve the problem of finding out your location by phone number is devoted to this article.

The need to find the location of the phone number occurs not only when it is lost. How to track the location of the phone is worth knowing for parents, sending children to school, or for the dispatcher of the cargo company, issuing machines on the route or on a long trip. To do this, the tracked device must be prepared. In the settings of the gadget, you must activate access to geodata, which implements the ability to track the location. The geodetic data of an object’s location is calculated using the coordinates of the GPS navigation system or through a mobile operator.

Without the consent of the subscriber

Location refers to the subscriber’s personal information, and without his consent it is illegal to obtain data from tracking systems. For your children or relatives, it is worth explaining the purpose of these settings in the gadget. Company employees are required to be informed about the control of their movements during working hours by dispatchers or supervisors. All other ways to get control of mobile subscribers are not legal.

Phone tracking software

For the “Android” system, installed in most smartphones, and “Ios”, used in Apple devices, there are programs that solve the problem of how to track your phone’s location. Locate by phone number for iPhone is a pressing task, given its cost. Secretly track, calculate and precisely determine the location of the device by the satellite system jeepees, reduces the desire of fraudsters to steal these gadgets. On the sites of communication companies you can see the instructions and check the operation of these systems on your device.

Track your Android phone via Google

The world’s largest search engine Google has an app called Gmail. When you register in it, the user gets a personal account. This makes it possible to use from a cell phone, tablet or computer a variety of services and track the location and movement of smartphones on jeepees. In the settings of the device should be set the possibility of remote control. Google’s Android Device Manager service will not only show you the device’s location, but also let you lock it, send a five-minute loud signal, or erase all the information in its memory.

10 Free Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free 2022

Is it possible to trace a cell phone’s location only based on its number? There are only two ways to do so legally:

  • A phone lookup service can help you find any phone in a specific location.
  • Also, through a phone surveillance app can be used to trace the phone and its number.

The second restricts the first method in its application. You won’t be able to establish the specific location of the phone user.

While you may locate someone’s location for free by typing in their phone number, it does not store their movement history.

Furthermore, they used a spy app in a second way. This is a far more dependable alternative because it uses the phone’s built-in GPS to track it accurately.

Google Maps

This is one of the Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free 2022.

Google Maps is a popular web-based navigation service that helps users find their way around. This is a fantastic software to use while driving a car or riding a bike.

This application comes with several built-in features that make it simple to discover new destinations. The major advantage of using this software is that it is completely free.

  • You can easily access the target device location using its location sharing function.
  • Also, one can easily locate over one device at the same time.
  • Additionally, it uses GPRS, Wi-Fi, or GPS, the location tracking is quite accurate.

Compatible OS: It is available for Android and iOS devices.

Where’s My Droid

This is one of the Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free 2022.

Alienman Technologies LLC is the creator of Where’s My Droid. They primarily intended this app for Android users. You may trace a cell phone for free by using the app.

When compared to many navigation systems, the procedure of tracking your location is significantly simpler and more convenient.

  • You can quickly take a picture with the target device’s camera. And locate the device using the Where’s My Droid Pro edition without knowing who the target user is.
  • Also, this software is modest in size, it uses fewer system resources than other apps.

Compatible OS: Android devices are fully supported.

FamiSafe Location Tracking

This is one of the Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free 2022.

track, your, phone, number

FamiSafe is a multifunctional monitoring app for children’s devices that was created with parents in mind.

It can not only track the location of the kid but also record how the kid uses his or her device, create a Smart time schedule, and assist children in managing their screen time.

You can also block children from making in-app purchases on iOS devices.

This is a fantastic location monitoring app for Android and iOS devices that were created with great care. There are many elements in this program that will assist you in tracking the location of the target device.

  • You can simply and accurately get the live location using FamiSafe.
  • However, if the target device is not present, FamiSafe can assist in swiftly locating phone locations.
  • Also, set up a geofence, such as at home or at school, and get a timely notice when your children leave it.
  • Additionally, there’s no need to put everything on your child’s phone. After you’ve installed the app, you’ll be able to customize anything on your device.
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It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


Another free program for Android devices is Geo-Tracker, which allows us to follow a cell phone’s whereabouts. You may get this software for free from the Google Play Store and start tracking your child or spouse.

  • You may share your journey with your relatives and friends with this app.
  • When you use Geo-Tracker to navigate, you may also keep track of the speed of your car or bike.

Android devices are compatible with this OS.


It is one of the most effective location tracking services available on the internet.

They are available for both Android and iOS devices. This app instantly locates your device and allows you to view the target device’s location history. The online dashboard allows you to view the location tracking activity.

Glympse is OS compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Find My Device

This is one of the Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free 2022.

Google’s Find My Device app is designed for Android devices. They primarily intended this app to locate a lost or stolen device. You can, however, use this as a location tracking app.

Simply download and install this app on your child’s Android device to begin monitoring. This application is free, and they do not require you to pay to use it.

  • In a few simple steps, you can track the current location.
  • Also, it can remotely wipe, locate, and ring the device, among other things. This is useful if you have misplaced the device.

Search for your phone by yourself

Phone stolen and you want to find it by IMEI online? We can assure you that it is almost impossible. There is simply no service on the net that can show you the location of your phone by its IMEI. The only solution would be to use special tracking services that allow you to track your smartphone by reading its approximate coordinates and transmitting them over the Internet. All other services are nothing more than a fantasy.

Recently there have been a number of services on the Internet that allow you to find out if a phone with a certain IMEI is missing or not. That is people register their phones in these services, after which they have an extra chance to find the phone if it is lost. Naturally, no speech about tracking phones here. these services are purely informational. And they are not widespread, so the chances to find a lost phone with their help are still small.

Searching for the phone by IMEI via satellite is nothing more than a picture from a science fiction movie. So you can’t count on such services in real life.

Search via Google

Owners of Android smartphones can find a lost device via the Internet, with the help of “Phone Search. Searching is possible only when the “Find device” function is active. You can turn it on under “Settings. Security & Location. Find Your Device” or “Google. Security. Enable the function. this will ensure that you can search if you lose the handset.

To find the phone, do the following steps:

  • Go to this page;
  • Select the device you are looking for from the list;
  • Enter your account password;
  • On the next page, click “Find”.

A page with a map that shows the approximate location of the phone will open.

  • Remote call activation. the phone will start ringing even if it is in silent mode;
  • Lock your device. Your smartphone locks and you can display a message with your contact information on the screen;
  • Remote device cleanup. use this feature if your smartphone has sensitive data or high-value business material on it.

Note that the IMEI is not used here. you only need a Google account to search. The disadvantage of this method is that the phone must be turned on and connected to the Internet.

Tracking Apple smartphones in the same way. to find a lost iPhone, use the “Find iPhone” feature. Enter Apple ID and password, device location will be shown on map. Similar to Android smartphones, you need to turn on the “Find iPhone” function in the device settings beforehand.

Find your phone via satellite. apps

No way to find an arbitrary phone via satellite and IMEI. But if you prepare your phone for possible loss, it is more than realistic. This is done with apps that track smartphones via GPS. This is the functionality of “Tracking by Phone Number” application by Family Locator Inc. Tracking is free, and you don’t need root access to run this app.

There are many other programs that allow you to find your phone via satellite. Some of them require superuser rights (root), but have advanced functionality. work in the background without giving away their presence, can track SIM card changes, can be controlled via SMS (no internet).

Use geolocation to find your phone

In modern smartphones on iOS, Andorid by default there is a utility that helps find this gadget and associated with it through the owner’s account. You can do the same thing with Google or iCloud by signing in to your account. To find out your phone’s location this way (via satellite), you need to turn on geolocation. The option is in Settings. The cell phone must be turned on.

Through the Google account on Android

This feature is available in 2 options: on the phone associated with the one you’re looking for, or on your computer. In the first situation, you need to open Android Device Manager (Android Device Manager, Find My Device for the latest version of the operating system), and in the second. go to the official Google website, log in to your account. The accuracy of data for both options is the same. In all cases, your phone must be linked to an account.

The steps will be almost the same everywhere:

  • Select the “Phone Finder” tab in your Google Account.
  • On the left or at the top select the gadget you want to find (if there is more than 1 device).
  • In a few seconds a map with the coordinates of the phone will be loaded. He or she will receive a notification of the search or a call (your choice). If the geoposition is not found, the program will show the last available data (when the Internet was active).
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In iCloud on iPhone

Since 2010, all Apple devices have “Find Friends,” which makes it easy to locate a person. Its disadvantage. it works only with iPhone owners, whom you have included in the circle of “favorites. The person must confirm the request to share their geo-position.

To do this, you need to follow these steps:

In iOS 13, this identifier has been replaced by the program “locator”: it has expanded functionality. it added the option of “Find iPhone” utility. The algorithm of actions remains the same, as well as the disadvantages of the application. The accuracy of the coordinates depends on the quality of the GPS signal.

  • Open Locator.
  • At the bottom, select the “People” section, click on the icon of the desired person.
  • Tap on “Routes” to build a path to its location. Map view changes from map to satellite.
  • Go to the Apple website, select the “Support” and “iCloud” block.
  • Type in your account information, click on the “Find iPhone” icon.
  • Log back into your account, wait for the map to load.

Effective methods how to track the location of the Android phone

Now let’s get to the essentials. There are a huge number of ways, but most will require a Google account and installation of special services.

And, of course, you can’t do without GPS. Fortunately, almost all smartphones now have this sensor. Mobile and Wi-Fi tracking is also possible. About everything in order.

via Google Maps

A simple and convenient option that requires you to have the phone number of a person you want to track. For example, the cell phone of a child. Do not be afraid of unfamiliar name of the application, in fact it is a common program of Google Maps, installed almost every user.

If you do not have it. click on the link and download, and then install the standard way.

Now open the settings tab on the left and click on “Transmit geodata”. A window appears prompting you to tell your friends your location. You can specify a specific tracking time or turn on a permanent.

Go to the tab “Transmit geodata” Agree with the start of tracking

Once you have made this small adjustment, click on “” and select which services will be able to track you. It includes contacts, Bluetooth connection and social networks. A message will now be sent to the chat room of your choice with a link to track. The user receives it, clicks on it, and has access to your location data. After a specified amount of time, the link will become inactive.

Select tracking location Send tracking link

Through the history of locations “Chronology”

Not a bad way if you want to track your own movement. Again, the whole procedure is done using your Google account. Open the “Maps” application, recall the menu on the left side of the screen. Click on “Chronology”.

A new window appears, telling you that the timeline is created based on the places you visit. This is a kind of “file” that saves your itineraries. What’s in it for you? First, the possibility of advanced search and automatic path selection. If you’re happy with it click “Start”.

Now there is a small menu at the bottom where your current location is detected. If it’s right, click “Now Here”. All subsequent places will be saved automatically.

via Android remote control

Do not forget about the special application called Find My Device, which was developed and released by Google. This utility is specifically designed to find a lost device. Using it, you can delete all materials from the device, turn on the search by sound signal and see the phone on the map.

    Open the application and see a screen asking you to register. You can choose your Google account or enter as a guest.

Download Find My Device Registration Window

At the bottom of the screen you will find the name of your mobile device and useful features. “Call”. a beep, thanks to which you can find the smartphone in the room.

“Set up lock and delete data”. clears the information from the gadget or blocks it in case it falls into the hands of intruders.

Find the device on the map and use the useful functions

Note! Tracking is done via GPS, so if the navigation system is disconnected, you will not get accurate data about your mobile device.

Through special applications

If none of the above options does not suit you, you can resort to the help of programs made specifically to determine the location of the device. In fact, such utilities are not uncommon, there are many of them, but we will discuss the most convenient and functional.

How to determine the location of the phone via the Internet

Hollywood has created a misconception among many people that you can track any person over the Internet just by knowing their phone number. Such services do not exist, these actions would grossly violate a person’s right to preserve personal data. The variants, how to determine the location by phone number, are much more complicated. Before you can determine the position of your smartphone on the map, you need to install the tracking software in advance. The device should be in a zone of coverage, requires the operation of the GPS beacon and the Internet.

All these conditions can be performed only with the consent of the subscriber. Everyone can know that someone is trying to track him/her. A complete stranger can not see your coordinates exactly. True covert surveillance can only be performed by law enforcement authorities through a request to the service provider. All major companies (MegaFon, Beeline, MTS) can find out where is the SIM card that was purchased from them, using network towers. In other cases without tracking program to see the coordinates of the person is not possible.

How to trace the phone

Is it possible to track your phone? In this age of high technology to find it is not difficult. Simple interest, jealousy or distrust. why is it necessary, each person decides for himself. It is worth noting that there are several ways to find out where your smartphone is, but not all of them are legal.

track, your, phone, number

Few people can do without a cell phone these days. In most cases, they are smartphones, which allow you to quickly find any information on the Internet, navigate to another city, or just talk to a friend. Not all owners of these gadgets know that cell phones deprive them of a part of their private life. Anyone who is more or less tech-savvy, it is not difficult to track the owner of the gadget.

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Sometimes this feature can be very useful. This way you can always check where your child is. And if the smartphone is lost or stolen, this way you can determine its location. How to track a person on the phone? There are several ways to do this. The first is to contact the mobile operator, which services the subscriber. The company will tell you how to track your phone number. Options:

  • GPS-navigation. With the help of this function, the cellular phone is used not only as a navigator in the husband’s car. This is how you can find out where a person is, because most programs require the owner of a smartphone to mark their location. It is possible to track those people who like to take pictures and mark the place where the picture was taken. With the help of apps you can easily track their movements.
  • Special programs. With access to a Google account, you can legally install software on your smartphone that helps with mobile tracking.
  • Internet. The World Wide Web is able to give an idea of where a person is. Location will not be exact, but some sites can determine the approximate location of the owner’s device.
  • GPS tracker. You can use this special module, built into the mobile, by which you can track the movement of your smartphone.

Location by phone number without the subscriber’s consent

Sometimes tracking a phone number without the owner’s consent may be necessary, for example, if the person has disappeared and there are no other ways to contact him or her. Without the approval of the subscriber will not be able to get such access, as at least once he must confirm his consent. Operators may give such information, but it is confidential. You can use it only in extreme cases. It can also be accessed by people who have special permission, for example, from the relevant authorities.

Geolocation by Number from Mobile Operators

If you want to track the location of the person by phone number, you must use the services of mobile operators. You can choose from the following basic services:

Using these services, you will be able to determine where the person is.

It is not possible to track a subscriber without his/her consent. all services presented in this review imply obligatory consent. You can get consent by fraudulent means as well, but you will be responsible for possible negative consequences on your own.


To determine the location of Tele2 subscribers, use the “Geopositioning” service. The accuracy of coordinate determination has increased over the past couple of years, which is due to an increase in the number of base stations. Service is provided with a small subscription fee of 3 days. To turn on the tracking it is necessary to get the permission of the searched subscriber. Accuracy is 0.4-1 km.

The tracking itself is done via web interface with a map or with the help of the 119# SMS command. The service is activated by the command 11901# and deactivated by the combination 11900#. Also you can use a personal account or “My Tele2” mobile application to connect and disconnect the service.

As it was expected, the Geopositioning service works only with Tele2 subscribers. it’s not possible to track the location of other subscribers.


A simple service “Beeline Coordinates” will help to track the person by the phone number. It comes with a small monthly fee of only 1.7/day. The service can determine the location of up to five subscribers with an accuracy of 250 meters and more throughout Russia. As with all other cases, a one-time tracking authorization is required. otherwise nothing works. Web interface with a map is used to receive coordinates. At the same site the connection of the service is performed.

A disadvantage of the “Beeline Coordinates” service is that it does not allow to determine the coordinates of subscribers of other Russian cellular networks.


Megafon has a large number of base stations, which allows you to count on the successful tracking of subscribers by phone number. Radar” service is available with a subscription fee of 7 per day, determining the location of up to 5 subscribers. including Tele2, Beeline and MTS operators. Accuracy of detection. from 100 meters. Connection is made on the service website or by dialing 566#. Here the subscribers’ location is also determined, but it is more convenient to use “Radar” mobile application.

In order to track a person by his/her telephone number you have to ask for his/her permission (it is required only once). Add the caller on the site or app, wait for permission. they will receive instructions in the form of SMS. Also, the service is able to build routes of the tracked subscribers and allows to determine their own location. The “Navigator” service has similar functionality, with a subscription fee of 5,5 per day.

In order to locate the man, MTS subscribers can use the service “MTS Search”. Monthly fee for the service starts from 90 /month, depending on the number of contacts to be defined. Permission is required to activate the tracking service. The tracking is realized by SMS, web-interface, mobile version of MTS site and via applications for Android and iOS devices.

Additional services “Mobile Employees”, “Transport” and “Coordinator” were created for business customers to track the employees of enterprises and transport.

How to install the beacon on your husband’s phone without his consent?

As with tracking your phone by GPS, there are special apps to keep track of how your significant other is spending time when you’re not around. One of such programs is VkurSe. With it you can read the correspondence via SMS and popular messengers, listen to incoming and outgoing calls, find out the location of the phone owner, etc.п. After installation, the application is masked as a system file and hidden in the root folder of the device. Therefore it is difficult to detect it.

IMPORTANT: But before you install this application, think about whether you really want to know what your husband is doing while you are away? Is it worth ruining your marriage because of the information you can find out??

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