Trachemys – How To Determine The Gender

Trachemys - How To Determine The Gender

Determining the sex of an exotic animal is not easy. This applies to frogs, fish, lizards and turtles. On the one hand, it is not necessary to know what gender your pet is, if he lives alone. And if you have two of them and you want to get offspring? Here it will be necessary to understand.

Usually, the sex of a red turtle can be determined only when it has reached puberty. Closer to six to eight years. And the length of the shell by the time you decide to recognize the boy or girl as your pet should be about eleven centimeters. But in the process of determining gender, you will have to work on a comparative analysis of the data.

How to distinguish the gender of red-eared turtles?

In principle, for all turtles there is a single sex determination system. Only for rubella it begins to act when they are a little more than a year or two, and the length of the carapace is nine to ten centimeters – a version for males, and the age is from three to eight years with a chitin cover length of up to eighteen centimeters – for females. Here is a small guide on how to find out the gender of the red-eared turtles. You can use this list at home without torturing the pet on the way to the specialist.

The first thing you should note when studying pets, the claws on the front legs of the males are longer and stronger than that of female red-eared turtles. First, the boys arrange a “seduction dance” in front of their “girlfriend”. And then strong claws will serve well during mating, when the male will have to hold on to the carapace of the "girlfriend".

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The second feature is the concave part of the ventral side of the carapace in males and the flat in females. This evolutionary feature makes it easier for males to mate when they are on the female’s back, where the carapace is particularly arched.

On this, we did not finish talking about bone cover. Upon examination, note that in males it has a more elongated and elongated shape than in females.

The following feature: males are distinguished by a long and thick tail so that a genital organ can hide there. But the female has a small tail, and the oviduct hidden in the cesspool does not thicken it at all.

And the cesspool of males and females is not the same. In girls, it is closer to the edge of the shell and looks like an asterisk. And in the opposite sex it is a little further and looks like a longitudinal line.

Another way to distinguish the gender of red-eared turtles. consider femoral spurs. In males, they are more pronounced.

Do not forget about the size of the turtle. Boys are a little smaller since they do not have to bear eggs. Even in males, the posterior end of the plastron (the ventral part of the carapace) is sharper and similar to the Latin letter V, while in females it is rounded and forms a hole whose diameter is larger than that of males. Also, the nose in males is longer and has a sharper shape.

The easiest way to determine the sex of the red-eared turtle is to observe the behavior during the mating season. Males become terribly active. They chase the female, flirt with her, nod their head. Sometimes they show aggression towards her, bite her neck. Another sign in behavior – males invert the genital organ during bowel movements or during manipulations in the back of the body.

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Now you are armed with the necessary knowledge and you can conduct your own “investigation” to determine the sex of your pet. Turtles are very calm and lead a measured lifestyle, so it is not difficult to care for them. You will be happy with the kids that they will give you.

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