Trachemys, Care And Maintenance

Trachemys, Care And Maintenance

The content of eared turtles

One of the inhabitants of our apartment for 10 years has been two red-eared turtles, care and maintenance of such pets is not too complicated. Even a child of 7-8 years old can properly care for red-eared turtles. But still, there are some points that should be paid attention to when caring for red-eared turtles. By the way, it is turtles that are often the ideal pets for people suffering from allergic reactions to animal hair, bird feathers or fish food.

Often, when buying a red-eared turtle, we are mistaken in thinking that it does not require leaving at all. With this approach, turtles often get sick and die from improper maintenance. Trachemys are freshwater, so keeping them without water is completely unsuitable. The turtles spend most of their lives in the water, but they definitely need to equip a small piece of land, which they will go on from time to time.

Standard glass aquariums with equipped dry areas and lighting are an ideal place for keeping red-eared turtles. Remember that red-eared turtles grow very quickly, in the first few years of life they grow vigorously! That is why the size of the aquarium should depend on the size of the turtles and their number in this aquarium. An important rule is that the larger the aquarium, the better for the turtle, the aquarium should be at least 100 liters! The aquarium is filled with water so that the turtle can sit in the water, sticking its head out of the water.

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The water in the aquarium should be clean, you can install a filter or change the water 1-2 times a week. Even if your aquarium is equipped with a filter, you still need to change the water in it, do it once a month. The aquarium is equipped with a heater, the water temperature should be in the range of 25-28 degrees.

Young turtles up to 2 years old need to be fed once a day, turtles are older 3 times a week. Do not forget that proper nutrition is the key to the successful maintenance of red-eared turtles. Unbalanced nutrition, lack of vitamins often provoke various ailments. With a lack of vitamin A in turtles, vision deteriorates, the lack of vitamin B affects muscle function. Often turtles suffer from rickets, a vitamin D deficiency leads to this.

It is worth remembering also a few basic rules for the maintenance of red-eared turtles.

  1. It is forbidden to keep the turtle on the floor, it can be bitten by other animals, get sick in a draft, get injured.
  2. Do not keep the red-eared turtle without land, despite the fact that it is an aquatic pet, there is a chance that the turtle can drown.
  3. The tortoise’s nutrition should be varied, you can’t feed it only with meat or green food.
  4. The water in the aquarium where the turtle is kept must be clean!
  5. Do not brush the turtle with a rough brush, even if it is overgrown with algae.
  6. When adding vitamins to the turtle’s diet, consider the dosage and clearly follow the instructions!
  7. For red-eared turtles, hibernation is not always necessary. For example, our turtles have never hibernated in 10 years!
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Remember that with the right content, nutrition and lack of stress, the red-eared turtle will be able to live for more than a dozen years, delighting you, your children and, I hope, your grandchildren! Well, our turtles, Masha and Vaska, are the subject of pride and care of the youngest daughter Yulia, it is for her that they willingly pull their mouths, asking for a piece of apple or carrot as a treat!

Useful Tips

The age of the red-eared turtle can be determined by the size of its shell, although this method is not 100 percent, but the probability of a correct determination is still quite large!

  • 1 year – the length of the shell is 6 cm;
  • 2 years old, female 9 cm, male 8 cm;
  • 3 years old – female 14 cm, male 10 cm;
  • 4 years old, female 16 cm, male 12 cm;
  • 5 years old, female 18 cm, male 14 cm;
  • 6 years old, female 20 cm, male 17 cm.
Trachemys, Care And Maintenance

Trachemys under good conditions up to 50 years, reaching a maximum shell size of 30 cm.

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