TP-LINK router setting in a repiter mode

Router setting in repiter mode

A router is one of the widespread devices familiar to almost every network user. However, many of its functions often remain unequal, because few people know about them. Basically, the router is used for its intended purpose. As a point of access to the Internet from several devices at the same time. However, he can work in a different quality. For example, as a repiter.

Repiter is a signal repeater. For example, GSM or Wi-Fi signal. The principle of its operation is simple: being in the zone of sustainable reception, the repiter receives a signal and retses it further, thus increasing the range of the wireless network. It works like this. Suppose you are at point A, and at point B at a certain distance is another person who needs to give a signal with your hand. But the distance is too great and your visuals cannot see your gestures. If there is another person between points A and B, who will be equally clearly visible from both points, and he will repeat your signal, then your signal will be received. The intermediary in his program is a repiter.

It should be borne in mind that the repiter retires the accepted signal by strengthening it and spreading further. But if the signal to the repiter came very weak, it will not work to process it.

It happens that Wi-Fi works well in the house or apartment in all rooms. The reasons can be different. There are concrete walls on the signal path, which reduce the range of wireless devices. Maybe you just be far from a router or a low.Power router.

Let’s say three rooms in your apartment. At the same time, the source of the Internet. The router is in the hallway, and in the next two rooms the signal is good, and in the third, far away is weak. To strengthen it, it is enough to install a repiter in the right place. He will pick up the signal and pass it on. And thus, your wireless network will be equally available from anywhere in the apartment. In the same way, you can do it in a summer cottage if you want to use the Internet in the gazebo, and the signal does not reach. Place the repiter in the area of ​​the router and it will increase its range.

TP-LINK TL-WA7210N configure Repeater Mode

tp-link, router, setting, repiter, mode

Since the repiter duplicates the router’s signal, your network settings remain unchanged, it is not important that you connect to the repiter or directly to the router. You will not even notice how your Wi-Fi device will reconnect from one signal source to another. Everything will look for you as if you are always in the area of ​​the operation of one network.

As a rule, a repiter is a separate device with an antenna and a power adapter. Almost all manufacturers of routers are produced by repiteters. It can be purchased at points of sale of network equipment. The cost of such devices is relatively small.

However, it often happens that an old router was lying on the mezzanine, which has not been used for a long time for its intended purpose. Which can well perform the functions of a repiter. Why pay more when you can configure the second router as a repiter?

Connecting a router to a computer

When combining several Wi-Fi access points, a conflict of IP addresses may arise into one network, which is why it is first necessary to vary the IP address of the Wi-Fi device, which in the future will function as a “repiter”.

To do this, we connect an access point to a computer or laptop through a “twisted pair”. Although it is possible through a Wi-Fi connection to change the settings of the router, but it may be that your device does not support such features. Another nuance, in old models of routers, may be that the LAN cable will have to be connected to the port with number 1 on the router in order to configure it.

By the way, the power is connected to the router directly power supply or thanks to the POE injector. It all depends on a specific model.

The operating mode of modern routers

Distinguish 5 modes of work of modern routers.

  • Bridge (Bridge). The connection of two devices is required, on which the operating mode of Bridge is simultaneously enabled. That is, the technique is used to transfer communication to the neighboring building without wires.
  • Router (Router). This mode is characteristic of most routers. In the radius of action, the redistribution of the IP addresses of the Internet provider is possible between devices. The function of redirecting ports, opening access to documents, printers is enabled. After connecting to the network, automatic registration is saved, so you do not need to enter the password to obtain access.
  • Access point. The action is based on receiving a wired signal, which is converted into wireless.
  • Customer. A wireless signal is received on the devices, which is transmitted to the next device through the wired channel.
  • Repeater or repiter. A wave spreads from the main device with Wi-Fi function, which is enhanced by a repiter for further passage.
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The mode of operation is selected depending on the size of the room, the need to strengthen the connection. The townsfolk should not change the settings on their own without understanding the functionality.

If home or working devices are not functional enough, cannot enter the network, work can be strengthened.

How to set up asus repiter

So, we need to connect the ASUS router via Wi-Fi network to the main router in the repeater mode. We connect to it through a cable with a rj45 connector. This is the lace that usually comes with the router. We connect one end to the computer, and the second in one of the four identical ports in the router. As it shown on the picture

We connect a cable into one of four LAN ports (yellow)

If you go to the router from the laptop, then turn off the Wi-Fi network on it so that there is no conflict with the main router.

After that, in the address line of your browser, we score the speed of the router: 192.168.One.One. If this address cannot be entered. Try address 192.168.0.One. If after that it is not possible to get to the router, then it is necessary to restore factory settings (see. Instructions for the router).

After connection, enter the admin login and the password Admin.

If the initial setting of the router has already been made, then you will open about this picture:

The main window of the ASUS router. To select the repeater mode, click on the button circled in red

Next, we need to switch to the repeater mode. This stage is also with the initial setting of a router, which we do not show. There we also select the repeater mode. After choosing, press the button to save in order to go into the settings of this function.

Select the repeater mode.

In the next step, you will open all Wi-Fi networks that the router found in a radius of its action. You need to choose the network to which you want to connect. That is, the network of your main router. At the same time, we evaluate the signal power so that it is not too weak. Otherwise there will be losses in speed.

When choosing a network, we can evaluate the signal level from the router-donor. If there is a choice, which network is connected to, then the best is clearly visible here

After choosing a network, click on it and enter the password to the main router. The one with whom you connect your phones and smartphones. Press the connection button

Enter a network key (password on Wi-Fi) to connect to the main router

At the next stage, you are invited to enter the name of the Repiter (Repeater) network and indicate what will be the password on the Wi-Fi network in the new device (at least eight signs).

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We call the Repiter network that your phone will see and come up with a password on Wi-Fi

Connection occurs, and after the network is configured, you can once again see the entered data: network name, password, encryption type and internal IP address.

After you click further, the general instructions for connecting to a wireless network are shown.

At the setting stage-a brief instruction on how to connect to a new Wi-Fi network

Click to complete and we are opening the main window of the router already in the repiter mode, the so.Called network map. If you compare the Repiter menu with the menu of the main router of a similar or similar model, you can notice that they are significantly cut.

tp-link, router, setting, repiter, mode

Now all your phones, tablets, laptops and other Wi-Fi devices must be connected to the repiter. After that, when they are outside the zone of the action of your main router or its network will be weak, the Internet will go through a stronger Wi-Fi repeater network.

Manual mode

I recommend watching the following video to clearly see the settings process:

If the fast settings of the TP-Link router as a repiter did not work, you can manually do. For configurations are used:

How to configure a Wi-Fi router TP-Link as a reipiter:

tp-link, router, setting, repiter, mode
  • The main router should be created a Wi-Fi point with an open SSID set by the password and the WPA authentication method also without fail indicate the channel different from the “car” (that is, 1.2 or 3).
  • Connect the second router near the computer (which will be a repiter) to the outlet.
  • Connect it with a patch cord with a computer (in advance from the main local network) and turn on.
  • Through the target line of the browser, go into its admin panel. The entrance is done at with admin login and ADMIN password (by default).
  • If you fail to enter, reset the settings using the Reset button on a customizer router.
  • In the settings, go to the section “Network”-“Local Network” and change the IP address to
  • Click “Save” and let the router to reboot.
  • Enter the admin panel at the new address
  • Go to the “Wireless District Settings” section and set the channel corresponding to what is on the main router.
  • Naturally, the parameters “mode”, the type of key and password should be identical to the main access point.
  • Save and go to the “DHCP” section. Here, opposite the DHCP server, click “Turn on”.

WDS setting check

After setting up the Wi-Fi TP-Link router in a repiter mode, you need to check its work. Open the initial section “States” in the admitter admin panel. Pay attention to the line “WDS”. On the contrary, it should be indicated “installed”.

If you see the state “off”, reset the repeater parameters to the factory settings, double-check the main Wi-Fi point and repeat the adjustment process again. The main thing is that the parameters of Wi-Fi points completely coincide on both routers.

What is Wi-Fi Repiter and how it works?!

Before proceeding to specific actions, let’s first figure out what we are doing. Wi-Fi Repiter, he is also a repeater, he is also a retransulator is a special separate device, the main task of which is to enhance the signal of an existing Wi-Fi network in order to expand its coating area.

The meaning of his work is this: there is the main Wi-Fi router that connects to the provider’s network and distributes the Internet to connected gadgets. He plays a major role in the home network. But there are corners where Wi-Fi does not finish. For example, there is still Wi-Fi in the corridor, and in the long room the signal is already very bad, or completely disappears. Then you need to put the signal repeater in the corridor and thus the problem will be solved!

In some cases, when the room is very large, you have to put even two, or even three repiteters. Each of them receives a Wi-Fi signal from the head of the access device (in our case of a router) and transfers it further to the distance that it is able to cover. Wi-Fi Repeater in some way acts as an amplifier.

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Is it possible to use a router as a repiter?!

This is an interesting question. Here everything rests on each specific model and a specific manufacturer. On some models he is, but some do not support him. Over, for some manufacturers, he is very crooked and inconveniently implemented and it is difficult to deal with him to a newcomer. In addition, some models do not support the WDS-retiper mode, but I can work as a WDS bridge. But these are completely different modes and the bridge for our task is not suitable!

Switching the router to the mode of the wireless signal repeater mode is usually possible through its settings integration using its local IP address. But some models, such as Zyxel Keenetic, have a separate switch right on the case. You shift it to the desired mode, set up and work!

General setting scheme

So, the bottom line is to connect both devices to one Wi-Fi network. Setting the router in the signal relay mode will differ in models of different manufacturers. But there is a common approximate setting scheme.

TP-Link Router Setup as Repeater | How to use TP-Link Router As Range Extender | TP-Link Archer C20

The signal expansion scheme is given on the example of the TP-Link router, since it contains all the most common parameters for setting up a router in a repiter mode.

  • We go to the web-integer settings of the router, which will distribute the signal. To do this, enter the IP address indicated on the sticker of the device to the address line of the browser.
  • In the windows that appear, we enter the username and password that can be found in the documentation for the device, or also on the sticker (it is located on the modem case). Most often, the word “admin” is used as a login and password.
tp-link, router, setting, repiter, mode
  • We go to the “Wireless Main” section (may be called “Wireless Network”, “Wireless”), set the parameter in the “Canal” line (any digital value), remember the entered number.
  • We connect a router to the computer, which will operate with a retrans. Similarly, we go to the web-integer.
  • In the “Wireless Mode” section, we put a checkmark near the WDS mode (may be called the “Repeater mode”, “Universal Repeater”). Click “Survey” and select our network.
  • In the “Canal” field, we introduce a numerical value that was introduced into the distributing router (similarly to 3 points).
  • After connecting to the desired Wi-Fi network, we enter the access password to it, if necessary, indicate the type of encryption.

Connecting equipment to Wi-Fi network

You can connect a smartphone C Wi-Fi, a tablet or laptop to a Wi-Fi network.

To connect the laptop to the Wi-Fi network, in the lower right corner of the screen we find the wi-fi control icon with connections. In the list, select our Wi-Fi network and click the “Connect” button.

Enter the password for connecting to the Wi-Fi network, which was set in the router settings.

After that, the laptop will connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Buy a real repiter, or flash your router?

If, you have a need for an effective increase in the wireless network signal, you can go in the following ways:

  • Purchase a genuine Wi-Fi network repeater, without making additional settings.
  • Carry out a new DD-WRT firmware of the existing TR-Link router and use it in the right mode.

Of course, it’s a pity that TR-LINK did not provide its routers with such the necessary activity. ASUS and Zyel routers have a repiter function and cope with their task excellent and, moreover, easily tuned in.

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