Touch does not work on iphone 5s

Despite the fact that Apple products are very high quality, iPhone owners often encounter such a problem as a broken sensor, or, as it is also called, a touchscreen. The sensor may not work partially, or completely fail.

A variety of factors can cause the screen to not work. These reasons, first of all, include all kinds of mechanical defects as a result of physical impact on the iPhone. A vivid example is shown above, due to a strong blow when the iPhone 5 crashes in 98% of cases, the touchscreen will not work.

Manifestations of a malfunctioning sensor on an iPhone

  • The touchscreen of the iPhone ignores touch in certain zones / areas and does not respond to them.
  • Touchscreen with a delay responds to clicks.
  • The iPhone sensor ignores all touches, and does not work at all.
  • The phone screen (including the sensor) lives its own life: text is randomly typed, applications close and open independently (without user intervention), document pages are incorrectly turned over.

What to do when the sensor stops working? Try the following:

  1. With the periodic manifestation of malfunctioning of the touchscreen on an iPhone (the sensor on the phone works, but it works with a large number of failures and errors), a complete reboot of our device should be performed. You can do it this way:
    • At the same time, hold down the power button and the Home button;
    • Keep the buttons in this state for at least 15-20 seconds;
    • After that, the iPhone will reboot;
    • If, as a result, the standard Apple logo appears on the screen, you did everything right.
    • If a protective film is glued on the screen of your iPhone, or a new cool bumper partially captures the screen. remove everything and check the sensor operation again. Perhaps the screen will work again, and similar accessories contributed to the malfunctioning.

    It may happen that you do all of the above, but you don’t get the result, the faulty touchscreen will not “come to life”? Then, most likely, you should think about a visit to an Apple service center. Employees of the service center will help assess the condition of the phone, find out the cause of the problem, and, if something happens, replace the screen.

    By the way, the repair period, namely replacing the screen on the iPhone, takes about an hour. Surprised? And this despite the fact that such a quick execution does not affect the quality. As a rule, this situation has arisen due to the fact that replacing the sensor is the most common repair procedure at Apple service centers.

    There are times when the screen refuses to work due to deformation or damage to the board. but such breakdowns are a rather rare occurrence. With such a malfunction, you will have to leave your favorite gadget in the service center for a longer period of time. Indeed, the diagnosis and solution of serious problems lasts longer than a standard sensor replacement.

    In order not to ask stupid questions in the service center, remember: all generations of iPhones, starting from the fourth to the sixth (at the time of writing, iPhone 6 Plus is the latest model), are equipped with a touch glass that is in the display module and is an integral part of it. The display module itself consists of 3 such elements. the upper glass (protective), the sensor (touchscreen) and the display itself.

    Touch does not work on iphone 5s

    Display Module Assembly

    That is why, if the touchscreen fails on the iPhone, the entire module will have to be changed. And if you break the display, the whole module changes. And if only the top protective glass is broken. Have you already guessed what will need to be changed?

    If you have an iPhone 6 or 7, read about repairing and calibrating the sensor in a new article here. We have collected the latest information for you about sensor malfunctions.

    Trust iPhone repair only to professionals

    Yes Yes Yes! I also saw hundreds ofs on YouTube and searched in Google for step-by-step master classes on repairing or replacing a sensor on an iPhone. I will say even more, I myself have repeatedly broken the screen of my iPhone and following various replacements, I tried to fix it. In 50% of cases, my attempts ended in success), despite the fact that I am a radio amateur and have first-hand knowledge of electronics.

    By the way, the last case ended with me, changing the display, touched an important detail and was left without sound. This detail cannot be restored, so now I have to use a “silent” iPhone. You can see a similar repair below.

    That is why I recommend trusting iPhone repair only to people who professionally service Apple equipment, in other words, working in official service centers.

    Turning to the under-service center or buying a cheap fake high-quality parts for self-installation, you endanger the device as a whole.

    • The part may turn out to be so poor-quality that after a short period of time, you will be forced to turn to a professional to eliminate even more damage.
    • As for unscrupulous service centers, everything is not going smoothly there either. Firstly, they do not give you any official guarantees, and secondly, the same cheap parts can be presented as high-quality ones.

    Turning to the official service center of the manufacturer, you get a guarantee that the work will be done efficiently, your money will not be wasted, and the device will continue to serve you for a long time. over, smartphones such as those from Apple have their own subtleties, specifics, individual design features and internal structure. a simple mistake in the repair of this technique can lead to unpleasant consequences!

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