Tortoise Communication And Taming

Food plays a major role in the life of a turtle. In order to tame her faster, give her goodies. Watching the animal, find out what the turtle loves the most. It can be a piece of banana, a dandelion flower or a tomato. In addition, to a person who takes a lot with them, turtles have confidence. They become tame.

1. Take food from your hands or tweezers
If the turtle wants to eat, she will start looking for food, and seeing it in front of her nose, she will try to bite off a piece. Often she doesn’t care how this food was placed in front of her.

If the turtle is afraid of you. take a piece of goodies with two fingers and let the turtle sniff. After a while, she carefully begins to eat food. Avoid sudden movements so as not to scare her, otherwise she will lose confidence in you. Do not use scented soap or perfume before picking up the turtle.

2. To train a turtle is at the same time
Turtles get used to being fed at the same time, and a few minutes before feeding, or if you missed it. start pounding or pounding shells on the walls of the aquarium or terrarium, reminding you to feed it.

3. Man gives food
Over time, the person at the turtle will be associated with the breadwinner. The turtle will walk towards you or pull its head as soon as it sees you next to it so that you give it something to eat. Well-trained turtles can even chase or meet the owner. Some turtles shake their heads or wave their paws to be fed.

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4. Do not bite, stretch legs and limbs
By feeding the tortoise and gently taking it you will gain its trust. You can sometimes gently stroke the shell or head of a turtle so that it gets used to you. After a while, she will stop behaving aggressively or stop being afraid of you.

Tortoise Communication And Taming

5. Food from the shore (for aquatic turtles)
To keep the water clean, you can teach a turtle to take food from the shore. It is necessary to gradually put fish or other food higher up the ladder so that the tortoise is trained to find it, grab it and carry it into the water. Even completely aquatic turtles will crawl ashore for food, but this does not mean that they need a shore.

6. Toys
It is said that some turtles like to play with a ball, but rather it is just a reaction to a foreign object. You can try to leave a small ball of bright color (red, orange, yellow) for a month in the aquarium with a water turtle, but not so small that the turtle can swallow it (more than 4 cm). Perhaps over time, the turtle will push it in different directions. In the mirror, the turtle sees itself and takes for another individual, to which it often expresses aggression.
There are still interesting options for toys for land turtles. this is a hanging feeder and a ball feeder (a ball with holes in which leaves are inserted).

7. Place
Turtles learn to come to a certain place in the terrarium where they eat. Some only go to the toilet in a certain corner. This also works if you keep the turtle on the floor (which we strongly discourage!).

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8. Attraction of attention
The turtle can run to the sound of a rustling packet, or start to scratch about a certain corner of the terrarium, through which it is usually taken out if it wants to go outside. Some things turtles can do in spite, like cats and dogs.

9. Mirror
Turtles respond well to their reflection in the mirror. They perceive their reflection. like another turtle.

10. Distinguishing sounds
Turtles perceive sounds with low-frequency vibrations. You can try to attract her attention with claps or the sound of a bell and associate it with eating and inviting to chat (pet a turtle, pick it up, take it to a swim or for a walk).

Communication with turtles

With all the positive qualities of aquatic turtles, they should not be allowed to run on the floor. Turtles on the floor are subject to many negative influences. can dry, cool, contact with toxic substances, pets that can be aggressive to reptiles, they can step on a turtle, it can swallow something, get into a crevice, from where it can be difficult to get it, and sometimes even find houses .

But you can take the turtle in your arms, stroke, scratch. It happens to them. It should be borne in mind that turtles can bite, and therefore it is necessary to accustom it to the hands gradually. First, she should stop reacting negatively to touch (do not hiss, don’t hide.), Then she can be put on her arm or leg so that she does not hang in the air (they don’t like it).

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Over time, turtles will seek communication, respond positively to humans and their hands.
You should be very careful with aggressive turtles: trionics, cayman and vultures. Try to pick them up only if absolutely necessary.
Do not spoil the turtle too much, for example, feed it only by hand or give only its favorite type of food, pull it out of the terrarium, if the turtle asks. Turtles are very moody and wayward, but do not indulge them.

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