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How to transfer data from Samsung to Meizu. How to export contacts from Android

Transfer of contacts from a telephone book from Android phone to another Android smartphone. Actual topic. Sooner or later, every owner of the Android smartphone or tablet is forced to change the device for a number of reasons: the appearance of a new device, transition to another model or buying a second device for working purposes. And after that there is a need to transfer contacts from one device to another.

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In this article, we will consider several simple and common ways how to transfer contacts from android to Android device. We will also deal with the features, advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Samsung Smart Switch is an easy way to save time and nerves, as well as your data

You know what stops most people from moving from an old smartphone to a new? The answer is banal, this is the transfer of data. Programs, contacts, photos and notes, everything that has accumulated on the old device and is needed in everyday life. The “clouds” that surround us can reduce the number of problems with such a move, but not reduce the pain shock to zero. There is always something that they forgot to copy, something that at the right time is on the old device, and not where you need. People came up with hundreds of ways to transfer data, but not so many convenient and simple, and the best, in my opinion, for buyers of smartphones from Samsung is the Smart Switch program, which exists for computers (Mac/Windows), so And for smartphones. Often, Smart Switch is undeservedly ignored, because for those who are immersed in this topic, this is something familiar and not requiring explanations, while for ordinary people-the same lifting stick that solves many problems, and sometimes even affects Decision to buy an apparatus. With his own eyes, he repeatedly watched as sellers convinced people to try Android when they explained that when moving with the same iOS, you would not lose anything. Contacts, music, photographs and even applications, will remain with you. This is akin to a miracle in the eyes of people, since iOS and Android, it seems to them, cannot be friends, and therefore the transition from one system to another is so complicated so complicated. This is a very tenacious myth, but in fact, switching from one system to another is not so difficult, it will take half an hour from strength, and then if you have a lot of data, for example, music and photos. Let’s see how it works.

Samsung has made sure that you did not make any unnecessary movements, did not feel the need to go to the store and buy a separate accessory that is needed in order to transfer data. Complete with the flagships of the Day of Current and past years, there is always an adapter with USB Type C (earlier than microUSB) for a regular USB. On the one hand, you insert this adapter into the phone connector, but with the other side you can connect your old smartphone, be it a model on Android or iOS. It does not play a role who is the manufacturer of the smartphone, the data is perfectly tolerated from devices from both Samsung and from any other company.

All you need is to install Smart Switch on your smartphone and follow the tips on the screen. For example, if you connect to the iPhone, you will need the phone and cable itself for it, no other devices and difficulties. In simple dialogue menu, you will be offered to choose the sections that you want to save. Including your SMS, contacts, photos and much more.

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Most likely, your old device has less memory than the one you purchased. But even if they are the same, you see how much space each of the sections will take, you can control this issue. For many, it remains a kind of miracle that with iPhone you can get music purchased in iTunes, it will appear on your new Android Smartphone. And this is what can be called maximum comfort, when there is no need to dance with a tambourine, and even a child will cope with Smart Switch settings, everything is so simple and clear.

But the maximum of this program is revealed with Android smartphones, as it allows you to transfer not only your data, but also the settings, for example, the location of the icons on the desktop, the Wi-Fi settings and the like “little things” that form our perception of the smartphone. Your entire working environment is postponed, including the settings of accessories with which you worked, for example, DEX stations. It is difficult to overestimate this possibility, as this means that in a matter of minutes on the new Samsung smartphone you get all your data, as well as the usual settings, and you can start working.

One of the system administrators in a large company said that he does not imagine his life without Smart Switch, as he periodically needs to configure hundreds of new smartphones during the day and needs to transfer old data. All without a trace and not forgetting something overboard. Previously, when everything was done in the old fashioned way, problems constantly arose, in a hurry and turmoil, one or the other was forgotten. Now that the program is following everything, the probability of missing is practically absent.

Samsung felt for many users for a long time, they constantly developed Smart Switch, made this program as understandable and affordable as possible. On the new smartphones there is a proposal to download this application and transfer their data, but people often face it at the moment when they had already arranged dancing with a tambourine, and do not understand that there was a different, simple and affordable way.

In retail stores, sellers often try to sell as an additional service transfer from your old phone, although it is not difficult with Smart Switch and anyone can cope with this.

throw, data, android, samsung

For those who, for some reason, want to use a computer to transfer data, Smart Switch exists in this option, both for MacOS and Windows. There are few differences as such, the meaning of exactly the same.

As part of work, I often have to move from one smartphone to another, I always want to minimize time losses, it can be spent on really important things. And Smart Switch comes to the rescue, as it restores my working environment, makes it possible to get a familiar smartphone in a matter of minutes, where everything is already located as it is convenient for me. Of the separate advantages, I note that there is another important point on Android. Often there is a memory card on the old apparatus where your data is stored. You can simply rearrange this card to a new smartphone, but it also happens that you increase the amount of memory, because the cards have become as affordable as possible. And here Smart Switch will also come to the rescue, everything is as transparent and clear as possible. Another thing is that such a transfer will take a little more time, especially if you have gigabytes of photos and videos.


If you need to transfer files from an old phone that you can not always install the above services, then you should pay attention to one of the built.In functions. To use Bluetooth, do the following:

Activate the function on both devices.

After that, using the old phone, go to the necessary files and click on the “Send” icon.

In the list of available methods, select “Bluetooth”.

After that, you need to determine the device to which file transfer will be executed.

As soon as the described actions are completed, take a new device and confirm the file transfer in the window that appears. Upon completion of the operation, all selected elements will appear in the memory of the device.

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2 Best Ways to Transfer Data Using Samsung Smart Switch (2020)

How to move from the old Galaxy smartphone to a new one using Smart Switch

Smart Switch is not a comprehensive program for backup and recovery, which will directly copy everything on a new phone, but this is a good way to fill out many gaps left by the base system of backup and restoration connected to your Google accounting record. Do not expect that Smart Switch will transmit all the data of your separate application or copy each bit of information, but it will make many small and inconspicuous things that you will evaluate later when you simply use your new smartphone, instead of bewildered in the settings.

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Data transfer from android to Android

Let’s start with standard tools, which are already by default in the operating system. This is the easiest and working option. But, provided that you will use the same Google account on a new one. Your device, and do not want to just copy information on another smartphone.

We use standard system tools. Google Account

What can be thrown (the list may differ depending on the Android version):

  • System settings
  • List of installed applications, they automatically download to a new device
  • Data from applications that use Google disc for backup
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Documentation
  • Google disc
  • Google Play Films
  • Google Fit. Health tracking applications
  • And t.D depends on the opening of the OS and on the model of the device

On the current device we do:

You must have a Google account and connected to the device. Go to the settings, open the section with accounts and see if it is added, if not, then do it. Go into it and set the checkmarks from all or only the necessary points in an active position. Click on synchronization so as not to wait until it happens automatically.

If you use a smartphone with Android up to 8. In the settings, open the “Restoration and Reset” section (it can be called a little differently if a third-party launcher is used). And include in it the data reservation parameter. Here add your reduction account.

Activated auto.Contamination function. In automatic mode, it will set up a new phone with the specified account also how the old one was configured and will transfer data from a backup copy.

On new versions of the OS starting with Android 8, go to the settings to the “System” section and then open “Additional settings”. The backup point will be here. Open it and turn on the data loading function on the Google disk if this is not done by default. Then click on “Start copying”.

On the new device:

When activating a new smartphone or resetting it to factory settings. When turning on. Specify your google account. You will be offered to restore data from the previous device. Select it from the list.

Already on an activated smartphone, go to the device settings to the “Accounts” section. Add the one that was on the old device and synchronize all the data.

Interesting! If you need to postpone photos and other multimedia files. You can use the Google disk or other positions. Read about all the ways of posting pictures in the material. How to transfer photos from android to Android.

Using applications

Consider only the software that really works and is confirmed by positive reviews from users who used it.

Copy My Data

Extremely quickly and without any problems copy information from the old device to a new. Quite a few positive reviews on Google Play. Allows you to copy: contacts, calendar, photo, video.

throw, data, android, samsung

Phone Clone

It works on many models of devices, copies: contacts, messages, calendar, notes, photos, call list.

X-Transfer-Share/Backup Files/Contacts/SMS/Calls

Great solution to quickly transfer contacts, SMS, a list of calls and photos. Works quickly and efficiently. Many positive reviews.

The clone of the phone

Allows you to throw music, videos, photos, contacts, SMS and other data.

Cloneit. Batch Copy All Data

A good application, allows you to transfer contacts, SMS, MMS, applications, etc.D. It works quite well, but judging by the reviews, some smartphone models may not be supported.

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Through a computer via USB

Connect the device to the computer, and throw the folders with the necessary files on a PC or laptop. Then copy them back to the new phone. You can convey in this way: music, photos and other images, downloaded data and other multimedia.

Also, almost every manufacturer of devices based on this OS has its own application that allows you to make a backup copy of the device and transfer data to a new. For example, Samsung has Smart Switch. But there is practically no sense from their use in data transfer, only if other methods do not work. It is better to use them for its intended purpose. Creating a backup of the current device.

How to transfer data from android to Android

When using Mi Mover, not only transferring applications from the phone to the phone will be made, but absolutely everything is copied. From contacts and files to thin settings of the operating system. Let’s show how this happens in reality.

We connect two Android Smartphone to one Wi-Fi network

Download the Mi Mover application on both phones

We launch. On the old smartphone, select the mode “I am the sender”, on the new one. “I am a recipient”

QR code is generated on the new smartphone

It must be scanned with an old phone launched in the sender mode

After their conjugation, we select on the old smartphone the data that needs to be postponed

And click on the “Send” button

That’s all. When the transfer of data from android to Android will end, all applications and other information from the old Xiaomi smartphone will be on the new one. You can use all the usual applications and settings.

Samsung and Google accounts synchronization

The simplest of the possible ways to transfer data from one Samsung device to another is the use of data synchronization intended in Android through Google and Samsung account accounts. This is done like this:

On the old device, go to “Settings”. “General” and select “Archives and Reset”.

Inside this menu item, mark the option “Archive data”.

Return to the previous window and slip through the “Accounts”.

Select “Samsung Account”.

Slide on “Synchronize everything”.

Wait until the information is copied to the Samsung cloud storage.

On the new smartphone, enter the same account in which you saved a backup copy of the data. By default on Android, the function of automatic synchronization is active, so after a while the data will appear on your device.

For the Google account, actions are almost identical, only in step 4 you need to choose “Google”.

This method, despite its simplicity, is also limited. It is impossible to endure music and applications installed not through Play Market or Galaxy Apps.

How to transfer contacts from SIM card to SimSung on the phone

Everything is done, as in the first way. Open the “Contacts” application on the phone and click on the icon with three points on top of the right (or three stripes from above on the left). Next, open the control point.

Go to the section of imports and exports and indicate that you want to make imports from the SIM card, and on the next window, that you need to save it on the phone.

How to transfer your data on Android using a USB Cable (Android 11)


It can be: Viber, WhatsApp, VK and others. Just select the necessary images in the application and hand them over to another user.

Important! When transmitting photos in messengers. The quality will fall, t.To. They compress pictures. Consider it.


A good program for transmitting various data, the pictures are copying in the original. Good quality.

Wi-Fi file transfer

It also works very well, a large rating and many positive reviews.


A simple program for copying the multimedia content between smartphones, PC, tablets.

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