This Accessory Probably Not Supported by Iphone 7

Good time! “This accessory is probably not supported”. almost every iPhone owner had to deal with such a system notification at least once. Most often, a smartphone speaks to its owner such unpleasant words when connecting a non-original USB cable or a “basement” adapter with Lighting to a 3.5 mm jack.

Regardless of the circumstances preceding this message, the result is one: this cable is not certified, it does not work to charge the device (listen to music), or (if it is still about charging), the battery life is not restored as it should. The mess? Of course! Can this be fixed? Let’s try.

Let’s figure out what to do in this situation.

Non-certified cable. can I use it and why buy it?

The bottom line is that the original cables for the iPhone are quite expensive. With the release of the cord, which comes in the kit, out of order, many owners, wanting to save money (moreover, quite noticeably), acquire an unoriginal counterpart, mainly from Chinese manufacturers.

These cables have 2 problems:

  • Firstly, they can easily cause the iPad (iPhone) to not charge and refuse to connect to the computer. In simple terms, you never know whether this wire will work or not. over, it can break even without visible damage.
  • Secondly, their use can cause significant harm to the “apple” gadget due to improper output voltage and other technical nuances.

That is why use in conjunction with the iPhone should only be an accessory that has the appropriate marking “Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad”.

Along with this, even the presence of the inscriptions mentioned above is far from always a guarantee of authenticity. That is why accessories should be bought exclusively from certified and trusted sellers.

Anyway, regardless of the conditions that prompted you to buy a non-original wire (although it is possible that you acquired a fake, being misled), there is only one problem: the device does not charge with this Lighting cable. what should I do?

How to charge with an unapproved cable. step by step instructions

If your iPhone or iPad gives you notifications about connecting an unapproved accessory, try to solve the problem by following the steps in the following guide:

  1. We connect the cord to your iPhone or iPad. Important! Try to insert the wire in different directions. From my own experience I can note that the “Chinese” wires are quite sensitive to this and it is very likely that if you insert it into the gadget on the other side, charging will go.
  2. When you see a notification from the category “This cable is not certified.”, click the “Close” button in the message window.
  3. Unlock the device by pressing the appropriate button on the case.
  4. Seeing the familiar notification again, again click “Close.”
  5. Without performing any additional actions and not including screen lock, disconnect the cable.
  6. Connect the cable again.

In most cases, the above instruction helps and everything works fine.

However, I would highly recommend using non-original charging exclusively as a temporary phenomenon. the for apple technology are not very small and to “kill” an expensive device for the sake of saving 500-1000 rubles is simply stupid.