The TV itself turns on and turns off what to do

The TV itself turns off and turns on

The TV may turn off on its own. The breakdown is often manifested in relatively new models due to software failures.

If you wanted to know the cause of the malfunction yourself, you must follow the basic safety rules and at least turn off the device from the outlet. Below are the reasons not related to the malfunctions of the TV components:

  • Incorrect settings. The TV is automatically disconnected due to the fact that the signal does not receive, or after the user manipulations. The TV is configured for automatic shutdown if no action takes place for a certain time.
  • Installation of software, which sets the time interval before the activation and deactivation of the device.

Even a person with minimal knowledge about technology and software will solve such a problem with self.Turn off the device. It is enough to go to the menu and change the appropriate settings according to the instructions for the technique.

Also, in addition to the problems with software, the reason for turning on and off TV can be a forbly inserted into the outlet or damage to the cord and power connector.

External causes of malfunction

The next reason for the TV unauthorized shutdown is voltage drops. This is due to the quality of the voltage in the mains. It is necessary to install a voltage stabilizer, otherwise the TV power supply may fail.

The next reason may be stuck, wear of buttons and other breakdowns of the control panel. If the buttons fall off, stick or failed. This is a good reason to think that it is in the remote control, so you should repair or replace it.

Software problems

The most common problem is sleep timer. Fans to fall asleep to the background sound of the TV put him on the timer so that it turns off when they fall asleep. It is possible that the user accidentally clicked on the timer, or the child hit the button, which is why the device safely performed the task set for him. You can solve the problem by going into the settings and turning off the sleep timer.

Incorrect parameters of the device after buying lead to spontaneous disconnection. The equipment is turned off if users did not interact with the remote control. In addition, you should once again go to the settings and make sure of the deactivated automatic shutdown option.

The TV may turn off if the factory settings were originally installed incorrectly, or the next update was received with the bug. Most likely, it will be necessary to reinstall software, therefore, in the absence of a programmer, it will not be possible to independently eliminate the malfunction.

HDMI cable connected to TV can give false signals about the power to turn on the device. It is recommended to turn off all additional cables and check if the problem has disappeared or not. Perhaps the ARC can receive a signal, and the TV, in turn, will consider it a sign of activation.

As a rule, the most common way to eliminate such problems. Reboot. You should turn off the TV from the network, and then turn on after a while. In the case of incorrect software operation, you can restore factory settings and update. In more detail about the causes of the malfunction, you can read below

In a situation where the TV turns on and immediately turns off, it is better not to experiment, but immediately call specialists. Our masters work within St. Petersburg and per room up to 20 km. Departure of the master and, if necessary, delivery to the service. Free. We make diagnostics for free in case of consent for repairs.

Diagnostics and elimination

If the TV began to constantly turn off and turn on, it is not necessary to immediately contact the service center. You can diagnose and eliminate part of problems at home.

Sleep timer

The reason that the TV is turned on and almost immediately turns off may be the swimmer of the sleep regime. Basically, the failure is associated with the reset of the system date with the time. This is due to voltage jumps in the network or disconnecting electricity. You can turn off the timer in television settings in the “System” section at “Time”.

Also, the problem may arise due to children’s games with a remote control or due to erroneously set settings.

Faulty remote control

The buttons can stick on the remote control, which is why it will spontaneously serve commands to the TV. To make sure that the problem is in the PDU. Take it out of the room where the television receiver is worth. If the TV works fine, then the problem is in the remote control.

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To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to clean the remote control. Disassemble it and remove the dust with small garbage with microcircuits. If even after that the problem remains, you will have to replace the remote control.


There can be several problems that are connected by an outlet:

  • LOVE.Inserted power plug of power cord can cause a sudden shutdown of the TV. The device lacks energy and it goes into protective mode.
  • Violation of the integrity of the cable also leads to overheating of the apparatus and turning it off after a while. This problem is more serious, since it can cause a short circuit.
  • It may be a faulty outlet itself. To identify the problem, include the device in another source of electricity. You can also check the voltage of the supply network with a multimeter.

Voltage drops

Unstable voltage in the network very often causes serious breakdowns of equipment and televisions is no exception. Due to electricity jumps, diodes or capacitors in the power circuit can burn out.

With frequent drops in the mains, you can protect the equipment with a filter with protection against voltage jumps, a stabilizer or source of uninterrupted power. This applies to both the television receiver and other devices in the house.

Program failures

Outdated versions of the software can cause TV disconnection during operation Uploading updates will solve the problem. In the case when the model is turned off with Smart-TV, you need to check the installed applications and delete dubious.

If the auto-renewal function is enabled, then when installing a new version of the software, the television receiver settings can be lost, which is why it will begin to automatically disconnect after some time. You can fix this by removing the checkplace from the auto shutdown on the television menu.

It happens that the device is arbitrarily turned on and disconnected at night. This is due to the search for updates. Therefore, if this interferes, it is necessary to turn off the function of auto.Renewal. But it needs to be turned on a couple of times a month to check fresh software.

Power Supply

A failed power supply can also cause a shutdown of the TV. The problem can be diagnosed by the fact that:

  • The power indicator does not burn;
  • The device is turned off almost immediately after turning on;
  • TV does not respond to feeding the inclusion command from the remote control or control panel.

Often, the safety of the power supply is burned out due to voltage jumps. You can determine such damage by the appearance of the part. The burned fuse is covered with bloating or burner.

In the absence of experience in soldering for such repair, it is better to contact the service center.



After several minutes of work, interruptions in the inverter can lead to independent turnover of the television receiver after several minutes. Due to voltage drops, mechanical exposure, elevated temperatures or humidity, cracks are formed on the board-they cause the inverter to fail. Only professional masters will be able to repair the part.

Dust and moisture

Dust accumulation can also cause unauthorized inclusions or disconnection of the TV. Когда на микросхемах накапливается слой пыли возникает статическое напряжение, что приводит к короткому замыканию.

In order to avoid such problems, regularly care for the device. To remove dust, you need to remove the rear cover of the device and clean the boards with a vacuum cleaner. Do not touch them with a brush, it will be enough to just bring it at a close distance.

But the ingress of moisture inside the case causes corrosion of contacts on the board, which you can only clean it with experience yourself.

TV timer

It can be configured to turn off the TV after a certain time, but so that it does not show activity, it is better to turn it off:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Press the “Menu” button on the TV PD and enter the Setup menu menu.
  • Press the Enter button on the PDU and enter the “Time” menu.
  • Using buttons with arrows at the PDU select a “timer” and press the “Enter” button, after which the “timer” screen will appear.
  • Use the remote control and turn off the mode of “timer”.
  • Click the “Exit” button on the PDU to get out of the settings.

If a sleep timer is installed on the TV, perform the same steps as higher, but instead go to the Sleep Timer tab.

Serious reasons

You can also distinguish several more serious reasons that can provoke this problem. Among them:

Of the above factors, the most harmless is the accumulation of dust. Dust is a rather weak electrical conductor, and sometimes it is enough to close the contact sites on the printed circuit board. The solution to the problem is the use of a vacuum cleaner that needs to collect dust on the outer part of the device, as well as on its internal filling, removing the rear panel of the case. It is not necessary to do this every day. It will be enough once every 2-3 months.

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Problems with the inverter power chain arise due to the formation of small cracks on the board. These microcracks usually occur due to regular electronical changes, due to overheating or under the influence of an increased humidity level.

Samsung TV Turns ON OFF Constantly. Problem 1a

Often, a breakdown in the power circuit can be provoked by the faulty operation of the capacitors or places of connection of the outputs of elements with the plates of the board. And this, in fact, is a fairly serious problem, which only a professional can eliminate using special equipment and tools. But you can find this problem yourself.

To do this, you need to turn off the equipment, remove the back cover from the case, and then visually inspect the board using additional lighting and magnifying glass. The inspection must be carried out carefully, since even the smallest microcracks can provoke periodic turning on and off the TV.

If your house constantly has stress surges, then this phenomenon often provokes breakdowns of household appliances, its unstable work, and this applies not only to TVs.

Due to the voltage drops, certain diodes are burned, as well as capacitors and other important elements. As a result of heating these parts, a breakdown occurs, and this is already a signal for the fuse, which is responsible for turning off the device.

Nemedication breakdowns and their elimination

This type of malfunction can be divided into two categories:

  • When the equipment was incorrectly configured and commissioned. Most modern TVs have the function of automatic power outlets if the system finds a problem with the signal or the commands from the control panel are incomprehensible;
  • A program was randomly installed. A regulatory timer, which is responsible for turning off the power and the entrance of the TV into sleep mode.

Correcting these problems is easy enough, for this it is necessary:

  • Using a remote control or control panel on the TV housing, enter the functional menu and check the settings, when you find inconsistencies, configure for yourself;
  • In the second case, just turn off the timer program or set it up for yourself.

Also, do not forget that all modern TVs have protection against voltage drops in the mains. That is, it is necessary to check your power supply system, so as not to aggravate the condition, and do not burn electronics.

SAMSUNG UE55NU7170U The TV turns on and off. Every 10 seconds no picture on the screen

Physical problems

Spontaneous inclusion of the TV is observed with wear or non.Critical breakdown of individual electronic components of the product, as well as adjacent controls. If you want to eliminate the problem on your own, you should understand three things.

  • If the device is still under warranty, independent opening of the case may lead to the removal of the manufacturer’s obligations to free maintenance.
  • Some remarks of a high degree of complexity (with a gyroscope, laser positional sensor, a system of voice commands) may also fall under the conditions of warranty service in some brands.
  • In the absence of confidence that qualifications and skills are enough to diagnose the cause of malfunctions or its elimination, you should seek help from more experienced specialists.

The rules for conducting any work with the hardware part of the TV are simple. Do not rush, you need to carefully examine the key elements of the device, moving from simple options to more complex.

Batteries in the remote control

An extremely low charge of batteries in the DU can cause a phenomenon when the distance periodically sends weak control signals. They are random, however, the inclusion team may well be in a series of broadcasts. This option is even more likely when the batteries begin to flow, release a conductive electrolyte. In this case, the contact groups of the compartment are poured and, in difficult cases, the printed circuit board of the remote control.

Fixing the problem is quite simple: it is necessary to replace the batteries. If salt deposits and an electrolyte spilled inside the remote control are detected, you need to clean the device. To do this, they disassemble it, be sure to pull out the batteries. The structural elements are washed with clean warm water and dried in a natural way.

Contact groups of the remote control

Human fingers discharge is extremely fluid fat, literally enveloping plastic linings-sknops. He penetrates the board with contact groups. Combining with dust, fat forms deposits. As a result, the button begins to work spontaneously, and the TV turns on by itself. Especially if it has been sold or deformed in other ways before. The method of combating the pollution of contact groups is obvious: the remote control needs to be disassembled and washed.

Important! It is worth mentioning that it should be extremely neat to contact devices of high complexity. It is advisable to get help in the service workshop.

TV button

On all TVs without a touch control panel, such as Philips, LG, some Sony, a mechanical power button is installed. Depending on its design:

  • The upper decorative cover can fall into the housing nest due to contaminants;
  • Pollution inside the contact unit can accidentally close the chain.
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In case of problems with the button, the TV turns on itself, can be rebooted after a while, turns off without a command, shows other emergency options for interruption of power supply.

The obvious way to combat a malfunction is to clean the button. At home, this can be done in a simplified manner. Turning off the TV from the network, and deeply drowning the button, wipe the open parts of its nests with alcohol. Then, quickly, from 40 to 50 times, 2-3 times per second, they make an invasion with disconnected nutrition to destroy dirt deposits in contact groups. If this method of struggle does not help, it is recommended to contact the service to replace the button.

Power Supply

Network voltage shots, a variety of high.Frequency interference or prolonged work at the limit can lead to malfunctions in the TV power system. In this case, the BP undergoes initial diagnosis. But the TV turns off a few seconds after turning on, reboots. It happens that the image does not appear, and the readiness indicator continuously flashes. The situations are common when the screen or the speakers are disconnected after a few minutes of work.

You can repair the power supply at home only if there is no guarantee for the TV and the availability of the necessary tools and skills. Otherwise, it is recommended to contact the service. They will restore the normal work of TV much faster, reading diagnostic data and statistics of functioning, inaccessible to a simple user.

Cable damage

All cables connected to the TV should not have visible damage and internal short circuits of live cores.

Important! The food wire must be inspected only after it is disconnected from the outlet. If scuffs are found on it, creases. You need to contact the service for replacement.

If, if the power cable is damaged, the TV immediately turns off by itself or reboots, with connected devices the situation is more difficult. Wires from the prefix, Android boxing, satellite tuner may not have visible damage. The breakdown is determined by the sequential shutdown of the devices and observing the behavior of the TV.

Why does the TV turn on and turn off

If the TV itself turns on, it turns off itself, it can be an objective reason:

  • Condensate leak in power supply. An experienced telemaster will quickly conduct diagnostics, change capacitors. In no case should you do it with your own hands! In the process, the capacitor may explode. Trust professionals!
  • Overheating of the device as a result of prolonged operation or unstable voltage in the mains. Leds, capacitors, isolating winding are damaged. The TV spontaneously stops working. In this case, a characteristic click is heard inside the device.
  • The indicator burns green, the TV itself turns on when the software updates are required. The specialist downloads and updates the program as soon as possible.
  • If the screen is blinking, it is necessary to check the antenna, the density of the rosette fit.
  • The accumulation of dust on the surface of the printed circuit board causes a closure of contact. To remove dust, it is necessary to remove, process the rear panel of the device well;
  • Inverter dysfunction, which only an experienced telemaster is capable of establishing and correcting. The reason may be increased humidity in the room, temperature difference, errors in the operation of capacitors.

The malfunction of the power supply is evidenced by:

  • The inability to turn on the device;
  • The indicator burns red, but the device does not respond to remote control signals;
  • The light does not burn, does not respond to inclusion;
  • Pressing the button on the TV panel does not bring any results.

Service Center “21st Century”. A team of experienced craftsmen with long work experience. Unprofessional approach will entail even greater difficulties in the work of the device. Over, it is dangerous. Service center “21st century” will give a second life to your TV!

Help from “Repair

TV repair is carried out by experienced engineers of the Service Center “Repair” and is characterized by:

  • Responsible, individual approach.
  • Low prices.
  • Quality guarantee for all work performed.
  • Modern diagnostic equipment and working tools.
  • The qualifications of specialists who are constantly increasing.
  • Many positive reviews of satisfied customers.

After processing the application, the master at home or office of the client is carried out. This service saves you from the need to independently transport overall equipment to the workshop. Almost all breakdowns, with rare exceptions, can be eliminated on the territory of the client. Masters always have the necessary set of tools for successful diagnosis and repair at hand.

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