The TV does not work no signal from the antenna

Why there is no signal on the TV and how to fix the problem yourself

Due to poor weather or hardware problems, your TV may face the problem of lack of signal. If in your area there is pouring rain, snowfall or wind, cable television operator or streaming service provider will display an error message upon receipt of a signaling message.

Why is my antenna not picking up channels?

You only have to turn off the device for a while before the signal recovers. Since today modern satellite plates are developed, with the fact that they can cope even with extreme weather.

In all other cases, if you are sure that there are absolutely no problems with the TV hardware, the problem may be updated. Follow simple steps to eliminate the malfunctions given in this guide to solve the problem of the absence of a signal without unnecessary costs.

Why digital television does not work today: Reasons

Do not know why digital television does not work? Before taking actions, study the problem. There are many reasons for the absence of a signal. The most popular mistakes:

First, conduct a mild diagnostics of the device. Learn the main symptoms and compare them with the causes. Unfortunately, many factors of failures do not depend on a person. Due to weather conditions, the picture disappears, and the sound becomes intermittent. The absence of a signal indicates technical work. In this case, patience is required. Wait a few hours and turn on the TV again. If the situation has not changed, call the service center of the service company.

Equipment failed

Popular error. Breakdown of the equipment itself. Check the condition of the receiver, antennas and wires. Study the technique and check the reception compounds. Try to turn on the console using the control panel. The device should light up red. If the action is not activated when pressing, then the problem in the tuner itself. Indicators should burn, and the wire is good. It is recommended to measure the voltage level of the device, check the integrity of cables and plugs. Reload the devices and turn on again. If the image and sound completely disappeared, contact the service center. Do not recommend repairing equipment yourself. Will cause irreparable harm to the device.

No contact with the cable

A common problem is a wire malfunction. With long use, the skin is erased and the contacts depart. Because of this connection of the router and the antenna is interrupted. Carefully inspect the integrity of the cable. In case of breakdown, purchase a new one and replace it with it. Choice for everyone!

Digital receiver power supply malfunction

Cheap consoles do not have high.Quality “filling”. They are made of bad materials that wear out quickly. Checking the power supply is easy enough. Open the cover of the device and check its condition. A swollen capacitor indicates a malfunction. Give the device for the repair to a specialist.

Bencing of the TV

How to determine that the breakdown is connected with the TV? The message “No signal from the router” will be displayed on the device screen “. So the tuner works, and the case is on the TV. Due to voltage drops, the technique often fails. Put a special stabilizer from electricity jumps. So, you can protect any device.

Bravia TV: I have No Signal

Bad weather

Heavy rain and snow, gusts of wind and bad weather affects the receiving signal. Because of this, the sound quality and the picture worsens. Often there are 10 channels out of 20. Some users completely lose all broadcasts. The only way out is to wait for another weather. Later, check the signal level.

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Translation termination

Technical work is the reason for the lack of broadcasts. The company takes care of users and warns about prevention in advance. Visit the company’s website and study the disconnection territory. Find the area and work time in the list. During this period, part of the television channels will be blocked.

Repair work

Accidents in the areas or a break in wires entail the disconnection of the television channels. Access to broadcasts is automatically disconnected. Immediately after the problem is eliminated, the channels work as usual.

The settings were lost

Settings are lost absolutely by accident. In this case, it is recommended to return the tuner to factory parameters. The only nuance. The user will have to re.Look for television channels and configure them.

Unstable signal

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No digital television signal today? Perhaps the reason is unstable broadcasting. Check if the antenna is correctly configured. Gusts of wind change the direction of the device, perhaps there is not enough strengthening the device. Then you have to buy a new antenna.

Antenna malfunction

The location of the antenna must correspond to the direction of the broadcast. Otherwise, you will encounter interruptions and constant breakdowns. Check the work of the antenna on the roof of the house. Due to external factors, the equipment breaks. Explore the condition of the device and in the case of a breakdown, replace it with a new.

The problem with the prefix

Reload the router and turn on again. If the connection is not restored, then the tuner is broken. Take it to the service center or return it to the store. Product warranty is valid for 12 months. During this time, it is easy to change the broken device for a new.

Poor.Quality firmware of the receiver

Constantly update the receiver operating system. So, get rid of many problems. Be sure to install a new firmware! Do not risk, but use the help of qualified specialists.

does, work, signal, antenna

Why not all channels show

If the prefix catches only 10 channels instead of the promised 20, then problems can be of different levels. The most common:

In the first two cases, the only way out is to wait for the end of work or call the master who will solve the problem with the antenna. The user cannot accelerate prevention on the TV TV or fix it on his own. A similar situation with antenna.

It is worth asking the neighbors if they have such a problem. If they agree and confirm the presence of a bad signal, then the problem is either in the TV tape or in the antenna.

Settings must be checked for high.Quality connection. You can also contact a professional who will cope with the setup setting. It can only be tuned to one broadcast, which shows 10 channels, and not touch another.

Where to call if the signal of digital television disappears

First you need to check the TV settings, try to direct the antenna towards another TV show tower. If this did not give results, then you can look at the operator’s website. Usually all failures in work or planned shutdowns are indicated there.

Hot line phone-technical support for a single free number-8-800-220-2002, which operates throughout Russia in 2020.

For users required home help:

  • 7 (495) 777 77 77 for Moscow;
  • For the Moscow region there is a number. 8 800 550 50 30, where after listening to the autoinformer you need to click the button on the keyboard of the smartphone;
  • For St. Petersburg (7 812) 246-80-81;
  • Leningrad region-(7 813) 703-88-33.

For each region, a separate reference number is provided, which can be clarified on the official website of the RTRS.

Digital television requires frequent checks and diagnostics, especially if it concerns the installation of system updates. However, it happens that the channels are not shown due to the fact that the children touched the cable or he just moved away from the nest. Therefore, before calling a specialist or checking the integrity of the components of the antenna, you should check all the inputs. Sometimes this is enough. If not, you will have to replace the outdated or failed equipment.

Search and elimination of faults

There are a number of problems of such a complex system as the receiving antenna, amplifier, prefix or TV. As a result, the user has a weak signal, does not show one channel poorly or do not work at once. Search for the reasons for this phenomenon from simple to complex.

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The banal reason why digital television disappears in bad weather conditions. In a thunderstorm, heavy snowfall, with fog and excessive solar activity, the antenna with insufficient power almost does not catch a signal. If the weather is bad today, it is worth checking the operation of the system tomorrow.

Important! When a bad technique of digital television is observed constantly, even with a slight deterioration in weather conditions, you need to think about the exact configuration of the antenna or its replacement with a more powerful.

Incorrect configuration of the antenna

The optimal reception of the DVB T2 signal is observed only with the direct direction from the antenna to the base of the broadcasting station. In practice, users often install a receiving device on the eye. The signal is enough for most of them when setting digital channels. However, at the same time, some broadcasts may not be available or display with low quality.

The exact configuration of the antenna can be done as follows.

  • On the digital console, the TV is called on the screen indicators of the signal. This is done on the channel, in the block of broadcast information.
  • A little antenna, slowly rotated to the sides. It is necessary to pause between a change in its position so that the indicatments of indicators on the screen have time to change.
  • After the maximum level of admission was achieved, the antenna is rigidly fixed.

Advice! During such setting, it will not be superfluous to prevent the receiving device. Sometimes litter of birds, oxides, destroyed by the action of ultraviolet radiations, the contact sites greatly worsen the quality of the reception.

Long cables and tip

How the average user sets the antenna? He goes to the store, buys a device that looks like a neighbors, or uses friends’ advice. Then sets it in the right place on the roof, sends it to the base station. And holds a cable to the TV or digital console. At the same time, he does not care about the length of the line. Thought to rearrange the TV or put an amplifier does not arise.

Advice! Check that there is no signal of digital channels due to excessive power drop in the cable is quite simple. For this, TV or prefix is ​​transferred as close to the antenna as possible and check the image quality or accessibility of the signal. If you find a clear difference, you can put an amplifier on a cable fishing line for a trimmer. Most of the problems will solve.

Another reason why does not show digital television is the wrong laying of the cable line: it cannot be driven next to 220V power routes. When turning on electrical appliances, for example, a powerful floor fan, the prefix may stop showing. The same applies to welding work. If it is impossible to conduct a television cable correctly, it needs to be isolated. For example, put in a metallized corrugation or 25 mm furniture pipe.

Preventive work

If we are talking about free air channels, then first of all it is worth visiting the official website of the RTRS. This can be done both from a personal computer and from the TV, if it is connected to the network, driving HTTPS: // RTRS on the address line of the observer.Ru/. In the absence of access to the Internet, you can call the hotline RTRS 8-800-220-20-02 and learn about preventive work from the operator.

does, work, signal, antenna

In the upper part of the integse, you need to select your region from the drop.Down list. Below are blocks with information for customers, where there may also be an announcement of the format: “Short.Term disconnections of the television radio signal from for month”. During the prevention of equipment on the TV screen, the inscription “No signal” should appear. Когда изображение есть, но оно мерцает или зависает, то значит дело в чём-то другом.

If the broadcasting of digital TV is organized by the forces of paid providers, through a satellite or cable TV, then you need to contact them. All contact information is indicated in the contract for the provision of services: web resource address, telephones, email and so on. There may also be a memo indicating what to do in the case of a signal loss.

External factors

In a good half of cases, it is not possible to somehow influence the current situation. If the TV does not show from the antenna, then the following external factors may be blame:

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Unfavourable conditions

If the window is rain, strong wind or snowfall, then in almost 100% of cases there may be problems with broadcasting: the antenna does not work, and the TV displays the inscription “No signal” on the screen.

Important! During a thunderstorm with pronounced zippers, it is strongly recommended to use TV technology. The air antenna can electrify and fail.

You can try to turn off the TV with the receiver for a few minutes and turn them on again. If the inscription has not disappeared, then you have to wait for the end of the weather and only then make new attempts.

Preventive work

If the TV technology has stopped working, it is quite possible that the provider is preventing the equipment. In such cases, the service company posts technical ads on its website, teletector or pop.Up.

The latter can be blocked by special software. Therefore, it will be useful to turn on the web address, and at the same time notifying the provider in the exception. The corresponding section is in any unwanted content lock.

Remote to towers

With an increase in the distance of the tower from the final user, it is impossible to neglect such an indicator as the curvature of the earth’s surface. Due to the sphericality of the planet, direct visibility, and at the same time, the stability of broadcasting of the average tower ranges in the region of 100-120 kilometers.

If the distance exceeds the indicated or close to it, then the problems with viewing TV are inevitable: the antenna does not catch a signal well, or it is completely absent. This also includes a variety of physical obstacles that interfere with broadcasting: metal banners, advertising shields, trees and buildings.

Advice! If the TV does not show well from the antenna, then it makes sense to arrange it higher, for example, to install it on a long pole. It is possible that the signal will become more stable. Otherwise, you should think about the antenna amplifier.

The reason is on the side of the provider: preventive or repair work

If you use digital, cable or satellite TV from the provider (pay separately for TV) and you have a signal, perhaps now the company’s specialists are repairing a fishing line for a trimmer or updating equipment. How to find out about technical work? Call your work at Support. This is the fastest and most reliable way.

Call a hot fishing line for the trimmer of your provider to find out if technical work is underway

Of course, you can open the official website of the provider and see the information there. In the section with the news. But the information is not always posted, so it is better to call right away. If the work is really carried out, you will be informed when they must end. If everything is in order on the line, you will be consulted on the question. They will say what needs to be done in order to return the signal on your own. If home measures do not help, call a hot fishing line for a trimmer again and call the master at home.

If you do not have the opportunity to call the provider now, do the following:

  • Take the remote control from your TV or prefix.
  • Click on the Menu button.
  • Check if there is a notification of the absence of a signal in the menu. If there are and at the same time, the channels are not turned on, then the reason is on the side of the provider.

What to remember

If there is no signal on your TV, then do the following:

  • In the absence of a signal, first make sure that the provider does not carry out repair work.
  • Diagnize the condition of the cable, antennas, correctness of the TV, receiver.
  • In Smart TV, perform the firmware update in a timely manner.

Do not engage in an independent repair of the TV, receiver, plates without qualifications and skills.

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