The tablet lenovo does not turn on what to do

Lenovo tablet does not boot beyond the splash screen

If beyond the Android logo does not boot (pictures of a robot or the manufacturer’s screen saver), the cause may be a hardware problem or system failure. Errors in the functioning of the system the user can solve themselves, and to cope with mechanical damage, you should contact the service center.

If your tablet or phone doesn’t load Android when you turn it on, or the Android gadget starts up, but goes no further than the logo splash screen, there may be the following reasons for this:

tablet, lenovo, does, turn
  • Memory deficiency. The system may be very slow to boot or may not start due to lack of memory. Deleting unnecessary data and optimizing the application can solve the problem.
  • Errors during flashing the device. This includes installing a damaged or unsuitable assembly, power failure, firmware malfunction, and other factors.
  • Card incompatibility. When the device powers on, but won’t boot up to the end, it’s worth trying to remove the memory card and re-launch the system.
  • Damage to the power button, its cable. This can “lock” the phone, after which it goes into a cyclic reboot. Will be booting to logo and then around. Such errors occur from time to time. They can be diagnosed in the service center.
  • Hardware problems that occur after exposure to extreme temperature, liquid, fall, impact.
  • Switching on when the battery is badly worn or dead. Often it affects models of Chinese companies and copies of brands.
  • Viruses and other malicious files. They can be downloaded from the Internet by accident or get on the gadget via flash drive, when you connect it to your computer via cable.

Before you try to fix the Android system, you need to understand why the system does not boot.

Forced restart of Lenovo Tab V7

To begin, let’s look at a few methods related to recovery through Recovery mode. You can get into it if the gadget is charged more than 15%. At the same time by connecting the charger you can check the screen integrity and USB connector operability.

So, if the phone responded to the connection charging, displayed the process of replenishing the battery, then after reaching a suitable level, you can proceed to such manipulations:

  • Simultaneously press the power and volume up buttons. Hold them until the phone vibrates. You will see the boot screen followed by vibration, then the power button can be released. Note: sometimes the combination with the volume down button works, not the volume up button.
  • Select “Reboot to system” (or “Reboot system now” in some versions) in the menu that appears.

The device should immediately go to restart, followed by a normal Android boot. By the way, if the gadget does not charge, it is recommended to try other USB cables and chargers. It is possible that the problem lies exactly in them, and the phone just ran out of power.

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Different types of problems

The first thing to do is to understand what kind of problems arise in the gadgets under study. Already this will resolve the situation halfway.

All malfunctions in tablets and other modern devices can be divided into:

The first type is a consequence of a variety of software failures and malfunctions. Because of this, the functionality of the devices is impaired. Usually such problems are solved by reinstalling the software, as well as by configuring the gadget.

The second type of problems is caused by defects or some damages of tablet components. Such a layout often involves a thorough repair of the device. And only in rare cases you can cope on your own. Often with hardware problems need to make a professional repair of tablets Asus service centers.

Other reasons for non-functionality

Battery charger is not working

A typical problem, especially common with the Chinese representatives of electronics, which are often packed with terrible quality accessories. It will not power the tablet for one simple reason: the battery is powerful, the charger is not. Current flows with reduced strength or fluctuates.

All this can be checked manually if you have a tester. If you suspect this problem. be sure to check. If you do not have a tester, try to charge the device after it has been fully discharged from the computer (if the battery is charging, then the AC adapter is not working. It must be replaced).

Contamination of connectors

It’s simple: inspect the charger pins and the connector for the charger on the Android tablet. Any kind of contamination (even dust) causes interference with battery charging. After a complete discharge tablet will not turn on, and to charge it in the presence of dirty contacts will not work. respectively, the tablet does not turn on and does not charge.

It is clear what to do. you have to clean the contacts. They can be clean, but do not work (most often it is visible to the naked eye). in this case, contact the service center.

tablet, lenovo, does, turn

The screen has come off the motherboard

It happens after the fall and means the only thing: the board works fine and stays on, the battery also works properly, but is not connected to the screen, and therefore no power is supplied to it. It is clear that in this case the screen does not work and does not show a picture.

If your device has a light that indicates a normal connection to the network or computer, while connected, the battery indicator light comes on, but the tablet does not charge.

This should be diagnosed in a simple way: the back wall completely cools down, and then we put the tablet on charging; in 20-30 minutes the back wall (where the battery is) will be warm. so the tablet shows charging. In this case if the screen still does not show the image. take it to the service center. It is likely to be detached from the board and it is unlikely you will be able to fix it with your own hands.

Failure of internal components

Your Lenovo tab 2, yoga, tab a10, tablet, s5000, ideatab, a3500 h and other models may not turn on due to failure of internal components. Power surge when charging, short circuit due to high humidity or a factory defect in the components. these are the main causes of such defects. The problem can be eliminated by replacing parts with new ones.

The power button and screen may also not work and need expert help. You must disassemble the tablet for a detailed inspection and diagnosis of each component.

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When further contacting the service center, it will not be superfluous to tell the detailed circumstances under which you found that your Lenovo tablet does not turn on, it will help to put the correct diagnosis.

It does not turn on, what to do?

The causes and factors of hardware problems have already been described above, but in some cases not everything is so hopeless, when except for a trip to the service center, there is no other ways out.

The cause of a common failure to launch your touch device may be the banal low battery, especially if you are an active user of the Internet, but even more like to spend time playing games. The time flies by very, very quickly, so you may not even notice that your friend is discharged, there is only one correct solution. to charge your device.

Do not immediately turn on the device, after connecting to the network, wait for about 20-30 minutes and try, holding the power button to start it. If the tablet does not respond, maybe you have a damaged charger, then you need to try another one, and in case of a negative result, contact the experts for a qualified answer.

Also, as a last resort, but only if you have access to the battery of your tablet, you can take it out and put it back in. this is a very common practice among phone owners. Somewhere something is short-circuited, not fully discharged, and does not allow the system to start normally.

tablet, lenovo, does, turn

Problems with the power supply

If your tablet charges but doesn’t turn on. it’s the operating system’s fault. But if your gadget refuses to even charge, then what is the cause of the failure? Here the Lenovo Yoga Tablet may have a problem with the power supply, which easily fails if used improperly.

Your tablet doesn’t turn on? Remember the last time it was on charge and if the indicator light was on. After that, take the power adapter and test on other accessories. Gadgets do not react in any way? So the main reason that the tablet does not start is a faulty power supply.

And if the devices are quietly charging, but the device from Lenovo still does not start, then it is worth checking the other two possible breakdowns. the battery and the power connector. The device does not start up with these signs precisely because of the dead and completely discharged battery.

Checks the guess as well as with the power supply. just move the battery to another device, then connect the device to the mains. If the battery began to charge, the tablet does not work because of a broken connector. Ignored all your actions and another gadget does not start. you need to change the battery.

What to do if the device does not start

So, after the usual pressing of the power button, you are surprised to notice that your device does not respond in any way. You nervously repeat this action several times, after which you have a logical question: “And now what to do?”.

First of all, do not panic. Most “tablet” problems are not really serious, and can easily be fixed. It is enough to have some knowledge about your “electronic friend”, and there is a high probability that you can eliminate the problem yourself, even without the need to contact a specialist.

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The main reasons of breakdowns

The causes, in general, fall into two categories:

The essence of the first reason of your tablet not working is the inability of your tablet to turn on due to damage of the main tablet components: thin cables, battery, processor board, etc.

The second reason is the damage of the OS: it can be a failed update, after which you can calmly turn the tablet off and go to sleep. However, in the morning you find that your device no longer turns on.

Sometimes this problem also occurs after installing a new program, which you might have considered suspicious from the beginning, but you still decided to install it, no matter what. And lo and behold, your tablet no longer starts up. For this reason it is not recommended to download Android apps from suspicious resources. It is highly advisable to install an antivirus application on your tablet, and check everything you download and install.

The main reasons why your Lenovo tablet does not turn on

There are several most common reasons why the tablet does not turn on. Let’s look at them in more detail, it may turn out that one of them and failed your gadget.

Mechanical problem

One of the most common reasons why Lenovo switched off and does not turn on is mechanical damage. Very relevant problem when the device is used by more than one person, and you can not be sure of its safety.

Perhaps in your absence, the gadget was subjected to a fall, a bump or it was accidentally flooded with water.

Faulty tablet electronics

As you know, inside any device there are electronics, due to which the tablet works. If something of the internals is out of order, then it is clear why Lenovo does not turn on and does not charge. The most common causes are power surges or too much humidity in the room.

Do not exclude the factory defect.

Problems with the battery, charger

The problem of charging is not less common. It happens that the tablet turned off, you connected the battery, but nothing has changed, the screen is still black and the gadget does not work. There are several reasons why it can happen. The solution will be considered below.

Software malfunction

If your Lenovo tablet hangs and the “Power on” button does not react to your manipulations, then, most likely, the problem is in the software, namely in Android, on the basis of which the gadget runs. Too many different applications and programs can lead to malfunction, as well as downloading malicious content.

Faulty touch screen

You start the gadget, press the power button, nothing happens and only the splash screen appears, beyond which there is no further progress, and the system itself does not sink? Most likely the problem lies in the touch screen and the sensor.

Sleep mode

It often happens that Lenovo hangs up and does not turn on, does not respond to buttons. It may be all about the sleep mode. If the device is logged in, it may well not show any signs of working until you do certain manipulations.

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