The tablet does not connect to wi-fi what to do

What to do if the tablet does not connect to the Wi-Fi network

In this article we will talk about such a common problem, what to do if the tablet does not connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network. This is an relevant topic today, since tablets are enjoyed throughout the world. In addition, problems with connecting to wireless networks appear quite often and not everyone is able to solve them on their own.

So, speaking of a wireless network, it should be understood that we are talking about a Wi-Fi router or another access point. It is worth noting that for security purposes, such connections require the introduction of the key. This means that the first thing is, if the Wi-Fi network does not connect on the tablet, you should check the correctness of the password introduction.

Incorrect time and dates settings

Extremely rarely problems with connecting to Wi-Fi appear due to incorrectly set time and date. Start finding the possibility of getting out of this situation from this moment. Open the section of the settings of your tablet and go to the date and time. Ask the right settings and try to connect to Wi-Fi.

If everything is fine. Congratulations. Wi-Fi- The connection did not work? Continue studying the instructions.

Change Password

A failure in the connection to Wi-Fi due to the change of password to the access point earlier is a more common case. This can happen on a home network, when one of the family members changed his password and forgot to report it. Some public places often change the access code to the router to protect it from unwanted intervention.

It may happen that a person himself can enter the password incorrectly, then the system will notify him of the error. Such a problem is widespread among tablet owners, because often users can actually write a password incorrectly, since the system sensitively reacts to the main and title letters. In this case, it will be possible to connect the device to the network only when all the characters are fully coincided.

Important! Some public places change the password with a certain frequency, for example, 1 time per week. Therefore, when visiting, it is necessary to clarify new data.

Replacing SIM cards

When the Internet works worse on the tablet than on the phone, and both go on the Internet from SIM cards, the problem may be a malfunction of the map itself. In this case, it must be replaced in the service center of the mobile operator. If there are no improvements, then it is worth checking the settings of both gadgets.

In addition to all these problems, it may happen that the router meets all wireless standards, unlike the tablet. There are several such standards now:

Note! You should check which mode is active in the router settings. You need to find “basic” and in the line “wireless mode” install 802.11 b/g/n mixed, which is suitable for all devices.

The reasons why the tablet does not have a connection with the Internet, many. Most of them will help solve the reboot and reset settings. If this did not bring the result, then changes to the settings of the router or gadget will be required, but this can do it any user.

tablet, does, connect, wi-fi

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Why does the tablet not connect to Wi-Fi

To access the Internet, a person must:

  • Find a signal source (for example, a house router).
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the tablet.
  • Select the corresponding network.
  • Enter password.

The Internet speed directly depends on the number of devices connected to Wi-Fi, so at home you need to come up with a complex password, and in public places you should not count on comfortable watching films by Wi-Fi.

The operation is carried out within a few minutes, but problems may occur during the operation. The most common of them is that the tablet cannot find a Wi-Fi network or simply cannot connect to it. The situation is unpleasant, but not hopeless.

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To solve the problem, you need to understand which device caused the problem. In the case of Wi-Fi, the main role is played by the source and receiver of the signal, the first is a router, the second is a tablet, so where is the problem and how to solve it?

Delete a network from settings

Very often the situation is quite banal: you have changed a couple of login-paralle, but have not made any changes to Wi-Fi settings. In this case, when trying to connect the tablet, the message “Authentication Error” will display. The solution in this case is very simple: make changes to the data of the Internet connection by deleting the old profile and creating a new one-pass repeated authentication.

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Try to give the Internet from the phone

To check if the tablet computer is working, try to distribute the Internet from the phone, see if the available WLAN connections are updated if the connection and download is if the problem is not detected, it is likely that the violation is on the Wi-Fi modem side.

Change Wi-Fi settings on a router if the tablet does not see the network

You can experiment with a change in Wi-Fi channel, check the network mode, change the width of the channel. Of course, all these settings depend on the router, but usually all of them are on the same page in the control panel of the router, in the section called: “Wi-Fi”, “Wireless”, “Wireless Mode”, “Wireless”.

Try to recruit, for example, “Static Channel 6”, or vice versa “Auto” if you have a static channel installed. After that, save the settings and reboot the router, take the smartphone and check if it sees the Wi-Fi network.

Then immediately check if the 11BGN MIXED mode is. You can also try to change the “channel width”, as well as check if the region is installed correctly (if you have such a setup).

This is how it looks on the TP-Link routers:

If, after the first change in the settings, the smartphone did not see a wireless network, you can try again. Install other settings, for example, another channel, mode of operation (only N), if there is no result, it is better to restore factory settings (which were installed before changing). Restore all settings in the same way, if there are problems with connecting on other devices.

Problems with the signal of the tablet

Since two sides are involved in the process of network connection, the cause of the malfunction may lie on both sides. The receiving side is the tablet itself, which does not catch the Wi-Fi signal, the guilt of the gadget can also be both software and hardware. And if in the second case only a service center can help you, then the first problem in most cases is solved by itself.

First, try connecting the gadget to another router, if the tablet does not have a Wi-Fi signal only at home, and is connected to another, everything is fine with the same device. The answer to this question should be sought in the first part of our article.

Wi-Fi networks are usually protected by special passwords, without which the connection simply will not happen. Therefore, make sure that the introduced combination of symbols is correct.

The reason for the lack of a connection may be problems with RAM. To solve them, you must first restart the tablet.

After that, check the connection if the device still does not see the network, turn on and turn off Wi-Fi several times.

Sometimes the reason that the tablet ceases to see a wireless network may be a date incorrectly installed on the device.

Serious problems require a different approach, various factors can cause serious malfunctions in the operating system of a mobile device. Such factors include:

Antivirus programs or accelerators can help in this that check all the data and destroy malware. After the cleaning process is completed, the connection must be restored.

If the problem is much deeper, a complete reset to factory settings can help. This operation will delete all user data from the gadget (except for those stored on the memory card). Reset can be performed in several ways:

tablet, does, connect, wi-fi

In some cases, even the reset of settings does not guarantee getting rid of error, so the only way out is the flashing of the gadget, and this implies a complete replacement of the operating system, and sometimes the starting menu.

The time and date is incorrectly configured

It would seem that in common between setting time and wi-fi? And there is a connection so that the date and time on the tablet should connect with the data on the route on the router, to which you are connected. If the data is different, it will not be possible to establish a connection. Most often, this feature is noticed by people who often change time zones.

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If the tablet cannot connect to Wi-Fi, make sure that the date and time correspond to the current time zone. This can be done in the settings, in the corresponding section. Choose your time zone time and try to connect to the network.

If there is a connection, but the connection is unstable

Quite often there are common cases when access to the access point is possible, but there is no feedback with it or it is unstable. In the presented case, it is difficult to identify a problem, since it can take place both in the router and the tablet. But unlike similar malfunctions, in this case the reason is most likely lies in the gadget itself.

The problem can be solved using the following methods designed to improve the stability of the connection or eliminate the impossibility of obtaining Internet access:

tablet, does, connect, wi-fi
  • It is necessary to change the name of the access point for a new one, using only English symbols. There is a version that some tablets cannot connect to access points with the names on Cyrillic;
  • Reload the router;
  • Change the encryption method in the settings;
  • Reflash the router;
  • Change the channel of the wireless network;
  • Check if the provider has no malfunctions.

Important! Quite often, users begin to try to make various changes to the parameters of the tablet and router, and the problem is the technical problems of the communication provider.

Ways to solve connection problems

Setting up Wi-Fi router

Since most of the tablet devices used by users are based on the Android operating system, we will talk about solving Internet problems with this kind of gadgets.

The problem that users of tablet computers occurs when working with Wi-Fi is the appearance of the inscription “Receiving IP address”. The operation of the device is stopped on this, and then it doesn’t go further. In fact, there are several ways to solve this problem, one of them will surely help owners of tablet devices.

  • Changing the name Wi-Fi addressed to English (there is an opinion that tablets are not connected to the networks that have Russian letters in their name)
  • Reloading the modem (such a banal way to solve the problem is often the most effective)
  • Change the type of data encryption (in the same place where the user set the password and network name, you need to change the type of protection for any other meaning).

For entry into force of all changes, the router must be restarted.

Preparation of a tablet computer

In general, when setting up a wireless network, these same settings are automatically obtained, but sometimes it is not suitable for the correct Internet access. In this case, it is necessary to manually enter the IP address, gateway and DNS. To do this, you need to perform the following actions.

Firstly, you need to enter the installations of the device. In tablets with different versions of the Android OS, the entrance to the settings may vary, but not so much that the user can get confused in this. Since the device is already connected to a wireless LALL, Wi-Fi will be automatically enabled. To enter the IP address, DNS and gateway, the connection to Wi-Fi should be absent, so you need to disconnect from the access point. Next, you need to enter all the necessary data, and then re.Connect to the network. To do this, the user again selects his Wi-Fi, the dialog box with the parameters of this network will open, there you can see data on its safety, signal level and communication speed, as well as the field in which the password from Wi-Fi is entered.

So, then you need to perform the following actions:

  • The user enters the Wi-Fi password (it is a key that was registered in the modem or router settings during Wi-Fi installations)
  • It is necessary to put a box before the word “additionally” if it is not there, since it is necessary to open additional network settings (the user needs “Settings of the proxy server” and “IP, DHCP settings”)
  • Next, you need to select “DHCP”
  • After that, another tab will appear, select “User” on it.

It is important to know that if the user has an open network without a password, then in the first step of a similar field there will be no.

After selecting the “User” item, you can see the following picture.

Item “Additionally” menu “User”

The following data must be entered here: in the IP address field-192.168.One.7 or The last number of the IP address can be any, in this example 7, it does not matter, it is important that it is not 1 or 2. The remaining numbers must comply with those that are available to the user router to connect to, t.E. The numbers by which the user enters the installation of his router.

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It is important to know that if the user is trying to prescribe this information on more than one device, then each of them should have a different last IP address number.

Next, you need to introduce the following information: gateway. 192.168.One.1, network prefix. 24. Then DNS1. 77.88.Eight.8, DNS2. 77.88.Eight.One. Can be different: DNS1-8.Eight.Eight.8, DNS2. 8.Eight.4.4. Over, if it is important for the user to take care of the safety of the device, its stable and fast work, or maybe he sets up the tablet for the child, then it is recommended to indicate safe Yandex DNS. Nothing more needs to be changed, it remains to click the “connect” button.

Network IP addresses

After the router is installed, you need to remove all the connections that were created on the computer. Instead, specify the parameters for connection in the installations of the router. Traditionally, all this is done on the WAND contribution.

After that, the router will establish a connection to the Internet. Further on the computer it is necessary to remove all connections, and in the properties of “connection on the local network” put automatic IP and DNS.

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It is important to know that this is possible if the computer is connected to the router via cable.

After all the parameters indicate in the settings of the router, a connection with the Internet must be installed. At the same time, all devices, and not only mobile ones, must connect to it and gain Internet access.

Make sure if the connection works. To do this, try to connect to it using any other device that has a Wi-Fi function. If the connection does not work, make changes to the router settings.

Important note! The procedure for entering the router settings changes depending on the manufacturer and the equipment model. In most cases, to obtain access, you need to enter the address 192 into the address bar of the browser.168.0.0 or 192.168.0.One. Standard login and password. Admin. If it does not work, specify the information relevant for your router in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Previously, try to just restart the router-quite often they “freeze”, which is why access to the Internet is blocked.

First, you must make sure that the entered safety key is correctly. Try to enter a password for connecting with the selected access point again, but more carefully, with the activated option “display the characters” (show the password).

If you don’t remember the password, check it in the router settings.

For example, the procedure for interacting with the router D-Link is shown. In your case, everything will be almost the same, insignificant changes can only affect the integration, names of menu items and other little things.

Having hit the router settings page, do the following: Click the “Expanded Settings” button; In the Wi-Fi window, open the “safety settings” link; In the “PSK encryption key” line, look at the password and make sure that you enter this combination when trying to connect to Wi-Fi from the phone.

Secondly, make sure the correctness of the router settings-you need to check whether DHCP technology is included. When it is turned off, the phone fails to get an IP address, due to which the connection will not work.

On the router settings page, click “Expanded Settings” and in the “Network” window Find the category “LAN”.

Activate DHCP if the function is disconnected by translating the line “mode” to “allow” state.

Save the changes, reboot the router and try to connect to Wi-Fi from the phone.

If this did not help, 3 options remain: call the provider’s Support and find out if the Internet works at all and whether there were any changes to the connection settings; hand over the phone for repair; Submit for repairs / replace the Internet marchrutizer.

If our instruction did not help solve the problem, then write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we will definitely consider your problem.

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