The sound does not work on Android

What to do if I lose sound on my phone

One of the most widespread problems is the absence of sound on the phone. Thus there is no sound not only at calls, but also during playback of video clips and films. Problem may be of different nature, but the essence is the same. it must be fixed somehow.

If you suddenly have sound problems while watching video clips, the first thing to try is to run another video. It is quite possible that the file itself was damaged or simply uploaded incorrectly. If after that the sound does not appear, it is necessary to check the settings of the mobile device.

The volume is turned off

The reason for the lack of sound may be that the sound on the mobile device is turned off to the minimum. In this case there is no sound notification at all, that is the user can’t hear the calls and delivered messages. It can be also because of the “Quiet mode” which can be activated by one button or action. The algorithm of actions in this case is as follows:

  • At first you should try to increase the volume by pressing on the side of the volume control. The lower part decreases the volume, and the upper part increases the volume. When you tap on the screen, you should see the volume level in the form of bars;
  • If you can not improve it this way, you should try to increase the volume level through the settings. On different smartphone models, the menu items may be slightly different;
  • Here we go to the “Volume” section and see if the “Mute” mode is activated. If everything is normal in this section, then go back and set the desired sound level.

It is recommended to check the volume control if the volume has not disappeared completely, but is missing only in some applications. You can solve the problem by adjusting the volume directly in the application or music player.

In some cases there is no sound when playing multimedia files with unsuitable codecs. This can be fixed by downloading another player.

Silent mode or “Do not disturb” mode is enabled

You need to check whether the smartphone is in silent mode or in “Do not disturb” mode. The sound is completely turned off and when setting the “On Airplane” mode. In this case, to fix the situation, simply deactivate the enabled mode and check the volume level.

You can do this in the settings. Go to the “Volume and Vibration” section, here check if one of the modes is not activated.

Android Software Failure

Sometimes the sound disappears on the smartphone by itself, and the cause is problematic to find. It may be caused by a software error. In this case, it is recommended to simply restart the mobile device and try to run the video.

The reason can be the installed applications from unverified sources. In this case you should look through all the programs that were installed relatively recently and remove suspicious programs. If after that the sound is restored on the mobile device, then it was the program. It is no longer recommended to install it on your smartphone.

To avoid problems with the software, it is recommended to install different programs only from Play Market.

Subscriber from the black list calls

Many users blacklist a number of phones. Usually intrusive people get here, with whom there is no desire to communicate. In addition to this the blacklist includes the numbers of various organizations that often call with the imposition of their services.

If a blacklisted caller calls, there is no call as such. In the extreme case, you may just see the caller’s nickname on the screen, as it is written in the telephone book.

Speaker is broken

To assume that the matter is in the speaker, you can in the case if the sound appears when you turn on speakerphone or use a different headset. Smartphones have multiple speakers, each of which is used to perform different tasks.

Most often, only one of them is broken, and this leads to the fact that the user can not listen to music or hear the other party. Breakdowns can be different. it can be a simple clogging of dust or failure of the coil on the speaker.

Problems with the sound amplification board

The sound control on your smartphone is performed with the help of a separate board, which is led to the volume button. Quite often it is the reason for failure. It happens in such cases:

In this case it is impossible to do something on your own. The smartphone must be brought to the service center, where they will diagnose and if necessary repair.

If the cell phone broke during the warranty period, then carry it to the store where it was purchased. It is necessary to take with you the passport, the receipt and the complete set of the device, including the box. There are two variants of events. in case of visible defects the phone will be replaced at once, otherwise the device will be sent for diagnostics, which can take up to a month and a half. After that the phone is either repaired or replaced with a new one. You can also get back the full cost of the phone and buy another device.

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It is worth remembering that mobile devices under warranty should not be taken to a service center for repair. If they are opened, the warranty is automatically voided and the seller disclaims all liability.

It is recommended to send your smartphone for repair to a proven service center, which has good reviews from friends and acquaintances.

Moisture and dust inside the case

The cause of the problem may be water or other liquids in the speaker of the phone. It happens so that the person doesn’t drop the smartphone in water and doesn’t get under the rain, but steadily goes to the gym with it.

In addition to moisture, dust can also cause damage to the speaker. In this case the sound is usually not lost immediately. At first the sound becomes weaker and weaker, and then the sound disappears altogether.

Why there is no sound when watching videos on Android

First of all, you need to understand exactly whether there is no sound at all or only when watching videos. In the first case it is recommended to check the volume settings. There is also a risk that the speaker itself is defective, so the device will have to be carried to the service center.

If the sound does not work for some reason during playback or in some applications, but there is sound in other applications, it means that the problem is in the software. We recommend that you additionally check the video itself for the sound, running it on another device. If in this case there is no sound, then the problem was in the video itself. In case if the video on another device plays with the sound, you need to look for a problem in the software of the device.

Causes of absence of sound on the phone

It is difficult to fix the problem without understanding the causes of why there is no sound. The most common problems can include:

  • malfunction of the speaker. If you transfer your gadget to speakerphone mode and you can hear your interlocutor clearly, without interference, then the problem is in the speaker;
  • circuit breakage of sound amplification. If when you try to adjust the volume with special buttons it does not change, then this is the reason;
  • software failure in the device;
  • Internal cable damage;
  • mechanical damage;
  • Dirt got into it;
  • Water got inside the device.

Troubleshooting sound problems on Android

The problem considered on Android devices can be related to several factors, ranging from low volume to mechanical damage to the smartphone. To make it easier to navigate through this article, it is worth taking into account in advance if the sounds are lost due to a fall or simply a violation of the physical integrity of the phone, it will be enough to familiarize yourself with the latter method. In all other cases, it is best to familiarize yourself with each option presented.

Increase volume

The obvious situation where there is no sound on the device is when the volume is low and stays low even when headphones are plugged in. You can correct the problem by using the volume up button on the device, located in different places depending on the model and manufacturer.

If not, try to use volume slider in system settings of the phone and adjust volume to the highest possible level. This should be quite enough for the sounds to appear.

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Disabling Quiet Mode

Another reason of disappearing sounds can be activation of the “Quiet” mode that directly influences the volume level of mainly system sounds and alarm clock. In that case, music playback will likely be fine, but notifications will not have the usual soundtrack.

  • The easiest way to deactivate the “Silent” mode is through the notification panel, available on any device regardless of the OS version, but not always offering the right option. For Android version 5 and higher, expand the curtain and tap the Do Not Disturb icon on the Quick Access bar.
  • Next, change the Do Not Disturb slider position, and that’s the end of the procedure.
  • Go to the standard “Settings” application and open the “Sound” page in the “Device” section. The settings here are almost exactly as we showed you earlier.
  • Change the status of the slider in the “Music, video, games, and other media files” section according to your personal preferences. As a result all sounds available in your system will appear. If the steps described above are not enough, be sure to change the settings through the curtain.
  • Among other things, open the “Other” sounds section and check the checkboxes next to the presented items. This will enable, for example, tapping sounds on the screen and low battery notification.
  • On the phone with the fourth version of Android, although the sound settings are different, most of the required actions are identical. First, open “Settings” and select “Sound” in the “Device” block.
  • Next, tap on the line “Volume” and one by one with the presented sliders set the maximum permissible value. Pay special attention to the option “Music, video, games and other media files”, since it is this option that affects the “Quiet” mode.
  • As an addition, change the value in the “Ringtone” block and check the checkboxes next to the auxiliary options in the “System notifications” section.

Third-party applications

For the Android platform, as you know, a huge number of apps have been released for different purposes. Operation of such software may well be the cause of the loss of sounds on the device, especially if during processing some errors occurred. In this case the easiest way to solve the problem is to uninstall the application affecting directly the sounds in the system.

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Another solution in the same situation could be to change the internal parameters of the application, somehow related to the volume. The same applies to music and video players, the sounds of which depend not only on the smartphone settings, but also on the program.

Using headphones

If there are no positive results from the methods we presented, the problem probably lies in the device’s speaker. One of the options for solving such a problem is to use headphones, after plugging them in, the sounds should return. You can also try a Bluetooth headset that does not depend on a jack on the body.

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Mechanical Problems

The most complicated variant of the problem is reduced to the mechanical problems of the smartphone, for example, due to a fall or water in the area with the speaker. First you need to install one of the special applications and test the components. In our case the program TestM will be demonstrated, but there are other options.

  • Download and run the application from the official page in the store. After that, use the “Choose a Category” panel to click on the icon labeled “Sound”.
  • The next step will present several options available for testing. Click on one of the specific icons or use the “Test Group” button for a more complete diagnosis. Regardless of the option, you need to click “Start.
  • Follow standard application prompts, like listening to numbers followed by typing. If necessary, repeat the same set of actions for each component. As a result you will be able to test any sound on your device.

The optimal solution in case of such problems is to address to professionals for additional diagnostics and replacement of the defective component. If you have the necessary skills, you can replace the speaker yourself. In this case it is better not to take such actions without proper experience, otherwise you are likely to have more serious problems. We are glad we could help you with your problem. Describe what you failed to do. Our specialists will do their best to help you as quickly as possible.

Technical problems

Such malfunctions occur after a fall, crushing the smartphone or its contact with moisture. The latter causes a short circuit or oxidation on the motherboard. In this case the negative effect of moisture can manifest itself not immediately, but much later. It is not recommended to try to repair your device without professional experience. please apply to the service center for assistance.

the presence of the device protection standard IP68/69 does not guarantee the absolute watertightness.

First aid in case of sound problems

So, the first thing to do. is to check whether the wireless headphones are not connected to the phone, as well as turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, then reboot the phone. And only if these actions did not help. try other options to solve the problem. And also check the sound level settings on your phone, maybe they were just wrong.

Also one of the causes of sound problems may be a faulty flash card inserted into your phone. Remove the flash card and restart the phone, this often helps.

Further necessarily check your phone for viruses by running the application Doctor.Web, just download, install, here it is, go to the application and run a quick or full scan.

By the way, if you have lost sound in the headphones. it is worth to clean the audio jack on your phone from dust and dirt, and check the plug, if it is not loose, when it should be tightly seated in the jack.

Solving serious problems

In cases when all settings and controls are checked and normal mode is enabled, but there is still no sound, the reasons may be serious enough to require a service call.

However, you should not rush to the experts yet. it is possible that you can return the sound to the speaker by your own efforts.

In an extreme case, you can at least determine the cause of the problem yourself, estimating the cost of repair.

Software problems

The sound on your smartphone also disappears as a result of a software failure.

Signs that the speaker has stopped working for this reason are:

  • Several recently installed applications. especially if at least one of them was downloaded not from the app store, but other, less reliable sources;
  • Running utilities that include “superuser rights” (root rights);
  • A recent factory reset or user-installed firmware.

The cause of the problem may be a conflict of one or more installed applications with other software of the smartphone.

This problem is usually solved by uninstalling recently installed programs one by one, or by resetting the system to its factory settings.

A more serious problem caused by incorrect firmware or a virus, sometimes you have to solve it by reflashing, which should be entrusted to specialists.

Important: You can avoid most problems with programs (not just audio) by installing them only from trusted resources. To cope with a malicious code will allow you to install an anti-virus on your smartphone. the more so that in the application stores you can find fairly effective and free versions of such utilities.

Speaker malfunction

Some of the most common causes of sound loss are problems with the main (also called “music”) phone speaker.

They can be divided into three types:

  • The speaker is clogged, which can make the sound disappear almost completely, but at maximum volume you can hear a quiet sound. You can try cleaning the part yourself using a cotton swab, toothbrush, or thin needle. However, if the owner is inexperienced, it is desirable that the problem is solved by a professional.
  • Coil short circuit. A similar problem occurs with the main speaker, and the conversational speaker. in the latter case, the sound may disappear completely, but sometimes only a strong deterioration in communication (the caller is almost impossible to hear). The solution to the problem is to replace the coil.
  • The coil is completely out of order. There is no sound at all, and only a new part installed at the service will help to correct the situation.

The proof that it is the main speaker that is out of order, is the sound when using a headset.

The problem with the conversational (auditory) “speaker” is expressed by the absence of sound during calls.

If you don’t hear anything even with headphones, not a single speaker is working, you should keep looking for the cause.

Problems with the sound amplification board

Silence in the speakers and headset can be evidence of a broken sound amplification board.

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Sometimes such breakage leads to complete absence of audio signal.

But most often the volume stops adjusting, remaining at the same level, regardless of the settings. and if the sound was initially set to “minimum”, neither music nor the video soundtrack can be heard.

Fig. 4. The board that amplifies the phone's sound

The causes of such cards failure include mechanical damage and penetration of liquid into the case.

Affects the part and the high temperature of the cell phone constantly working in a full load mode, and factory defect.

Loop breakage

If we are talking not about a modern case of the “monoblock” type, but about an old but still applicable (even on newer models such as the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2) form-factor “clamshell”, the problem with the sound can be connected with the plume.

The element, characteristic of flip phones, wears out and fails faster than other parts with constant use.

Similar problems with cables were observed with slider models. but this form-factor has not been used for a long time.

Signs of frayed wiring are not only loss of sound, but inability to adjust volume.

Sometimes moisture gets on the part, causing the same problem. There is only one solution: replace the flat cable.

No sound at all

Play with the volume controls (physical or touch keys, it depends on your device). Go to settings, go to Sound, go to Volume. Turn all the settings to maximum. Go into any game with soundtrack to test (just the game, not the movie)!)

If the previous point did not help, answer yourself a question: the sound does not work with your headphones only, or the sound does not come from the speaker? If from the headphones. it’s simple: they are dead and gone, it happens with them, believe me. Buy new ones and you will be fine.

Consider whether you have used programs to clean the RAM, to edit the autoload list when you turn on the tablet. You may have accidentally terminated the process responsible for the sound in the system. For example MusicFX process, Music or any other system process that is somehow related to the sound output through the speaker. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to manually run this process, and you probably don’t remember which one you completed. I can advise you to reset the tablet PC in the settings. Find “Restore and Reset”, uncheck “Clear SD card”, and at the end click “Reset tablet PC”. All your programs will be removed, your tablet will be in pristine condition and most likely the sound will work (if it is a software error and not a hardware malfunction).

If you dropped the tablet on the floor / asphalt, poured tea / cappuccino in the speaker, it is better to entrust the device to a master. Unless you have special skills and education, you are unlikely to be able to help the poor guy on your own.

Other reasons for no incoming call sound

If after checking all settings and the speaker does not solve the sound problem, you need to look deeper.

Incorrect firmware version or failed update

To return to the factory settings, press the power button and volume up button at the same time while the phone is turned off, then select Hard Reset

If the sound has disappeared after reflashing or updating your phone, the problem may be that the service responsible for sound is turned off:

  • Go to “Settings” and open the “Applications” tab and “Application Manager.
  • Among the running applications and processes, find the sound service, open it and turn it on if necessary.

A more complicated case is when the new firmware or update doesn’t have the right drivers for your phone’s speaker. Then you will need to roll back the firmware or reset the system to factory settings. This will erase the data from the phone memory, so it is recommended to back up your data first.

To return to the previous firmware you need to download it from the Internet, and then reflash the phone again.

It is easier to reset the phone and the Android version to the factory settings. To do this, go to “Settings” and select the “Restore and reset” section. It will delete all the data from the internal memory (but not the memory card) and you will get your phone in the same condition as when you bought it. Then from the previously created backup copy transfer all information to your phone, and all data will be restored.

Installed applications conflict with smartphone software

You may have lost the incoming call sound after installing a new application. In this case you can solve the problem by uninstalling the recently installed applications one by one or by digging through their settings. For example, in messengers, Skype, Viber, navigation applications there is a feature to mute notifications and sound. At the same time the sound of an incoming call may disappear.

Install apps on your smartphone only from trusted resources, preferably from Play Market. It is also useful to install antivirus, which will block malicious files.

Problems with the sound amplifier

The replacement of the motherboard itself on an inexpensive smartphone will cost about 1000

When the amplifier board fails the sound in the speakers and headphones disappears completely or remains at a constant volume level. Fix the problem by replacing the board in the service center.

Problems with the loop

Replacing the plume on the budget smartphone is about 1000-1500

If the contacts of the loop wear out, the sound also disappears. Problem solution. replacement of the part. It is better to entrust the work to a professional.

The reasons for the disappearance of the sound of incoming calls on your smartphone can be many. If the above information doesn’t solve the problem contact the service center.

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