The sensor on the ASUS Transformer tablet does not work

What to do if the gadget brakes?

Most likely, you noticed how quickly only the bought Android planet works, everything starts perfectly, powerful games and applications go with a bang, but over time you pay attention to the fact that its former speed disappears without a trace: the tablet is inhibited, the programs do not start or in the process of interaction there are more and more errors. All these are obvious signs that the tablet requires immediate diagnosis with subsequent service.

With a breakdown of any computer device, there are only two reasons. These are: these:

In order to immediately move on to a more likely option for the development of events, that is, a failure in the software, it is necessary to exclude the likelihood of hardware breakdown.

The problem is in equipment

If you observe noticeable braking on your device, you need to determine: whether it is heated with long interaction. So? This means that the problem is that the processor or video chip as a result of your work is so warmed up so that with its warmth I influence yourself and on other elements of the tablet. Unfortunately, to disassemble it and clean it from dust, as a laptop will not work, so the only way out is to give the device a little rest after hard work, so to speak, cool down.

If everything is fine, then remember whether the gadget fell on the floor or did not hit something. Yes? Then, perhaps, a touch panel was damaged or the sensor simply moved, thereby caused incomprehensible actions on the tablet screen, which vaguely resemble braking. In this case, there is only one option. This is carried to the service center for diagnosing and replacing the damaged element.

External devices

Sometimes, due to poor-quality assembly of the tablet, connected external devices can cause a conflict in the operation of the operating system, this is:

sensor, asus, transformer, tablet, does, work

Therefore, first disconnect them and try to play with a tablet computer for several hours (load it) also remove the Flash card and the SIM card, if any.

If the tablet works perfectly, then the problem is in external devices, then we alternately connect them to the gadget and check which of them causes software braking. After identification, we simply replace it with new ones and use it for health. Before proceeding with the recommendations below, check: maybe your tablet is still at warranty service, then we will immediately hand over it under warranty and wait for an answer from the service center, and only then do we take some actions.

Instructions for turning on the touch screen on ASUS laptops with OS Windows 8

Now your screen needs to be configured for you:

Click “Search” and introduce “Calibration of the screen for entering with a pen or sensory input”.

The parameters of your laptop will open in front of you.

In the line “display” select and click on the name of your screen.

If you only need to turn on the touch screen, skip the screen calibration.

ATTENTION! The operating system supplier, which we indicated above, removed the Windows 8 Release Preview from the version and it can be turned off as follows:

Open the device dispatcher through the start screen and find the second position in the HID list, which is the input device responsible for the touch screen. Activate it with the right mouse button, choosing confirmation of the action.

sensor, asus, transformer, tablet, does, work

Now you can use both the button panel and the screen itself to fully use your laptop. You need to get used to such a screen, but soon you will not imagine how you worked without it before.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling on the phone or writing your question on the feedback form.

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Other problems with the tablet

One of the most popular ASUS features is an easily removed docking station, with an additional battery and a keyboard, which becomes the main problem that is characteristic of the ASUS Transformer model. Constant connection and disconnecting of the docking stations lead to the fact that the connector of the connection to the dock and the charging device wear out prematurely. In addition, a corporate USB cable may be blown and deteriorated and deteriorated.

Another recommendation is not to lose a charger, because this cable has a USB-integse, but it has additional contact with 15V power supply. This contact is available only in the proprietary power supplies, which are created specifically for these models. This is necessary for those who are used to loading the tablet from the cigarette lighter of the car, when purchasing non.Violent charging, you will have to buy a car charging separately suitable for your tablet model.

Обзор Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF300T

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ASUS tablets batteries

The batteries issued by the first models of tablets released more than three years ago already naturally developed their resource provided for by manufacturers. First of all, this applies to ASUS TF101 tablets.

If you have ASUS TF101, and you have a docking station in the kit, then you have the opportunity to extend the service life of the tablet by simply rearranging the battery from it.

Important! Before ordering the battery, check the level of charging in it, because it is not rarely that the charging is damaged, not the battery. And when ordering the battery, make sure that it will approach your tablet model.

Calibration of touchscreen after replacing ASUS TF300

The answer to the most frequent questions when buying and replacing the tascrine (glass) with ASUS TF300.Hello guys from 54DA.Ru. Below is your own achievements and personal experience.Tip. If you have an extra 1000 or 2000, it is better to give this model to the service for replacing glass, touchscreen! Replacing the touchscreen on this model is extremely complicated and has a very big difficulty and a lot of problems!An audit of the touchscreen. When replacing the audit is not important (completely), all three revisions are replaced.Link to all three revisions. 54DA.Ru/Filter/%D0%BA%D1% BA%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%BD/ASUSCENSEN TFCKRIN-LIGHT TACHRINRY price (3000-4000 is not the key to its quality work.) Original or China. Do not laugh my rusty horseshoes! Original Zap. Parts for ASUS do not exist!Replaced, stitched, earned. It will not work! After replacing the touchscreen, calibration is required, the firmware will not help.If you can avoid independent replacement and, or calibration, it is better to give it to the service!I will not write about the change itself, on YouTube a bunch of video how to do it. I will go directly to calibration: 1) connection of the mouse to the tablet.It will be required: the mouse (with or without wire. It does not matter!) A soldering iron4 multi.Colored wires, each in its brand, preferably different a USBLUPE (a microscope!STRAIGHT ARMS!We proceed: 1) We remove the cover from the tablet (if the touch is changed, it is already removed) 2) we carry out a solder to the system board, as shown in the photo

Picking on the board: blue-d-white-deccable-minus (earth) red-plus (5V) cutting on USB:

Be sure to, as in the photo (above), black is required not only to solder to the leg but also cut it to the USB connector housing! Otherwise, it will not work.With this layout, the mouse will work 100%. Extra power supply or 5V sources are not needed.P/S. Super is carried out with a removed (disconnected) battery. After implementing the solder, we definitely make a wipe, turn on the tablet and see how the mouse works 100%! If the mouse is not stirred, we reinforce (change in places d and d-)-again we make a wipe and turn on! Weep is required!Than this method is good. For this method, third.Party nutrition is not required for this method. Dancing with tambourine and hiking to shaman! It is not required to cut the wire or break the ASUS connector

As soon as the mouse is connected, we are going to download the application.Link to calibration application. Cloud./public/chry/zx1al3xvx- Remove the application, go into the folder. Launch the TF300T-User utility.Bat

On the tablet automatically, the Tascrine calibration program will start! At the time of calibration, one cannot. Touch the screen, move the tablet, turn over, the tablet should lie as smooth as possible!- Saw a green inscription at the top?! Yes, they saw! SUPER!We check how our touch works? Good? Great?If not, we reboot the tablet, everything should earn!If after the reboot did not work?- Repeat the operation with calibration.P/s-it happens that calibration works from 4-5 times, and sometimes from the first!Unclear? Questions? Write, help, I will answer!

How to change the sensor on a tablet device

First of all, having determined the cause of the damaged work of Touch Screen-a, you need to buy everything components for replacement. Each manufacturer supplies the elements and components in special sets: separately each element or pack three in one.

So, the procedure is as follows:

  • Open the device, having previously removed rubber plugs and screws.
  • Take the screen and disconnect the sensor that traditionally sits on the glue to the display. The operation is simple, since Touch Screen is fixed on the glue and you need to use a slight temperature effect (approximately up to sixty degrees) for several minutes. The essence is simple: the warm.Up air is blowing on the display, but it is done carefully and neatly (make sure that it does not burst).
  • Next, you need to lightly clarify it with a thin improvised object and peel off from the monitor itself.
  • Put the purchased sensor using glue or double.Sided tape.
  • As soon as you collect the tablet device, perform a small display calibration using special software on the Androod operating system or OIS.

On a note! If you still do not know, then in each article I share the useful information that I published earlier. I wrote about what to do if the flash drive does not open and asks for formatting and I also said why the mouse does not work on the laptop. For gamers, I said how to increase FPS on a computer and how to reduce brightness on the monitor.

I will finish on this. I hope you understand what to do if the sensor does not work on the tablet. By the way, I want to publish a video in my performance soon. What do you think is worth? It is interesting for you to know about me? Write about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and also do not forget to like the article. All the world and good!

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Replacing a non.Working display

If your display has a modular look, it is removed without problems, then it can be replaced independently by ordering a new one on the Internet. But repair must only be carried out if you are 100%sure that it is faulty. In the process of replacing the sensory glass, there is nothing superfluous if it is non.Working, but the whole (not broken). To replace you need special tools, a plastic guitar mediator or similar items is suitable for taking out the sensor glass, a plastic card of the bank can also be combated, as well as a set of special screwdrivers. Depending on the models, some details are attached with cross.Shaped bolts.

  • Carefully study the body before disassemble the device.
  • Find all the fasteners that hold the lid, because if you miss one at least one, the case can be broken at the time the screen is removed. Newer models of devices of such mounting bolts often do not have at all.
  • Using a plastic tool, Put the tablet screen neatly from all sides and gradually squeeze it out.
  • It is important at the time of pulling out the touch glass not to damage the train, which is attached to the side of the device. On it you need to put a latch and remove it.

So we made out all the possible reasons when the sensory display faults default on the tablet, and what can be done in such a situation. Take care of your devices so that in the future there are no such problems.

The main reasons for the breakdown of the touchscreen on the ASUS tablets

The need to change the sensor that does not respond to the actions of the user, occurs due to various problems. The reasons why the work of the tachcrine of the tablet ASUS Transformer Book:

  • Touch glass malfunction;
  • Damage to the slope of the taching tablet;
  • A breakdown of the connector to which the train is connected;
  • The hit of air or dust between the glass and the matrix due to a violation of tightness;
  • The controller controller does not work.

Therefore, before replacing, it is necessary to diagnose in the workshop. A service center employee disassembles a Tablet Asus Transformer Book to detect a faulty part, make a decision to replace it and determine how much repair costs. Diagnosis does not increase the price of services and is carried out for free, as well as delivery.

The most common causes of malfunctions

If the touch screen does not work, first of all you need to understand why this happened. The reasons can be both hardware and systemic in nature. Also, the root of the problem may consist of improper operation.

  • Small systemic failure that solves in a minute. It occurs extremely rarely on models of well.Known brands, more often on low.Quality devices. All that the user needs to know is how to turn off the device and how to turn it on back.
  • Mechanical damage. There are situations when they got on the tablet and after that the sensor does not work. Mechanical breakdowns include broken glass, the drop in the apparatus to a hard surface, a strong blow to the device, and so on. In most of these cases, the sensor replacement is required. But if the problem lies only in a crack or broken glass, then this does not affect the sensor work. Nevertheless, it is recommended to replace the glass with a whole, so that subsequently its particles do not break and do not spoil the gadget.
  • Fluid hit. The liquid can fall if the gadget is dropped into the water, or if it hit the rain or spray. In addition to direct hit, moisture can be formed on the internal elements of the device by forming drops. Because of this, the contacts are oxidized and the process of corrosion on metal components begins. Therefore, it is better not to bring the device to rooms with high humidity.
  • Damage or disconnection. The train is responsible for the entire display design, so the problems with it lead to the malfunctions of the sensory panel.
  • Systemic malfunctions. Such malfunctions include malicious programs, memory of memory, overheating, incorrect installation of the operating system.
  • Inappropriate firmware. One of the most frequent and serious problems, after which the sensor on the device stops working. Incorrectly installed or inappropriate firmware. Therefore, it is extremely not recommended to reinstall the operating system without appropriate knowledge, and even more so to put custom or non.Supported firmware.
  • Calibration failure. On old models of tablet computers, calibration is completely lost, which is why you have to reinforce the display again.

What to do if the tablet does not respond to touch

If you are not sure of the reason why the sensor on the tablet stopped working, or want to restore the device on your own, try the tips below.

I specifically wrote them in an increase in increasing order, from the simplest options for why the display does not register touch, to rather categorical measures. I advise you to test them in the order I have indicated.

Wipe the tablet screen

First, the obvious item. Wipe the device display. The sensor can slow down and not respond to touch due to pollution from food, liquid or other things, even if it seems visually that the screen is clean.

For cleaning, you can use special napkins for oleophobic coating, as well as liquid for liquid crystalline monitors, or liquid for wiping lenses on glasses.

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Is there a protective film

If the display has stopped registering touches after installing a new protective film or glass, then most likely this is the root of the problem.

Protection may not be suitable specifically for your model, or it is just a poor.Quality thing that blocks touches. There are also private cases associated with the film. For example, the film was glued inaccurately, because of which there was a lot of dust and air under it.

Nvflash Asus Pad

[info-box type = “info”] especially the film does not affect the pen/stylus. Just remove the protection and check if the screen continues to stupid.[/info-box]


Like any technique, tablets sometimes fail. But, as a rule, this is not a critical failure, but simply a system error. Often after such errors, especially when the gadget lags and stops responding to the user commands, the display is deactivated and the display is deactivated.

Reload the device, holding your finger on the power button for a long time. You can also reboot by pulling out the battery, but only if it is removable. If after that the device is disconnected, but will not turn on it yourself, turn it on manually, again holding the corresponding key.

Remove the memory card

The cause of the malfunction can be in the memory card. Most often, such a problem is manifested after inserting a new external drive. The fact is that each memory card has its own reading and recording speed.

If the difference in this speed is very high (whether it is more or less) compared to the speed of reading the device, then this may cause failure. Also, the flash drive may simply not be working or incorrectly installed in the nest.

I recommend pulling out a memory card, restart the device and check its performance without a flash drive.

Pull the charger

Inappropriate charger or simply poor.Quality charging, significantly affects the work of the device, including the response of the sensor.

Try changing exercises and not using the gadget while connecting to a charger. I also strongly recommend using only original power and cable units.

This will not only relieve poor charging, but also positively affect the operability of the battery and the tablet in general.

Reset to factory settings

Rollback to factory parameters is one of the categorical ways. This is due to the fact that the discharge will lead to the deletion of all user data, including contacts, messages, multimedia files (photos, videos, audio), applications, etc.

Only what was originally established in memory will remain in the memory. Therefore, in a sense, the gadget will become new (at least in a systemic and software plan). The reset will level most of the malfunctions associated with the software.

Instructions for resetting parameters on Android device:

  • Turn off the device.
  • When it is turned on, hold the power button and volume to at the same time. On some devices, instead of the volume increase key, click and hold the volume reduction button depends on the android model.
  • A menu consisting only of text will appear, without graphic effects. This is the recovery menu in which you need to select the fourth item on the top. The item “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. The choice is made by the inclusion button, and the transition between the points of the increase and decrease in the volume.
  • The system will repeatedly ask whether it is necessary to discharge. Press “Yes. Delete All User Data”.
  • In a couple of minutes, the discharge will be successfully completed and the gadget will again display the Recaver menu. Now you need to select the first item “Reboot System Now”, after which the device will reboot and turn on in standard mode of operation.

You can roll back to the initial parameters through the settings of the device, but if the sensor has stopped working, then the reset can be carried out only in the method described in the above, since it does not imply sensory commands and input.

Extreme measures: flashing

The most extreme measure is the reinstallation of the operating system. I advise you to resort to flashing only if nothing has helped.

Reinstalling the OS solves any malfunctions related to the software and systemic part, but all user data will be deleted. You can reflash the device at home using a computer, but only if you have appropriate knowledge and understanding what you are doing.

Otherwise, you can turn the device into a useless “brick” that cannot be restored. Therefore, it is better to contact a qualified service center, where they can not only reinstall the operating system, but also make hardware diagnostics.

Perhaps the reason for the malfunctions is not in software, but in a malfunction of one or more components.

sensor, asus, transformer, tablet, does, work

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