The screen on the tablet does not work what to do

The sensor on the tablet does not work. The reasons and solutions

If the sensor does not work on the tablet, the reason can be hardware or software. But only in rare cases can the user himself solve the problem. Consider all situations, their features and possible ways to eliminate malfunctions.

The touch screen is one of the most vulnerable components of tablet devices. Anything can influence his work, but here are the most common reasons that wagging the touchscreen and his performance:

  • Mechanical damage. As a result of the fall, contacts connecting the screen with the board could move;
  • Software failure. If the user has changed the firmware or it was done in the service center, various operating errors will obey constantly, they can touch the sensor work;
  • Calibration failure. This applies to more old devices with resistive displays, calibration will have to be adjusted again through the tablet operating system;
  • Voster from water. Moisture leads to the oxidation of contacts and can cause a more serious breakdown, so in this case it is impossible to use the technique until a complete check;
  • Factory marriage. Such a defect is revealed immediately and is subject to elimination according to the rules of warranty service (the tablet can simply be replaced in the store in which the purchase was made).

These are the most common problems that happen to tablet devices. But if it is easy to cope with mechanical damage and hardware breakdown, then software failures require the intervention of experienced masters.

What can be done yourself if there is no image on the tablet

If the tablet works, but for some reason stopped showing a video from a gallery or when watching online, then the reason for this may be:

The first problem arises when the user changed the color temperature settings (F.Lux, Twilight) or included built.In functions in the display settings (for example, Live Display in Cyanogenmod), and also “indulged” with color correction, inversion or high.Contrast flowers. In this case, you should either delete the applications or disable these functions. Perhaps after this video will appear.

Some application may also lead to image loss. These include application locksmiths (such as CM Locker) or application application. It happens that they add control elements on top of the main intensity and even the parental control function. In this case, you need to try to remove these applications.

Attention! Make sure that the cause of the black screen was one of the applications, you can download the device in a safe mode. If the video in this mode shows without problems, then you need to find a problem application and delete it.

Not all failures can be handled at home, but some problems can still be corrected independently:

  • Battery shutdown. Having deleted the battery, you will reboot the system, which in some cases will be enough.
  • Rollback to factory settings. If the first did not help, you can roll back the settings of the tablet to factory. Most models have a reset button. How to use it, it is written in the instructions for operation. If there are no settings for reset buttons, you need to press the power button and volume button at the same time. In the engineering menu on the screen, select “Formatting System”. The resetting of settings is best carried out by first pulling out a memory card and a SIM card.
  • Flashing. If the second method did not help, then it is worth the flashing. The most difficult of the ways. It is most effective, but only an experienced user. The rest is better for this purpose to contact specialists. Keep in mind that the flashing curve can lead to irreversible consequences.

Important! When rolling up to factory settings or flashing, all games, photos, music stored on the device will be deleted.

screen, tablet, does, work

As you can see, there may be several causes of the black screen on the tablet. If your device is under warranty, then you should not try to establish it yourself. All problems related to failure in functioning are better to solve in the service center.

When to contact Support

Unfortunately, an ordinary user is not omnivorous. Ordinary people do not have time to understand what principle the tablet works. But still it is worth trying to determine the cause of the lack of a gadget.

You must definitely contact the service in the following cases:

  • If the carriage nest is damaged.
  • When a liquid got into the tablet.
  • If the problem is related to the screen.
  • When the device does not work due to the refused chip.
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A guarantee of at least 1 year extends to each tablet purchased officially. The device will be repaired for free in an authorized service center, if the action of the owner or other people did not lead to the occurrence of problems.

In the service center, the repair repair will be made for free or for a certain amount. Often the cost of services regarding the repair of equipment is not much lower than the price of an inexpensive tablet. So you should carefully think about whether you need to repair the old device, or is it better to purchase a new one.

What to do if the screen of the screen stopped working

If your device has stopped working on your device, then first you should check the activation of the function in the settings. If all inclusive, and this function has not earned, then you should check the tablet for the presence of viruses, and then restart it. After all, the presence of viruses or certain applications can cause malfunctioning data.

If the usual reboot did not lead to positive results, then we perform a deep reboot. Turn off the device, take out the battery for at least 15 minutes and turn on again. Check the work of the auto.Player.

The cause of the breakdown may also be a violation in the work of G. Sensor, which determines the angle and speed of rotation of the electronic device in space. To fix this, you need to go to the engineering menu and calibrate the gyrodrotist. To do this, go to “Settings”, select “Special Opportunities”, “Acceleration Sensor” and start “Accelerometer Calibration”. During this procedure, it is necessary to agree to all proposals, and the device itself should be on a flat surface.

Important! In the case of the use of an engineering menu, first you need to study the relevant information for a particular device, since in case of incorrect actions, a software failure may occur.

There are also special applications with which you can test and calibrate this function in the tablet.

screen, tablet, does, work

In case of violation of this function, there is a likelihood of a software failure in your device. To eliminate this problem, you need to flash the tablet. To do this, go to “Settings”, select “About the tablet” and update the system. After the search, the system will be automatically updated, unless, of course, there is a newer version.

If, after all attempts to eliminate the problem, you have not earned a car trailer, then you should return to the factory settings. In the main menu of the tablet, select the “Settings” item, then “Restoration and Reset” and click “Set of settings”. This action will lead to the removal of all the information located in the tablet. After the discharge is completed, it is necessary to check the performance.

Important! Check whether the auto.Info is activated or not on your device through the settings, after returning to the factory settings.

screen, tablet, does, work

If you have done all the above actions to eliminate this problem and the problem with the motor.Grind did not lead to positive results, then you should contact a specialized master who will find out the reason and eliminate it.

Principle of operation

The touch screen is a functional thing, but very sensitive. On the principle of sensitivity, its work is built: special electrodes are located in the corners of the screen, which supply not too much permanent voltage to the sensor layer. This layer, in turn, is a conductor. When the finger is touched, a “current leak” occurs, this is recorded by special sensors, then it is transferred to the controller, which determines the points of touch. The work of the sensor is built in this way: the closer you bring your fingers to the screen, the greater the current strength and the overall sensitivity of the display. If the surface of the screen is covered with a certain substance, which, by definition, should not be there (for example, dirt or air gap between the display and an inaccurate film), this violates its work.

screen, tablet, does, work

The main step to eliminate problems is to identify the reason why the sensory screen on the tablet does not work. There can be many of them, we will highlight the main ones:

  • The first and most banal reason is mechanical: you flooded the tablet with liquid or dropped it. Many users do not imagine their morning without a cup of coffee and reading news on the Internet. The liquid can spill from one careless movement, and, as a result, the sensory screen on the tablet does not work, or even the whole system. If you dropped your “favorite”, the sensor may break. In such a situation, it is subject to replacement;
  • The sensory screen does not work because it is covered with a layer of plaque, scratches, the protective film is glued poorly. Such a picture happens with tablets that have been in use for a long time, and the warranty period has already expired.
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Touch screen not working / touch problem / unresponsive touch screen. Easy solution / fix

In the rhythm of modern life, even if careful and wearing in a case, it is impossible to avoid small (and possibly large) scratches, dust, raid formation and other mechanical influences. The longer we use the thing, the more it wears out. Often, to protect the display, we glue the film on it, but if this is done incorrectly, air bubbles form between the touch screen and the film, and the sensitivity of the display is lost;

  • Not enough RAM. You like to photograph and shoot videos, download applications and games? In this case, it is worth making sure that all this is measured with the amount of RAM. At the same time, do not fill it to capacity, but leave it near the gigabyte of free space. This is necessary for good operation of the entire system;
  • Viruses and third.Party applications. You often download new programs, like to experiment in search of the best option. Then you should make sure that the downloaded applications are from proven sources, and the system is regularly checked and protected by a reliable antivirus, because viruses can bring many problems to your tablet and information stored on it;
  • Programs enter into confrontation among themselves. This mainly applies to antiviruses. If you, for example, already have an antivirus, but when downloading any application, another antivirus automatically joined, they can enter the conflict among themselves, which will entail inhibition and poor operation of the system;
  • Through your work on the tablet, too strong load on the processor occurs. It is no secret that the processors regardless of the brand of the tablet are different in terms of indicators. And if the processor does not have sufficient power, and at the same time you use “heavy” and capacious applications, especially for games, this causes the OS, and then obvious malfunctions;

Replacing a non.Working display

If your display is modular and easily removed, you can replace it yourself by ordering a new one via the Internet. But repairs should only be carried out if you are 100% sure that it is faulty. There is nothing super.Complex in the process of replacing the touch screen, if it does not work, but it is intact (not broken).

For replacement, special tools, plastic guitar mediators or similar items are suitable for removing a glass sensor, a plastic bank card is also suitable, as well as a set of special screwdrivers. Depending on the model, some details are attached with the help of cross.Shaped screws.

  • Before disassembling the device, carefully inspect the case.
  • Find all the fasteners that hold the lid, because if you miss at least one, the case can be broken when removing the screen. Newer models often do not have these fasteners at all.
  • Using a plastic tool, carefully give the tablet screen on all sides and squeeze it a little at a time.
  • It is important not to damage the flat cable, which is attached to the side of the device when you pull out the touch screen. You need to click on the latch and remove it.

Here are all the possible causes of the malfunction of the touch screen of your tablet and what can be done in such a situation. Take care of your devices to avoid such problems in the future.

The screen does not work on the tablet

What to do if the screen does not work on the tablet? Humanity has stepped into the era of tablets, everyone now has this device, but far from everyone has yet learned how to understand it, as before in stationary computers. Of course, any breakdown is upset by the consumer, especially if the equipment is no longer possible to operate. The tablet fell. The screen does not work. A common user problem.

Cnm How to fix unresponsive touchscreen

For example, if you have a tablet, the screen does not work. With a non.Working screen, no manipulations with the device are possible, therefore, for further functioning, it is necessary that the screen starts to earn again. If you dropped the device or threw it into someone, everything is clear here, most likely, the matrix was simply damaged due to physical influence. The screen, as a rule, cracks and stops working correctly. If the device has never “experienced stress”, and the screen stopped working, then it is necessary to find a true culprit, namely, for what reason and what exactly the failure gave. For diagnosis, the second situation is much more complicated, because in the first case we already know exactly what has entailed changes in the work. But we hasten to please you. In the second case, all problems are much easier to eliminate. A common user complaint. The screen on the tablet does not work after manipulations with a charger, sites and applications. In other words, if you decide to charge the device, install a new application or visited some pages on the Internet. Such problems are caused by a software failure, especially often this happens on devices with the Android operating system. When there is no visible damage to the screen, but you cannot turn it on, try to revive the technique with simple actions. First pull the battery for a couple of minutes and then put it back. In order to remove the battery without problems, you need to open the back cover of the tablet. It seems to you that it is pointless to extract the battery, if then put it in place again, without circling around it first with a shamanistic tambourine? In fact, this procedure is needed to reboot the system, which in turn, in itself, can correct a software failure. If the screen does not work on the tablet, and you cannot figure out the reasons, then you should contact the service center. Then you need to return the device to the factory settings. If you do not react to the touchscreen, the reset of settings is all possible. Just keep in mind that this instruction is suitable for most tablets, but not everyone. So look at the instructions for the tablet, which is always included when buying a device and find out how to make a site on your device. Before that, pull the memory card and the SIM card just in case, so that the data on them is not damaged. After click the key “louder” simultaneously with the “vkl” key. The tablet will vibrate and show you a menu in which you can choose the desired point using volume keys. Go to the “Settings” item, then “Formatting the System” and “Reload”. During the reboot, all settings will be removed. Now you need to reflash the device. This is required if all your previous actions have not helped. The procedure itself is just the installation of the operating system, as well as on a stationary computer or laptop, so you should not be scared. If you yourself have never done this, then it is better to seek help from an experienced friend or specialist. If the screen does not work on the tablet due to the crack after the blow or the damaged train, then you need to replace it. Please note that if there is a crack, but the screen works, it still requires replacement, as it can lead to damage to the matrix over time. And in this case, it is better to contact specialists so as not to aggravate the situation with incorrect actions, because the stingy pays twice as much.

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If there is a lying Android with a red exclamation mark

In many, I noticed in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, everything ends like in a picture or something like that:

This is the stock regime of recovery (if you are interested in what it is), and there is nothing wrong with it, and you should not be afraid of it. You can also install a modified repo. Clockworkmod Recovery. If you see it, then it works. And that’s good. You got into it because you have gained an incorrect combination for hard discharge. I have already said that for all tablets it is different. In this case, you can press and hold the power button until the tablet is turned off, and try again, or just wait 5 minutes while it turns off itself and repeat the process. Try it again, in extreme cases, you can just reflash the tablet.

Replacing the processor

Quite often, due to the fall of the tablet, some components are out of order: a train, a computer device processor and others.

In such cases, without the appropriate skills and special equipment that allows you to test the gadget and determine the breakdown, you can hardly eliminate the breakdown yourself.

In such difficult cases, it is better to contact specialists to replace the processor

We recommend that you do not waste time, our own strength, emotions, but simply visit the service workshop and “pray” so that the repair does not turn out to be “golden”.

Remember also that real professionals work in the service workshop, but they are not gods. Therefore, they also do not always succeed in breathing in a new life into “dead” iron. At the same time, repairs can cost you more expensive than the purchase of a new tablet.

This applies to a greater extent inexpensive models of Chinese.Made tablets.

So, when the tablet falls, there is a chance that you can bring it back to life using some recommendations. At the same time, it is important to follow the instructions without accompanying the actions of your own?

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