The Samsung Smart TV remote control does not work

What to do if the TV stopped responding to the control panel

In most cases, the TV control is carried out through the remote control (PDU). With it, you can carry out all the main operations. Switch channels, perform technical setting, change the frame and even interact with external connected devices. But sometimes it happens that the TV does not respond to the commands of the remote control or does it with interruptions. Why the TV does not react to the PDU, although before everything was fine? What are the main causes of malfunctions? And how can you replace the remote control for the LG, Samsung, Phillips or Sony TV? Below we will find out answers to these questions.

If your control panel has stopped working, then in this case it is necessary to establish the cause of the malfunction. The main reasons. The batteries have deteriorated, the infrared LED broke, the board broke, extraneous interference interrupt the main signal and so on.

Elements of nutrition

If the TV does not respond to the commands of the control panel or does it with interruptions or delay, then you first need to check the nutrition elements. It is often a pair of finger batteries, although some modern devices are powered using compact batteries. Elements of power can stop working for various reasons. The charge of electricity, a leakage of electrolyte, the storage conditions were over, the shelf life or factory marriage expired. The way to solve the problem in this case is very simple. You just charge the battery or buy new batteries, and then insert them into the remote control.

Device malfunction

If the TV setting reacts to the remote control and the buttons rarely (one time and less), then this may indicate a breakdown of the infrared diode. Also pay attention to when exactly the TV stops responding to signals. If the remote control does not work in the normal state, but when it is tilted or turning, the signal appears, then this is highly likely to indicate a breakdown of the infrared diode.

The causes of the breakdown can be different. Mechanical damage, power violation inside the diode, factory marriage and others. Replacing the diode yourself is quite problematic, so the damaged remote control will have to be taken by the master. Please note that the human eye does not see the infrared light, but you can use the following cunning:

  • Many modern phones and cameras perceive not only visible radiation, but also light in the infrared and ultraviolet range.
  • At the same time, in the state on, the camera is able to capture the scattered IR rays, which, when distributed in space, can give a barely noticeable red light.
  • We will use this effect. Enter the camera/camera on the diode and press several buttons on the remote control. If the indicator flashes and visible rays, then this means that the diode is working, and the reason for the breakdown of the remote control is something else.

Mechanical breakdowns

The cause of malfunctions may also be mechanical breakdown. Basic scenarios:

  • Water got into the remote control. With this scenario, the transmission of electricity between the elements of the main board is violated, which leads to breakdown. For fixing, just disassemble the PDU, carefully remove the rubber buttons and dry the device in the light. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that this must be done immediately after the water is hit-if you are hesitated, then because of the water, metal contacts will rust, and the device will become useless.
  • The contact has departed from the button (most often this option is found on the Philips TV). With this scenario, the board itself is completely serviceable, but due to poor contact, the signal from the buttons on the board does not receive. To fix you need to disassemble the device and use a regular manual soldering iron to solder.
  • Damaged board. If the TV stopped responding to the remote control, it is quite possible that the DPD was damaged by the control board. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to fix the fee on your own. And I will take a big money for such repair. The best way to solve this scenario is to buy a new control panel.

No signal frequency coincidence

If you bought a new remote control, the work indicator reacts perfectly to the on/off button, but the TV does not respond to the device, then there may be a mismatch of the frequency of the signal. The thing is that on some new remote controls for Samsung, Sony and LG TVs, another frequency of IR port is set, which leads to breakdown. This problem is quite rare, but this option cannot be completely excluded. The main method of repair in this case is an appeal to the workshop, a person without experience will reconfigure the operating frequency will be quite problematic.

The signal disappears

Also, such a breakdown scenario is often found:

  • You press the on/off key, but nothing happens. Or the TV reacts to buttons only after multiple pressing.
  • At the same time, there are no malfunctions, and the “remote stupor” occurs periodically. The device first works normally, then breaks, then works again.

In this case, it makes sense to talk about the periodic disappearance of the signal. Most often, such a breakdown occurs due to violation of the operating support of TV (internal utilities “freeze” for a certain time, which leads to problems with the signal). You can solve this problem in two ways:

  • On the remote control at the same time press the ProGram and Volume keys. This will lead to the restart of the system (TV itself will turn off). A similar solution does not work too often, but you should try.
  • If the emergency reboot did not work, then you need to re.Clash your TV. It is quite problematic to do this yourself, so the optimal script will be an appeal to the repair organization.
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Extraneous interference

In rare cases, the TV stops responding to the remote control due to external interference-it can be a microwave oven, some varieties of electric lamps and so on. Diagnosis in this case is very simple: turn off all the electrical appliances in the house (even light). Then turn on TV and try to put the buttons on the remote control. If everything works fine, then the cause of the breakdown may be in the presence of extraneous interference. The solution to the problem is to minimize the level of these interference. Change the bulbs, push the TV away from the microwave and so on.

When you need a new remote control

If the TV does not respond to pressing the buttons of the PDU, first of all, you should check the nutrition elements and, if necessary, replace them, and then you need to make sure that it is not blocked (by chance or from children). If these reasons are not related to the problem, then it is deeper. At the hardware level.

On a note! You can find out about the ways to bring the remote control from the instructions or consult with household electronics repair experts.

If all measures do not help to eliminate the problem, the right solution would be to buy a good remote control. It should also be done in the case of the destruction of the device (for example, due to a fall from a height), after its complete immersion in the liquid for a long time, as well as when overheating and melting of microcircuits due to the effects of high temperature. The full restoration of such a device can drag on for a long time and cost a sum equal to the price of a new device.

Initial actions in the case of a remote control

First of all, when blocking the remote control, you should look into the instructions for the TV. Specific codes are usually contained there. Just click the combination of buttons on the remote control (DU) spelled out in the manual, and the problem will be solved.

But the operating manual after the purchase and primary settings does not store far from all. If the instruction is not preserved, you need to think about how the blocking occurred. Having tried to make feedback, it is possible to unlock the remote control.

Connection and setup of the remote control

After you dismantled and collected the remote control, you will need to connect it again to the TV.

Previously inserting the batteries, in compliance with polarity and closing the lid. Then find in the instructions how the first connection is carried out. Different models are activated from different key combinations. But it is usually required to set the Play and Return keys, holding until the corresponding icon appears on the screen.

This will mean that the devices have successfully interconnected. For modern universal remote controls, special setting is not required, it is important to know only the purpose of each button.

Owners of modern Samsung TVs with Smart Touch Control sensor may encounter what you will have to get used to using a new system.

The remote control is equipped with a hydrotor, and control Smart TV is obtained when it moves in space.

The case of such a device has few buttons, since its entire functional part is concentrated on the touchpad, which is located in the center.

So, for example, when the fingers move, the menu is navigated, and a touchpad on the panel can be caused by the cursor.

You can select a item from the list with a touch to the touchpad. Some models provide for display on the displays, which helps to speed up the search.

But even taking into account all the functionality of the touch control of the remote control, users prefer to use universal button analogues, because they are cheaper and more accustomed to managing the price.

TV connection and setting

After disassembling the remote control and its assembly, you need to connect it to the TV. In order to do this, you first need to insert batteries into the power compartment, observing indications of popularity.

After installing energy sources, close the battery lid, then use the instructions for the remote control to understand how to connect the remote control to TV.

Different models of remote controls are activated by pressing an excellent key combination. Most often, it is necessary to stick the Play and Return keys and hold them until the icon appears on the TV screen indicating that the devices are connected. If you have chosen a modern universal remote control, you do not need special settings. It’s enough to understand what the buttons are needed for.

The button television control panels retain their popularity despite the fact that more modern, sensory models have long appeared on sale.

samsung, smart, remote, control, does, work

This may be associated with the need to get used to the new type of device, and with the fact that the button control panels are perceived by users as more reliable.

Methods for unlocking the console of TVs of various brands

In modern models, a special button is often installed for this, in the older ones you can also unlock the remote control from the TV by pressing a special key combination.


There are two options for blocking the device “Samsung”. Nothing works at the first, it is made to protect children from switching to unwritten gear. You can correct the situation in the following way:

With the second option of locking on the device, only switching channels works and volume setting. This is a hotel mode. It was created so that the guests do not change the settings arbitrarily. You can also remove it using one of the following combinations that will open the menu in front of you:

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The main thing is that the combinations are reproduced in the manner given here. If everything is done correctly, a menu with the inscription “Hotel” (hotel) will appear on the screen, and a runner next to it. Move it from the “OFF” “OFF” position.

All these methods are suitable for most “Samsung” TVs. But if it doesn’t work out, then you are dealing with a special model and you need to contact technical support. They will tell you how to unlock the remote control from the TV.

Philips and Sharp TVs

Two unlocks are relevant for “Sharpes”:

samsung, smart, remote, control, does, work
  • Simultaneous pressing and holding the “Turning / Turning” buttons on the remote control and “volume reduction” on the TV housing.
  • The lump.Sum use of the keys “Tolbage decrease” and “Swimming to the next channel” on the TV. After that, you need to go to the menu and remove the parental control mode.

But what to do if you are the owner of Philips and a person who is not used to keeping instructions for using technology:

  • Switching channels remotely, everyone probably noticed a number of absolutely useless multi.Colored buttons in the upper part of the device. It’s time to use them. You need to bring the remote control to the TV. To the inscription Philips. And then, holding the red and blue buttons at the same time, wait 10 seconds. If everything goes successfully, an appropriate notification will appear on the screen.
  • And if not, then repeat these actions, having previously de.Energizing and the remote control (remove the batteries), and TV (pull the wire out of the outlet).

And again, a lot depends on the model, so you need to ask specialists. However, before that, you must definitely try all universal methods.

Plus, the refusal to work can be caused by a large amount of dust in the housing. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the lid from the remote control and draw a wet cotton pad inside.

In order to configure the television remote control for “Sony”, you will need to work with the TV itself. On its case there will be a button that opens the menu. By pressing it, we are looking for “Standard Set” (“General settings”). There will be the “Remote Ctrl” parameter (“remote control”). Choose the value on.

Another problem is that the functions you need can be blocked in the remote control due to the fact that the device is not programmed initially to work with the TV. To solve the issue, you need to find the Sync Menu button on it, and then the option “Choosing the HDMI device”. You will be offered a list of models, and there will certainly be suitable.

But the LG TV remote control can be unlocked using a round button with arrows. Alternately, you need to press the upper, lower, left and right arrow, and then shake the gadget.

For some brands (for example, Supra), finding reliable information is not so easy even on the Internet. You should call the contact center and clarify the method of action.

But sometimes the problem is not in the remote control, but in TV itself, and you have to think about how to unlock the TV. The table will help to solve the issue.

Problem Decision
When turning on, the data entry field appears, often on a blue background. A working remote control is required to enter the code. You can take it from the instructions or from the service service.
Part of the channels is blocked Here it is often enough to use the control panel on the case itself. Go to the menu. Most likely, the settings of the channels are lost or the children’s protection mode is activated
You cannot change the settings: the technique refuses to accept changes and hangs Here we can’t cope with ourselves, we need to call the masters

The best way to avoid such problems in the future is more careful about things and not use the poke method in their operation. Then they will last longer.

Universal remote control

Universal DPD is an indispensable accessory in many houses, since it can be used to control any type of device. This will need to program it for synchronization with controlled equipment.

The manual of the user of universal DPD provides a long list of codes. They correspond to the product family: stereo, DVD player, TV and many others working using IR technology. By entering these codes from the remote control, the main functions are set.

Code programming technology:

  • Introduce the function of setting up the parameters of the device.
  • Enter the right code.
  • Perform a test to make sure that the remote control began to start.
  • In some cases, several codes can be provided for the same type of device.

Reset Samsung Smart TV remote control.

You can also perform programming using automatic search to find a device that needs to be controlled. To do this, perform the following simple steps:

  • Direct the PDU to the controlled device and start the automatic search program.
  • Stop the program when the device turns on.
  • Again include TV and check the functions of the control system.
  • If the operation was unsuccessful during the first testing, you can restart programming several times until the correct signal is finally discovered.

Check the serviceability of the remote control

Most often, the reason that the TV does not turn on from the remote control is in the distance itself. If the remote control did not fall, there is no visible damage to it, it is worth checking the most obvious problems.


No matter how strange it sounds, most often remote control stops working due to the category of power sources. This is what the statistics of user calls to service centers say. Check and replace batteries is easy. To do this, you need to find the lid of the power compartment. Usually it is located below, on the back of the case. The lid is clung, pressing to the rifting zone and moving in the direction of the arrow painted on it. After that, you need to pull out the old ones and install new batteries.

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Troubleshooting Remote Control Issues for your Samsung TV | Samsung US

Another situation when the TV does not turn on from the remote control, consists in oxidation or weakening of contacts in the power compartment. Check it is quite simple. Having removed the lid, you need to move the batteries. If they hang freely, it is necessary to squeeze the metal plate of contacts using a screwdriver.

All steel details in the compartment are also inspected. If there is a lot of dirt and oxides on them, food does not act. In this case, of course, the remote control does not see the TV. All oxides and dirt need to be removed. This is done with a ear wand moistened in alcohol. If the corrosion process has gone too far, you will have to use a sharp metal object.

Light-emitting diode

Another reason why the TV stopped responding to the remote control is in the fragment or failure of the signal IR LED. The naked eye cannot be checked by his work. For this you will need a smartphone. The camera starts on it, after which the PDU is sent to its lens.

If the remote control is working, when clicking on its buttons, the LED works, and flashes will be visible on the smartphone screen. If this does not happen, the device needs repair. Users without the necessary skills are recommended to take the device to the service.

The wrong signal frequency

The remote controls are not always carefully checked and calibrated at the manufacturer. When marriage of electronic components, a situation may develop when the channels do not switch on the TV, it does not turn on and does not respond to the supplied commands. This is due to a strong mismatch of the frequency of the transmitted signal.

Advice! Conduct a check is quite simple. You need to take a remote control from the same TV model or compatible if the manufacturer complete the whole series of his products with the same distance. If everything works fine with another remote control, then the full.Time must be carried to the service.

As the practice testifies, workshops specialists quickly determine the reasons for the frequency change and correctly set the remote control. According to users, a similar problem is often found on TV brands LG and Sony. From inexpensive brands can be noted DEXP.

The signal is weak

With the uncertain signal of the remote control, the TV operating system may not determine the served command and not react. In this case, the corps indicator flashes, but nothing happens. This problem is known, found on the TVs of the Samsung and Philips trademark. To restore communication with the remote control on TV, the Program and Volume buttons (plus or minus, different models may differ at the same time).

The same problem may arise on devices of other brands, for example, Sharp or Toshiba. Especially having a smartt. If pressing the specified combination of buttons does not help, update the device firmware. Most often, the operating system has an appropriate menu item for such an action.

Also, do not forget that the hardware solution of the remote controls of individual brands is different. They differ in the power of the transmitter and the configuration of the installation site of the LED. Therefore, do not exceed the range at which the remote control should be from the TV. In some Philips models, it is 5 meters. You can find out the specific value for your TV both experimentally and from the instructions for the operation of the product.


Interference affects both the signal broadcast channel and the operation of receiving devices. Their source may be:

  • Microwaves;
  • Daylight lamps;
  • Halogen lamps;
  • Direct sunlight falling on a TV in the location of the IR receiver;
  • Unprocessed powerful equipment;
  • Warm and hot objects that are close to the remote control, including popular salt lamps.

Especially often the influence of interference is manifested in the kitchen. The user suddenly discovers that when the microwave or microwave operation, the TV installed on the technique does not turn off the remote control and does not switch the channels. The problem is solved simply: the device must be rearranged.

Important! The TV operating instructions must indicate at what distance from heat sources, under what conditions it should be established. Following the instructions is the best way to prevent the impact of interference and shifts on the operation of electronic equipment.

When to buy a new remote control

In some situations, the repair of the PDU cannot be carried out independently. You need to weave a fee, but there is no desired skill? In this case, you have two ways:

  • Take the switch to the nearest service providing repair services. Experts will independently find all the necessary details and perform repair work.
  • Buy a similar switch on the market or order Internet delivery.

The second option is much cheaper. Different services attach a description, characteristics and price of technology, which will allow you to choose a budget option.

Today in the kit with almost all electrical devices is the remote control. No exception and TVs.

Switch the channels without getting up from the couch, which could be better? In case of its breakdown, do not immediately go to the store and buy a new device.

The above tips will help to identify and eliminate the malfunction, otherwise you can always seek help from a specialist or in the service center. But then you have to allocate money for repairs.

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