The Release Of The New iPad Pro 11

The Release Of The New iPad Pro 11

What will the new iPhone 12 be in 2020?

The first rumors appeared on the Internet about the iPhone 12 model, which will be released in 2020. So far, we have not seen the official presentation of the iPhone 11, but it seems that Apple is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain mystery around their future inventions.

Here will be collected all the more or less reliable rumors about the gadget, which you can trust at least in some part. So far, there is not too much of such information, but now you can get a superficial idea of ​​how the design in the iPhone 12 can be, how much it can cost and what functionality will be in it.

IPhone 12 Display

Not so long ago, Digitimes announced that 2019 will be the year of gadgets with OLED screens. But it seems that next year Apple plans to use this technology for its fresh smartphones.

A spokeswoman for Apple’s product parts company said the corporation will release three smartphones with OLED displays in 2020. The diagonals of the models will be 5.42, 6.06 and 6.67 inches. This, complete with technologies for displays, means that the corporation has increased revenues, since without them such a strategy would be too unprofitable even for the “apple”.

After such information, it remains to be hoped that Apple scientists will be able to solve the problem over time, providing their MicroLED technology with the advantages of OLED screens. Here you will have to work on energy saving issues, and on the effects, after which iPhone users get tired too quickly.

Estimated iPhone 12 sizes

So, as mentioned above, in 2020 we will get devices with displays of 5.4, 6 and 6.7 inches instead of 5.8 and 6.5. The R model will retain its size, remaining the same 6.1-inch smartphone.

Yes, Apple does not intend to return to the era of small devices, and some users sadly recall the very compact iPhone 6 and iPhone SE with their displays a little more than 4 inches. Most likely, with an increase in the size of the phone, the number of available functions in it will increase, as was the case with the iPad with a diagonal of 7.6 inches. But so far it is impossible to say exactly how the developers decide to take advantage of the available space, because the main components also become more compact every year.

Will there be an iPhone 12 5G

According to statements by Kuo Ming Chi (the same employee at the supplier of components for Apple devices), he says that it is likely that 5G technology will be supported in the two older models of 2020. As expected, the company will give customers a choice: take an expensive gadget with an additional function or save some money by acquiring the R model without 5G.

Today, 5G networks are present in only a few large cities, but next year there will be an order of magnitude more antennas in the world. But how far the use of technology will be relevant is not yet clear. As it is not clear, how many consumers will want to overpay for the purchase of a device, the chip of which will be a slightly faster download of files from the Internet.

And it may happen that Apple does not want to learn 5G so quickly, having waited until more countries provide their residents with a sufficient number of towers. Then the inclusion of technology will become more rational, and buyers themselves will look for devices that support this convenient function.

Will there be an iPhone 12 Touch ID?

You all know that Apple decided to abandon Touch ID for the sake of Face ID in iPhone models, starting with the iPhone X. If the developers wanted to leave both functions, then their expensive smartphone would become even more expensive. And therefore, this made no sense, and manufacturers had an extra incentive to pay more attention to making Face ID the best quality tool.

But now there is information that Touch ID may return. Perhaps this will be done to improve smartphone authentication of its owner, and perhaps to provide users with a choice and guarantee better protection against hacking.

Actually about the return of Touch ID says that Apple has long been developing technology for using the entire surface of the screen as an authenticator. If the employees of the “apple” can bring it to mind, then using a smartphone will be as convenient as possible (to unlock, you can touch any part of the display). If this does not happen, then Face ID will continue to improve, becoming even faster.

About the 12th iPhone cameras

2020 may be a time when Apple fans will see a full-fledged augmented reality camera on their smartphones. There are no serious facts to prove this theory, but some rumors have been circulating for a long time. In the end, this technology could be a real breakthrough, as Apple is always trying to be the first to introduce new chips in their products, setting trends for other smartphone manufacturers.

Representatives of Bloomgerg represented by Debbie Wu and Mark Gourmet in January in their conference said the following:

“The 3D camera, which is now used in Apple devices, is included only to scan people’s faces. It works at a distance of 25 to 50 centimeters and does not give special advantages. The new 3D camera will work at a distance of up to 4.5 meters and will allow scanning the environment in order to create additional objects in it. ”

It is likely that the camera will use a laser scanner instead of the current point projection, which does not work at a long distance. IOS 13 will be able to combine the capabilities of front and rear cameras, and then we will have a real explosion!

Of course, if you are not a fan of AR-technology, then you are unlikely to be pleased with the rise in price of smartphones from Apple due to the use of new 3D-cameras. But so far this feature has been included only in special glasses that do not satisfy all the requests of those who are interested in augmented reality. And therefore it will be quite logical if Apple decides to expand the capabilities of its flagship devices at its expense.

Will there be USB-C in the iPhone 12?

Many manufacturers of modern smartphones are trying to get away from using physical buttons and ports, which will significantly increase the security of using the device. Less risk of moisture penetration, fewer parts that can break. But will Apple decide to completely abandon the wire?

Of course, wireless charging is convenient and practical, but, firstly, getting rid of buttons and ports is quite problematic, and secondly, charging a smartphone by wire is much faster. It is likely that for now, developers cannot fully switch to USB-C, leaving Lightning support for the 2019 and 2020 models.

A few more details

No details about the color palette of the iPhone 12 yet on the Internet walks. But there is a possibility that Apple will decide to show the R model in a slightly larger color range than before (maybe we will see smartphones in blue, purple or some kind of gradient). The XR model is likely to be seen in the Product Red format.

As for the release date and announcements, they should be expected, as usual, in the middle or at the beginning of September 2020. Devices can go on sale from September 18, 2020 (usually a week after the presentation), and the price tag will definitely be at least 1,000.

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