The plus button on the iPhone does not work

What to do if volume buttons on iPhone don’t work

Volume buttons on iPhone are working weird. Sometimes they don’t respond or change ringer volume instead of overall system volume. How to fix it?

Some Apple smartphone users have problems with volume buttons. Sometimes the buttons do not respond at all, sometimes they work intermittently, and sometimes they work unpredictably.

Now let’s find out what to do if you faced this problem.

Why is the power button on your iPhone malfunctioning?

There are quite a few reasons that can cause the power button on your iPhone to stop working.

10 reasons why the power button does not work on your iPhone

The most common reason that brings a lot of problems to every iPhone user is a simple software failure. It’s not that hard to detect, in rare cases it’s harmless to your iPhone. Nevertheless, it can scare any user if it catches him by surprise.

Fixing a software glitch is easy, if it is a one-time phenomenon and there are no problems with updating iOS. In that case, in order to make the power button on your iPhone work again, you just need to restart your smartphone.

The second most common reason why your power button on your iPhone might not work is an improper update or bad jailbreak procedure. One way or another, not everyone knows how to properly update their devices.

Many users take the installation of updates very lightly: do not download them to the end, interrupt the final reboot, download updates when the percentage of charge is low due to poor internet. Each of these items can cause a “broken” update, which will bring a lot of small and large troubles to your iPhone.

Only a technician will be able to identify the incorrect update and say for sure that it is the cause of the malfunctioning power button on your iPhone. But you can monitor your device yourself: usually a wrong update does not bring any one problem, there should be other glitches in the system that have not been observed before.

If you find them. try downloading a previous iOS backup via iCloud, if you have created one before. The worse from this procedure certainly should not be, and if you correctly diagnosed. the work of the power button will return to normal after restoring the former version of iOS. Then you can try to update your iPhone again.

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Sometimes the power button on your iPhone fails because too much dirt has accumulated inside, preventing the contacts from working. One way or another, we often don’t notice what hands we use to pick up our smartphone, where we leave it and we rarely keep our iPhone clean.

If there is dirt in the small slots around the button, you might notice some jamming of the key. But it will work if pressed hard. In this case, you can very gently clean the small connectors around the iPhone power button with a needle. It is very important not to overdo it, so as not to damage the contacts and not to dismantle the button.

If the dirt is blocking the inside of the button and is preventing the contacts from working properly, you are unlikely to be able to clean it yourself. You can try to drop some alcohol on the button (one drop, no more) and then very carefully press it, as if distributing the alcohol inside. However, keep in mind that such actions can cause additional damage if the components of the power button stub or any other part in your iPhone have been damaged.

Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, it is better to contact a master of the service center and ask him to diagnose your device.

Most iPhone contact with moisture can have unpleasant consequences. Yes, Apple is trying to keep users safe and provides advanced moisture protection on the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models. Nevertheless, the risk of damage after moisture is still very high so if you encounter moisture in your iPhone, be sure to contact the service center for a diagnosis by an experienced technician.

If you notice the iPhone power button sticking after contact with moisture, it could indicate damage to the cord or oxidation of the button contacts. It is very important to realize that getting into contact with sugary liquids, sodas, tea, or coffee is doubly destructive to iPhone components.

Such a problem can only be solved by fully restoring the iPhone after it has been exposed to moisture. You can perform this procedure at the service center.

Dropping your iPhone is just as destructive to its components as contact with moisture. If the power button stopped working after you dropped it or took a hard hit, it is very likely that its cable was damaged or the contacts broke.

Unfortunately, you can’t fix this problem on your own. However, if you don’t have time to visit a service center or call a repairman at home right now, you can use the AssistiveTouch hotkey to lock and turn on your iPhone.

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Go to the main settings menu
  • Open the Universal Access settings tab
  • Then activate the AssistiveTouch function
  • After that, the system will prompt you to create a special hot button on the screen, which may be responsible for locking or turning on/off your iPhone.
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Warning! This is only a temporary fix. Please do not neglect this way and apply to a master in time to avoid other damages.

Power button loop failure

Unfortunately, even Apple users are not insured against system and hardware failures on their iPhones. Sometimes faulty components are defective due to defects in production. Power button cable is not an exception.

While you can fix a software failure yourself, failure of the power button plume on your iPhone, which can be caused by many different factors, is almost impossible to fix by yourself.

over, such a failure can only be diagnosed by a master, so do not delay a visit to the service center.

If you have an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max

Press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Calibrate the Home button on your iPhone

There is an interesting trick available in iOS, with which you can calibrate the “Home” button. To the end it is not clear why and how it works, most likely in this way is clearing the memory and closing applications that affect the CPU. Here’s how to calibrate the home button:

Open the Weather app, Stocks, or any other pre-installed app.

1) Press and hold the power button until the “Turn off” slider appears.

2) Now press and hold the home button for 8 seconds until the slider disappears.

This action should close the current app and restart it, after which the home button should become more responsive.

And now how to turn on a turned off iPhone

Without the Power button, you’ll need to power on your iPhone. Just plug it into your computer, charger, or PowerBank and your device will instantly turn on.

Keep this in mind before turning off your iPhone with a non-functional power button.

Thank you re:Store for useful and interesting information.


How to turn off (and turn on) your iPhone or iPad if the power button doesn’t work

Go to the Settings → Basic menu;

Scroll to the very bottom and press the “Power Off” button;

Swipe to the right on the “power off” slider.

Naturally, this raises a legitimate question:

Replacing the entire button with the loss of Touch ID functions

If on the iPhone models with a physical button to replace the damaged module is possible, although with a loss of performance of the fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 7/8 models such repairs are impossible.

The button is touch-sensitive and if a non-native component is installed, it is simply not recognized by the device. Both the Touch ID and the Home button itself will not work.

The ubiquitous Chinese have found a solution to the problem. Here is a thing from AliExpress that can help in this situation.

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Our reader has already tested this solution and is very pleased with it.

At first sight it looks like a Chinese button that is installed instead of the original one on old iPhones with a physical key.

This button is also a physical one (has a movable press button), but with a built-in Bluetooth module. How about this?

The button is connected instead of the original one, and after installation it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. So pressing the button is perceived by the system as pressing the Home button and allows you to go to the home screen, run the multivalue panel and take screenshots.

How to repair: buttons like JC home already offer to install in many unofficial service centers. You can order a similar device on ALiExpress and just find a smart wizard for replacement or pay 1500-2000 in the service.

Why the Mode Switch Button Does Not Work?

The easiest variant is a faulty button. It may malfunction due to dust or liquids, or due to normal mechanical wear and tear. In the first case it is enough to wash and clean the button, but in the second case you will need to replace it.

The cable is more complicated to deal with. On the one hand it can be a simple defect (loose or oxidized contacts), but on the other hand it can be a wire breakage inside the cable.

Failure of the vibration motor is not common, but it can also malfunction due to trapped liquid or due to impact after a fall. The vibration mode will not work. In this case you need to replace the vibration motor for a new one. But the most complicated one is a burned-out microcircuit. If it is easy to replace the button or cable, you will have to unsolder the chip.

Can a bad button be repaired by yourself??

If you are good with technique and are not afraid to damage it you can fix it yourself. But before you start, you should clearly understand that determining the nature of the defect is not an easy task, and any careless move can lead to further damage to the device. In addition, when buying spare parts yourself, there is a great risk of buying low-quality products.

That’s why we recommend to contact our service center. Total Apple. Especially if replacement parts are needed. We offer only original Apple spare parts, so we can guarantee the exclusive work of the buttons “Power”, “Home”, “Mute” for three years after replacement. Work itself will be done within 15-45 minutes (depending on the model). Also you can get 5% discount when ordering on the site.

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