The phone sees wi-fi but does not connect

Here I analyzed a few comments that visitors leave on the site, checked the requests and realized that there is a very common problem with Wi-Fi connection, which I have not written about. But a lot of comments were left on the site asking for help, to solve this problem. I advised something there, but I don’t know if my advice helped you (rarely anyone writes about the results # 128577; )

The phone sees wi-fi but does not connect

And yesterday, Roman (Thank you kind man # 128578; ) to the article How to connect a phone (tablet) to an Android OS to Wi-Fi? left a comment in which he shared information on how he solved the problem “Saved, WPA \ WPA2 Protection”. This comment helped me sort out the problem a bit, and I decided to collect all the tips for solving this error in one article.

The essence of the problem

When you connect your phone or tablet (most likely on Android) to your home network, or somewhere in a cafe, an inscription appears next to the network name “Saved, WPA \ WPA2 protection”. And nothing more is happening. If you click on this network and select To plug, then nothing will happen. What this error looks like, you can look at the screenshot above.

I specifically provoked this problem on my Asus RT-N13U Wi-Fi router and tried to connect the HTC One V (Android 4.0) phone. So I got this inscription “Saved, WPA \ WPA2 protection”. over, everything turned out the first time. How? Yes, very simple. In my router settings, “Wireless Mode” was in Auto mode, and I set n Only. Saved settings, disconnected the phone from Wi-Fi, but failed to connect # 128578 ;.

The main causes of the error “Saved, WPA \ WPA2 protection”

Friends, I can’t say exactly everything and give advice that will be one hundred percent working, I hope you understand. All devices are different, everyone’s settings are different and there are still many nuances.

But I will try to collect the reasons I know and how to solve them, through which such a problem with connecting to a wireless network may appear.

If you see “Saved, WPA \ WPA2 protection” on your phone when connecting to a wireless network (it may be a little different), then you should check these settings (I advise you to check in the same order):

To get started, just reboot the router.

Several times already noticed such a problem: the Internet on the phone just stops working, but there is a connection and the network is good. I turn off and turn on Wi-Fi on the phone, but it doesn’t connect to the network anymore, it says “Saved, WPA2 protection”. Only rebooting the router helps.

  1. Set the correct region in the router settings
  2. Check the password for the Wi-Fi network
  3. Check (change) the operating mode of the wireless network in the settings of the router
  4. Check (change) the encryption type and security type, change the password in the router settings
  5. Experiment with changing the channel on which your wireless network works.
  6. Try changing the channel width.

And now more in detail on all counts

Set the correct region in the router settings

Very often, this error occurs precisely because the wrong region is in the Wi-Fi settings.

I will show Tp-Link as an example how to change the region. If you have a router of another company, then these settings are likely to change on the same page where the name and other settings of the wireless network are set.

In the control panel, go to the tab Wireless (Wireless) and opposite the item Region indicate the country in which you are located.

Save the settings by pressing the button Save (Save).

Verify password and reconnect

Perhaps you simply entered the password incorrectly (though then most likely there will be a constant connection in a circle. But you need to check it), and before you get into the settings of the router, I advise you to check it.

You ask how can I enter the password again, because the password request does not appear. You need to remove the connection. Just click on your network and select Delete.

Now, click on your network again and enter your Wi-Fi password. Just make sure it is correct. If you forgot, then look at the password in the settings of the router, or on the connected computer (if any). details in this article.

Checking the wireless mode

It seems to me that this is the main reason. It’s just that your device (phone, tablet) may not support the operating mode in which the router works.

The operating mode is those incomprehensible letters b / g / n, which you probably already noticed in the router settings. Try experimenting with changing the mode. After each change, do not forget to restart the router and turn Wi-Fi on / off on the phone (tablet).

So I installed n Only instead of Auto and an error popped up. And if for example you already have n Only in the settings? Here are the problems.

Change the type of encryption / security, password

It may be that your device simply does not like the type of security, or encryption, that the router uses. Or do not like the password.

I advise you to set the following values:

WPA / WPA2. Personal (Recommended)

PSK Password (key). at least eight characters and only numbers.

We save, reboot the router, delete the connection on the phone, and connect by entering a new password.

Attention! After changing the password, or other security settings, problems may appear with the connection of other devices that have already been connected to this network (computers, laptops, televisions).

You need to delete this connection on the devices and establish the connection again. Here’s an article How to remove a wireless network connection and reconnect to Wi-Fi?

We experiment with the channel on which the Wi-Fi network works.

Unlikely, of course, but maybe. About what a wireless network channel is, how to change it and why, I wrote in an article. How to change a channel on a Wi-Fi router? Why change the channel?

Try to experiment, and suddenly it helps.

Channel width

There is such an item in setting up a Wi-Fi router as Channel width. If you have, for example, TP-Link and the menu in English, then it is called Channel width.

There you can choose several options: Auto, 20MHz and 40MHz. depends on the router. Try to install first Auto (or in Asus 20MHz / 40MHz), if it does not help, then separately.

Where to change the channel width?

We go into the settings of the router (address, or, enter the username / password. look at the bottom of the router).


Go to the tab Wireless network and change the value opposite Channel width.


Tab Wireless. Wireless settings, paragraph Channel width.

Do not forget to save the settings and reboot the router.


I wrote everything I wanted. I really hope that my advice will help you. You will get rid of this problem and make friends with your phone or tablet with a Wi-Fi router # 128578 ;.

Perhaps you know other solutions to this problem, share them in the comments. I will be grateful!