The phone does not see the SD card what to do

What to do if the phone stops seeing a microSD memory card or a USB flash drive?

Memory cards (Microsd) are often used as an additional data storage on mobile devices. Loss of access to this storage can become a real disaster for the user, because many keep photos and other personal files on them, which often exist in a single copy. In addition, access to applications that were placed on this medium disappears.

Why doesn’t the phone see a memory card or a USB flash drive that worked regularly yesterday and read? How to solve the problem on your own?

Why is the memory card not displayed

The situation by which the smartphone does not see the memory card happens quite often and occurs for a variety of reasons. This may be a failure in operation of the software, smartphone, moisture or falling the device from a high height, as a result of which damage occurred. Perhaps there was a breakdown of the drive itself. Of course, you can immediately go for a new flash drive, but it’s better to try to do something.

Why a memory card may not be displayed in a smartphone?

  • Reload the smartphone. It is best to turn it off for a couple of minutes, and only then turn it on. This is the easiest way to get rid of the internal malfunction of Android.
  • Remove the memory card from the smartphone and insert it back. Perhaps the contacts do not fit each other well.
  • Reset smartphone parameters to factory settings.
  • Try to insert your Microsd into another device. If it does not find a card, then the whole thing is in it.

How to identify and eliminate the problem with the memory card

It is necessary to find out what leads to a failure in the work of the flash drive. The drive itself or the phone itself. For this, a common diagnostic method should be done:

phone, does, card
  • Remove the problem card of memory and install in another device. If it does not work, then the problem is in the drive.
  • Install another work card in a problem phone. If it doesn’t work, then the problem is on the phone.
  • Observe how the memory card and the phone are separately working.

If the malfunctions are manifested, follow the recommendations below. Otherwise, use the new flash card.

Check the correct installation of a memory card

In most phones, cards are laid in the cassette, after which they are installed in the receiver for cards. Sometimes there are telephones with a traditional installation without a cassette.

Electronics manufacturers always mark which side and in which slot should install the card. But users still often confuse the side or connector. Therefore, you should make sure that the card is installed correctly.

Format the memory card format

A new or previously used memory card before installation on the phone is recommended to format. The action is performed through the computer if there is a card reader, or in the device itself, if the card is displayed in the settings.

To format the memory card, the phone with the phone should be:

phone, does, card

If the phone does not see the drive in the settings, use the cartrider. For the reader compatible with SD cards, you need an adapter from Microsd to SD.

In the cards used in the DVR, camera or camera, the incompatible file system is often used. Therefore, when formatting, you need to choose a file system supported by the phone. Such information should be clarified by the manufacturer of your device. If the Android OS is installed on the phone, the following file systems are supported: YAFFS and YAFFS2, FAT, NTFS, VFAT, F2FS, EXT2-EXT4 and UBIFS.

Important! In the maps of the recording from the rewriting of the recording. Such drives do not work in 90% of cases and are protected from formatting. The best way to clean such a card is to install in a DVR and format. At the same time, it is worth turning off the rewriting protection if such a function is available.

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Clean the contacts of the card

Sometimes the drives of the drive are oxidized. Covered with a thin oxide film, which prevents the normal connection. In this case, cleaning a cotton wool with alcohol helps. If there is no alcohol, then an ordinary stationery gum is suitable. Gently wipe the contacts without effort.

Check the compatibility of the flash drive with the phone

There are five generations of memory cards that differ in the maximum volume of data storage:

Each subsequent generation is compatible with the previous. If the phone supports SDHC cards, then SD cards will work. But SDXC and SDUC cards will not work. Therefore, visit the site of the manufacturer of your device and specify which generation of cards your phone supports.

Make sure there are no software restrictions

If you connect the card via OTG cable, but the drive does not work, then perhaps such a function is disabled or cut out in the system. In this case, the program StickMount will help. The utility automatically mounts or brings up the drive. At the same time, for the full operation of the program, it is necessary to grant Root rights.

It is also impossible to exclude the malfunction of the OTG cable, connector or the flash drive itself. If the drive and connector work, use the other OTG adapter.

Reloading the reset of settings or firmware

If the problem arose as a result of a software failure, then restart the phone. Often such a primitive measure allows you to solve the problem with the work of the memory card.

SD Card Not Detected/Showing Up on My PC? Fix It!

Also reset the settings and re.Set up the phone. The reset is required after firmware while saving data or updating via FOTA. Some files can cause a conflict in the operation of the system and violate the operation of the memory card. To reset the settings, follow the instructions in the pictures below.

The reset of settings did not solve the problem? Then you should think about installing another firmware, or rollback to the previous version, if such an opportunity is provided for.

Replace the memory card

Often memory cards fail due to wear, short circuit, magnetic or thermal influences, marriage. Fake cards and dubious origin (from China) are more likely to break. In this case, replace the card of another. If the drive is under warranty, then specify the possibility of exchanging at the point of sale.

Hand over the phone for repair

If no work card is displayed on the phone, and the reset of settings, firmware and other manipulations do not help, then take the phone for repair. Perhaps the device has a hidden breakdown or defect, which can be detected with a thorough analysis in the service center.

Incompatibility of a memory card

New phones and flash drives appear annually, and Microsd is not always suitable for parameters (size or format). In rare cases, formatting does not help to solve the problem, and it remains only to acquire a suitable Microsd.

You can look for an adapter for a memory card, this is how the problem of inappropriate size is solved if it is too small. Below are the variations of adapters designed to optimize data transfer.

There is a way to optimize the operation of a flash drive and phone for this, the user will need to format a memory card through a Canon or Nikon camera if it is available. An adapter may be needed, since the camera’s nests are greater than the phone. Microsd should be inserted and formatted. The device is configured in such a way that it will automatically transfer the memory card into the most popular and easily readable format. After that, you need to return the flash drive back to the phone slot and check its performance.

Computer to help!

A more reliable way is associated with involving a computer in the process. The SD Formatter application is installed on a computer or laptop. You will also need a device like a cartridder. How to work with this utility can be found in numerous video materials available on the Internet.

If you do not want to download a third.Party program, you can use the internal reserves of Windows. You can connect a smartphone and a computer with a cable, but it is preferable to use a cartrider. Consider this particular option.

First you need to insert a microSD card into a reader. Depending on the available slots, this can be done directly or through the adapter:

Now we connect a cartrider to a personal computer. The section “My computer” should display a new disc. After clicking with the right button, according to its image, select “Format”. In the window that appears, you need, without changing other parameters, to put down the FAT or ExFAT file system. Run the process by pressing the button:

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The choice of another type of file system, NTFS can also help. But with this format a very limited number of smartphones works.

phone, does, card

These are the methods in which a computer or laptop takes part. And one more thing: use special software for low.Level formatting should be caused. Not all varieties of microSD cards are compatible with it.

How to determine why the phone does not recognize the memory card

Most often, the phone does not detect a USB flash drive due to systemic errors or incorrect user actions. First of all, it is necessary to identify why the smartphone stopped reading microSD, as well as look at the contacts. If they are clogged, just clean them with a cotton wool soaked in alcohol. In case of damage, it is necessary to entrust the replacement of the experienced master.

The problems most characteristic of smart devices of brands Samsung, Sony, Nokia and other models supporting Microsd:

  • Lack of the ability to detect a flash drive due to improper formatting.
  • Thermal or mechanical damage to contacts. They must be periodically cleaned, observing caution.
  • The volume of microSD exceeds the parameters allowed for the smartphone, and it does not support it.
  • Damage to paths in the nest.

Why does the phone not see the CD card

The solution to the problem with the adapter can only be solved if you understand why the adapter had such a problem. You need to find the root of all problems. Then it is worth considering all possible reasons, as well as the most effective methods to solve them.

Incorrect card format

In order to correct this situation, the user needs to carry out the procedure for formatting a flash drive. It is often mistakenly perceived by users: they think that formatting is understood to be fully deleted files on it. Yes, of course, in this process, all information from the card will disappear, but this is not important, but the fact that formatting is a change in format. From here comes the name of the process. It is also likely that the standard is programmed on the map that is not supported by the device.

Important! If earlier the flash drive was previously able to decide the device, but now it is not, then the problem lies not in formatting. The option of the wrong format can be considered only if the flash drive as a whole is new or formatting was previously performed.

As a rule, most smartphones support the FAT32 type. This is the most common and correct format. It is different from other modern formats such as NTFS and Exfat. So that the user can correctly return to the desired format, it is enough for him to perform the following procedure with Android:

  • First you need to connect the USB flash drive to the computer. This can be done in any convenient way, for example, using OTG;
  • Next, you need to open the “My PC” section on the computer;
  • Now it is worth finding an icon with your own memory card. Click on this icon with the right button;
  • The left clamp the item “Formatting”;
  • Next, select the desired file system. You can choose simply the most popular.;
  • Run the process.

Formatting should not take a lot of work time. After this process, the drive itself is quickly adjusted to the desired and new format, after which it opens ready for use.

Further, after the entire procedure, it is worth installing the CD card again on the phone, if the smartphone sees the card again, then the problem is solved. She was in formatting. If not, then it is worth trying other options.

Note! Formation deleys all data.

Memory cards are faulty

CD-card is a very small flash drive, a removable carrier, which is generally quite small. At its end, the user can find special contacts of golden or yellow color. With it, the user can read information through any other devices.

Due to the fact that the user can extract and insert the card back quite carelessly, carriers (golden excavations) may wear out. This can happen even after 10 years, and a prince of months after active use. You need to handle the drive carefully, its condition depends on it.

For verification, it is necessary to extract a memory card from the slot, and then pay attention to what kind of contacts it has, whether there are creases or various damage. If there are such shortcomings, then do not be surprised that the phone does not see the card. This is a fairly common reason, due to which the user may even need to receive an additional card, buy it.

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Experts say that it is worth changing the drive every 3-4 years. This will just help, so that there are no problems with contacts.

Damage to the connector

Previously, the batteries were only with a removable battery, so the card was inserted under it. However, at the moment, almost all phones have special slots into which data are inserted. They may look quite unreliable, so it can be quickly damaged. This can lead to the fact that information from the flash drive will be impossible.

It is difficult to solve the problem yourself and the only thing the user can do is to conduct a check and check the slot for damage and defects using a flashlight. If there is damage, then you need to contact a service center to a connector repair specialist. This is the only way to correctly solve the problem.

Program and system failure

If you look from the point of view of programs, then a memory card is such an element that in turn can be called a smart device for its operating system. Android is often subject to viruses. They can easily take and bring all kinds of problems into the gadget, for example, a failure. At the end, it appears that it is impossible to work with a flash drive.

SD Card Not Detected | SD Card Not Inserted | SD Card Not Showing Samsung/Android (WORKING 100%)

If the memory card is considered on another device, and not the right one, no, the memory card is fully fixed, then you need to download Kaspersky. Antivirus, which can be found on the official website in the Google Play application.

With the help of Kaspersky, you need to check the viruses. This can be done in a way that can be found in https: // youtu.Be/pnvfazdlytu

If the antivirus did not help, then it is worthwhile to reset the settings:

Important! It is always worth remembering that the discharge of the password and in general any data can adversely affect the work of not only the device itself, but in general storage. Before performing the operation, it is worth performing a backup copy.

Which memory card to choose for the phone

There are a lot of memory cards manufacturers. Among the most famous can be called Transcend, Sandisk, Kingston and Samsung. Buying these memory cards, most likely you will not face any problems. At least I always used these firms. Now I have Sandisk memory cards in all devices, and before that I chose Transcend. I have never had any special complaints about those or others.

My pretty battered, but living memory cards.

In the case that I spoke about at the beginning, I brought me a noname card from a store with souvenirs. Therefore, I treat them with great alertness. If you have such a card and it works, you should not tell everyone that everything is fine. I do not argue that she will work, but will be less reliable. If you bought a smartphone for 20,000, it is better not to regret the extra 500. It will be more expensive to cost a good memory card.

All the latest news from the Android world can be monitored on our website or Google News. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time.

As for the volume, then everyone chooses the volume that he needs. If you photograph a lot, shoot a video or like to watch a movie on the road, it is better to take a 128 GB card. Probably, this is generally the optimal volume of both money and performance. In old devices, large memory cards forced their carrier to slow down. Now there is almost this, but buying an excessive volume is also not worth.

But what exactly is worth is to buy a memory card with a high reading speed and record. It can be found in the characteristics of the map itself. The larger it is, the better and the limit for perfection in this matter is not. Only with a quick card you can shoot the video in maximum quality and the recording will not be interrupted. In any case, it must be understood that the advantages of a quick card are not only that you will damage it all in ten minutes instead of twenty, but also that the smartphone as a whole will work faster.

Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what memory cards you prefer to use you.

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