The Nokia 6700 Phone Does Not Turn On

The most popular phone among the entire latest line of brand phones Nokia, I myself am the owner of this. But this seemingly “ideal” phone also has a number of birth defects. One of these is a breakdown with an unpleasant inscription on the screen “Not charging”.

Reasons for the malfunction

The reasons for this malfunction can be a lot, I will give only the most common:

  1. Bad battery
  2. Bus closed BSI phone or battery
  3. Defective or missing circuit breakers
  4. Defective or missing temperature sensor
  5. Defective power controller and charging GAZOO 3.4

If with the first two points, I think you will not have any difficulties. That with the rest you can spend a lot of precious time and effort.

BSI bus

Many often lose sight of what is necessary to verify first of all. BSI the bus in the phone. After all, it’s according to it that the phone’s power controller monitors the mode and state of charging the battery, and it is precisely its malfunction that can lead to a refusal to charge. Checking it is quite simple, measuring the potential between the common contact (it’s minus) and BSI the output at the battery terminal, setting the multimeter to check the diode or in some “circuit” of the circuit, the reading should be more than 500. If not, then first remove the protective zener diode from the board R2070 (IP4302CX2LF) and check the readings again.

The Nokia 6700 Phone Does Not Turn On

Circuit breakers

They can be found on the keyboard board next to system connector, it is very clearly visible in miniature. How to check circuit breakers, I think you should not paint, the only thing to consider is that under load the readings can be completely different.

temperature sensor

Constructively temperature sensor mounted on the loop of the keyboard module at the system connector, next to the digital microphone. Check it sufficiently by measuring its resistance, which should be within 33. 47 kOhm. Also, the temperature sensor can be replaced, if necessary, with a simple resistor 47 kOhm.

GAZOO35 Power Controller

Well, the main culprit of all the troubles of charging is the power and charging controller Gazoo35, it is he who forms the charging current and only he processes the information BSI the tire that the battery passes to him.