The miracast does not work on LG

LG miracast doesn’t work

Technology has come a long way

A lot of people may have questions: on which phones you can use this function? Which smartphones and other devices support Miracast by default?

The equipment that has Miracast support:

If you are in doubt whether your hardware has support for this technology, follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Android devices

Learn how to connect your smartphone to your TV via Miracast in the following

How to check if you can enable Miracast on your Android smartphone? Sequence of actions:

If you have this item, the technology is supported. If this item is missing, then there is no support.

Instructions for iOS devices

In the settings you need to find the “AirPlay” section. It comes in all devices by default and indicates support for the feature. If it is missing, it is likely that the hardware is fake and not original Apple’s.

Instructions for TV

Today’s TV comes with Miracast from the start. To check if the function exists, you need to find the “Miracast” section in the TV settings.

Instructions for Windows 10 devices

Instructions are also available in the format

To check it, you need to do the following:

  • Use the system search option and type “Miracast”.
  • In the section that opens, you will see if your PC supports the projection feature.

What to Do If You Don’t Have Miracast Support? The problem can be solved by purchasing and installing a special receiver, which will make this function available for use.

What is Miracast for TV

Wi-Fi Certified Miracast is a popular technology created by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2012.

It allows you to communicate between your TV and another device wirelessly. Mobile gadgets contain a lot of photos, work files, videos, and game content. It’s easier to view on a big TV screen. With Miracast you can view your smartphone, tablet, laptop on your TV screen.

  • On Android, version 4 and later.2;
  • With Windows 8 and later, and Windows 7 when the WiDi driver is installed;
  • Linux.

At the heart of Miracast is an advanced Wi-Fi Direct technology. You could say it replaces an HDMI or MHL cable. You can transmit data both ways.

No compatible protocol for Apple devices. The analog is AirPlay.

Connect and set up Miracast to your TV by yourself

Connecting and setting up the technology

Now that all doubts about the promise of the technology are behind us, it is useful to understand how you can enable Miracast on Windows 10 by yourself in practice. We will help you to understand the details of the connection, although this process is not supposed to be very complicated. If your Windows 10 PC, Android, iPhone supports this technology, has an operating system at least 8.1, then you can safely go ahead and connect Miracast.

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Algorithm of connection and configuration

First, go to the settings of your TV, pay attention, whether the Wi-Fi module is turned on. If it is in the off state, be sure to activate it, as you will definitely not be able to achieve your desired goal without it. Now that we’ve figured out the wireless connection feature, it’s time to activate the Miracast feature itself.

Go back into the settings of your TV, go to “Settings”, select the line “Devices”, and then. “Connected devices”. In the window that opens you will find the “Add devices” button, use it and select the Miracast receiver.

In addition to making changes to your TV settings, you also need to make changes on your Windows 10 PC or iPhone. If you don’t, you won’t be able to communicate with Miracast on both devices. Neither your Windows 10 PC nor your smartphone will be able to meet your needs.

Setting up your smartphone

Setting up the iPhone, Android is not difficult. Initially, you should enter the menu, go to “Settings”, find there the parameter “Connection”, and then follow the line “Other networks”.

There you will find such a suggestion as “Screen Mirroring”, run it.

Once the name of your TV appears on your iPhone screen, clicking on it will immediately start the process of establishing a wireless connection between your iPhone and the TV using Miracast technology.

If you have done everything correctly, the screen of your device will display an identical “picture. If it was not possible to achieve a connection between the two devices, then try to go through the path again, perhaps you have made a minor mistake, which caused such a technical failure.

TIP. Unfortunately, if several attempts to set up a connection between your PC and Android using Miracast fail, then you can rest assured that your devices simply do not support the technology.

If you manage to connect, you’ll be happy to be able to watch a movie running on your Android, but being broadcast on a TV with a larger screen. You’ll feel like a spectator in a high-end movie theater.

WARNING. Don’t forget to only plug your Android in to the mains to ensure its battery is charged in parallel. This will help you avoid prematurely disconnecting your Android device before the movie is even over.

Setting up your computer

The order of setting the output image from the computer screen to the TV is also not very complicated, the key point is the support of wireless video streaming.

After making sure that both the computer and TV is connected to the same network, you just need to do the following steps to display the picture on the TV, namely:

  • Press the “WINP” key combination;
  • Among the presented options, find the line “Connect to wireless display” and open it;
  • Automatically start searching for active devices, ready to receive the transmitted content;
  • Click on the desired option and wait for a connection.
  • Confirm the connection on the TV.
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You will only need to check the correctness of the transmitted picture.

Possible problems

There are situations when you have to observe incorrect operation of Miracast or its complete failure. It is useful for each user to understand the causes of such a technical failure, which will allow to eliminate the problem and subsequently still use such a unique technology, to feel all its benefits in practical experience. A common reason why on your PC with Windows 10 installed, you cannot successfully connect both devices is the lack of drivers that enable the wireless connection module to work. Sometimes these drivers on your PC are simply outdated, so they need to be updated.

If this is indeed the case, download the necessary drivers, perform their installation. Don’t worry if you can’t find Windows 10 specific wireless module drivers. In this case download drivers for Windows 8.1, they should become correctly and ensure the successful functioning of this module. While connecting your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC, you may find out some not so happy news informing you that your Wi-Fi adapter simply does not support Miracast technology. In this case, you will need to connect your iPhone to your TV using HDMI.

So, if you want to watch on your big screen TV all the things you have on your computer with Windows 10 installed, use these recommendations. If all the necessary technical requirements are met by your devices, you are sure to successfully connect two devices without using a cable.

Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

The Miracast feature on your TV gives you many benefits:

  • Connection without a separate Wi-Fi network.
  • Watch video content in high quality.
  • High-speed IEEE 802 connections.11n.
  • Ability to set up an internal network without a router.
  • Works without installing additional app.
  • The ability to transmit video in 3D. Full HD.
  • Built into most modern devices.
  • Easy setup, intuitive interface.

The technology has minor drawbacks:

  • cannot transmit Ultra HD, as the maximum resolution that the standard supports is 1952 x 1200;
  • You may have trouble establishing a connection between the devices;
  • H codec is required to work.264.

How to stream your phone’s screen to your TV via Wi-Fi?

Go to the settings menu and click Show icon to select a wireless display. Open Wireless Display at the top of the page alternately ON, Then your Android phone will scan neighboring Miracast devices. Select Miracast adapter.

What you need to enable Miracast technology

For Miracast to work, your base (smartphone, tablet, computer) and destination (TV) device must support this technology. This applies to both hardware and software.

Operating Systems:Technology Support:
Windows 8.1 and higher Yes
Android 4.2 и 5 Yes
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) No
OS X and iOS No

You can find out if your device supports Miracast by checking its specifications on the manufacturer’s website.

Mirror Display Features on LG Smart TVs

One way to view your smartphone on an LG TV is Screen Mirroring. Almost all Android phones have this feature. LG labels the TV screen mirroring feature as Screen Share.

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Screen mirroring from iPhone / iPad to most LG Smart TVs may not be possible. However, there are workarounds, which are discussed after the next section on Android screen mirroring.

Advantages and disadvantages of Miracast technology

The Miracast standard allows you to send one device’s screen image to another directly over a wireless Wi-Fi network (the IEEE 802.11n), without using an HDMI cable. Data transmission is direct, you don’t even need a Wi-Fi router to connect. This means that the router does not introduce additional delays in video transmission between the two devices, and through traffic does not create additional load on the router, and does not overlap with the data transmitted by other users via Wi-Fi network.

Miracast technology is cross-platform and supported by different OS (Windows, Android, iOS). When transmitting a video signal over Miracast there is no loss of quality (maximum transmission quality is 1920×1200, t.е. UltraHD can’t be transferred).

You need to distinguish that there are actually two similar technologies for streaming video content between devices. Miracast and Intel WiDi. The technology is almost identical, but Intel WiDi has better stability, but requires the installation of the application Intel Wireless Display on your computer.

Connecting an image from your smartphone to your TV

To connect the image from your smartphone to your Smart TV via Miracast, follow these steps:

From the Smart TV menu, select Smart Home Settings NETWORK.

Select Miracast Intel WiDi (wireless display) and select On

At the top of your smartphone screen, tap Miracast. to activate this function. The smartphone will appear in the list of available smartphones on your Smart TV.

On your smartphone, select Smart TV. A pop-up window will pop up on Smart TV screen to confirm connection.

Once Smart TV is connected to your smartphone, you can view your smartphone screen on your TV.

Once the Miracast Intel WiDi (wireless display) is set to On Wi-Fi Direct will also be switched to On

Miracast connection may not work properly when your smartphone is connected to a wireless access point.

It is preferable to connect your device to a network with a 5 GHz.(WI-FI standard. “n”)

Devices that are not Miracast-compliant may have compatibility problems.

You can search on devices manufactured by companies other than LG, but not all devices from other manufacturers can connect to the TV.

You can find detailed information on how to use the device in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Some LG smartphones support Tag On connections.

Some LG smartphones support Miracast connection when connected to an access point.

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