The keyboard backlight on the ASUS laptop does not turn on

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How to enable keyboard backlight on a laptop

Many modern laptops have a backlight keyboard, so that it is more convenient to print any text at night. To turn on or disable the keyboard backlight, press special buttons. Sometimes, the keyboard illumination function may not work due to the disconnection in the Windows 10 mobility center.

In this guide on how to enable or disable the keyboard backlight on the Dell, HP, ASUS, LENOVO, Acer, MSI, Huawei, Xiaomi. Also, how to activate the backlight through the mobility center in Windows 10. And we will analyze the questions why the backlight goes out after a certain time, how to find out if there is a keyboard backlight function on the laptop and what to do if it does not work.

Mobility Center

Cut off the start menu in Windows 10 and write in the search “Mobility Center”, then run it. If the laptop has a keyboard backlight, then there will be a “keyboard backlight” that needs to be turned on. There is no below in the picture of this item.

keyboard, backlight, asus, laptop

Physical buttons

Most laptops have the opportunity to turn on the keyboard backlight by pressing the keyboard combinations. You must understand that the best way to determine which button is needed. This is visually to find the icon similar to the backlight. You usually need to press fnf1. F12.

To enable the keyboard backlight on laptops from the Dell manufacturer, you need to press FNF10:

  • FNF6. Dell Studio 15
  • F10. Dell XPS 2016 and 13
  • FNF10. Inspiron 15 5000, Latitude E5550, Latitude E7450 / E7470
  • Altf10. Dell 14 Inspiron 7000, 15, 2016, 15, 17 episodes 5000.

In HP laptops, the keyboard backlight is turned on using FNF5. Also:

On ASUS laptops you need to click fnf4


On lanovo laptops, the backlight is turned on fn professional

On Acer’s laptops, the keyboard backlight is turned on by pressing the FNF9 buttons in more expensive models as Aspire 7 you need to click FNI.

On laptops from the manufacturer MSI, the keyboard backlight is turned on using FN Plus and Minus on the Num Lock keyboard on the right. Also:


But Huawei/Honor laptops are turned on using FNF3 buttons


On Xiaomi laptops, the keyboard backlight is turned on by pressing a combination of FNF10 buttons

Why is ASUS keyboard no Windows 10 does not work?

In most cases, the problem can be solved by updating Windows 10 to the latest version. Together with the update of the operating system, the mass of the manufacturer’s modules is also updated.

The main reasons why the backlight may not work in your operating system.

  • Obsolete or wrong drivers. If the keyboard drivers (on a laptop or external) are not updated to the latest version, you will not be able to access all functions, including backlight.
  • Hardware problems. Sometimes the manufacturer’s equipment is not synchronized properly with the operating system. The system update, as well as the diagnosis and elimination of equipment malfunctions can solve the problem.
  • Launch of the executable HCONTROL file.Exe, which is responsible for the management of hot keys. Check the presence of this program from ASUS in background processes or run manually.

Before moving on to specific solutions, make sure that you entered the system as an administrator. You will also need an Internet connection.

Is there a difference in the backlight on the keyboard of the laptop and computer

The structure of the laptop keyboard is slightly different from the computer location of the buttons and the absence of an additional panel.

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But when you turn on the color of the buttons, there is no significant difference. As in laptops, the same situation with models and manufacturers of laptops is observed here.

ASUS Laptop. How to turn On/Off Keyboard Backlight

T.The keyboard is connected to the PC, then changing it with backlight will not be difficult, unlike the laptop. For PC, you can choose components of different manufacturers, depending on power and price category or for what purpose do you purchase a computer. And also manufacturers offer modern sensory panels that are very possible for configuration.

Backlight. A very necessary function for lovers to work at night. You can diversify the same type of lighting with different colors at your discretion.

The backlight consumes energy, thereby, the charge of the battery is much faster. However, the advantages of the function are much greater. In addition, lamps save electricity. Therefore, you can enjoy comfort. Use the possibilities of the device to the maximum.

Why is the backlight of the laptop keyboard operates for 10 seconds and turns off?

Some laptops use the function of automatic backlight shutdown after a certain time, when they do not press the keys. This is done specifically to maintain the autonomy of the laptop from the battery.

First of all, install the laptop from the manufacturer. There will be all the necessary settings for the keyboard backlight adjustment.

Surface 2 laptop must be pressed F7 or FNF7 to switch the extinction mode of the backlight.

On some laptops as Acer Nitro 5, the backlight is set at BIOS at Keyboard Lighting Timeout. If you are sure that the timaut is displayed in BIOS and there are no similar points in it, then you need to update the BIOS to the latest version from the manufacturer’s website.

The keyboard backlight goes out on some laptops only when the laptop works from the battery. When from the network, the backlight works all the time. If you can’t find how to switch the extinction mode of the backlight, do not want to go to BIOS, then try to set in the power parameters “high performance”.

How to enable keyboard backlight on ASUS laptop

ASUS laptop manufacturers have provided keyboard backlighting in the list of convenient capabilities of the device. And the midnight would be happy, but you still need to understand how you can turn on this useful function. In fact, there are no particular difficulties, you just need to know the procedure. However, if, after all the recommendations described below, it was not possible to turn on the backlight, then this is an occasion to contact the workshop of the ASUS service center.

You probably someday paid attention to the FN key on the left side of the keyboard. This is a special key of an additional type on a laptop. With its help, most of the special capabilities of your laptop are included. Including the keyboard backlight. You just need to click on “FN” and wait for the results.

If the button on the laptop for some reason could not help you, then there is always another way out.

You may have to select the right combination. To do this, carefully inspect the keyboard. On one of the buttons of the laptop ASUS N56V, X550CC, N76V, K53S, N550JV, K56C, N56VB, X550i, K750J you can find the keyboard icon.

Do not forget to pay special attention to the upper row to turn on the backlight, since the additional keys on the laptop are responsible for the regulation of many useful capabilities. If such a button was found, then click on it in combination with FN and enjoy normal backlighting.

Those who could not find a keyboard pattern will have to experiment. True, now you need to clarify whether your ASUS model really supports the desired option. Try to click alternately a combination of “FN” keys with additional “F1” buttons. “F12”. Be prepared for the fact that you will find many new properties of your device. For example, the second way to adjust the sound or tune the brightness of the screen. Then you can try the combination of “fn” “gap” and “fn” “Switching keys to the left/right”.

If even the last method did not help you, then you either do not work for the keyboard buttons, or vague guesses were true, and on your laptop this function is not provided. Try to calm down on this and not panic ahead of time. In case of emergency, you can create external lighting for the keyboard backlight using LEDs. Or use a USB lamp.

And do not forget, perhaps your backlight does not work due to the failure of resistors or LEDs.

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The keyboard backlight on the HP laptop is how to enable

Modern laptops boast of beautiful buildings and colorful backlighting elements. Most common models with a luminous keyboard. However, the glow of the keys is not always appropriate, and in some situations it just bothers. In this article, we will figure out how to enable and disable the keyboard backlight on the HP laptop.

And so that you better understand this topic, we suggest you get acquainted with the thematic video. It explains in detail all the steps from the text instructions.


Although the backlight is a convenient option for working at night, when the light from the screen creates glare on the buttons, and does not illuminate them, it is, nevertheless, not on all laptops.

In particular, such an option is not on old models, as well as on economy class devices from this brand.

Therefore, if all the backlight instructions proposed below did not help, it is possible that there is simply no such function on your device.

The backlight is not always convenient. For example, in the case when the buttons are smooth and glossy initially (or steel as a result of wiping with long use), the backlight can interfere, as it will create additional glare on the keys, and as a result of the image of the letters will become indistinguishable.

Exceptions are cases when the letters also glow and when the backlight is optimally balanced by power.

Advice! Look at the buttons on your laptop. If the images of the letters on them are translucent, then the backlight is almost certainly in your device.

Also, you can sometimes consider the LEDs directly next to the keys, and they are perfectly noticeable if the button is removed.

The keyboard backlight on the ASUS laptop does not work

Hello. ASUS laptop recently bought. There is such a feature as a keyboard backlight. The thing is not only cool, but sometimes useful, especially at night. And a couple of days ago this function disappeared. Question to experts: what to do in this case?

Depending on the model, this function is turned on and regulated by the functional keys on the keyboard. Inspect F3 and F4 for the presence of a special brightness symbol. It is necessary to hold the FN button and put it several times on F4 to increase the brightness of the backlight, and to reduce FNF3. Completely turn on or disconnect the backlight can be combined FN and Space (gap).

As I understand it, you have a warranty laptop, since it has recently been bought. Maybe it’s time to contact an authorized asus service? The problem, of course, is not of such a level most likely, but you should not interfere in the hardware of the most likely. I mean, a screwdriver in hand and forward. At least you can lose guarantees.

Most likely you will need to reinstall or install the ATKACPI Driver and Hotkey-RELATED UTILITIES driver. You need to download it from the official ASUS website in the “Drivers and Utilities” section indicating the laptop model and the version of the operating room. It happens that the latest version of the driver is not suitable for a specific computer configuration. Then try to install the previous release, after removing the current driver through the “Device Manager”. Be sure to restart after installing the computer. If the problem was in wood, then everything will work. Here is the link: https: // www.Asus.COM/RU/Support/FAQ/1035376.

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Thanks! Reinstalled the drivers and everything worked! Probably, due to the update of Windows, the backlight did not work, it may of course not for this reason, but the main thing is that it works))

I had the same problem on the ASUS R556QG. The FN button works, adjust the sound with it. But all other combinations do not pass, neither F3 and F4 nor Space. Reinstalling the driver did not help either. In short, the hand-down arrow helped/turns on the backlight by the method of folk poke.

I doubt that in your case something happened to the hardware. If any function has ceased to be adjusted with hot keys, then there may be something with the matrix itself or the train. But the laptop is new. Although, on the first day it can be poured with tea or drop it. There was nothing like that? If the problem is not eliminated by settings or through reinstalling the driver, it is best to contact the service.

I ran into the bye when the backlight is working and the brightness is adjustable, but its color is constantly changing. Or only blue is constantly on and I can’t change it. There is not a word about this on the Asus website, there is nothing in the instructions for the laptop either. Who has come across this, tell me how to solve?

I give free advice about adjusting the color of the backlight. The built.In laptop tools cannot be achieved. There are special utilities to help. Open the official ASUS website (I don’t understand why you could not find it there), enter the model of your laptop and go to the list of drivers. “Driver Utility”. Find and download a special backlight control service Armoury Crate. After installation, get the ability to adjust the brightness and color gamut of the keyboard backlight. The integration is very friendly, completely Russified. Enjoy the effects!

How to FIX all Asus Laptop Keyboard Light Not Working (No Light keyboard Backlight ) 2020.

There are also Aura Sync or Tuf Aura Core programs. They are selected depending on the laptop model. Watch the sticker on the case: if there is a color circle with the inscription ASUS AURA RGB. Choose the Tuf Aura Core program if the Assus aura Sync inscription is Aura Sync utility. Keep in mind that Tuf Aura Core regulates only brightness, color with its help not to configure. And further. Do not greedy and do not install several programs at once. Much in this case does not mean well, a conflict of applications is possible.

ASUS laptop backlight

The keyboard with backlight is installed only on some models of laptops, which mainly include gaming devices.

On the keyboard there should be a “fn” button in working condition.

In order to turn on the backlight, click the FN key and press the F4 button several times. Depending on the number of presses, the brightness of the illumination will gradually increase, allowing you to choose the most convenient values.

keyboard, backlight, asus, laptop

In some few cases, you can completely turn off the backlight by simultaneously pressing the “fn” and “Space” buttons.

NOTE: Slight of illumination cannot be disconnected by system tools.

On this we complete this article, since in accordance with the ASUS specification, the backlight cannot be turned off with other key combinations. If other combinations are used on your laptop, be sure to tell us about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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