The iPhone was blocked from the wrong password requires iTunes

The reasons for the Apple ID lock for security purposes and how to unlock it?

Hello! Apple carefully monitors the safety of the data of its users (and in the case of 53 errors on iTunes, this happens too zealously), therefore, with the slightest suspicion that someone is trying to hack your Apple ID identifier, it can easily block it. And call it in different words. Deactivated, disabled, blocked. Yes, in general whatever you like! Meaning and result from this will not change.

iphone, blocked, wrong, password

And the result, by the way, will ultimately be this: you can’t use the account. You need to perform actions to activate it. How to prevent such a state and what to do when everything has already happened? There is an opinion that we need to talk about it a little more in more detail let’s get down!

So, the lock is due to suspicious, according to Apple, activity in the account. What can be attributed to it?

  • Someone enters the wrong password many times.
  • Incorrectly answers control questions.
  • Indicates other erroneous data on the account.

Thus, the company believes that you are trying to kidnap the Apple ID and immediately blocks it for security purposes.

  • On the one hand, this is right, because if you choose the identifier and password, you can pull out all the data from the iPhone or iPad. For example, from backups it is very easy to get all the information.
  • On the other hand, what if the device and account belongs to you, and all those actions that led to the lock, you performed by chance? Well, you never know, the child has played.

Especially for this there is a special page that will help restore access to Apple ID.

It is located at this link and through it it will be possible to reset the password.

Nothing complicated. First enter the name of the account, and then just follow the instructions of the system.

If you do not remember the password, then, most likely, you will need:

  • Answers to control questions.
  • Mail to which Apple ID is registered.
  • And with the two.Factor authentication included, access to the device or phone number indicated as trusted.

Yes, it is a little more complicated, but safety is above all!

If you are mistaken here, then through a certain number of unsuccessful attempts, the system will limit access to the possibility of unlocking and you will have to wait the next day to try again.

Fix “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” | Easy Fix

However, there is an alternative option. To take advantage of the technical support of Apple. The phone number for the Russian Federation is indicated in the picture below.

By the way, if you are not from Russia, but in your country of those. There is no support, you can also use this number.

Updated! An article about other (all possible and impossible) methods of communication with the technical support of the company has been added. How to write or call Apple employee. I extremely recommend reading!

This option to unlock Apple ID is still a little easier. In the end, communicating with a living person is always more pleasant, and to achieve mutual understanding is easier. However, you should not think that it is enough just to call and remove deactivation-this is far from the case (you still have to answer various account questions). Therefore, it is better not to be lazy and prepare for a conversation with the operator according to the full program (just as if you had forgotten everything and everything).

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The iPhone is blocked. Connection to iTunes.

If you have introduced the wrong iPhone screen lock code for too many times, Apple’s security service will block you from additional operations for a short time. You can see the message that the iPhone is disabled. Repeat the attempt through X minutes if you continue to enter the wrong passwords, the iPhone will be blocked and disabled. It needs to be connected to iTunes for unlock. In this case, you will be offered, the iPhone is disabled to connect to iTunes.

Firstly, you must connect your iPhone to iTunes to unlock the iOS device, as will be proposed. Make sure that ITUNES is installed on your computer and you use its latest version. Then you can perform the following actions to unlock the disconnected iPhone.

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Iphone is Disabled, Connect to iTunes? 3 Ways to Unlock It!

iphone, blocked, wrong, password

Step 1 When you are faced with the iPhone blocked, connect to iTunes problem, you must connect the iPhone to the computer and run itunes. Given that you cannot unlock this disconnected iPhone, you should transfer the iPhone to recovery mode.

Step 2 iTunes will find that your iPhone is in emergency mode and is in recovery mode. Your iPhone requires updating or recovery to solve the problem. You are given 2 options, update and restore.

Step 3 You can try to use the ability to unlock the disconnected iPhone. After recovery, all previous data and settings on this iOS device will be deleted. You should restore various iOS data via iCloud or iTunes.

Fonelab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, delete the Apple ID or its password, remove the screen time or restriction password in seconds.

  • Helps you to unlock the iPhone screen.
  • Removes Apple ID or its password.
  • Remove screen time or password in seconds.

Reset the counter of incorrect attempts to enter the password iOS

As a rule, it is used for small “timeouts”. And this method would definitely help in my case. I would not have to wait for time to attempt to enter the password again.

All. We take the iPhone in our hands and see that the inscription “iPhone is disabled. Repeat through “disappeared. And no matter how much you had there. You can try to enter the right password again and unlock the gadget.

You ask: “If everything is so simple, then why are all the other options?»The fact is that this method will only work with the computer that is trusted (iPhone synchronized with it earlier).

iphone, blocked, wrong, password

If there is no such computer, then it remains only.

Possible problems

The unlocking operation is not always as smooth as described above. In some cases, errors may occur. Consider some of the most common.

“Find iPhone”

Restoration of local backup is impossible with the “Find iPhone” function on, which is one of the main safety measures in case of loss of the device. Thanks to its use, the search for geopolition and remote washing data are available. In our case, the appearance of such a notification means that for unlocking you will have to use the DFU mode.

iphone, blocked, wrong, password

Having completed the compulsory recovery, you can reanimate user data from a local or “cloud” copy.

Itunes does not recognize iPhone

In some cases, the iTunes program cannot recognize the iPhone when we try to connect to the PC by means of USB cable. In this Windows operating system, an error with the 0xe8000015 code appears. Sometimes it is accompanied by additional textual information about obtaining an incorrect response from the device. Typically, this behavior is associated with the inconsistency of the release of iTunes and firmware iPhone, which means you missed a large update.

  • Call the menu “On the Program” and watch the number installed on the PC version. Relevance can always be checked on the iTunes page and load the last assembly for the OS used on the desktop.
  • Forcibly reboot the iPhone. The device needs to be reloaded, not turned off and turn on again. The phone will still remain blocked, but at the same time, internal errors in. This operation is performed in the same way as the transfer to the recovery mode described above. The execution of these actions should eliminate the connection error 0xe8000015, after which the attempt to recover can be repeated.

Iphone unlock methods

10 attempts-a limit for entering a code-paralle on Apple devices. This is done to protect human personal information from hacking.

Starting with the iPhone 5s model, the device is installed in the devices to a touch fingerprint Touchid. Despite this, many users continue to use the standard password. And the more complicated the code, the greater the chance that the user himself will not be able to remember it. We will analyze the methods of solving the problem, and also find out whether it is possible to unlock the iPhone 7 if it was blocked as lost.

Using iTunes during previous synchronization

The most effective solution that will help unlock the iPhone 7 if it is blocked. Remember if the gadget was synchronized with the program until the blocking. If the answer is positive, then immediately connect the smartphone to the computer, and then follow the instructions

Created copies of all files (music, contacts, videos and notes) will not lose important information and transfer it to a restored device. How to unlock the iPhone 7, if you do not know the password and iCloud gadget? Using the recovery procedure.

  • Put the smartphone into firmware update mode. Hold the combination of the side lock button and the “home” button for ten seconds. The “apple” caught fire on the display? Release the lock, but do not let go of “home”. Then a signal will appear about connecting your smartphone to iTunes.
  • Using the cable, connect the smartphone to a personal computer. Wait for recognition, then use the function of “restore” the function. After pressing and ending the process, you will have an unlocked device in your hands with all the saved information, and the forgotten password will no longer cause problems. The easiest way to unlock the iPhone 7 through iTunes, as it will take a little more than an hour, but the information will be successfully transferred to your device.
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How to unlock the iPhone through iCloud

How to unlock the iPhone 7 if the “Find iPhone” function is configured? Apple ID account will become the key to solving the problem. Please note that the device after successful recovery is fully formatted. Unlock iPhone 7 from Apple ID is possible, you just need to use the instructions provided below.

  • Open the official website icloud in the browser. Entrance is possible from both a personal computer and from a mobile device;
  • Enter Apple

By resetting the counter of incorrect attempts

With a sixth incorrect input of the code-paralle, the smartphone is automatically blocked, but for a while. There is still hope for entering the correct combination of keys? Then the unlock iPhone 7 is possible, but it is necessary to drop the counter of the wrong attempts.

  • Connect the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to PC;
  • In iTunes, click on “devices” and select the “synchronize with (device name)” function;
  • Password will be discharged. You can use this method an infinite number of times.

Using the recovery mode

In the event that you did not connect the phone to the PC, did not synchronized the smartphone with iTunes and did not set up the “Find iPhone” application that will help unlock the iPhone 7 if it is blocked. Please note that after reset of the code-paralle, all information, photo and video are deleted.

First, connect the device to the computer using a cable. Enter in ITUNES.

Secondly, click the buttons: “Reducing the volume” and “Sleep mode”. Even after rebooting the device, hold the key combination.

Thirdly, wait for the appearance of a pop-up window and click on the “restoration”. Choose the second and expect the restoration of your smartphone.

By installing a new firmware

With the help of flashing, you can restore a locked gadget, but the phone will be completely cleaned. Also, on models 7 versions, you cannot lower the IOS version.

Using PC, open icloud and enter using Apple ID data. The “Find iPhone” function must be turned on, and then open the “All devices” tab “. After choosing your device and pressing the “Restoration” button, a forgotten combination of numbers will be dropped soon.

Using a special program (only after jailbreak)

How to unlock the iPhone 7 when hacking another person? Previously described methods become irrelevant, the only solution is to download Semi-Store. But for its normal operation, Openssh and Cydia are required.

The first step will be the transition to the official website of the Semi-Restore. From there, download the program, and then connect the gadget to the computer. After pressing the “Semirestore” icon, a green strip will be displayed, indicating a complete cleaning of the device. When the process ends, the unlock iPhone 7 or 7 Plus will follow, since the code-paralle will also be dropped.

How to unlock the iPhone without a computer (ICLOUD ERASE IPHONE)

Without a computer or iTunes? Then just let icloud help you unlock the disconnected iPhone, removing it remotely.

Enter iCloud.COM on another available phone and go to iCloud with Apple ID and password. Click “Find my iPhone” and select disconnect the iPhone in the menu “All my devices”. Erase iPhone tab in the upper right corner of the card. All contents and settings will be removed, and you can again configure your iPhone.

Causes of error: “iPhone is blocked, connect to iTunes

Before you decide what to do next, you need to deal with the reason for the message that the iPhone is disabled, so connect to iTunes. This situation can easily arise as a result of repeated entry of the wrong password, for example, if:

  • You yourself forgot it or changed it;
  • Someone from your family or friends confused the smartphone and tried to unlock it with his password;
  • Someone outsiders wanted to get access to the device in your absence.

So that the device is not blocked, you need to try to enter the password correctly and not exceed the limit of attempts. And of course, do not give it to strangers and children who can accidentally block access.

Accordingly, options for solving the problem how to unlock it, if the software filling says that the iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes, depend on the knowledge of the current password. It also matters whether you performed the backup procedure before the problem situation arises. If in both cases the response is negative, then you can say goodbye to data on the smartphone. Using the method recommended by the manufacturer will lead to complete erasing the contents of the memory of the device. This was done for security reasons so that random persons could not view personal information on an arbitrary device.

A more gentle option how to unlock the iPhone if it is disabled and writes, they say, connect to iTunes, is available if there is a backup copy. In this case, you can restore important data.

How to unlock the iPhone using a special program (only after jailbreak)

If your favorite phone is hacked by you or the previous owner, all methods are not suitable for you. They will lead to the fact that you will install an official firmware. You will have to download for this a separate program called Semi-Restore. It will not work if you don’t have an Openssh file and Cydia store on your phone.

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Download the program on the website https: // Semi-Restore.Com/ and install it on a computer. 2. Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable. After a while, the program recognizes it.

Open the program window and press the Semirestore button. You will see the process of cleaning devices from data and password in the form of a green strip. Expect, mobile can reboot.

When the runner “crawls” to the end, you can use the phone again.

When blocking the operator

A specific option that is faced with the use of devices purchased in Europe, the USA and other countries. They are also called “lacked”. Abroad, operators often provide communication services under a contract, which also includes the provision of the iPhone at a reduced price, provided that the contract is issued for the specified period.

Because of the fact that such devices are tied along the IMEI.Nomer to a particular operator, they simply cannot work in other mobile networks. When installing a “alien” SIM card, the smartphone does not catch a cell signal, and the notification “no network” or “SIM card is invalid” is displayed on the screen. Often this also leads to the fact that the iPhone cannot be activated.

What to do

If the smartphone has a reference of the operator, then it can be unlocked in three ways: by contacting the communication provider using the proxy.SIM card (“laying”) or resorting to the help of paid lupid services. The first method is the most reliable. The second is available, but unstable: “gaskets” work only with a certain version of iOS, and after the update you need to wait for the next version and buy it. The third costs a lot of money and does not guarantee the result.

Untie the iPhone through the operator

If you do not know what kind of provider the smartphone is tied to the network, then first you need to find out. The task is simplified if there is an original SIM card, box, or some documents on the hands.

When there is none of this, you can use one of the special services that provide various information about the device on the IMEI Nomer, including the name of the operator. For example, free Sickw.

Follow the link and enter IMEI iPhone, which is indicated on the box and in the “Settings” section → “Basic” → “On this device”. In the drop.Down list of checks, select Free. Iphone Carrier and click on the button with the emoticon. After a few seconds, the result will be displayed. The Locked Carrier line indicates the name of the operator, and a little lower. The country where the smartphone was bought.

Knowing the provider, you can go to the official website, find technical support contacts and call there. You will need a SIM card and documents to confirm your right to own the device: personal account number, check. If the contract is expired, it is likely that the operator will unlock the iPhone for free.

Unlock the iPhone via proxy.SIM.Card

For these purposes, special adapters Geeve, R.SIM, Heicard and other manufacturers are used. Detailed information about supported models, operators and firmware versions can be obtained from the seller when buying. With the release of new versions of iOS, old adapters stop working or operate unfulfilled (often without the function of transmission of cellular data).

In technical terms, everything is simple: a miniature device in the form of a substrate is installed on top of the SIM card, after which the resulting “sandwich” is inserted into the tray and placed in the iPhone. When turned on, the smartphone addresses the SIM card for registration on the network, and the adapter redirects service queries, forcing the device to think that it is on the network of the “native” operator.

This is quite unstable, although the working method. There are a number of restrictions for its use: for example, you can not drop the device to factory settings. It is also necessary to comply with some conditions (suitable versions of the software and model of the device) for a successful break.

Unlock iPhone through third.Party services

You can order such a service through paid unofficial services that have access to operators databases. The success of the operation is not guaranteed, but in case of failure, most of these services return money with the exception of possible commissions and mandatory payments.

If you decide to use this method, it is better to look for offers on eBay. There you can choose a seller with good reviews, and if something goes wrong, file a complaint and guaranteed to return the money. To find an appropriate sentence, go to ebay and drive the Unlock request for the iPhone operator Request.

This service costs from 15 to 80 dollars. The deadline is from several hours to a week, usually it takes from one to three days. At the same time, many sellers take up a scrap only if the iPhone is activated at least six months ago.

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