The iPhone sensor does not work after updating

Tips of professionals in eliminating the problem with a non.Working touch screen iPhone (2021.)

If you read this article, most likely, the touch screen of your iPhone does not work, does not answer or freezes like a brick. Do not worry, you received the correct guide to eliminate problems to fix the iPhone sensory screen that is not responsible. This is the problem of the iPhone, with which the majority (including me) came across quite often. From what I can judge from my personal experience, the problem of freezing the iPhone touch screen is mainly solved with the help of several reliable solutions. Nevertheless, let’s see how to fix the problem with the non.Working touch screen iPhone.

An early understanding of the root cause of the problem can save a lot of time, and also help you find the right solutions to solve it. So don’t forget to remove it from the road.

Why does the iPhone touch screen not answer?

The reasons why the iPhone touch screen hangs randomly, quite a lot. For example, the problem may be associated with obsolete software, problematic applications that have not been updated for some time, and even with a cluttered storage. In addition, the possibility of an error due to which the iPhone touch screen can never freeze.

Speaking of decisions, first of all, we will try to correct the freezing of the iPhone screen. As soon as the screen begins to react, we will use some practical tips so that the iOS device does not stop answering again and again.

Possible solutions to eliminate the problem “The iPhone screen does not respond to touch”

Whenever I discover that the touch screen on my iPhone does not answer, I always try to use hard discharge or, in fact, forced restarting iPhone. And I have to say that it mainly works with the correction of the screen on the iPhone. Given that it is quite easy to complete, and also does not delete any of your data and settings, you must try it right now.

Provided: Apple support service.

  • Hardware reset of the iPhone 8 or newer, including the iPhone X, 11 and 12 models: click the volume increase button. Then click the volume reduction button. Then hold the side button until your iPhone screen becomes black and Apple logo will appear.
  • Hardware reset iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: at the same time press and hold the volume reduction button and the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Hardware reset of the iPhone 6s or earlier version: press and hold the “home” button and the power button / side button at the same time, until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

After rebooting the iPhone, check whether the problem with a non.Working touch screen is fixed on your iOS device. If so, rejoice! If not, proceed to the next decision.

Although most protective films for the iPhone 13 say that they have Truetouch sensitivity, not all of them can live up to expectations. There are many protective screens that lose sensitivity in a collision with dust, dirt and fingerprints. So, make sure your screen protection works. Remove the protective film from the screen and try to use the iPhone. If the touch screen reacts to touch and touch, the screen protection is to blame, and not your smartphone.

If the iPhone touch screen still does not answer even after you removed the protective film, try to restore the device as new. This usually helps to solve even the most difficult problems. However, this is known as a nuclear solution, because it will delete all applications and data on your iPhone. Therefore, be sure to make a backup copy of the entire device in advance.

Connect the iPhone to the computer and run Finder (in MacOS Catalina or later version) or iTunes (in MacOS Mojave or earlier version or Windows). Then select your device. After that, click “Restore the iPhone” and follow the instructions to restore the iOS device as new.

If nothing works, contact Support Apple.

If none of the techniques mentioned above helped solve problems with hanging the touch screen on your iPhone, immediately contact Support Apple. The problem may be associated with damage to the screen.

Random falls or blows could lead to damage to the screen. Currently, the cost of replacing the screen 229 for the iPhone 12 mini, 279 for the iPhone 12/12 Pro and 329 dollars for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Screen repair costs 199 for the iPhone 11, 279 for 11 Pro / iPhone XS / iPhone X and 329 dollars for 11 Pro Max / iPhone XS Max. A technical giant charges 199 for the iPhone XR and 129 for the iPhone SE (2nd generation).

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Tips for preventing freezing iPhone touch screen

I hope the touch screen of your iPhone began to react. Now that you got rid of the problem, let’s try a few reliable tips that can be of great importance to prevent freezing or freezing of the touch screen of your iPhone!

iphone, sensor, does, work

Cluttered iPhone is faced with many problems. He not only unexpectedly slows down, but now and now it overheats. In addition, he also tends to discharge more batteries and freezes from time to time. Thus, you should never allow accumulation of excess files.

Ios offers a rather smart way to track memory consumption on iPhone. Thus, there is nothing wrong with capturing applications that occupy the most place. To do this, go to the “Settings” application on your iPhone. General. Iphone storage. In the upper part of the screen, you should see how the storage was used on your iPhone. In addition, you should also see a complete list of applications and how much space each of them took.

What to do if the touchscreen does not work after the iOS 11 update?

At the time of writing the solutions of the problem of the problem of the fluster work after updating on iOS 11, if the screen has changed on the device, two: it is seen:

    on the original part, or on a module with an original display and a copy of the glass.

  • IOS 11 software rollback to the previous version of iOS 10.3.3 (in some cases. Without the possibility of saving data).

Both roll back the iOS software, and replace the iPhone screen with an original part, or a module with an original display, can be in our service centers:

In view of a large number of calls, we first recommend that you clarify the current availability of components according to the model of interest to you with a mandatory indication of the exact model of the device and the color of the front panel.

Do this after Updating to iOS 15.2

Fixed: The IPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max touch screen does not work.

Over the past few days, many problems with iOS 15 have appeared everywhere (Apple, Reddit,). Apply officially stated that they are working on correcting all the mistakes discovered and soon release the update for iOS. But the problem is not only in the software of some models associated with hardware failures.

Use the certified charger Apple

According to some technical experts, a power source or charger plays a leading role in the iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple stopped supplying a charger with the phone, so it is important that we use only a certified charge so that the device receives power from compatible power sources.

If you use the power adapter from your previous iPhone, you can check if the adapter is damaged. In addition, check the energy consumption and watt indicators, since the iPhone supports fast charging, so we must use a compatible adapter for a smooth process.

How to Fix iOS Stuck Issues Without Data Loss | Apple Logo/iTunes Logo/BootLoop

Forced restart iPhone 13

You can use a forced strategy whenever your screen does not answer. This is the only way to restart the device because the screen does not answer. In addition, this is one of the fastest ways to restart the iPhone.

  • Press the volume increase button on your iPhone 13 and release it.
  • Then press the volume reduction key on your iPhone 13 and release.
  • After that, press the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Remove the outer protective film from the iPhone 13

Sometimes a protective film for the screen causes problems with the touch screen on the iPhone. The protective film for the screen is installed incorrectly, or poor assembly quality affects the screen. In addition, this can damage the display sensors, and the screen will become responsive.

In addition, the covers are also the reason, since some of them are incompatible with the iPhone, and the screen may have a problem with the touch screen. You can buy a cover and a protective film from a real buyer or from a product with good grades and reviews.

Check the presence of the last iOS update

Sometimes such software failures, when Wi-Fi does not work, there are problems with Bluetooth or the touch screen does not work at the iPhone 13, occur due to the old software. It is important to constantly update your device, as it maintains the relevance of software and eliminates any potential problems similar to this.

To update the iPhone 13 to the latest version, open the “Settings” application and select “Basic” “Update”. Check here whether any update is available, and install it accordingly.

Before updating the iPhone 13, 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max, make sure your device is charged up to 80% and is connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. After installing the update, wait for the reloading of the device so that the changes come into force.

Reinstall iOS firmware via iTunes

If the problem with the touch screen is not solved using the above methods, this can be a serious mistake in the software itself. In this case, you can reinstall iOS 15 on your device via iTunes. Just connect the iPhone 13 to iTunes via PC with Windows or Mac and follow the screen instructions to update or reinstall the firmware.

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Check physical damage to the iPhone 13

If your iPhone 13 has any physical damage, this can be the reason for the lack of reaction to the screen. We recommend that you contact Support Apple and replace the damaged part. Sometimes a small crack affects the sensors of the device, the screen becomes black or freezes.

The screen freezes on the iPhone or iPad: delete or update the problem application

Sometimes hovering the touch screen is caused by the launch of a specific application. In this case, the problem is not related to the iPhone display, but with this program, which freezes and ceases to respond to “taps” and “piles”. As a rule, the problem is solved by pressing the button home. The application closes and you return to the home screen.

In this case, try to update this application first. Open the App Store, check if updates are available for a problem program, and install them. If after installing the updates the application still freezes, remove it from the device and install it again. If this did not help, then the problem is the program itself, and you cannot do anything.

The screen does not work on the iPhone X: what to do?

Apple confirmed the fact that at low temperatures, the device is often capricious. The whims are caused by a software failure, which the manufacturer intends to eliminate during subsequent iOS updates. Under other conditions, the problem shows itself differently. Sometimes the “dozens” display reacts to touch with a huge lag. There are frequent cases when the smartphone screen completely “freezes” and ignores user actions. The failure of the display is rare, but an ordinary user can cause panic. That is why it is important to know how to act in such conditions, in order to quickly and effectively solve the problem.

We wipe the display and hands

If the iPhone X stopped working with the screen, the first thing is to inspect it carefully under good lighting. Often spots from food, cream or hand lotion prevent the normal functioning of the touchscreen. Wipe the display with a cotton cloth and make sure that there are no signs of pollution on it. For greater efficiency, a piece of fabric can be slightly moistened with running water. Then wash your hands well with soap and let them dry. Sticky or wet fingers often provoke “glitches” of touchscreen. If, after the actions carried out, the iPhone X still does not work, you have to go to hard actions.

We use “hard reboot”

The immunity screen of the smartphone can be brought into feelings with the help of “hard rebooting”. It is recommended to resort to this function in cases where all other ways to force the touchscreen to react were unsuccessful. Forced rebooting you can restart any Apple device, but the technique of its activation is different and depends on the device model. For “dozens”, the following actions must be done:

  • For a split second, click the volume increase button, and after the decrease button
  • Click on the power button and hold it until the “apple” logo appears
  • Then release the power button and wait for the subsequent loading of the smartphone

“Hard rebooting” is not the best solution in such a situation. But, when the iPhone X does not work, and other methods of eliminating the problem do not help, there is nothing left to “force” the smartphone to leave for the forced reset.

We update the operating system

After turning on the smartphone, be sure to make sure the relevance of the version. IOS 11 version.One.2 came out with a note: “Eliminates the temporary non.Response of the display on touch”. But it is advisable to update to the very last and relevant iOS. To do this, it is enough to do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone and select the “General” section in the menu, then click on the “Update software” button
  • Install iTunes, synchronize PC and iPhone, then click “Update the software”

During the update, it is important to take care of the stability of the Internet and the proper level of battery charge. The fresh version of iOS includes the correction of all the “dozens” errors known at the time of its release of errors in the work.

The first thing to do is to wipe the surface of the screen and your own hands. Dirt, fat or cream remnants can disrupt sensitivity of the sensors. Also look, perhaps you are dealing with the hoverings to which they lead:

If there is no response surface after cleaning the surface, you can perform Hard Reset. For this:

  • Press and immediately release the volume increase button;
  • Conduct the same operation with a decrease in sound;
  • Squeeze the Power until the lock screen arises.

The procedure helps to eliminate freezing. But if the reason lies in dubious software, it is recommended to deinstall it or check the availability of updates.

Sometimes an unpleasant symptom indicates the overflow of the drive. You can check this like this: “Settings” → “Basic” → “On this device” → “Available”. The performance of the operating room becomes noticeably lower if the memory is less than two hundred megabytes.

There is no reaction to these methods? There is another way. Rollback to factory installations. Only at first it is better to back up important data, because after zeroing, user content will be erased along with the errors that were in the system.

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If even after reset the issue is not resolved, it remains only to hope for a visit to the service center. Masters will conduct diagnostics and be able to eliminate the malfunction, replacing the failed components.

Repair on your eyes in 15-30 minutes. Without a margin.

Repair on your eyes in 15-30 minutes. Without a margin.

To improve the quality of service, your conversation may be recorded

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Bloom displacement or damage

Inside the iPhone is a complex design consisting of various boards and connecting loops. The slightest displacement of the train can lead to the fact that the screen stops responding to touch, and the phone does not have to fall or undergo a different physical impact for this. You can identify the problem by looking under the case. Of course, if you do not have the necessary skills, in no case should you disassemble the smartphone yourself. The slightest wrong movement can lead to a strong increase in the cost of repair. In this regard, we can only recommend contacting an authorized service center, where the specialist will diagnose the device, identify the cause of the problem and be able to eliminate it.

We considered the main reasons affecting the inoperability of the sensor on the iPhone.

Why is the screen on the iPhone 12

Reasons why the screen does not work on the iPhone 12, there may be several. The most likely:

iphone, sensor, does, work
  • You have dirty hands;
  • The screen is strongly contaminated;
  • A system error arose;
  • Conflict of third.Party applications;
  • Not enough free space on the device;
  • The system is damaged and requires recovery;
  • The internal components are faulty.

If you find out the cause, try several ways alternately. At home, you can eliminate software errors and change the settings, but hardware malfunctions require the help of the master.

Why it is worth entrusting the replacement of the touchscreen iPhone to professionals?

Despite the availability of many photo and video materials devoted to training in disassembling Apple mobile devices and replacing components for them, repairing your iPhone is still worth trusting only people professionally working in the service and repair market.

iphone, sensor, does, work

The fact is that in the market of components there are a huge number of spare parts for iPhone of different quality, from cheap copies to original spare parts removed from new devices. At the same time, many unscrupulous service centers or individual craftsmen give out not high.Quality components for original, misleading their customers.

It is also worth noting that when repairing any complex technological device (which, of course, is any of the Apple smartphones), there are always its subtleties that consist in the individual design features of a particular device. Without knowledge of the specifics and internal structure, it is easy to make a simple mistake that can lead to very unpleasant consequences: from the failure of other components of the device to complete inoperability of the iPhone.

You can always replace the iphone touchscreen in our service center: thanks to the availability of professional equipment, a lot of experience and deep knowledge of the specifics of Apple mobile technology, the master of the service center will be able to eliminate the malfunction of your iPhone as efficiently and quickly as possible. You can familiarize yourself with the current for replacement and iphone displays of different generations in the corresponding section of our site. Iphone glass replacement.

If everything suits you and you want to contact us for help, please choose the most convenient service center for you:

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