The Internet on the computer is working slowly

What to do if your Internet is slow?

Modern data transfer technology is so advanced that everyone has long been accustomed to transfer by means of Internet connections of various digital information. We communicate with friends by means of video and audio calls, send and download huge files, watch videos directly from webpages, play various online games or even work online. To perform such operations often requires a wide channel of communication, i.e. е. high internet speed.

Unfortunately, even the most advanced technology from time to time give the failures. One of the most unpleasant problems faced by users of the global network is a slow Internet. Why it can happen? In fact, there are many reasons why the connection begins to fail. Let’s consider the most common of them.

) Internet is stuttering because your router is not properly configured

First of all, ask the technical support of your ISP to clarify the necessary settings for the router and reconcile them with those that are used in your case. If the router has been in operation for a very long time, it may fail on its own. it is normal. It is just like a computer, it is controlled by the operating system and can glitch. Therefore it makes sense to try to perform the reset to factory settings and configure the device again.

Why the slow Internet on your computer

It is also worth checking that the firmware used in the router is up to date. To do this you need to look at the status page of the web interface which software version is used, and then clarify the official website of the manufacturer which version is the latest. Reflashing is now very, very easy. download the latest version, unzip it to your hard drive and send it to the router.

The most common complaint of users is that the Internet over Wi-Fi is very slow, and this despite the fact that the signal strength is good! Incorrectly configured wireless settings on your router can also lead to speed problems!

First, you need to see whether you have a Wi-Fi network in the neighborhood and how many of them. If there are more than 8 wireless networks nearby, in the usual 2.4 GHz band, then only replacing the router with a dual-band one that supports the 5 GHz band will help solve the problem of low Internet speeds.

If there are few “neighbors” on the 2.4 GHz band, then in the wireless settings, set the Bandwidth to 40 MHz and turn on the WMM function.

I also strongly suggest that you only put the WPA2-PSK standard in your Wi-Fi security settings. The fact is that if it uses conventional WPA or WEP, the speed of WI-FI will not go higher than 54 megabits per second!

Practical Solution

If you are not an experienced user, use the services of computer professionals to avoid malfunction. If you are ready to try and solve these problems, check out the recommendations below.

Virus and malware removal

If you do not have antivirus installed or it has not been updated for a long time, your computer is at risk in the form of viruses and malware. To restore a bruised Windows system, use the installation of an antivirus for home use, such as Kaspersky or Dr.WEB.

Kaspersky Lab offers to install a well-proven antivirus, you can download it on the official website after clicking the link.

Kaspersky Lab and antivirus version

After checking your computer, you’ll be able to eliminate the “pests” that have been slowing it down.

Remove unnecessary items from your PC and make it run faster

Slow down your computer:

  • unnecessary autoloads;
  • temporary and unnecessary files;
  • unnecessary visual effects;
  • dangerous Windows services enabled;
  • Processor cores disabled.

Now to see what can be done in practice. Remove unnecessary items from the autoloader. Press “CtrlAltDelete” and see what programs are automatically loaded when you turn on your computer. This will open the Task Manager:

Increase Computer Performance

Disable programs that you do not use (using the right mouse button).

Increase the computer performance

Uninstall any unwanted programs. Go to Control Panel, Programs and Features and remove programs you haven’t used for a while. Clean up the disk. Go to “My Computer” and right click on the “C” drive or wherever you store your Windows program files. Right-click on the drive, choose “Properties. Find the “Tools” tab and click on “Optimize.

Increase Computer Performance

Try to set the optimization on a schedule, but you can also do it manually.

Increase computer performance

Turn off unnecessary visual effects. Go to “My Computer” and right click on the background, open “Properties” and then “Advanced System Settings. Next, select “Performance” and “Preferences”.

Increase computer performance

Check the box next to “Screen Font Smoothing”.

Increase computer performance

Turn on all processor cores. Press the “Windows” button on your keyboard and the letter “R”. A “Run” window will open. Type “msconfig.exe” and you will see the configuration window. Then go to “Boot” and “Advanced Settings”. Check the box next to “Number of Processors” and specify the maximum allowed number. Save your changes and reboot your computer. Your computer should now be running much faster!

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Clean up and delete unnecessary stuff in your browsers

You should first clear the history in every browser you use. The cleaning principle is the same. The user should go to “Settings” and then to “History”. Yandex.You can also clean the contents of the “Extras” tab in your browser.

Another good method to help optimize browsers is the AdBlock Plus utility. It is responsible for the speed of the browser. You can also use CCleaner, it helps to scan your system for errors. If you like, install it as well.

Uninstall infected browsers and install new versions of them

The browser itself is often infected by viruses. Try to uninstall it and install it again from a trusted source

It is worth noting that if you had a corrupted browser installed and, for example, it automatically opened tabs or regularly displays ad banners, which indicates viruses, reinstalling the browser may not help. Be sure to install an antivirus and scan for viruses before doing this, and then move on to reinstalling the browsers newly downloaded from the network.

Update Adobe Flash Player

If the video in your browser freezes, but the speed of Internet access is good (check the speed with SpeedTest), then the problem may be hidden in the installed version of Adobe Flash Player.

Browser publishers strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of both browsers and the program responsible for video playback. But you can also manually turn off the built-in video player in your browser and install the latest version of Flash Player downloaded in advance.

Why does the Internet began to slow? 12 main reasons

Everyone knows the feeling when you want to watch a movie online or check something out quickly and wait, wait, wait. Slow Internet can be frustrating. Unfortunately, almost all of us face this situation from time to time. So why is the Internet slower?

To make sure that the Internet is working slower than usual, it is worth testing the connection. There are many sites on the web where you can find such services (e.g. ). these usually take only a few seconds to complete. So, you can quickly check if your Internet is slowing down. From time to time this situation may occur, but if your Internet is slow every day (or even several times a day), it is worth checking whether one of the following problems is the cause:

Internet lags due to the provider’s fault

In many cases, the Internet lags because of the provider. In such a situation, you should visit the website of the company you signed a contract with. There may be a warning about possible problems, sometimes at certain times of the day.

It happens that the site you are trying to access is very, very slow, while other sites load without problems. The reason may be that a particular website does not comply with basic standards. For example:

All this can lead to extremely slow operation of the website. Also, very large photos can make the site slow down. In such cases, you need to be patient or refuse to visit this site.

A large number of open bookmarks in the browser

Intensive browsing or searching for certain information on the internet often requires many bookmarks. Sometimes, even too many. Using dozens of bookmarks in popular browsers like Chrome can lead to drastic slowdowns. If you encounter such a problem you should close unnecessary tabs to speed up the browser.

Too many devices connected to the same WI-FI network

Users often forget that the home network is not only connected to the smartphone and computer, but also to many other devices. TVs, refrigerators, and other appliances can now use the Internet. If you’re trying to connect to a network while someone in your house is watching a Netflix movie in very high quality, and another has turned on a vacuum cleaner robot, the internet will become much slower. In this situation, it is worth checking how many devices in the house are currently using the network.

If your Internet is slowing down, the cause may be a misconfigured router. Check for outdated control software. In many cases, you’ll find the latest router software updates on your ISP’s website. updating it will allow you to get the most out of the network you’re using. In some cases you may need to replace your router. If your Internet is slowing down regularly as well, contact your ISP.

A clogged computer. both internally and externally

Many people do not clean their computer regularly. What this is about? If the computer is very dusty and dirty, it can start to overheat and perform much worse. As a result, there will be a slowdown of work and the Internet. Clean your computer regularly to ensure maximum performance. Of course it is also important to clean the drive as often as possible. for example, from junk files. A disc clogged with unnecessary data will not work fast enough. It wouldn’t hurt to defragment your drive from time to time, especially if your computer is running much slower than it was when you bought it.

Unfortunately it still happens that in some places network access is difficult. If you are in a place, such as a vacation, where the infrastructure is not yet developed, you need to be patient, in a few years such places will certainly be no more.

It is worth knowing that the speed of the Internet, which is so often mentioned by providers in advertisements, is the maximum speed. For example, 100 Gbit/s is not a guaranteed speed, so don’t count on the internet running at that speed all the time. However, connecting to the network with a cable can get you closer to the maximum speed than when using WI-FI.

Devices that connect to the Internet are at risk of being infected with malware. All types of viruses can cause slower connection speeds. If you suspect that this is the reason your Internet is slowing down, check with an antivirus program and scan your computer. It may be able to get rid of malware and the Internet will run again.

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If the internet works slowly for some time, make sure you have the latest drivers installed. You may need to update them. If you’re running Windows, you can easily update your drivers using the system’s Device Manager.

Many routers have a small range of coverage. However, in most cases this is not a problem when you live in an apartment building. Low range protects the network from neighbors and other third-party introductions. But if you live in a large house, you may have problems. The internet may not work on the first floor or in the garden. In this case you should buy a WI-FI amplifier.

If you have already signed an agreement with your Internet service provider several years ago and haven’t renewed it since then, it’s likely that you are still using a connection with a speed that is currently irrelevant. The result. slow Internet. Remember that companies are constantly improving the quality of their services and attract new customers with high network speeds. It is worth checking the agreement and doing a connection test. It may be enough to contact your ISP and renew your agreement, choosing a higher connection speed.

Internet does not work or works slowly on one computer, but fine on others

Of course, in some cases we have encountered a loss of Internet speed or even the inability to open a website or use an application. The first thing that comes to mind is a problem with the connection, the router, our operator The truth is that the causes can be very different.

But it could happen that the connection worked correctly, but we have problems only with the computer. For example, it could be a computer, we are trying to access the Internet, but it is very slow or not even connected. But we use another computer or any mobile device and when we do the speed test, we see that everything works properly.

This problem can occur in many cases and prevent us from working properly with our team and not being able to move as we would like.

Determining the actual speed of the Internet connection

If the Internet is working, but you find that it is very slow, you need to determine whether the connection speed between us and the nearest reliable server is really slow, or if the cause is something else. Use SpeedTest for Windows, SpeedTest for Android or Speedtest for iPhone. Before starting the test restart your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, then unload torrent clients and downloading programs, which are usually started automatically. No other programs should be running and no open bookmarks in your browser.

Download speed is very important in test results, because it is specified by service providers in the characteristics of tariff plans, and upload speed is set to 0.5 Mbit/sec is more than enough in most cases. It’s worth noting that when normally surfing the Internet the difference in download speeds from 0 to 1 Mbit/sec is most noticeable, from 1 to 10 Mbit/sec on most sites the difference will already be noticeable much less, and speeds above 10 Mbit/sec will be noticeable only when downloading large files, as well as online videos in high quality. In other words, a stable connection of “honest” 5-10 Mbit / sec is quite enough for comfortable work on the Internet, and the choice of more expensive plans makes sense only when you often have to download large amounts of data.

It is desirable to make several tests, and the results should be close. If downloading speed is much slower than that stated by your provider in your tariff plan terms, the results differ greatly from one another or during the test internet speed was unstable, then use the methods mentioned below.

Incorrect connection settings: proxy server enabled

If you have previously installed a proxy server on your connection, it is likely that the speed has decreased because of it. Try to disable it in the “Windows” settings:

  • Open the “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu.
  • Go to Network and Internet.
  • Open the “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • In the bottom left corner, find the “Browser Properties” section and go to it.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Connections” tab, and then click on the “Network Settings” button.
  • Look at the section “Proxy server” (if “Use a proxy server for local connections” is checked, uncheck it).

Uncheck the “Use a proxy server” box

Why does the browser hang?

A browser is a program capable of opening websites over the Internet. Like any program running on your computer, the browser requires various system resources: the processor power, RAM and storage memory. If the available power is insufficient, the browser will start to slow down, because the computer does not provide fast operation. But in most cases it is possible to solve the problem by freeing system resources using various methods. Also the browser may be broken, and its settings may be confused. The download speed of websites is affected by the speed and stability of the Internet connection.

Regardless of which browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Yandex.Browser, Opera and others), the causes of hang-ups and how to fix the problem will be the same, since all browsers work on the same principle.

If you don’t know what exactly is causing the slow performance in your case, go through the following steps one by one. one of them will help to fix the problem.

Check the speed of your internet

The first thing to check is that the problem is with your browser or computer, not with your Internet connection. To do this, you need to measure the speed of the network with one of the existing methods. For example, you can use the service SpeedTest. Before measuring the speed it is recommended to stop downloading all files, close all websites and programs working with the Internet.

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    Once on the site, click on the “Start” button. The service will measure the speed of your connection for some time.

If the speed is lower than 500 kilobits per second, then the slow downloading of sites is caused by the Internet. It is worth thinking how to fix the problem with it.

If all is well with the speed, the problem lies in the browser or computer. It is worth to use the following instructions.

Filled cache

Cache is some information saved by the browser from various sites. Let’s say you go to a site that has a picture in the background. The first time you will have to download it from the Internet, but when you go to the site again (and further transitions) will not have to download this picture, as the browser will save it in the cache. Since the cache is stored in memory, the picture will be loaded much faster, respectively, the site will open faster.

But if there is too much data in the cache, the browser may start to slow down while it is searching for the necessary information. To get rid of this problem, you need to manually clear the cache. Cleaning the cache is possible in any modern browser and works in almost the same way. Yandex is taken as an example.Browser:

    Open the browser menu. click on the icon of three parallel lines. Click on the “History” tab.

Removing extensions

Extensions are mini programs that enhance browser features. Each of the extensions allow you to do things that you can’t do in a “bare” browser. For example, to download videos from YouTube or to add English words to your personal vocabulary.

Extensions are convenient, but a large number of extensions can lead to the fact that the browser will be overloaded. All mini-programs will scan the opening page, somehow work with it, so the site will open much longer. In this case unnecessary add-ons need to be deactivated:

    Expand your browser’s menu and expand the “Extras” section.

Your storage device is full

When you open a website, the browser works with the hard disk or SSD installed on your computer: it writes and reads the cache and some other data. If the disk is full, your browser won’t be able to access it properly.

To check if the drive has free space, open Windows Explorer and go to the “This Computer” section. There should be free space on all partitions. preferably at least a few gigabytes. If the free space is low, take all measures to clear it out: delete everything unnecessary, move not very important files to other media (flash drives, discs, cloud storage).

Check how much free space there is on the partitions

Overloaded mass storage device

Also every disk has a maximum read and write speed. For example, the disk can write to and read from files at 1-2 megabytes per second. If a lot of data is written to the disk (for example, several programs access it simultaneously), then the browser will slow down, because it will not have time to read and write the necessary data for work.

To find out the status of your drive, follow these steps:

    Expand Task Manager: right-click on the Quick Access Toolbar and select “Task Manager”.

Check your antivirus

Antivirus is to protect you from viruses spreading on the Internet. So it scans all the sites you open. The built-in antivirus in your browser, the standard Windows protector (if it has not been manually disabled by you), the third-party antivirus used in your computer (Eset nod 32, Kaspersky, 360 Security, etc.) do the same. д.). A large number of scans may slow down the speed of your browser, because before opening any site there will be a scan which will take some time.

If all else fails, here are some general tips to speed up your network

Make a request to those. Internet Service Provider support

Probably no Комментарии и мнения владельцев here. it does not hurt to find out if your ISP has problems anyway.

Clean Windows from errors and garbage

Also very useful. This step will also make your operating system more responsive, increase free disk space and improve the overall performance of your computer. Personally I use Advanced SystemCare for this (see Advanced SystemCare on page 66). example on the screenshot below).

The problems found after scanning in System Care

Activate turbo mode in browsers

In some browsers to speed up loading pages, pictures, videos, etc. there is a special. Turbo mode. Thanks to it you can make your work online more comfortable in some cases (especially with an unstable connection).

Note: turbo mode is built into Yandex and Opera.

If you are downloading a file from some site (server), it is possible that the slow download speed is not related to your network performance, but to the connection speed of this server. Try to find and download the file from another source.

The same applies to game servers. Not always a high ping is due to problems with your Internet connection.

It is also very useful to disable auto-updates in Windows 10. However, as an option, at least postpone them for a week / two, until the issue with the network is resolved (you can do this in Windows settings, under “Windows Center and Updates”, see “How do you do it? screenshot below).

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