The glass on the tablet does not work, the sensor does not work

A crack on the tablet and the sensor does not work

Solution options after the fall of the tablet:

If the tablet fell and cracked or burst the screen on the tablet.

  • Check if there is an image on the tablet, if not, then you need to change the matrix, display.
  • If there is an image, but the touchscreen sensor does not respond to pressing, touch then you need to change only the touchscreen itself.
  • If after the falls of the tablet nothing has broken, but the tablet does not respond to pressing or not an image. So the train of the matrix or touchscreen from the connector in the board could move.
  • Carefully remove the lid from the tablet and check the switch of the matrix and touchscreen in the board.

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If you notice that the sensor does not work on your tablet, be sure to read our instructions. We will try to help you in solving this problem.

Technique and electronics greatly simplify our lives every day. For the most part, we will not be able to live without tablets and phones, because almost all spheres of our lives depend on them: both social and economic, even sometimes political. Therefore, when we find that the sensor on the device does not work, this becomes a very big problem, because there is practically no buttons for them, everything is controlled by the sensor.

Unfortunately, a breakdown can sometimes not be visible to the naked eye. The reason for the cessation of the sensor is not always in the water/dust or careless circulation.

So, what are the main reasons why the sensor on the tablet stops working:

Getting into the fluid sensor or pollution. This also includes pollution of the screen with fingerprints, which can lead to a decrease or loss of sensitivity of the touchscreen.

In the first case, it is necessary immediately after detecting the liquid to the tablet to turn it off and, if there is such an opportunity, disassemble, clean and let dry. If spots appear on the screen, which cannot be wiped, then you should replace the screen and clean all the internal components of the device in order to avoid their oxidation.

Mechanical damage to the tablet (fall, shots) or severe temperature changes. Even if the device screen does not have any visible defects, and the sensor still does not respond to touch, then, most likely, you will have to replace the touchscreen. If the sensor has stopped working due to the effects of too low or high temperatures, then the best solution is to wait, the malfunction should pass by itself.

Damage to or discharge of the train, which is responsible for connecting with the sensory coating.

Software failure (software) tablet.

The simplest thing that can be done in this situation is to restart the tablet and let it relax for some time, since the gadget could “hang” due to a large number of working applications, which led to failures in the sensor work. It is worth considering not only open applications, but also applications that are in the background, since they also load RAM.

If a simple reboot did not help and the sensor on the tablet still does not work, then you can try to check it for the presence of viruses with any antiviral program and remove all unnecessary or dubious applications. After these operations, it is necessary to restart the device.

The next way to solve the problem with a non.Working sensor is to reset the tablet to factory installations. Please note that in this case, all the information stored on the device will not be erased and will not be subject to restoration. The device, which was reset to the factory settings, will be the same as it was on the day of purchase. Crystal clean. Therefore, you should pull out a flash drive and try to transfer all important files to a computer or other available device.

Soft reset (Soft Reset).

This is the usual reboot of the tablet while pressing several keys, the combination of which depends on the device model (most often it is the shutdown button and the volume control button).

Experts insist that regardless of the problem with the tablet, the soft discharge should be carried out first, and then, in case of failure, try to return the device to life with the help of hard.

Hard reset (Hard Reset)

Tough discharge is carried out in two ways: through the “Settings” menu, the substitution “Restoration and reset” and through “Recovery Menu”, or “Restoration menu”. Since in the case of the sensor, control through the main menu is not possible, only the second method remains.

To enter this mode, you should turn off the tablet. Pay attention to the fact that the tablet should be completely charged, otherwise it can turn off at the wrong time and it will be more difficult to restore the system.

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After the device is completely turned off, it is necessary to clamp the combination of several keys (the shutdown button and the volume button) and hold it until this screen appears:

Please note that this method is not a guarantee that the tablet sensor will begin to work. This is only one of the possible manipulations for its resurrection.

Dear readers, this topic is so multifaceted and overgrown with so many cases and stories that turn into legends, which we considered for the benefit of describing and systematizing mysterious and not very incidents and the following attempts to solve problems, and tell you what to do if the screen cracked on tablet.

In the case when the tablet fell and the screen cracked. Everything is clear here. But this can happen not only from a sharp blow, as in the fall, but even without special influences from the outside. It would seem, in itself. For example, in his (sat down awkwardly-deformed a “pill”) or in public transport per hour-rush. It happens that sometimes you take a tablet from the hands of another person and this innocent movement leads to the appearance of cracks (possibly due to a sharp movement, or strong clamp).

How to fix the touch screen on the phone

Probably, many owners of sensory phones are familiar with the problem of the loss of the screen sensitivity. If you give the device for repairs to the service service for you, there are several ways to fix the sensor without resorting to the help of specialists.

Clean the workplace from unnecessary items. Take a small box for storing bolts so that they do not get lost. Separate the sidewalls from the phone. Using a hexagonal screwdriver, unscrew two bolts in the bottom of the rear cover and two bolts under the sidewalls. Also, do not forget to remove two bolts in the battery compartment. Where the sidewalls were removed, you will see latches. Using a screwdriver, separate the top cover. Turn off the screen connector and unscrew the two screws that are at the upper part. Find in the upper right corner of the board a headphone connector. There is a microphone under it. Release the connector from the phone case and separate the fee from the screen.

With the help of an eraser, clean the contacts of the train. They should shine. Next, turn the screen and connect it to the board. Then you need to enable this design. Scot the battery with tape on the board. In order for such a design to earn money, it is necessary to remove the lock, which is located between the battery and withf. On the board press the Power button.

The breakdown usually lies in the fact that the contact from the train to the touch screen does not pass. To make sure of this, put an eraser on the area of ​​the screen and a loop. Press it slightly and put the stylus on the screen. If everything works, you can easily repair. Cut the even and very thin strip of the eraser, about 1 mm. Then glue this strip with glue, which does not immediately freeze, in place of contact of the train with the screen. If when assembly it turns out that the screen is not restored, just move the eraser to the suitable place.

Collect all the details in the reverse order. Do not forget about the microphone and tape pieces left for attaching the battery. Sometimes it happens that disassembly leads to a Hard Rezet, for example, due to the sowing auxiliary battery. In this case, make Russification and start the recovery process.

What to do if the tablet screen is damaged

The screens of tablets are most often hit due to inaccurate circulation, as well as because they themselves are very thin and fragile. It will not be possible to completely insure yourself with the breakdown of the tablet screen. Tablets can damage children, friends or acquaintances who first saw a similar gadget, tablets can be damaged in a bag or portfolio, especially in public transport. It even happens that the screen can crack due to a temperature difference, for example, when the device is brought from a cold street to a warm room.

The screen of any tablet consists of two parts. A glass touch screen (touchscreen) and matrix. It is most often that the touch screen breaks, and the matrix remains intact and preservation.

So, if the tablet screen was damaged, in no case should you try to repair it yourself. Glass replacement on tablets. This is a very difficult job, and you can only aggravate the situation, which will affect the total amount of the repair. In addition, you should not delay the repair of the tablet, since there is a chance to damage the matrix.

In most tablets, the screen can be replaced without touching the matrix. For old Samsung and iPad models, the price will be cheaper, and for new ASUS models. More expensive.

If the tablet screen cracked due to a strong blow or the device was used for a long time with a broken glass, then, most likely, the matrix will also have to be changed. For many models of tablets, the touchscreen is supplied with the matrix. Approximate and the cost of the matrix itself is 3-4 thousand.

If an inexpensive Chinese tablet was broken, it will be easier to buy a new one than to repair the old. For such tablets, it is difficult to choose touch glass, since there are usually no markings on them. Even if the desired touchscreen is determined, you will have to wait about 2-3 months while it is brought. And the total cost of repair will be more expensive than buying the same new tablet.

glass, tablet, does, work

Than you can’t glue smartphones

You can not glue supergles, PVA with glue, sealants and simple double.Sided tape.

Superclly spoils the frame, and can damage the part. A quick chemical reaction occurs with such glue, it destroys the surface and eats into it. Over, with such glue there will be only one repair attempt, the second time you will have to buy a new part and tear off the old tweezers from the frame, grind the surface from superglines. It is 100% not suitable for gluing parts in phones.

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Sealants are bad in that over time they begin to pass dust and the technology of gluing itself does not suit them. The first time will hold on, but over time it will begin to peel off. No automobile or construction sealants are suitable for repairing electronics.

Most often, when assembling phones and tablets, special glue is used. It rests when the temperature changes, moisture, and does not spoil the touch surfaces. An example of such glue is b7000.

What to pay attention to before ordering spare parts.

Particular attention should be paid to some nuances. If you have a tablet screen, then the procedure for replacing it may differ in cost and terms. The fact is that the compact computer display consists of two parts. Matrix and touchscreen. When the device falls, it is the upper layer of the screen. Touchscreen is most often damaged. However, in rare cases, this part may remain intact, but the matrix is ​​out of order. In this case, the need to replace the screen may indicate a display, a blurry image or lack of a tablet reaction to command.

In addition, if the tablet screen crashes, then first of all, when ordering new details, attention should be paid to some features. For example, many models of compact computers do not imply a separate replacement of sensory glass. In this case, only the installation of a new display module, or rather, a set of matrix and touchscreen, will help return the tablet in this case.

To replace the screen, only original spare parts must be used. You can buy touchscreen, matrices and display modules on our website. Delivery will be carried out as soon as possible, and our consultants will help you choose the right part. You can find out about the terms and cost of the order from our specialists. On the pages of the site you can find any details for many models of tablets.

The screen cracked on the tablet: broken screen and repair methods

The cracked tablet screen can ruin your day, and if you do not know how or where to repair the broken screen of the tablet, you can ruin the whole month.

Replacing the iPad’s or Android planet with a new, say, in the middle of the loan, as well as a change of tariff and other inconvenience, can be expensive if you do not have a spare tablet that you can use during the repair period.

In this article, we are going to consider the options that you can use to repair the cracked tablet screen. There are many ways that you can take to restore a broken screen.

If you dropped a tablet without a case, you already know the decision for the future. Covers can be very useful, but if you read this article, probably the screen is already broken and you need a solution that eliminates the consequences.

The tablet screen cracked: repair methods

Here are the options that you can consider to restore the broken tablet screen without devastating the wallet.

You don’t need to go and buy a new iPad for 30.000, as well as pay for a new Android planet from your own to use the tablet again. You can find a temporary solution for several thousand, but a worthy tablet will cost much more, read: the best tablets of 2016. TOP 10.

If you have already broken the tablet screen, here are five different repair options that could help you.

For example, Apple offers Apple Care. If you make an additional warranty within 60 days from the date of purchase of the tablet. Depending on the model of the tablet, you should get a guarantee before you break the screen, of course. Some craftsmen allow the owners to buy this plan with an already broken tablet screen, and then get a replacement. We also observed the proposals of free repairs, but this option depends on many factors.

HTC offers the UH-OH protection plan, which covers the replacement of the screen if you break the HTC Nexus 9 screen during the first year. Replacement takes place for a new device, completely free.

Samsung also sells an additional guarantee for tablets of its own production, like AppleCare and again, an additional guarantee must be bought before the screen has cracked on the tablet.

If you cannot repair the broken screen of the tablet immediately, there are some solutions that can be made to use a tablet with a broken screen. It is assumed that only glass is broken, that is, the screen continues to show the image, and reacts to touch, you can use the following solution as a temporary measure if you cannot afford the immediate repair of a cracked screen.

You can also buy a screen tread to seal and fix a crack on the tablet screen. A plastic or glass protector will perfectly serve this purpose, at least they will help save the display in the current state.

Independent repair of the tablet screen

The cheapest way to fix the broken screen of the iPad tablet or Android planet, to replace the screen yourself.

It’s complicated, but it is not impossible. You can replace the iPad’s screen or Android planet quite simply, following interactive textbooks from the network. Sometimes you will need to replace the screen, and sometimes it is enough to replace the glass panel.

Try to repair a broken screen yourself. Interactive website ifixit (English.) This is a great option for learning to replace the tablet screen on your own. The site offers specialized step.By.Step guides for repairing the screen of most tablets and smartphones.

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You can also buy a new screen for an iPad or a tablet for Android with Ifixit, Ebay, Amazon and other sites. Make sure you have conducted the necessary research to buy a suitable screen for your device. You must also be sure of good quality of the new screen if you are not going to use the original panel (OEM).

Make sure you also buy the tools necessary to replace the broken tablet screen. Watch the video on YouTube and note which tools are used, in addition, you should be sure that you can complete the project before spending money on tools. Depending on the tools and details, the independent repair of the cracked screen, the tablet can cost you from 5.000 to 15.000.

Guarantee repairs of a cracked screen

If you do not have the time or knowledge necessary for the independent repair of the broken tablet screen, there are other options, in addition to buying a new tablet.

Make sure you are informed about the cost of warranty repairs before trying to fix the tablet yourself.

Before you abandon the warranty repairs for your tablet, consider all the possibilities. Apple offers the repair of iPad’s screens in the absence of a guarantee, which is cheaper than independent purchase of parts and with your own hands.

You will also need to contact Samsung, HTC, ASUS, Sony and other manufacturers to get an assessment of repairs for your Android tablet.

Causes of problems with the screen

How to change or restore glass on the phone? In fact, the situation is quite common. The device is thin and light, and therefore fragile. Damaging the tablet screen is easy for a variety in a variety of ways. Let’s list the most common situations in which this happens:

  • The fall. This is the most common option. You did not have time to get used to the size and weight of the device, and released from the hands. Your relatives and friends can do the same, we will also add here pets.
  • Pressure. Also a fairly common cause of the screen problems. There are many options-they can sit on the tablet, the screen can be broken by pushing into a tightly stuffed bag or backpack, during gatherings somewhere, it can suffer in a bus stuffed with people, etc. D.
  • Incorrect operation. A crack may appear from a sharp temperature difference, for example, you brought a tablet from a frosty street to a very warm room. In this case, not only the screen can suffer, the temperature differences are sensitive and electronic filling. We will also include the screens, broken in a collision with heavy objects. It is unlikely that the fall on the screen of dumbbells can be called proper operation.

Important! This is far from the entire list of reasons why the display of your device can crack or break. Nevertheless, these are the most frequent cases of the reasons for the breakdown of the glass of the tablet, according to the data of service centers.

What to do if the sensor does not work on the tablet

Sensor replacement

Sometimes you need a tablet repair. Sensor replacement, in particular. The sensor itself can leave standing for a number of reasons. Perhaps the tablet fell, which led to its damage (cracks, schisms). No less important are the moments with moisture. The latter can get in different ways, the device does not necessarily fall into the water. For example, condensate may form due to a change in temperature. When this happens, dark spots appear on the tablet, first at the start of work, then more and more often. As a result, the spots are visible even when the tablet is turned off.

If you come up wisely, then the replacement of the sensor on the tablet is not such a time.Consuming and difficult process. In fact, everyone who is friends with hands can do this. First you need to disassemble the tablet, remembering the entire sequence of disassembly, the location of the screws, plugs and latches. The latter are removed with a thin object, but not acute. Where the latches are located on your specific model can be found on the Internet.

After disassemble the device, remove the sensor. An important role is played by how it is attached to the matrix. Monolith or separately. You will find out when you order a sensor. There are modular, disassembled models, and there are those with which you will still need to tinker.

The sensor itself can be connected to the printing board with a tire (wires) or in a contact method. If it is connected by a tire, do not damage it when dismantling. In the contact method (simple contact of contacts) everything is simple, the sensor is simply removed.

If you came across the case when you need to disconnect the matrix from the sensor (or glass), follow the further instructions:

What to Do If Your Surface Pen is Not Working or Responding. %100 Solution

  • Heat the surface to about 60 degrees. To do this, you can take even a powerful hair dryer. Grave carefully so that the glass does not burst, although this is unlikely. This is necessary to warm up glue.
  • Discharge a sensor with a matrix (glass) with a flat thin object. That is, you need to put the edge, then everything will be removed simply.

Glue a new sensor on the tablet. For this, a special glue is included in the kit. It is possible that it has already been applied to the sensor and is under a protective film.

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