The flashlight does not work on Huawei

Flashlight on the Honor smartphone: how to turn on, turn off, why it does not work

A small flashlight is available on every modern smartphone model, and the famous Chinese brands are no exception. This device can be used for backlighting when taking pictures or using a selfie camera. This function is also important for your safety and desire to stay connected. The diode can also be used for backlighting in the dark or for light signal during calls and SMS, even if the smartphone is silent.When setting the silent mode on a mobile device, many people forget about it. With the flicker notification option activated, you will be aware of all incoming calls, even with the sound turned off.

The diode is usually located on the back cover, near the camera. There are also models equipped with two instances: front and back.

Why does not the flashlight work

Many people know that smartphones are equipped with an LED flash.

As practice shows, the cheaper the device, the less useful the flashlight is, since its quality leaves much to be desired.

At such moments, the real saviors can be additional flashes, which are attached to the phone and run on batteries or separately charged from a wall outlet.

If we talk about the phone’s “native” flash, the problem can arise because:

flashlight, does, work, huawei
  • Errors in the software part;
  • Applications that disable the flash;
  • Malfunction due to moisture on the motherboard (corrosion, which can lead to critical failures in the device);
  • low battery level (most devices disable the flashlight function when the battery is low to save the charge);
  • blown flashlight diodes (bad parts or voltage drop during charging).

How to fix the problem

Before you bring the phone to the service center, you can do yourself, to rule out a failure in the software part.

  • For starters, it’s worth rebooting your smartphone.
  • If the problem persists, put the device on charge for a few hours and use the flash function again.
  • If the flashlight worked fine before, but stopped working after downloading certain apps, try uninstalling them.
  • It’s worth taking another look at the photo mode settings, because some people simply forget to turn on the flash before taking a picture.
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If all the above tips did not help, you need to do a complete reset or reflash the device.

flashlight, does, work, huawei

However, even this step won’t help if the problem is inside the device. Here, it is better to contact a handyman, who will identify problems with the flashlight by opening the phone and checking the contacts.

“OK, Google, turn on your flashlight.

The quick settings switch is handy, but what if you don’t want to use it? There may be other shortcuts in the quick settings that make it difficult to access. Or you may need to turn on your flashlight when your hands are busy or dirty.

For those times, you can rely on Google Assistant. One of the most useful Google Assistant commands is OK, Google, turn on my flashlight. As expected, the assistant will turn on your flashlight as soon as you say so. To turn it off, you can click the switch that appears in the chat window, or say OK, Google, turn off your flashlight.

Problem Solving

Almost always this kind of trouble occurs after updating the system, which is set automatically. Rarely do people notice the problem immediately. But when you try to turn on the flash, you find that it is missing or does not activate.

So naturally the question arises as to what to do?

The solution to this problem is to carry out the following procedures:

  • The first thing to check the functionality of the flash, as this is the tool most often responsible for the function we need. To do this, you need to take a cell phone, activate the application that controls the camera smartphone. Pay attention to the upper left corner of the work screen. There will be an icon that allows you to turn on the flash. Use it. After that, take the picture. If the flash went off, you can turn it off. there is nothing wrong with it;
  • The second step. if you do not observe the problem in the first one, is to reset the phone settings to the factory state. It is possible that after updating the operating system there was some kind of software failure. And collecting the settings is just the way to fix it.
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Why the flashlight does not work on your phone

Despite the fact that the flashlight function is essential for any smartphone, some users do not work. In this situation, it is recommended to immediately start looking for the cause of the problem. They are divided into:

In the first case, we are talking about causes related to the flashlight element itself. Can break the LED or a contact that connects the flash and the motherboard smartphone.

In the second case, there are even more reasons. For example, sometimes people complain that the flashlight is not activated through the quick access panel, because the sensor does not respond to touch. Here you should blame the screen touchscreen.

It also happens that the flashlight does not work even after successfully turning on the function. Here, most likely, the fault lies in the software failure of the smartphone. The device may have been interfered with by a virus or some kind of malware.

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In addition, on some models of smartphones, it has been repeatedly noticed that the flashlight does not turn on when the charge level is low. So the device is trying to save energy by not spending it on the most demanding functions of the gadget.

Why does not the flashlight work

There are two main types of reasons why the flashlight on a mobile device stops working:

  • The problem lies in the software of the device: the app to run the flashlight
  • The problems lie in the internal system of the smartphone: problems with the LED or the motherboard of the portable gadget.

In the first case, you should check the functionality of the applications and use all possible ways to turn on the flashlight on your mobile device. In case of malfunction it is better to contact a repair service.

For several years I worked in the shops of two major mobile operators. Well versed in tariffs and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

flashlight, does, work, huawei

How to understand that the flashlight on your cell phone will break soon?

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Any technique, including the flashlight on a smartphone, breaks down for no reason. There are several signs that the device will soon stop functioning, these are: a decrease in the brightness of the light, a delay when turning on, problems when taking pictures with the flash.

Why the flashlight stops working when the battery is low?

Some smartphones turn off certain features to save power if the battery is about to run out. You can disable this option and then the external light will always work, or just charge your phone.

Is it possible to repair a broken flashlight yourself?

If the failure is related to the internal system of the phone, it is better to leave the repair to professionals. To avoid additional damage to your portable gadget.

First of all, protect your device from getting wet or falling. Try not to use the backlight unnecessarily, as it stresses the LED.

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Typical problems

If the flash stopped working on the smartphone, the first thing to rule out the typical faults with the main board:

  • Short circuit, resulting from liquid in the case. If you flooded the device with water. contact the service center, otherwise irreversible corrosion processes will critically damage the electronics.
  • The diode installed in the module has burned out. Causes can be very different: from low-quality parts to a voltage drop during charging.
  • As a result of a blow or fall, there was a disconnection of the loop from the connector of the internal circuit board.

How to turn on the flashlight on your Android phone: 4 ways to turn on the flashlight on Android.

Android smartphones do not have a flashlight, as we are accustomed to. In this case, mobile devices are equipped with LED flash, and some models contain two, three or more LEDs. This equipment is great for backlighting when there is no light. And how to use the flash as a flashlight, you will learn from this article.

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