The difference between Sony PlayStation 4 and Sony Slim


The communication characteristics of the new generation set-top box have also undergone changes: it no longer supports DLNA, but there is a Wi-Fi 802.11n module, Bluetooth version 2.1, which is slightly better than 2.0 in PS3, and a new USB standard. 3.0 (full compatibility with flash drives of the standard 2.0). The number of USB ports has decreased by 1. there are now 3 of them, not 4, as it was. And on the case there was also a headphone jack (jack 3.5 mm), which was also not there before.

The joystick, as before, connects via Bluetooth.

Manual control

The difference between Sony PlayStation 4 and Sony Slim

It’s time to compare the joystick of both consoles. Its characteristics have changed as follows: the form, as users note, has become more convenient. the updated joystick practically does not tire the hands and does not slip. Buttons are no longer pressure sensitive. In addition, the PlayStation 4 joystick is equipped with a touchpad for touch control, which makes it easier to launch games and the game itself. Another comparison in favor of the new console.

Full immersion

The second most important parameter (and for whom the first) is the graphic characteristics of the game console. At the time of PS3’s release, NVIDIA 7800 graphics were one of the best in their class. Better than her, one might say, there was practically nothing. The amount of video memory. 256 MB, quite satisfies the needs of games and players. Performance characteristics. 400 GFlops, were also a very good indicator for that time, and even today not every device can boast of that. In a word, the graphics of the PlayStation 3 are still quite at the level.

But the best is the enemy of the good, and the difference between PS3 and PlayStation 4 in terms of video parameters still could not escape us. The “four” has an AMD Radeon card with 1 Gb of video memory and support for DirectX 11. Its performance is 1.84 TFlops, which is 5 times better than the previous generation console. PlayStation graphics are distinguished by extraordinary realism of the picture and excellent quality of rendering textures, so it is able to immerse the gamer into the process and the world of the game. In addition, this video card supports 3D screens. Yes, by creating new games, developers will have a place to turn.

PS3 and PlayStation 4. a comparison of consoles

The 2013 PlayStation 4 is positioned on the market as the flagship of the new generation of game consoles from Sony. The announcement of the novelty made it clear that something hitherto unseen for the gaming world and completely unsurpassed has appeared. However, advertising is advertising, and we are more interested in facts: how does PS 4 actually surpass its predecessor, and whether it is superior at all. So, let’s compare: on the scales of our scales PS3 vs PlayStation 4.

What are we playing?

And here the palm is still for the old man. As stated by Sony representatives, there is no compatibility of game content between the two consoles. That is, it is impossible to launch PlayStation 4 toys on PS3, and vice versa. For the “troika” 772 games have been released so far. The software industry for the “four” is only gaining momentum. it has everything ahead, but those who already can’t wait to play a lot and for a long time will have to limit themselves to pure toys a little more than 40. But among them there is an exclusive from Sony. the game Killzone : Shadow Fall and Final Fantasy XV, with over 100 games promised by the end of 2014.

Other innovations include the creation of an online collection of PlayStation Cloud game content, that is, the game does not have to be launched from a disc. And one more thing. downloading applications is now possible in the background. Imagine, while you are playing one thing, something else is unnoticed by you downloaded to your hard drive. So in this regard, the PlayStation 4 turned out to be better.

Who quickly?

What is most important for a comfortable game? Many will say. performance, and they will be right: there is nothing more annoying than “lags” and “dullness” at critical moments. Therefore, the first thing we start with the comparison is the “heart and brain” of the device. the central processing unit.

By modern standards, the IBM platform of the PS3 console is not only outdated, but in its youth it was clearly not among the most nimble. a kind of “slow-moving”. Against its background, the 64-bit AMD Jaguar PlayStation 4 is a real beast: according to average estimates, as much as 9 times faster than IBM. It has 8 physical cores and is clocked at 2 GHz. Not all games of the new generation are able to unleash the full power of the jaguar, so their developers have a lot to grow professionally and what to strive for.

In terms of RAM, the Sony PlayStation 4 is tearing its predecessor to shreds again. the differences are maximum here: 256 MB PS3 versus 8 GB PlayStation 4, and the latter’s memory is of the GDDR5 standard (the fastest), with a bandwidth of 176 GB / s. Launching games dozens of times faster, 32 times more memory! And 256 MB even for an ordinary smartphone today seems well too small.

Other significant characteristics that we did not mention

  • In PlayStation 4, the power supply is internal (built into the case) and no longer “dangles” on the wire.
  • The body itself has become lighter, shorter and thinner.
  • The hard drive can be replaced by the user, its volume is 500 GB versus the old 20.
  • Game launches are no longer region-specific to ensure availability and compatibility of content released for other countries.
  • Surround sound supports 7.1 channels instead of 5.1 for a more realistic gaming environment.

Thus, the graphics, processor, joystick and other internal devices have changed for the better in the PlayStation 4. The disadvantages include the fact that the launch of old games is no longer supported. But the general comparison gave significantly more points for this newer console: it turns out that it is better in almost all respects. Well, as for the lack of game content, you will see that it will not take several months before this gap will be filled.

What’s new with PlayStation 4 Slim

Playstation 4 Slim, unlike its competitor, cannot boast of the same list of innovations. The console is also smaller and lighter, but by 30%. Comparison of playstation 4 and playstation 4 slim, we have a separate article devoted to it. True, the standard PlayStation 4 is smaller than the xbox one, so the PlayStation 4 slim is still smaller than the xbox one s. This is not the most important thing. Thanks to more modern and energy efficient tech. process, slim consumes a quarter less energy. After firmware update, all PlayStation 4 versions will receive HDR support.

The changes also affected the gamepad. Now over the touch panel there will be a light indicator that duplicates the color of the main one. In addition, the gamepad has become lighter, and its back surface has become more “rough”. Also Dualshock 4, when connected to the console with a cable, will transmit a signal through it. Before that, it was only charging, and data was sent via bluetooth. The rest of the PlayStation 4 Slim is no different from the now PlayStation 4 Fat. But Sony did not raise the price for its updated set-top box either. On the contrary, the price has become less.

Xbox one S. what’s new and what is the difference from the original xbox one

The Xbox one S console was officially presented to the general public at E3 this year, 2016. The letter “S” actually stands for “Slim”, that is, “thin”, and not as many mistakenly believe “Scorpio”. Project Scorpio is a separate, more powerful development, which eventually became known as xbox one x. read our xbox one x review.

Thin Xbox one S is named for a reason: the console is almost 2 times (40%) smaller than the original Xbox one. Here engineers and designers have done a great job. No one else compares a new xbox to an old VCR. But that’s not all: the power supply has finally been built into the console itself. Thanks to its smaller size and the absence of an external power supply, the xbox one s will be much easier to attach near the TV, especially since now the set-top box can also be installed vertically using a special stand. It should also be noted that the console will come in a white case, which undoubtedly makes the updated one more attractive.

According to tests from eurogamer, xbox one s will add FPS

A closer look at the xbox one s case, you can also find that the USB port, which was on the left, has moved to the front panel. A separate port for kinect has been removed from the back.

As for performance, xbox one s has become a little more powerful than its older brother: 1.4 teraflops versus 1.31. For PlayStation 4, this figure is unchanged 1.84 teraflops. The updated console has support for HDR (high dynamic range) mode, which will make the picture in games better. Also, the updated console will be able to deliver 4K movies. Updates also touched on the infrared sensor on the console itself, the Bluetooth adapter was improved, its signal range was expanded. The back surface of the joysticks has become rough. This, according to microsoft engineers, will make it a little more convenient.

Which is better Xbox one S or Playstation 4 Slim.

It seems only yesterday that Sony and Microsoft introduced the eighth generation of consoles. But three years have passed since that moment. And here we have the updated versions of consoles. xbox one s and playstation 4 slim. Fairly thinner, made by more modern technology. processes and, hopefully, prepared something else.

Xbox one s innovations:

  • The volume of the built-in hard drive is now from 0.5 to 2 TB
  • 4K support for Blu-ray video (not applicable to games)
  • In games, Xbox one s will programmatically upscale when connected to 4K screens. “upscale”
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) for gaming.
  • 40% smaller body
  • The back of the joystick is now “rough”
  • Improved Bluetooth and infrared sensor
  • Xbox one S can be placed vertically

Verdict: There is obviously no point in updating Xbox one to Xbox one S. But, if the choice is between the slim version and the Xbox one of 2013, the slim is a more interesting acquisition.

Playstation 4 Slim innovations:

  • The attachment is 30% smaller and lighter
  • All PlayStation 4 will be HDR capable
  • Updated gamepad
  • Removed S / PDIF (digital audio output)
  • Reduced price

Verdict: Of course, in terms of innovations, the PlayStation 4 slim loses to the xbox one s. But, if you look closely, are these innovations necessary for the average gamer? How many people are now happy owners of 4K TVs? Playstation 4 Slim just got better and, most importantly, cheaper. And honest FullHD without software stretching will be more than enough for many.


The guys from Microsoft have worked hard on their new brainchild. The prefix received a logical development and a little more. But, for this “more” will have to pay extra 50. Sony, in turn, went a different way. PlayStation 4 Slim has become slightly better than the standard PlayStation 4 and, not unimportantly, cheaper. And if you remember what we have said more than once: “People, in most cases, buy a console to play on it.” And this requires, of course, games. Games on a Japanese woman are corny more and these are excellent games. So why overpay? Do you need these pseudo 4K. over, the playstation 4 slim still remains more powerful than the competitor.

If the answer to the question above is “Yes”, then Sony has prepared its own argument for you: on the same day with the PlayStation 4 Slim, the company presented the Playstation 4 Pro. This console is also capable of stretching the resolution in games up to 4K and is more than twice as powerful as the PlayStation 4 slim, more information here. playstation 4 pro review. But, and it costs 100 more.

In response, microsoft, in its official account, laughed at the PlayStation 4 pro and announced that their project scorpio will be really powerful (6 teraflops versus 4.2 for the PlayStation 4 Pro) and will show “real” 4K in games. It gets interesting, be sure to watch our PlayStation 4 pro vs xbox one x test.

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