The Difference Between Samsung Tvs 7 And 8 Series

Samsung NU7400 NU7500 2018

Uhd-TV series with enhanced capabilities and some advantages over the previous series. Thanks to Dynamic Crystal Color, the line has a wider color range than the 7100. It comes with built-in Bluetooth and Samsung Smart Remote. This gives the TV a number of advantages. The NU7400 and NU7500 models have the ability to connect various devices, including set-top boxes, which are connected via HDMI.

The Samsung NU7400 and NU7500 TVs provide BT audio features such as TV sound for mobile devices (for using your mobile phone as a wireless headphone) and the ability to connect soundbars to Bluetooth. From NU7400 and above, the devices have a built-in satellite tuner and the ability to record TV programs to USB. Nu7500 version with curved screen. Whether 4K TVs will be produced from Samsung 6000 series is still unknown.

2018 Samsung TVs for Europe

The 2018 flagship squad consists of Q9F (55″, 65″, 75″), Q8C (55″, 65″), Q8F (55″, 65″), Q7F (55″, 65, 75). Qled 2018 brings improved color and contrast, HDR10 compatibility, Ambient mode, updated Smart TV, One Remote Control and One Invisible Connection invisible connection.

Samsung Q8FN and Q8CN 2018

These are even more stylish designer versions of QLED TV. The differences between the Q8FN and Q8CN and the Q7FN are the beautiful Metal One Control and the metallic body color with a matte tint. The flat and curved versions (Q8FN and Q8CN) ‚Äč‚Äčadditionally have three different stands.

Samsung Q9FN 2018

Samsung considers its new model 2018 Q9FN to be the pinnacle of complete perfection. It has almost the same thin, sleek body as the 2017 QE65Q9F, but now it pairs well with an all-new lighting system.

The display uses a carbon grid, full backlight local dimming, and an ultra-thin design. Other advantages include extended viewing angles and a whopping 2000 nits brightness. In addition to all of the above, the model is equipped with a powerful 60-watt sound device with 2 tweeters, 2 expansion modules and two woofers.

The Difference Between Samsung Tvs 7 And 8 Series

Samsung TV lineup for 2018

On March 7, Samsung unveiled its 2018 TV lineup. Features of these TVs include: Direct Backlight with Full Local Dimming and Control (for QLED TV), very slim design combined with excellent viewing angles, Ambient Mode, One Invisible Connection Cable, Samsung Smart Things App. You can learn more about these and other innovations from the article: Samsung 2018 and Samsung 2017 TVs differences.

Samsung Q7FN 2018

It is with this series that the second generation of QLED TVs opens, which is another big step in this range. The next generation QLED features Q Color with 100% color coverage and Q Contrast with 1500 nits. Ultra Black coating reduces reflections to a minimum. Samsung has improved the Q-angle in 2018.

However, the most attractive will be the two Q Style-related features. The first is One Invisible Connection. This year the firm managed to integrate the power supply into a transparent cable. This allows for an almost wireless installation of the TV. The result is the effect of the TV merging with the wall on which it is placed.

Samsung has added Ambient mode in case you are not watching TV. With this function, you can fill the screen with a picture of the wall behind it and combine it with convenient time or weather information.

Samsung TV series

The brand presented a number of devices that are classified according to parameters and appearance. The range of the company includes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Q and LS series.

Line 4 is represented by devices with a powerful dual-core processor. There are 2 modifications in the range: with and without smart TV. Screen resolution 1366×768. The equipment has built-in applications and games, can be connected to a smartphone or camera, and reproduces using the Recent History function.

The operational capabilities of the 5 series TVs practically do not differ from 4. The main difference lies in the resolution: the indicator was improved to 1920×1080. This provides a higher quality and more detailed picture.

The 6 series brings together multifunctional business-class smart TVs with FullHD format and Wi-Fi connectivity. Among its representatives, you can choose a model with 3D. The devices of this line differ from their predecessors in the presence of the following functions:

  • Wide Color Enhancer 2 technology;
  • Downward-facing speakers;
  • Hdmi connector.

Representatives of the 7 series are large Samsung TVs with Smart TV. Distinctive features of such devices:

  • Original technology WideColorEnhancer Plus;
  • Built-in camera for calls;
  • Allshare function for pairing TV with laptop, smartphone and other media.

The 8 series is represented by premium technology, with a screen diagonal of 40-65 inches and a resolution of 4K. The line differs from its predecessor in the color of the panel and the processor frequency of 1000 Hz.

Series 9 is a new generation of multifunctional devices with Ultra HD resolution. Sophisticated screen and stylish design will fit into any interior.

Q series includes TVs with a secure wall mount system, a new remote control, optimal organization and the ability to connect external sources.

Samsung Interior TVs: The Serif and The Frame

Separately, it is worth highlighting the Serif and The Frame TVs, which stand out to the interior group. The Serif is distinguished by its unique design, equipped with NFC, as well as QLED and HDR 10 technologies, thanks to the incomparable brightness of which you can see the smallest details. The Frame, in turn, has a Painting mode, which, while the TV is sleeping, is able to reproduce masterpieces of world painting using the Art Store application, creating a special atmosphere in the house. This TV series has several different frame colors.

Top 10 best Samsung TVs for home entertainment

Tv is not only a great decoration for the New Year’s table. Modern smart devices can replace the computer. This article describes the best Samsung TVs released over the past year. Each model of this brand has its own pros and cons, noted by buyers in practice. Therefore, the reader has the opportunity to compare Samsung TVs in terms of image quality, sound, usability and other characteristics.

Samsung UE50RU7170U 49.5″ (2020)

  • Optimal price-quality ratio
  • Built-in bluetooth
  • Decent picture
  • Each time you need to turn off subtitles manually
  • Advertising
  • The built-in player does not read all formats
  • Flat sound

The budget line of Samsung last year was supplemented by the UE50RU7170U model. Purcolor technology provides color integration and smooth color transitions. This effect is obtained because additional pixels line up in the picture, smoothing out coloristic boundaries.

Qled Samsung QE65Q80RAU 65″ (2020)

  • Gorgeous color rendering
  • Wide range of viewing angles
  • Image clarity
  • Sound quality
  • Connection connectors are inconveniently located
  • Awkward mounts

The quantum dot technology used to create the Samsung QE65Q80RAU QLED delivers rich and vibrant screen images. Color reproduction is close to natural, regardless of lighting conditions. The built-in digital tuner will free you from the need to buy a set-top box, and the smart TV capabilities will allow you to find and select the time to watch any movies and TV shows. A convenient solution from One Invisible Connection technology replaces a lot of annoying wires that collect dust and get tangled underfoot.

Samsung UE65RU7300U 64.5″ (2020)

  • Acceptable price
  • Design
  • Curved display
  • Uneven backlight
  • Strange stripes in a solid color picture

The built-in 4-core processor and the installed operating system classify the TV as Smart TV. Game mode, internet connection, keyboard and mouse allow you to use it like a full-fledged computer. Edge LED display supporting the highest resolution of 3840×2160 (4K).

Qled TVs Samsung. From 70 inches