The Difference Between Samsung A30 And A50

When it comes to budget or mid-segment devices, smartphones from Xiaomi, Meizu or Huawei come to mind. After all, it was the Chinese who turned the entire market upside down, having begun to offer consumers powerful iron and good design at a low price. It would seem that any attempts to enter this clearly divided segment are absolutely meaningless. But Samsung does not think so at all, and for many years now it presents us an update of its “youth” mid-budget line A. Today, one of the oldest models of the line came to our review. Galaxy A50. Let’s take a look at this smartphone and decide whether Samsung can offer a decent product in a segment where other manufacturers have long dominated.

As they say, they are met by clothes. Samsung Galaxy A50 at the back looks very beautiful. The cameras (we will talk about them later) are built in very carefully and do not bulge out, and the juicy and contrasting color of the case attracts you to look at it in a lazy watch. But in front, the smartphone looks extremely inconspicuous and shows with its whole appearance that the device is by no means a flagship. A huge (it’s really huge) chin frame from the bottom, very sharply rounded corners on the sides and a drop-shaped bangs like a cherry on a cake. I am not opposed to drop-shaped cutouts and bangs, if they really help free up more space for the display. In this case. it is nothing more than blindly following trends. Very sad and looks really ridiculous.

What is inside the A50? The smartphone has a proprietary Exynos 9610 processor, 4 or 6 GB of RAM (depending on version), 64 or 128 GB of permanent memory, a 6.4-inch screen, NFC, a hybrid slot for two SIM cards or a memory card, a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh and as many as three rear cameras with a resolution of 25, 8 and 5 megapixels and aperture F / 1.70, F / 2.20 and F / 2.20, respectively.

The Difference Between Samsung A30 And A50

cameras. mean better? Not really. In natural light, the smartphone shoots well. The frames are not sharp enough, and the AI, which is designed to help by choosing the optimal settings for different scenes, often incorrectly sets the white balance and dumps the frame into one color. You can turn it off, and then the situation becomes slightly better. But as soon as it starts to get dark, the smartphone’s camera is completely lost. Pictures are noisy and fuzzy. No, in manual mode it will be possible to shoot something nice with it, but for those who are used to automatic mode, this will be a serious drawback. However, with the latest firmware update, the situation has become much better and there is hope that the night mode will be finalized. But the sediment remained, this is unpleasant.

Display. He is completely ordinary. Normal display for a budget / mid-budget device. Like everyone else, if you look closely, you can see the pixels and roughness, and when you view the content for a long time at full brightness, your eyes begin to get tired. On the other hand, the display, in my opinion, is much better than that of the competitor. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. Yes, and AMOLED-screen will appeal to those who love deep black and bright colors. But in general, this, of course, is flavoring.

But what I want to scold is the fingerprint scanner under the display. This is another example of how you don’t need to follow trends and use technology for the sake of technology. The scanner works frankly poorly. It works once, scans for a long time. He slightly shifted his finger. scan again. Face protection is weak here, and the fingerprint scanner will piss you off on the very first day, so set up your PIN code. save a bunch of nerves.

But the phone’s operating time on a single charge is pleasantly surprising. With active use of the phone is enough for a full “daylight hours”but with moderate. the phone will easily live with you for one and a half to two days. This is very cool and this is exactly what they expect from devices of this level.

I would also like to note a very good sound. It does not stand out with amazing clarity, but it is loud, so you definitely will not experience problems with missed calls and quiets on YouTube.

But there is one unpleasant thing that strongly repels the Galaxy A50. braking. They are visible and very unpleasant. And most importantly. it is completely unclear what caused this. There is no lack of RAM in the phone, the processor, although not the flagship, is quite good. Is Samsung really unable to optimize One UI for budget phones? This is hard to believe. because we all forgot TouchWiz brakes a long time ago, like a nightmare. In any case, the fact remains. The smartphone is slow. And it sometimes slows down in the simplest tasks. This greatly spoils the impression of the device and greatly underestimates it in the eyes of a potential buyer compared to competitors from Asus, Huawei or Xiaomi.

By the way, there is another story that points to “budget” devices. After activation, a message from Google with a message about the successful activation of the device and a proposal to put your “useful applications on the device”. When I activated the flagship Galaxy S10, there were no such messages. I will not mention the forced installation of applications “Yandex”, because Samsung has a contract with them for a long time, but here are letters from Google with advertising. this is something new.

What do we have in the end? Very controversial and weird smartphone. Not a bad screen, an extremely strange camera, a large number “technology for technology”good battery and brakes. Which to everything else is more expensive than its competitors (16 thousand rubles for the younger and 20 thousand for the older version). I believe that the smartphone does not justify its price, and it should be lower. Only in this way can a smartphone gain popularity and become a favorite of users.