The Difference Between iPad 2018 And iPad Pro 11

In recent years, Apple has ceased to number and give some kind of addition to the name of its tablets. As a result, the new iPad 2018, officially announced yesterday, is called. IPad. This can definitely confuse a simple user, so in this text we will explain the differences between iPad 2017 and iPad 2018, clarify their characteristics, and at the same time clarify some other points.

We’ll clarify one of them right away: now Apple is applying all its innovations in the hardware of tablets to the iPad Pro. But the usual iPad, among which is just the new product under consideration, are not remarkable in terms of hardware. They always get older and weaker hardware than the current iPad Pros at the same time, but simple iPads are dramatically cheaper.

Differences between iPad 2018 and iPad 2017

As you can see from the previous paragraph: you should not wait for any innovations from a regular iPad, even if it is a 2018 model. If you need the most advanced hardware, then better pay attention to the current iPad Pro or wait for the new iPad Pro this summer or fall. But what is remarkable about the iPad 2018 and what are its characteristics?

The fundamental differences between iPad 2018 and iPad 2017 consist of only two points:

  1. A10 processor (debut in iPhone 7 in 2016) instead of A9 (from iPhone 6S);
  2. Support for the Apple Pencil stylus, which only the iPad Pro could work with before.

All. There are no other major differences. They do not differ following characteristics:

  • Design;
  • Display and its resolution (9.7 inches, 20481536 pixels, 264 PPI);
  • Steodynamics;
  • Dimensions (240169.57.5 mm) and weight 469 g;
  • Cameras. The main module with a resolution of 8 MPx and front 1.2 MPx. Other camera features also remained the same;
  • A set of sensors;
  • The amount of RAM and permanent memory (2 GB and 32/128, respectively);
  • Battery and declared battery life (10 hours).

Since the list of innovations turned out to be so meager, and all the other characteristics are completely different, let’s give a little more attention to the Apple A10 Fusion processor.

He debuted in the iPhone 7 back in 2016 and today is clearly not a novelty, nevertheless, his differences from the A9 are as follows:

    3.3 billion vs transistors

2 in A9;

  • The two main CPU cores operate at a frequency of 2.34 GHz instead of 1.85 in A9;
  • Added two auxiliary kernels Zephyr, which were not in A9;
  • A slightly more powerful graphics core PowerVR GT7600 Plus is used instead of the basic version of PowerVR GT7600 Plus (250 GFlops vs 230);
  • Important: the updated processor also provides the iPad 2018 with LTE support a faster theoretical data transfer rate on these networks (300 MB / s against the previous 150 MB / s).
  • Note that the A10 should not be confused with the A10X, which is installed in the iPad Pro. A10X is much more powerful: there are six cores instead of four (3 main and three auxiliary).

    Differences between iPad 2018 and iPad 2017 in performance benchmarks

    As for the Apple Pencil stylus, it debuted in the iPad Pro in 2015 and now, after three years, has finally got to the regular iPad. Actually, according to the idea of ​​Apple, from Pro various “features” like this will gradually move to a simple iPad.

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    Differences between iPad 2018 and iPad Air 2

    The most interesting thing is that the newest iPad 2018 does not look very advantageous even against the background of the old iPad Air 2, released in 2014. The differences between them are not so significant. By the way, just a year after Air 2 in 2015, there was a separation into the “budget” iPad and premium iPad Pro.

    Released in 2014, Air 2 is equipped with the most powerful A8X processor at that time, which in terms of performance does not lag much behind the younger version of A10, which was used in the iPad 2018.

    Over, Air 2 even retains some advantages over the iPad 2017 and 2018. In particular:

    • Its thickness is only 6.1 mm versus 7.5 mm for current iPad;
    • Air 2 lighter (437 g vs 469);
    • Air 2 is equipped with an additional anti-glare screen, which Apple refused in the modern “budget” iPad.

    The Difference Between iPad 2018 And iPad Pro 11

    In terms of software, Air 2 is also still relevant. Future iOS 12 not yet announced at the time of writing this text should be compatible with the 2014 tablet.

    Thus, the only serious advantages of the presented iPad 2018 over the model that has already been launched for the fifth year is the support of the Apple Pencil stylus and fast data transfer in LTE networks for tablet versions with their support.

    Differences between iPad Pro and iPad 2018

    Despite the fact that the new generation of the 2018 iPad Pro has not yet been unveiled, last year’s iPad Pro is also quite confidently bypassing the iPad 2018 in terms of features and capabilities. The main differences between the iPad Pro and the iPad 2018 are the following (and all of them are not in favor of a simple iPad):

    • A10X processor with six core cores;
    • Twice as much RAM (4 GB instead of 2);
    • Built-in drives with capacities up to 256 and 512 GB (in a regular iPad, the limit is 128 GB);
    • Larger displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hz (60 Hz in a simple iPad);
    • TrueTone technology, adjusting the shade of the screen to the environment;
    • Smart Connector for connecting Smart Keyboard;
    • Support LTE speed 450 MB / s;
    • The main camera is 12 MPx with an aperture of f / 1.8 instead of 8 MPx f / 2.4;
    • Front camera 7 MPx vs 1.2 MPx in iPad 2018;
    • 4 speakers instead of two.

    IPad Pro 10.5 ’’ (left) and iPad 2017/2018

    However, some of these points can hardly be considered too weighty, and the price difference between the simple iPad and the most affordable Pro is almost twofold (25 and 47 thousand rubles, respectively).

    What types and generations of iPad are relevant today?

    So, Apple currently has an affordable iPad with a display diagonal of 9.7 ’’, and it was his company that updated it yesterday. There are also two iPad Pros with diagonals of 10.5 ’’ and 12.9 ’’. In Pro models, the company uses the most advanced hardware, so their are strikingly higher than the regular iPad. Apple’s new iPad Pro is worth the wait in summer or even fall.

    The current line of Apple iPad

    Finally, there is still the iPad Mini with a diagonal of 7.9 ’’. But if the company updates other tablets now annually, then the Mini has not been updated since 2015, when its fourth version was shown (then Apple still numbered the releases).

    Over, according to rumors, updates for him are not worth the wait, and the Mini itself will soon finally disappear from the sale. The reason is that at the end of this year a new expensive iPhone with a huge screen comes out and Cupertino does not want the relatively cheap Mini to somehow compete with it.

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