The battery on the tablet is quickly sitting on what to do

Why is the battery quickly discharged on the tablet and what to do with it?

The tablet is one of the most popular devices that many people regularly use. When using tablets every day, the owners are faced with the question, and because of what exactly the tablet is quickly discharged during the day? And what to do to prevent this?

Any battery has its own service life, as well as a limited number of charging cycles. When this service life ends, the battery stops serving as before, begins to keep the charge for less long time. It happens that this happens when using unsuitable food adapters. In this case, it is necessary to replace the battery and further use only a suitable charger.

Another technical reason for quick discharge may be a problem with the power controller. In this case, the charge indicator will show a 100% charge, but in fact the battery may not be charged even by half. In such a situation, the help of a specialist will also be required and, perhaps, replacing the power controller.

Do not leave the device in the sun or near the heat source, since the battery in the heat is discharged faster. Also, do not expose the device and the influence of too low temperature. This will affect the battery charge poorly.

On the cold, the battery discharges faster

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But many devices are quickly discharged even if there are no technical reasons for the loss of charge, then the owners of the devices try to figure out how to make the tablet not be discharged too quickly.

Is it possible to charge a tablet during work?

In theory, during charging the tablet, nothing prevents using at all. However, in practice everything is not so simple. If you use the device connected to the power supply, then at least two troubles can occur. The first problem is that you can damage the charging connector or the connector on the tablet. The second problem is that the battery will much faster come to a state of lowering maximum energy intensity due to long reloading cycles.

Temperature regimes

Modern batteries are quite capricious. They have a clear temperature range of work, however, in the related documentation it is not indicated that the battery life will be the same at low and high temperatures. There are two main types of batteries with their characteristics.

Lithium-ion battery

This type of battery is already morally outdated and has a smaller specific capacity in comparison with modern. It has the following characteristics:

battery, tablet, quickly

Such a battery for the optimal time of work needs a constant and “even” charge of charge.

Lithium-polymer battery

The most modern battery. Small, capacious, stress.Resistant. It has the following distinctive features:

  • The scatter of the battery life of the tablet depending on the temperature;
  • With various loads, more stable and predictable time frames are provided.

If the tablet began to be discharged faster with the lithium-polymer battery installed on it, this may be due to its work at minus temperature.

The concept of “temperature regime” includes not only the weather on the street. The role also plays the load from which the tablet heats up.

Why quickly sits on the battery on the tablet: what to do so that the battery of the tablet retains the charge longer

Tablets have become an integral part of the everyday life of a modern person. With their help, you can not only have a good time, but also do difficult work related to the processing of a large amount of information. The ability of the device to maintain a charge throughout the working day, often affects the timeliness of the task.

Why is the battery quickly discharged on the tablet

The battery of the new tablet is able to maintain the operating condition of the device from several hours to 4-5 days. The operating mode, the charging method, as well as the state of the nutrition element affect this indicator and can be the reason for the quick discharge of the tablet. To understand the cause, analyze the facts and arguments, then by exclusion, determine the source of the malfunction and eliminate this problem.

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In working mode

The load that the consumer sets the device directly affects the discharge of the battery. The more tasks the tablet performs at the same time, the faster the charge limit will end. The main reasons that the tablet is warming, and the battery is quickly discharged:

  • Operation of the device with the maximum brightness of the screen;
  • The use of external speakers for negotiations or listening to audio tracts;
  • Simultaneous inclusion of several applications that use several functions of the gadget at once;
  • Synchronized work of various programs;
  • Use of systemic sounds and vibration;
  • Frequent inclusion and off of the tablet;
  • Overheating or hypothermia of the device.

The listed factors can even plant a new battery, designed for 10-15 hours of active use, in 3-4 hours. In addition, the failure of the battery or malfunction in the electrical circuit of power can cause a quick discharge of the device.

In standby

Modern programs are created in such a way that they are able to independently update. In standby mode, the tablet usually remains connected to the Internet, and this entails the discharge of the battery. To avoid such a problem, automatic updates and synchronization are disabled in the gadget settings for all or individual programs.

When the tablet is turned off

With a complete disconnection of the device, the Wi-Fi function remains in the operating mode, and this may affect the discharge of the battery. To turn it off, in the tablet settings it is forcibly deactivated. If the gadget is still discharged, then perhaps the malfunction lies in the technical problems of the battery itself or the motherboard.

Important! The reason may be hidden in the power adapter, which does not fully charge the battery, and the tablet shows. A full charge. Only experts can identify such a drawback using special measuring equipment. If this is confirmed, then the replacement of the electric circuit is needed.

The failure of the battery is usually accompanied by bloating or the appearance of a white raid on the case. The presence of such manifestations indicates the need to replace the battery.

What to do so that the battery of the tablet retains the charge longer

To reduce energy consumption, the screen sets in automatic mode, disable synchronization and unused applications, deactivate unnecessary programs, vibration and external speaker. Headphones are used to listen to the audiopler. It is undesirable to turn off the tablet if after 30–40 minutes. After that, it will need to be turned on again.

In the active state of the function of the accelerometer (auto-dominant), GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth they will quickly discharge the battery. These options need to be included only as they are used.

Attention! The latest versions of Android are equipped with Wi-Fi optimization function, it must be used.

To make sure whether various connections affect the discharge of the battery, activate the flight mode. In this state, communication modules will be disconnected, and the consumer will be able to test the influence of mobile functions on the duration of the tablet.

The use of the device in the cold or the sun is also undesirable-because of this, the battery will also quickly sit down. Optimum temperature mode from 16 to 25 degrees.

Reference! The use of the settings of the so.Called living wallpaper in the design of the desktop contributes to the quick discharge of the gadget. Static wallpapers are used to preserve energy.

Open windows of search engines may contain an advertising addition in the form of rollers, the playback of which requires energy. Even when working with textual information and the simultaneous opening of several links, the consumer, without suspecting it, discharges the battery faster, because video reality can be launched on open pages. To avoid such a problem, they monitor m linings and use the minimum amount of information at the same time.

An attentive approach to the operation of the tablet will economically expend energy and exclude the possibility of sudden disconnect due to the fact that the battery is discharged.

Android began to quickly discharge in the standby mode of what to do the main reasons?

Good afternoon friends. Android began to discharge quickly in standby mode? Recently, one phone charge was enough for 4-5 days. Nowadays, even the most simple smartphones will not have enough energy for such a period. I’m not even talking about budget, charging is not enough even for 2 days. But why did it happen. Why does they have energy so quickly? The main thing that they spend it on?

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The phone android is quickly discharged what is the main reason?

Let’s immediately note that the battery sometimes quickly discharges a few hours after you bought a smartphone. But, the most interesting thing is that some users say:. The battery discharge occurs 30 minutes after purchasing the phone. There is nothing to say here. But, and the reason for the disappearance of energy in various models can be completely different.

If your gadget is completely new, but it quickly ends the battery charge, in this case, the reasons for the next kind may be guilty:

  • The OS of your Android is unimportant with its components;
  • The smartphone battery has low energy intensity;
  • Gadget CPU is not created for game programs;
  • The gadget has a very large screen incompatible with the chipset of this phone.

It will not be possible to argue with such reasons. Of course, there is the possibility of flashing the phone to another OS. But quite often it only exacerbates the situation. Also, with the CPU you cannot do anything. From this, when you start playing, the smartphone begins to heat up and the battery quickly sits down.

Let’s give the name of powerful chipsets that are much more effective than their analogues. Huawei, Qualcomm, Samsung.

But when you had a phone battery at first functioned at a normal level, and then began to sit down quite unexpectedly quickly. A few months later, or a year after the purchase. Then, the reasons for the ambulance are most likely completely different:

battery, tablet, quickly

How to fix a tablet that randomly shuts down

  • Some of the installed programs takes too much battery charge;
  • The virus started on the phone;
  • The subscriber turned on the brightness of the screen to the maximum;
  • The user turns on the GPS navigator quite often;
  • A person quite often restarts his gadget.

These factors of quick disappearance of energy are the opportunity to correct. Therefore, now we will begin to analyze them in more detail.

Decrease in brightness

To get started, let’s reduce the brightness of the monitor backlight. You can do this from the notification menu.

So, let’s go to “Settings, into the“ screen ”tab. In this window, you should see the “Adaptive adjustment” tab. Chikbox you need to turn off it. Having done this, the OS will independently set the brightness, observing the illumination of the room (street). Quite often, such an opportunity is absent in cheap phone models. Most often they do not have a light sensor in them.

Turn off Bluetooth and NFC

In addition, wireless elements are used with sufficient force. For example, Bluetooth, NFC, 3G B 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth and NFS is possible to turn off when you enter the phone settings, into the “Wireless Network” tab. Tap, on the button “”, and we will enter the necessary submenu. The user sees the Blutuz control button at once.

The user will be able to turn off the NFC in the case if the phone is supported by this function.

Disconnect the extra navigation chips

Budget options are equipped with cheap GPS chips, which sometimes do not have an A-GPS energy conservation function. When the user is not particularly needed for the user, we also turn off this function. To do this, we enter the settings and select the “Location” command.

In this window there is a function “mode”.

You need to choose the command “On the coordinates of the network”. Having set the chikbox on this function, the phone will stop finding with high accuracy where the phone is located. But the GPS chip will be turned off and energy consumption will stop from it.

Disconnecting games and applications

To save a battery charge, it is advisable not to play games (or play much less often), since it is the games of more other applications that consume batteries. At the same time, part of the conventionally paid applications take the charge, being even in the background. You see this certificate in messages that are constant on the phone.

As mentioned above, the battery of various reboots is decently taken away. Similar reloading are often caused by unstable work of various programs. We will also deinstallize them.


In addition, the Android OS could also suffer on the phone. In this case, it is desirable to return the factory settings. We should not forget that during the rollback to them, you will delete all your information from your phone, including subscribers numbers.

The autonomous functioning is exerted, including Root-right. If you remove them, it is quite possible that the phone will begin to function longer.

Also, it may very well be that the lion’s share of energy is taken by the applications that you installed on the phone. Some of these applications are so poorly optimized (it is quite possible that it is especially) that they take a decent volume of electricity.

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For example, these include and Messenger. This application has access to almost all the information that is available on the phone. Also, this program takes a lot of battery energy, which is why its charge ends.

We study the energy consumption of applications

In the previous versions of the Android OS, how much does the energy of the energy have a certain program was unclear. But now, having entered the “Settings”, we will see the Battery tab. It is quite accurately shown that the lion part of the energy is taken for applications with games.

Samsung phones have the opportunity to see the electrical consumption of any program more accurately. All data is contained in the window of various programs of the “Application Manager”. In this function, you can see what kind of load on the CPU creates a certain program. In addition, there are other interesting data here.

About malicious programs

I have already mentioned above that harmful applications are quite strongly taken away by electricity. But, from the Google Play resource it is not so easy to download such a pest as it might seem. But, on part of other sites of these harmful in quite a lot. From here, you can draw a ban on downloading programs to your gadget with other resources.

The screen is illuminated

Set an average level or minimally comfortable. Many devices are equipped with a light sensor and automatically change the backlight. If the mode of use of the tablet does not provide for a change in the external level of lighting, disconnect the auto adjustment function. This will significantly save the charge.

Set up a convenient automatic shutdown time for you. And to read the book, you can switch the auto.Off mode to “constantly on”.

The turned off the tablet is discharged

Check if you turn off the device or just transfer to sleep mode? To completely turn off your gadget, you need to hold the power button for at least five seconds. Do not forget to disconnect it from Wi-Fi, as the gadget will constantly look for an access point and spend energy.

Technical defects or damage can affect the quick discharge of the tablet. If a malfunction has formed in the maternal board, this also has its negative impact on the discharge of the battery. In this case, the gadget is best attributed to diagnostics to the service center.

The primary sources of the problem

The reasons for the rapid discharge of the device are actually not so few. First of all, these are various kinds of technical problems associated with the battery itself. For example, there is a possibility of factory marriage, which is quite typical for fakes. It is possible that the calibration of the tablet battery is necessary. It happens so. The charge is rapidly falling due to the fact that the battery has swollen on the tablet. In such situations, of course, to extend the service life and performance of the apparatus, it is worth pulling out the battery and replace it as a unusable.

However, just replace the worthless source of the tablet current directly without instructions, not knowing how to get the battery, it will not be possible. This may end very deplorable. Here it is worth considering: is it possible to change the battery at home, extending the performance of the tablet ?

Software problems and solutions

Typically, changes in the system, installing new modules or flashing are usually leading to the problem. Not debugged work of custom firmware. The result of temporary or constant failures.

Also, the batteries are often hindered by various applications, including optimizers. And also viruses associated, for example with mining, rapidly discharging the battery. In this case, the battery is discharged at an accelerated pace, and when charging, energy is not enough to block the consumption and accumulation of the charge.

In some smartphones of Sony production, protection is built in which the charging process is not activated until the battery temperature returns to normal.


  • Check the OS for viruses.
  • Delete extra programs, including memory optimizers/batteries.
  • Make a reset of settings to a factory state.
  • Change the firmware if the problems began after using Castom.
  • Cool the phone if the battery has overheated. Check if protection modes are included.
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