Terrarium For The Red-Eared Turtle, The Balance Of Water And Land

Terrarium For The Red-Eared Turtle, The Balance Of Water And Land

The terrarium for the red-eared turtle will be more correctly called aquaterrarium, since in such a dwelling must be present both water and land.

General requirements for a terrarium for a red-eared tortoise

The ratio of water to the solid surface for the turtle’s habitat should be 3: 1. In this case, the minimum volume of the aquarium per adult must be at least 100 liters. The terrarium of the red-eared turtles is contaminated quite quickly, so the more water there is in it, the less often you will have to clean the pet’s house. Under the aquaterrarium for the red-eared scoops, you can equip the usual large aquarium.

The terrarium must be covered with a lid or glass with holes for air. Otherwise, the red-eared scoop can easily get out of its home.

The obligatory requirement for the terrarium for the Red-eared scoop is the presence of a heat source in it – aquarium lamp maintaining temperature in the range 22-28 ° C. Temperature conditions below 20 ° C can affect the activity and health status of turtles.

Additional source roof lighting it will become a kind of “sun” for the turtle, in the rays of which it will bask, resting on land.

The presence in the terrarium of water filter Helps keep clean longer.

Arrangement of aquatic habitat

The water level in the terrarium for the red-eared turtle should be at least 40 cm: in such a volume of the water column, the turtle will be able to swim and perform various maneuvers without difficulty. Before changing the water in the terrarium, it should be preliminarily defend within 5 days. Water changes weekly, but not in full: only 30-40% of the total liquid volume is subject to change.

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Terrarium For The Red-Eared Turtle, The Balance Of Water And Land

Sushi arrangement

In the terrarium, there must be an islet of land for the red-eared turtle, on which it will rest and bask. The land surface should occupy about a quarter of the total bottom area of ​​the terrarium.

You can make a sushi island with your own hands. It can become bulk hill of large stones, a plastic shelf glued to the wall of the aquarium with sealant and sprinkled with sand and pebbles, as well as previously cleaned driftwood. Regular boards are not the best material for arranging a turtle dwelling: over time, they absorb moisture and become covered with mold.

When purchasing a red-eared turtle, be prepared for a long time to take responsibility for the life and well-being of the pet. Properly designed aquaterrarium will help your pet to maintain health and activity for several decades.

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