Take Video From Ipad Screen

How to record from the screen? Instructions for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

1. Launch the QuickTime Player application, which comes standard with OS X.

2. We connect the iDevice via the Lightning wire to the computer. As I understand it, iPad 1,2,3 with the old connector in the span

3. In QuickTime Player, select File-New Record from the menu.

Attention! Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 in that order. If you do the opposite, then for some reason it does not always work.

4. In the player’s control panel, click on the small checkmark to the right of the record button.

In the drop-down menu, select your device in the Camera and Microphone sections. In the Quality section you can change the quality of the recording. If you set the Maximum, then everything will be absolutely superb, but the size of what was received can go off scale (I managed to write down 1 minute for 200 megabytes). Decide the quality for yourself, experiment.

5. We press the record button. Quicktime Player will show in real time the size of the recording.

6. After stopping the recording, go to the File-Save menu. We save the received to the hard disk. Or by means of QuickTime Player we share the received.

For example, directly from the player you can upload to Youtube:

Pros and cons

The described method is convenient in that the recording takes place via a wire, and not Wi-Fi, therefore there are much less glitches. I did not find out of sync in the tests. The downside is that so far, the sound during recording is not played either on the iPad or on the computer, although then there is sound during playback.

It remains to wait for the fall and the official release of OS X and iOS 8, and then use your health!

Ipad screen recording. On iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Ios 8 introduces one useful and poorly advertised feature that only works in conjunction with the new OS X 10.10 Yosemite. We are talking about recording from the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using the operating system. Before that, in order to record from the screen, you had to use third-party tools. For example, many on our site are recorded using the Reflector application.

Reflector works over Wi-Fi and uses AirPlay technology. I wrote about this in detail in a separate instruction article. Reflector has several drawbacks when compared to the method described below:

  • The Air Play icon does not always appear on iPad. I am a shaman in such cases: I restart Wi-Fi, change the quality, etc.
  • Reflector costs 13. So you need to either buy or use a pirated version, which is periodically buggy
  • Since Reflector uses Wi-Fi, the program records with errors on colorful applications: for example, out of sync and sound is a common thing for Reflector.

With the advent of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, the headaches for me (and for everyone who is going to record a stream from the screen) should be reduced. I will give instructions on how to do this, so that readers have an idea of ​​the innovation.

How to Record from iPhone or iPad Screen without Jailbreak

Two proven ways to grip without the hassle.

How to record from iPhone or iPad screen using iOS

Starting with iOS 11, a capture function appeared in the Apple mobile OS, which allows you to capture everything that happens on the iPhone or iPad screen, and then save the file to the gallery. Here’s what you need to do.

Open Settings, go to Control Center, and click Customize Controls. Find the Screen Recording item in the list and tap the green plus sign next to it. If this item is already in the upper Include list, go to the next step.

Bring up Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen on iPhone 8 and earlier, or swiping down from the top-right corner of the display on iPhone X and later. Click the Screen Recorder icon in the bottom row or hold your finger on it to open an additional menu where you can turn on the microphone.

Three seconds after the countdown, recording will begin, and the status bar or area with the clock will turn red.

To end the recording, click on the status bar or clock area, or on the button in the Control Center. After a couple of seconds, the saved file will appear in the gallery. There it can be edited, uploaded to the cloud or sent via the Share menu.

How to Record iPhone or iPad Screen via QuickTime on macOS

If you wish, you can also record the screen using a Mac. In this case, earlier versions of iOS will do as well. In addition, the status bar will not turn red, and the time and network indicators on it will be like in all Apple presentations and advertisements. To record iPhone or iPad screen via QuickTime on Mac, do the following.

Connect your iOS device to your Mac using a cable. Launch QuickTime and select the File menu → New entry.

In the window that opens, click on the arrow next to the record button and specify the iPhone as the camera. Here you can select the sound source and quality.

To start recording, press the red button, and at the end, press it again and save the to disk.

Cons of the method

  • Processing, or rather compression of a huge size on a PC.
  • High price of required equipment.
  • If your TV does not support 4K, then we very much doubt that you will be able to shoot at iPad 4 resolution.

Iphone, iPad screen recording using Display Recorder [Jailbreak]

The first method will require you to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad. Over, you will have to get a male-to-male mini-jack 3.5 cable to record sound from the line-in. It just so happens that the best recording software right on the device itself. Display Recorder was unable to overcome the system limitations of iOS, and therefore had to use invasive methods. To do this, you just need to insert the above cable with one end into the audio output of the device, and the other into the line input of your sound card. You can record sound while taking off with both a paid SoundForge and worthless Audacity.

Download Display Recorder from the BigBoss repository, at the same time paying 5 from your wallet to the monopolist developer. Installation link.

Iphone, iPad screen recording using RecordMyScreen [Jailbreak]

By the way, there is a method for recording the sound of the system, but it looks rather strange, and is important only for those who actually do everything on their tablet. If you really want to get an extra brain tumor and a hole in your wallet. Buy a device called an external audio interface for iPhone, iPad (originally created for guitars and GarageBand and are nothing more than the same notorious line-in on your PC sound card). The cheapest are found with a price of about 1000 rubles. Repeat the trick with the dad-dad cable and record the sound with the app from the App Store that came with the purchased device (if it supports recording in the background). At the same time, your apple begins to look like a hermaphrodite, but since I decided to show all the alternatives, the most sophisticated approaches will not bypass you.

Advantages of the method:

  • Better sound quality and.
  • Mossy but proven method.

Advantages of the method:

  • Automatic compression of the received directly on the device.
  • Ability to automatically post to YouTube.
  • Ability to create software manuals, provided that you use the fingertip and microphone functions.

Iphone, iPad screen recording with Apple TV for better quality

The most orthodox method and at the same time the highest quality and most expensive. It requires the most connections. To do this, we’ll need an Apple TV connected via HDMI to your TV and a capture device. This is the same method that was used before emulating AirPlay on a PC, because it’s no secret to anyone that apple technology communicates best with each other. After that, the resulting huge size, but alas not native resolution, will be on your PC.

How to Capture Screen on iPhone and iPad

First go to Settings → Command centre → Customize controls and tap the green icon next to Screen Recording. This will add a recording icon to the Control Center.

Step-by-step instructions on how to record from the screen:

Open the Control Center. To do this, swipe down from the top-right corner of the display on devices without a Home button, or swipe up from the bottom of the display on a smartphone or tablet with a Home button.

  • Tap the recording icon 2 times to start recording, or press and hold it to turn the microphone on or off. You can also use a third party extension like Facebook Messenger streaming or screen sharing via Zoom.
  • You will see a red indicator in the upper left corner of the iPhone (or in the upper right corner of the iPad). Click it to stop recording.
  • If you left the default settings, open the application, where you will see the created.

These steps look like this:

After you press the button to start recording, a 3-second countdown will begin before starting. The icon will turn red and flash while recording.

When you’re ready to finish and save, look at the red around the current time in the upper left corner of the iPhone display on newer models or in the upper right corner on iPad.

After clicking this icon on the status bar, click Stop to end the process and save. Or use Undo to continue recording.

After clicking the Stop button, you will see a pop-up notification, by clicking on which you can go to the saved recording and share it.

By the way, if you want such wallpapers, you can download them from here. There are other wallpapers from the iPhone SE 2020.

Iphone Screen Recorder with Sound

If you activate recording by clicking a button in the Control Center, as described above in the article, there will be no sound in the final.

To turn your microphone on or off, don’t just press, but press and hold the record button. In the window that opens after this, activate it.

You will have to turn on the microphone by long pressing the icon every time you decide to remove the screen on an iPhone with sound.

Which iPhones have built-in screen recording

You do not need to install third-party applications for this, because the built-in ability to record what is happening on the iPhone screen appeared with the release of iOS 11. The function is out of sight, so it’s not surprising that not everyone knows about it.

The following Apple device models are capable of recording:

  • Iphones from iPhone 5s and older: SE / 6 / 6s / 7/8 / X / Xr / Xs / 11 and so on, including all Plus and Max versions. And of course the new 2nd generation iPhone SE.
  • Tablets iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 2nd generation), Pro (12.9-inch, 1st generation), Pro (10.5-inch), Pro (9.7-inch), Air 2, Air 6- 1st generation, iPad 5th generation, iPad Mini 2, 3, 4 and newer tablets.
  • All iPod touch 6th generation or older.

Owners of older devices, such as iPhone 5 or 4, will have to use other methods described below to remove from their phone.

To view your installed iOS version, go to Settings → The main → About this device → Software version.

Hdmi cable and adapter

If you are unfamiliar with such devices, I will explain briefly. The device itself is a small box with various inputs and outputs. Connect the phone to it via HDMI cable, and the box itself to the computer via the Thunderbolt or USB port.

Now everything that happens on the iPhone screen will be transferred to the computer, where you can save it to a file using a special program.

How to Record Screen on iPhone with Sound

Screen Recorder on iPhone is a useful feature that you can use to create short and short ones. Today I’ll tell you how to record from the iPhone screen with and without sound.

This step-by-step guide is great for iPad and iPod touch. I will also tell you how to write an image from the screen when connected to a computer via a Lightning cable.

Which iPhones have built-in screen recording

  • How to Capture Screen on iPhone and iPad
  • Iphone Screen Recorder with Sound
  • Using QuickTime
  • Hdmi cable and adapter
  • Reflector for Mac and Windows

    Using QuickTime

    Quicktime Player is a standard macOS player that is built into the system and can record images from a connected iPhone or Mac screen.

    First of all, let’s figure out on what equipment it will work and on what not. Your iPhone must be updated to iOS 8 and have a Lightning connector, which is available in phones from iPhone 5 and later, and tablets from iPad 4 and later. From this it follows that iPhone 4S and iPad 3 do not support this option.

    You will also need a computer with macOS at least Yosemite (version 10.10) and a Lightning cable (included in the box with the iPhone).

    Take From Ipad Screen

    Connect your smartphone to your Mac with a cable and launch QuickTime. From the top menu select File → New entry.

    By default, a window will open showing the built-in camera. At this stage, the player will request access to Mac cameras and microphones, it must be allowed otherwise and the sound from Athos will not be displayed.

    Click on the small down arrow to the right of the round red record button.

    From the drop-down list in the field you need a camera and a microphone of your device. You can also choose the quality here. Be careful with this parameter, as the size of the resulting file can grow a lot.

    An exact snapshot of the image from your iPhone appears on the Mac screen. To start recording, click on the red round button (click on it to stop).

    Automatic saving is not provided here. Therefore, after you finish recording the iPhone screen, do not forget to select File from the top menu → Save.

    How to capture from the screen using a computer program

    For Windows, several programs have been developed with which you can capture from the iPhone screen. They are paid, but trials are available with some restrictions. For example, Wondershare iOS Screen Recorder displays the program logo over the recording. The LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver utility is also paid, but in the trial version there is no cut in functionality and overlay of a watermark, so we recommend using it.

    Go to the official website and click on the Download for Windows button. Download the installation file and then install the program. When you run the utility for the first time, the Windows Firewall window will appear, allow LonelyScreen to communicate in private and, if necessary, in public networks.

    Connect your computer and iPhone to the same network. On your smartphone, open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the display (on bezel-less iPhones, swipe down from the top-right edge). Click on the Screen Repeat (AirPlay Repeat in iOS 10 and below) button and select LonelyScreen.

    The image from the iPhone screen will be broadcast in the program window on the computer. To start recording, open the options panel and click on the red Start recording button.

    To stop recording, in the LonelyScreen window, click on the Stop recording button. Or, in Control Center on iPhone, select Screen Repeat and click Stop Replay.

    To view your footage, click on the green Play button. To go to the location of the file, click on the folder icon. By default, entries are stored in the This PC directory →.

    How to screen iPhone and iPad

    Only in iOS 11 it became possible to record with sound from the iPhone screen without using third-party programs. But for previous versions of iOS, solutions are available: using a computer or using a special application for iPhone and iPad.

    The capture function works in iOS 11 and 12, which are supported by most Apple mobile devices. If your gadget runs on iOS 10 and older, you will have to use third-party software about this in the second and third sections of this manual.

    Useful materials for Apple technology owners:

    Iphone screen capture on iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10 without computer and jailbreak

    For older iPhones running on iOS 10 and below, the AirShou program has been created, which can capture from the display without jailbreak and a computer.

    To download the app, go to https://iemulators.com/airshou and scroll down to the app description. Click AirShou → Install → Install AirShou and select Install from the pop-up window.

    The utility will load and its icon will appear on the desktop.

    But AirShou won’t start until you designate the developer of the program as reliable. To do this, go to Settings → General and open Profiles and Device Management (the item may be called Device Management and Profiles).

    Select a developer, click Trust China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company Limited and confirm by clicking Trust.

    After the performed actions, AirShou will start working. Now run the program and allow sending notifications. Then click Agree.

    In the main application window, select Record. Next, enter the name of the future record or leave the field empty, then the file name will be installed automatically.

    Also select the orientation: porter or landscape, and set the resolution in which you will record.

    Click Next and give AirShou access to the microphone.

    Now bring up Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the display and clicking on the AirPlay repeat button. Select AirShou (Device Name) from the list of available devices and recording will start.

    To stop screen capture, open AirShou and press Stop.

    Records are displayed in the application on a separate tab. To go to the saved ones, on the main AirShou screen, click on the button in the upper right corner. You can play them, open them in other programs or save them to tape (the files will be transferred to the application).

    If the display does not start recording

    When you added the screencast button, clicked on it, the timer started, but after the countdown, the shooting did not start, do the following:

  • In iOS 11: open Settings → The main → Restrictions, enter the Restrictions passcode and activate Screen Recording in the Game Center section.
  • In iOS 12: go to Settings → Screen time → Content and privacy, enter your Screen Time passcode → Content restrictions → Screen Recording and select Yes.
  • How to record a screencast to GIF

    The DU Recorder application will help you create GIF-animation from the recorded screencast. After downloading the program from the App Store, launch it, grant access to and allow sending notifications.

    Follow the instructions from the beginning of the article to add Screen Recorder to Control Center, then click Record GIF in the DU Recorder menu.

    Open Control Center, press hard on the screencast button, select DU Recorder and click Start Broadcast.

    At the right time, stop broadcasting in a convenient way, after which a notification will pop up that the recording is complete.

    The created GIF animation will be displayed in the DU Recorder in the section and will also be saved to film.

    Iphone Screen Recording with iOS

    Although the feature is implemented on devices with iOS 11 and 12 out of the box, screen capture is not included in the list of options that appear in Control Center by default. Therefore, first you need to activate the corresponding button in the settings.

    To do this, open the Settings app, select Control Center, and tap Customize controls.

    Under Controls, click the plus sign to the left of Screen Recording. The option will immediately move to the Enable list and appear in Control Center.

    By holding your finger on the icon to the right of Screen Recording, you can move the item, thereby changing the location of the button in the Control Center. You can also remove unnecessary functions from the panel by clicking on the minus to the left of the corresponding element and confirming with the Delete button.

    Now, to start shooting, swipe up from the bottom of the display (on iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max, swipe down from the top right) and click on the record icon.

    To shoot with sound, forcefully press the button and turn on the Microphone in the window that appears. Then click Start Recording.

    A timer will start, which will count down 3 seconds, after which the capture starts. At the time of shooting, the status bar will glow red. On iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR, only the time in the upper left corner is highlighted in red.

    To stop recording, open Control Center and click the button again, or click on the status bar and select Stop.

    A third method is also available: press the touch button hard and click Stop Recording.

    Will be saved in the application.


    Screen Recorder is easy to set up, nothing more. But the full functionality is available only after purchasing the paid version.

    Press the Start button to start shooting. Minimize the application. After 5 seconds, recording of all your actions from the device screen will begin.

    Click Start to start

    Screen Recorder functionality is the same for smartphones and tablets. At the first start, the program will ask for Root access.

    Confirm the use of Root rights

    Clicking on Submit will give you access to app and recording settings.

    Configure application settings

    Screen Recorder controls the bitrate, allows you to record sound, overlay an inscription on, minimizes without stopping recording, stops recording when the screen turns off, selects the codec (default AVI) and performs other equally important functions.

    Configure recording options

    Recording is started by pressing the record key. You can view the recorded by going to the tab of saved clips.

    Start the recording process

    Before viewing, it is suggested to select a player from the list of installed ones that support this format.

    Select any of the installed apps to view recordings

    How to take pictures from the screen of an Android phone, smartphone or tablet

    From the screen of an Android phone or tablet, you can take not only screenshots, but also take pictures. This is used to create trainings for users of all kinds of applications on a modern gadget. Writing and editing them is easy.

    • 1 What ways are there
    • 1.1 Without root rights
    • 1.2 Using root access
    • 2 How to take pictures from your phone or tablet screen: useful apps
  • 2.1 AZ Screen Recorder
  • 2.2 SCR Screen Recorder
  • 2.3 ScreenRecorder
  • 2.4 Recordable
  • 2.5 Screencast Recorder
  • 3 Comparison of Screen Capture Apps
  • 4 How to record from the Android screen with other tools
  • 5 How to get root access
  • 6 recording without attachments
  • 7 Possible problems
  • 7.1: The 5 Best Screen Capture Apps for Android Devices
  • Without root rights

    You can do without Root rights when you have a computer at hand. The principle of shooting without Root access is as follows: the Android version of the application is installed on a smartphone or tablet, and the version of the application for Windows is installed on a PC. Among these apps are No Root Screen Recorder and Recordable.

    How to record from the Android screen with other tools

    There are other apps for screen recording of Android gadgets among them Screen Capture, Mobizen Screen Recorder, REC, RecMe Screen Recorder, Game Screen Recorder, etc.

    What ways are there

    The first Android version to support full screen recording capability 4.4.2 KitKat.


    Recordable is also called Easy Screen Recorder No Root. If used without a PC, it requires the Superuser rights. There is a paid version with advanced functionality.

    Disadvantages that prevent full use of the application:

    • The free version of Recordable does not allow recording at more than 8 frames per second.
    • The program inserts its logo into every post made by the user.
    • Incorrect orientation during recording, the captured falls sideways by 90 degrees when the screen is rotated during recording.
    • Sendings directly to Skype when you select this send menu item, the Skype application will start.

    To start recording, switch to any other application by minimizing Recordable. To stop recording, go back to the Recordable app.

    Switch to another app

    You can view the footage by opening the tab with saved records.

    Select any of the entries made

    You can transfer any of thes to another smartphone or tablet with Android, upload to YouTube, social networks, save in the cloud or send by mail and Skype, add to notes.

    Select the one you want to share

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