Tablet Apple iPad Which Is Better

IPad or Android tablet. Which is better to purchase? This question is of interest to most users who decide to please themselves with the purchase of a new “tablet”. Since the confrontation between Apple and other brands in the tablet market is no less acute than in the situation with smartphones, it will not be out of place for the user to figure out exactly how ordinary tablets differ from iPads.

Tablet Apple iPad Which Is Better

What is better iPad or Android / Windows tablet?

A tablet with Android is an ideal option for watching a movie, gaming battles or other types of entertainment. Such a device is also suitable for children and will become a good helper in learning for students or schoolchildren. But if a user is looking for an office device, then a tablet with Windows is a clear favorite.

Why? Yes, just such a device is a full-fledged computer, only in reduced sizes. It contains the familiar Microsoft Office and is perfectly suited for work. Windows devices are universal, but still more focused on the audience of business people.

As for the iPad, everything is simpler here. Users who select Apple tablets primarily vote for the brand. But the company is not in vain received the title of manufacturer of the most popular tablet in the world, because its devices:

  • “Stuffed” with a huge number of unique applications, for example, iWork for editing text documents or iMessage for comfortable communication, including calls;
  • Large selection of rigorous selection of applications in the online library;
  • Connect wirelessly to speakers, a printer, other devices from Apple;
  • Programs and applications in the App Store are designed specifically for the large screen of the tablet, that is, the picture on the display will be correct.

By the way, on the iPad, the same software works equally well on all versions of the OS.

The main differences between the tablets

If after reading the previous section the choice of “tablet or iPad” is still relevant, it makes sense to read further to figure out what is the difference between devices. The first thing to start with: The iPad is also a tablet, and it’s the first in the world. And now about the differences.

Visual difference

Regardless of the iPad model, they all look plus / minus the same:

  • Rectangular shape;
  • Logo of a “bitten” apple on the back cover;
  • Classic in colors. Black, white, silver or gold to choose from.

Needless to say, other brands (for example, the same Samsung, which produces tablets for Android) offer users a wider palette of colors: from delicate feminine colors to flashy colors on the device.

Another obvious visual difference between iPad and other tablets is thickness. Since Apple’s gadget case is made of aluminum, it’s often thinner than its competitors.

Apple’s security is also up to par. The company has equipped its tablets with tempered shockproof glass. Such a coating does not scratch, does not leave cracks and chips when dropped or in contact with sharp objects.

Differences in Operating Systems

IPad runs on Apple’s proprietary OS, iOS. It is modern, productive, with convenient navigation. The hardware of such a device has many features, most of which are discussed in one of the previous sections. But there are a few more that you should pay attention to, for example:

What can Android offer in return? The operating system is also “crammed” with a number of its interesting features, and each modification has its own. For example, the new version of OS 9.0 or Pie pleases users with updated features:

  • The ability to control the frequency of use of any of the downloaded applications. Useful software, especially if a child uses the tablet.
  • The new Slush mode, which with just one touch mutes all sounds on the gadget (music, notifications).
  • Google is also constantly developing modes to save battery power. The latter. Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness. Even independently determine the most used programs and adjust the screen brightness optimal for them. Everything to extend the battery life of the tablet.

If we talk about tablets with Windows, then they support all the programs and applications specific to this operating system. You can activate both the full version and the list of only necessary software.

Display: size and other parameters

The aspect ratio of the iPad and other tablets is significantly different. So, the iPad has a 4: 3 ratio, which is ideal for browsing the web or reading an e-book. Tablets of other brands have a 16: 9 ratio. It is such a screen adapted for watchings or movies. Here, 100% there will be no black edges, and the picture will appear on the entire display.

The latest version of the iPad has Retina displays. They delight the owners of the device with a clear image, saturated colors with good color reproduction, without distortion of contrast and brightness. All this is achieved due to the high pixel density per inch.

In the iPad line, models with screen sizes of 7.9 and 9.7 inches are available.

Focusing on the size of the display when choosing a tablet of other brands, it will turn out to purchase a mini-device with a screen from 7 to 12 inches. The range is huge, but the image quality will vary depending on the selected manufacturer.

It is worth noting: if you buy a tablet to watch movies, a size of 7.9 inches will be enough. For working moments it is better to pay attention to the bigger screen.

Functionality and Performance

The table below will focus on hardware and the “internal stuffing” of devices based on different operating systems.

Parameters iPad Windows tablet Android tablet
Network module (for calls and Internet access) All the latest iPads are divided into Wi-Fi and Cellular versions. Those versions that are only cheaper with Wi-Fi, with Cellular (with a SIM card) are more expensive. Windows tablets can be equipped with a network module, or delivered without it Tablets on Android can be equipped with a network module, or delivered without it.
Support usb and internet modem not Yes Yes
The presence of an external drive (flash drive iPad lacks a flash drive slot. Instead, there are several options for devices with different amounts of internal memory, so the buyer will have to estimate how much memory he will need before buying. The tablets have a slot for additional memory expansion. Most Android tablets come with a built-in microSD card slot, which allows you to add the necessary amount of memory if necessary.

Price difference

IPad is prestige and solidity, and such criteria are expensive. In addition, Apple tablets are of impeccable quality in all respects. Functional and productive iPad costs about 300. The price of the cheapest iPad mini model.

Tablets with Android and Windows can be purchased for half this amount, moreover, the capabilities and speed of such devices are not always inferior to the branded device. Naturally, the more functions. The more expensive the price.

Comparison of iPad with 2 other two tablets

Parameters iPad A1893 Wi-Fi 128GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Lenovo Miix 320 10.1 WiFi
OS version iOS 11 Android 8.0 Windows 10 Pro
Screen resolution 2048×1536 2560×1600 1920×1080
CPU Apple A10 with 4 cores Qualcomm Snapdragon with 8 cores Atom x5-Z8350 with 4 cores
Memory 2 GB of operational 128 GB of internal 4 GB operational 64 GB
built-in memory card slot
4 GB RAM 128 GB internal memory card slot
Cameras 8 megapixel 1.2 megapixel with autofocus, no flash 13 megapixel 8 megapixel with flash and autofocus 2 megapixel 5 megapixel with autofocus, no flash
Battery Li-polymer Battery up to 10 hours in operation Li-polymer Battery up to 9 hours in operation Li-polymer Battery up to 10 hours in operation

Tablet Tips

A few universal recommendations:

  1. Brand is the key to quality, and therefore it is better to give preference to well-known companies;
  2. Screen size should be selected depending on the frequency and conditions of use;
  3. The internal memory must be at least 16 GB to store all the necessary information;
  4. Number of cores. 2 or more for comfortable work with the device.

Before finally deciding on a purchase, it will be useful to look at 2-3 objective reviews of the selected tablet model. If in doubt, you can finally ask for help from consultants.

A tablet is an excellent gadget that is convenient to take with you on trips, business trips or just to work. Whether it will be an expensive iPad or a device of another brand depends on the financial capabilities and personal preferences of the buyer. The main thing is that the device satisfy all requests.