Supports Iphone 7 Wireless Charging

Wireless charging can be used not only with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, but also with the iPhone 7 and even older Apple smartphones.

All you need is a couple of accessories and a bit of enthusiasm.

What I used to wirelessly charge the iPhone 7

To charge my smartphone wirelessly, I used two devices. In addition to the site for wireless charging, I needed a Qi standard receiver.

My set of accessories:

  • Qi receiver company Efir
  • Wireless Charging Pad Alfacore Smart Power F70

I was looking for options with a minimum delivery time to the south of Ukraine, as well as at a low price.

And what do you think? The idea is working, but I was unsatisfied with the performance of the bundle and the quality of the accessories themselves.

Efir Qi receiver. I got the impression that such receivers for wireless charging under different brands are actually produced by only one manufacturer from China.

The fact is that they all look almost the same. A white plastic plate with a Qi coil inside, as well as marking in the same font indicating compatible iPhone.

The receiver is pushed into the Lightning connector on the iPhone, wrapped on the back panel and secured with your protective case.

In thickness, it is less than a millimeter. It seems a little, but in any case, your cover will puff up, and some models (especially ultra-thin) will not fit at all.

All this design, which when assembled does not look so scary, is put on the station for wireless charging.

Alfacore Smart Power F70. This is an inexpensive wireless charging station made of matte black plastic on top and glossy on the bottom.

It connects to a power supply that is not included, or to a computer using a microUSB to USB cable.

At the station there is only one diode for indication. It glows blue when the station is ready for operation, and green when charging has begun.

The iPhone for charging is placed on top of the back panel down. If everything is done correctly, the corresponding indication appears on the screen, and its battery begins to be filled with energy.

But as it turned out, it all just sounds so cool.

What are the pros and cons of this charging method

As a result, I really managed to charge the iPhone 7 in this way. and more than once.

However, I did not get much pleasure from the process. During the week of testing, the ligaments regularly experienced discomfort and, in general, cherished the treasured 7 days of testing with difficulty.

The advantages of such wireless charging:

  • You don’t need to connect anything for charging, just put it down and take it when you need it. at least in theory
  • Feel like a real geek, just boasting ashamed

However, I did not feel the serious benefits of wireless charging in general and the use of additional Qi-receivers.

Cons of such wireless charging:

  • To connect anything to the iPhone via Lightning, you need to disconnect the Qi-receiver (if you do not remove the case, it is very difficult to do)
  • Due to the foreign object, the iPhone case is bristling, it looks disgusting and frankly does not feel in the hand
  • To charge, you need to put the iPhone clearly in the center of the charging station, otherwise there will be no miracle (most likely, this is a feature of this particular station)
  • Using iPhone while charging will not work with all desire
  • In this way, the iPhone charges much slower than with a wire

After testing, I hid the Qi receiver and charging station in a cabinet and exhaled.

Alas, the experiment was unsuccessful. Such crutches are more likely to interfere.

over, I generally believe that the Qi wireless charging technology, which is also used in the new iPhone, is absolutely useless.

As for me, wireless charging is not needed at all

Think it over. In its current form there is not much point in wirelessly charging the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Need a platform, you can’t pick up the phone and generally do not touch. The charging speed is low. And so on.

Therefore, in most cases, it is more convenient for me to use a wire.

Supports Iphone 7 Wireless Charging

But I know what needs to be changed so that it is the other way around.

The future of wireless charging. the use of technologies for transferring energy to a real distance (for example, to a whole room).

Long before the presentation of the iPhone X and other new Apple smartphones, we hoped that the company would make a breakthrough in this direction, because it supposedly worked on wireless charging at a distance with Energous.

Alas, this did not happen, and there were no new rumors for almost six months. Our expectations are either in vain, or the technology is too young to become widespread.

And while there is no real wireless charging without platforms and tambourines, there is no sense in using it. this is my stubborn opinion.