Strengthen the Wi-Fi signal using the second router

Strengthen the Wi-Fi signal using the second router. Open wireless.

Then the unification of two routers through Wi-Fi.

In this option, we do not need any cable, so it seems to me more attractive.

And the result will be beautiful. Because we still have a single network, but with the addition of another access point.

And most importantly, the Wi-Fi coating area increases without loss of quality.

The only requirement for such a connection is. I wonder what, the curious reader will ask?

But what, so that the second router works as a relay of the main signal.

If I am not mistaken in the names, then such a function is called the repiter regime. Today, most routers have WDS technology.

Connecting a router to a computer

When combining several Wi-Fi access points, a conflict of IP addresses may arise into one network, which is why it is first necessary to vary the IP address of the Wi-Fi device, which in the future will function as a “repiter”.

To do this, we connect an access point to a computer or laptop through a “twisted pair”. Although it is possible through a Wi-Fi connection to change the settings of the router, but it may be that your device does not support such features. Another nuance, in old models of routers, may be that the LAN cable will have to be connected to the port with number 1 on the router in order to configure it.

By the way, the power is connected to the router directly power supply or thanks to the POE injector. It all depends on a specific model.

Cabel connection

The wired conjugation is possible in two ways:

In the first case, the network is created between the combined Ethernet connected to LAN ports with routes.

In the second, the cable between the WAN-Inteum of the second router and the LAN port of the first is laid.

Lan. Lan method

First, determine which of the devices will perform the head. Choose a router with an Internet Schuur coming to it.

Next, connect the main LAN port with the LAN.

Suppose that on the “leading” Internet is configured in advance. The following actions will be as follows:

  • Connect to the web-integer gadget number 1.
  • Check if the DHCP server is involved, if turned off, activate.
  • Save the settings.
  • Connect to gadget number 2.
  • Disconnect DHCP on it, similar to a wireless way. Address will be taken from the head router.
  • Also, by analogy, change the local IP address of the device.
  • Apply the settings and cross the configurator.
  • Check the status of the device. It should receive a network address from the main one and act as a wireless access point.

Lan. Wan method

The WAN port of the router 1 and the LAN port of the router 2 is connected. We assume again that the necessary settings are made on the main modem and DHCP is included.

The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  • We go to the Gadget 1 menu and check the work of the DHCP server. By default, the service is always included, but if inactivity, the function should be enabled and applied to the changes.
  • We go to the gadget 2 menu and on the Wan network tab, select the dynamic type of request for IP addressing. We save the data.
  • DHCP function in this case does not need to be turned off.
  • We check the range of local addresses of the DHCP server on both routers so that they do not intersect. For example, if the host indicates the addressing range 199, 192 should be introduced on the leader.168.0.200 254. In case of failure to fulfill this condition, addressing conflicts are possible.
  • We use settings. You can restart the gadget.

As a result, both of the access point will start on both, but they will become interconnected in the framework of a single subnet and allow customers to use all resources.

How to connect a second router to enhance the Wi-Fi signal

This method has several distinctive features that should be paid attention to before its implementation:

  • Reducing the speed of the Internet. The combination of two routers in the bridge mode can adversely affect the data transfer speed. Most likely, this indicator will break through due to the features of WDS;
  • The ability to use routers from different manufacturers. It is not necessary to combine two identical modems. As practice shows, this circumstance does not affect the performance of equipment;
  • The need to change the parameters of the main adapter. The user will need to change the static address of the device;
  • Lack of cable.
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Important! Routers who are connected via Wi-Fi do not have to be located in close proximity to each other. The main thing is to prevent a signal loss.

How to strengthen Wi-Fi with the help of the second router

If you have a large living area that is not fully covered by your Wi-Fi router, then you can leave the situation by expanding the coverage area using an additional modem. The second modem is connected to the first, which allows you to provide the Internet, for example, a private house. About how to do this, read in the article.

There are two ways to connect the second router: using the wire that connects them, and using Wi-Fi wireless connection.

We will consider the second method, t.To. It is convenient in terms of the fact that you do not need to extend the cable from one router to another. However, it will require additional setting up equipment, which we will consider in more detail the example of the router TP-Link TL-WA901N.

So, you will need two routers: the first will be used to connect to the Internet, and the second will act as an access point.

For example, you set up the first router by providing him with access to the Internet. Now you can go directly to connecting an additional router. Connect it to the computer and go to the menu “Center for Control of Networks and General Access” through the “control panel” menu.

On the left side of the window opened, select the link “Change of adapter parameters”.

Open the “connection on the local network” and select “Properties” in the context menu.

In the list that opens, select the “Protocol of the Internet version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” with one click of the mouse and slightly lower the “Properties” item.

In the “General” tab, mark the “Use the following IP address” and make settings, as in the screenshot below.

Now open your main browser and in the address bar, lead the IP address indicated on the lower part of the router (by default it is 192.168.One.254). In the fields of the login and password, enter admin.

The settings of the router will open, where on the left side of the window go to the “Wireless Network” menu. “Wireless Network Settings”. In the central part of the page in the column “mode of operation”, put the parameter “universal relay”. Click the “Search” button.

How to extend WiFi with another router with cable

Wireless networks available to connect will be displayed, among which find and select yours by clicking the “Connection” button.

Press the “Save” button and reboot the access point.

Now it is necessary to proceed to configure safety. To do this, on the left side of the router settings, open the “Wireless Network” menu. “wireless security”. In this menu, set the settings exactly how you are on the first router. Save the changes and reboot the point.

On the left side, open the “Status” tab and, updating the page, pay attention to the parameter of the “Canal” point. If it changes, then a mistake was made in safety parameters.

The setting of the second router is completed on this. From this moment, the Internet will be distributed from two modems, significantly expanding the boundaries of wireless communication.

Router firmware update

Sometimes it can help update software (firmware) for the router. Manufacturers often find programmatic shortcomings in drivers for their device, and from time to time work on correcting errors, releasing updates on their official sites.

It happens that a certain model provides poor operation of the network due to errors made by engineers when creating factory software. This rarely happens, but perhaps this is exactly your case.

Universal instructions for updating the firmware for all devices are not. You need to find instructions for a specific router model.

In addition to improving and stabilizing the work of wireless connection, the speed of the Internet may also increase. Sometimes manufacturers find not only errors, but also ways to improve the operation of the device by changing some software algorithms.

How to connect Wi-Fi routers

Most often, routers bind it precisely by Wi-Fi. This is understandable, because you do not need to hammer the walls and lay the cable.

I have a TP-Link TL-WR841N in the role of the main router. He distributes Wi-Fi network with the name “Hetmansoftware”.

Please note that the router to which we will connect in the bridge mode should be configured. That is, the Internet should work, it must distribute a Wi-Fi network.

About how to make such settings we have a separate article and a detailed video. You can familiarize yourself with them.

Before moving on to setting up the second router, we need to install not automatic, but a static channel for a wireless network in the settings of the wireless network of the main router.

If you, for example, have TP-Link as the main router, then the channel can be changed in the settings, on the Wireless tab (or “Wireless mode”). In the field “Channel” (“Channel”) indicate the static channel. For example: 1, or 9, any. And save the settings.

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The static channel was installed. From the settings of the main router, you can leave.

We move on to setting up the router, which will be tuned in in the bridge mode. WDS. I have this model TR-Link Archer C20. We go into the settings of the router.

strengthen, wi-fi, signal, using, second, router

First, you need to change the IP address of our second router. This is necessary so that there are no two devices with the same IP on the network. For example, if the main IP address, and the second., you get a conflict of addresses. Go to the Network tab / LAN. In the IP address field, replace, for example, the last number from 1 to 2. Or, as in my case, since 192.168.One.1 to Save the entered settings.

Why is that? You need to know what IP address of the main router, to which we are going to connect. If he has 192.168.One.1, then on the router that we want to connect by WDS, we change the address to 192.168.One.2. And if the main address is, then we ask the second It is important that they are in the same subnet.

Go to the settings again, only the IP address will be different- Which we indicated above.

Go to the “Wireless Main” tab / “Basic Settings”. You can specify the name of the second wireless network in the “Wireless Network” field. And in the field “Channel” be sure to indicate the same channel that was installed in the settings of the main router. I have the 9th channel.

Next, install a check box near “Turn on WDS”. And click on the “Search” button.

Select the right network from the list with which the router will receive the Internet. On the contrary, click on the link “Connect”.

strengthen, wi-fi, signal, using, second, router

We only have to indicate the password for this main network in the password field. Enter it for conservation, click on the “Save” button.

After rebooting, we go into the settings of the second router again. And right on the main screen (the condition tab), we look at the “Wireless Mode” section. On the contrary, “WDS state” should be written “inclusive”. This means that our second router will already connect to the main router and must distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi.

But, the Internet will only operate on Wi-Fi, and when connecting to the router (which is in WDS mode) on the cable, the Internet will not work.

For the correct configuration of this function, it is necessary to disconnect the DHCP server on the router on which the WDS-Most is configured-that is, on that in my case the second. It is also necessary that its local IP address is in the same subnet as the original router.

Therefore, we move to the DHCP menu of the second router and turn off this function.

This is the connection of two Wi-Fi routers completed.

Choose the right place to install the second router so that it is within the radius of the main. Install on it the desired name of the wireless network and password. About how to do this, we already talked in detail in an article about setting up a wireless Wi-Fi router mode.

Use the range of 5 GHz

Budget Wi-Fi devices operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, so the range of 5 GHz is relatively free and there is little interference in it.

5 GHz. A promising range. Works with gigabit streams and has increased capacity compared to 2.4 GHz.

In practice: “moving” to a new frequency is a radical option that requires the purchase of an expensive two.Band router and imposes restrictions on client devices: only the latest models of gadgets work in the range of 5 GHz in the range of 5 GHz.

The problem with the quality of the Wi-Fi signal is not always associated with the actual radius of the action of the access point, and its solution in general terms is reduced to two scenarios:

  • In a country house, it is most often required in conditions of free ether to cover an area exceeding an effective range of the router.
  • For the city apartment, the range of the router is usually enough, and the main difficulty is to eliminate dead zones and intert interference.

The methods presented in this material will help to identify the causes of poor welcome and optimize the wireless network without resorting to replacing the router or the services of paid specialists.

strengthen, wi-fi, signal, using, second, router

And you can just stretch the wire from the router and increase the antenna range or not?

Count the wavelength at this frequency. The size of the wire larger will only extinguish it. The wire can be connected by the radio systems of long waves

And you can insert one into 3 dbi into a router with two antennas, and the second by 5? Will they interfere with each other? Or others what the nuances?

How the radius is adjustable on the router D-Link DIR-825/AC?

Can stationary phones can affect the router?

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If, inaccessible to Wi-Fi rooms, to draw a wired antenna from the router, but how to connect it to the router, in which nest, what kind of composition this “antenna cable should breathe. How EFFKEATIVE it is?

I ask you to forgive the typos. I write with glasses almost in the dark

The house is one to thirty years. Chopped from thick logs. A stable Wi-Fi signal does not go to my room, since the recent pores, until my neighbor, whom my laptop sees is connected to the line. I ask for your advice. Isn’t it easier to buy a primitive repiter for 1,500 in a neighboring city of Yekaterinburg than to think about a wired Internet from a neighboring room with a router TP Link with two regular antennas. My recommendation is important to me, an old man chained to his “place”.

The router is completely dazzling the radio control equipment for models, the whole modern one is just 2.4.

How to use a router with Wi-Fi cameras without an Internet signal.Thanks.

How to increase the radius of action on the Xiaomi 3 router ? Thanks in advance.

✓ How to connect two routers to Increase or Extend Home WiFi Range | WiFi Repeater WiFi Extender

How to increase the radius on the Router H300

Hello everyone’s name is Enakenty Pactunovsky I live in the city of Samara, I want to tell how to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal router in the room in modern routers themselves there are two separate antennas. Take two thick wiring briefly measure and cleanse their ends into the antennians of the turning, connect the two ends, but notice this is not a closure inside the router is a protection when these two ends soak it, it will not work worse. Especially the connected you can hang a meter of the thorus in one wire will be an increase of about 15-20 meters more to various use devices. You can even more strengthen the producing not one and a half meter in front, take the television cable, do not thin, cut off at one end wire slightly clean the tips the most braid, connect to the wire to the single one which is taken from the antennas from the antennas. Roter antennians are always removed so that it does not spoil its appearance and it doesn’t broadcast with the antenas with those that do not interfere with the small ones, lean the two ends of the wires from the antennas should be the united cable of the braid of braids of braids. The other edge of the cable of copper wire inside the residential is connected to the router to the mass where the modem is dressed from the edges, the iron outer is held. Now the end of the cable should be several meters desirable that the outer antenna is taken from the delta that middle part of the direction, I want to remember from the antenna for the two ends they will need. In the direction of the forward, it is advisable to connect it from the cable from the house to the courtyard to the trumpet standing to the top to the top, and the end of the wire at the top is the middle residential copper wire to the right of the two long tubes from the delta antenna first to one. The braid wire to the left directed forward, as it were, on the sides on the sides, and the circuit does not need an amplifier of the delta, it only accepts signals but does not broadcast back from the antennas. A reception occurs from the router and at the same time broadcasts Wi-Fi but the middle attach the braid of a black black wire to the left, we call the same antenna from the delta a pin. The main end of the medium thin small from a copper wire is already connected to the right side of the sides, now you will get about 100 meters of increasing the router as a cool. The very strengthening in the settings of the 2G 3G 4G router itself is not required, and if you have to strengthen the settings of the router, then it will give a powerful signal to 3-4 houses at all using this additional external antenna. All good luck and who still need to know the old production of 2G 3G 3G Antenna has a screw that screws up the same as new routers with two, they give a separate signal and the outgoing Wi-Fi new production. In short, who is interested in thank you for your attention glad to help for the benefit, I have turned to you with good customs all goodbye to you until you meet in business!

Thanks for the desire to help, but you write a hawk in Russian, otherwise your wordobliness cannot be understood.

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