Stopped Fingerprint For Iphone 5s 16gb

As you probably know, the iPhone and iPad did not descend from heaven. but from “Jobs garage”. Therefore, like everything material in this world, these gadgets are not perfect in nature and can be buggy and freeze. If your iPhone suddenly stops turning on, you are in the right place.

In this article we will consider the most common problems in which the iPhone does not turn on and try to find a solution for each of them. Now stop panicking and relax. Now we will fix everything.

If you dropped your iPad from the 14th floor, or washed your iPhone with jeans, this article is unlikely to help you. Here and so it should be clear that the device has suffered quite serious damage. In such a situation, it is better not to guess why the iPhone does not turn on, but immediately contact the service center.

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Suppose you don’t know the reason your iPhone stopped turning on. Then let’s focus on the simpotomas provided by your device, and then decide what can be done in each similar case.

Actually, here are the most common symptoms of a problem iPhone:

  • Constantly black screen
  • Application hung
  • iPhone does not respond to button presses
  • Apple is constantly on the screen.
  • IPhone is very hot

Let’s look at each of the reasons in more detail, and also list the possible steps and solutions for turning on the iPhone.

Constantly black screen

The most common case is when the iPhone screen remains black, no matter what buttons you press. This is usually caused by a fully discharged battery or a stuck iOS. In the rarest cases, it is possible that the firmware has flown, but more on that below. The next couple of steps should return your device to working condition.

STEP 1. If your iPhone has been in the cold for a long time, I give you a 100% guarantee that this is the reason that it does not turn on. Didn’t you know that lithium-ion batteries do not tolerate low temperatures and almost immediately “lose their charge”? Heat your phone in your palms and go to step 2.

STEP 2. Connect the iPhone to charge and leave it for at least 10 minutes. If the cause was a low battery, the iPhone should turn on by itself. Otherwise, go to STEP 3.

STEP 3. At this step, it is necessary to hard-reset the iPhone (it is better not to disconnect the charging cable). This procedure is slightly different for different iPhone models. precisely, the method of its implementation differs. To make it clearer, below I gave brief instructions:

  • iPhone 4S / 6S: hold down the HOME and POWER buttons for 15 seconds.
  • iPhone 7: hold down the POWER and buttons. volume for 15 seconds.
  • iPhone 8 / X / XR / XS / 11: quickly press and release the volume button, then the same with. , then hold down the Side button (formerly called POWER) for 15 seconds.

If the combination above is successful, the iPhone screen should first go blank and then display the logo of the glowing apple. Release the buttons and wait about one minute until the full launch of iOS.

STEP 4. Sometimes it is necessary to turn on / off the silent mode switch a couple of times before performing STEP 2. No one knows why, but it REALLY helps if holding down the HOME and POWER buttons gives nothing.

If these actions do not work, this may mean one of the following:

  • Charging cable not working
  • Power adapter is out of order
  • IPhone’s internal components are malfunctioning

Find a 100% working charge and cable and try steps 2 through 4 again.

Do not be skeptical of the charging module and cable. recently, I replaced my own “lace”, because when using it, the iPhone was charged only up to 60%. Charging cables for Apple appliances are very “delicate” and can fail even without external damage.

Regarding power adapters (in common people. charging) I can say one thing. TRY TO USE THE ORIGINAL POWER ADAPTERS. Frankly, Chinese cheap fakes heat up and melt right in the process. This applies to both home 220V and car 12V chargers.

Now, regarding the Lightning cables. the original wire is initially flimsy, and costs 19. I advise everyone to purchase a lightning cable from Ugreen, which is marked Mfi (Made For iPhone) and accordingly uses the original lightning chip. For little money you get an eternal cable!

Well, if you charged your iPhone with anything (e.g. cheap Chinese car adapters), a case is possible failure of the power controller or iPhone charging controller.

If this is your case, then the battery will simply physically not be able to take charge, because The microcontroller that controls the charging does not give the necessary commands. I wrote about this in plain language in a separate article. read here.

It’s hard to do something here yourself and it’s best to contact a normal service center.

Application hung

It also happens that the application on the iPhone may freeze or stop working normally. In this case, you must force close it and thus unload it from the phone’s memory.

In order to forcefully close the application, do this:

iPhone 4S. 8: press the HOME button twice, and then swipe up the hated application.

iPhone X: Swipe from the bottom of the screen and hold your finger on the screen until after application tiles appear. Swipe up to unload a hung application from memory.

iPhone does not respond to button presses

A couple of times my iPhone categorically stopped responding to pressing physical buttons. At the same time, the screen usually remained the screen of the last application, but I could not get out of it. If you find yourself in a similar situation, simply “hard” restart your iPhone.

To do this, hold down the HOME and POWER buttons for 10 seconds (for iPhone 7, 8 and X, see the button combinations above).

Apple is constantly on the screen.

It happens that the iPhone does not turn on, but at the same time the Apple sometimes lights up, then Apple disappears. and so on to infinity. This usually results in an unsuccessful iOS update, a clumsy jailbreak, or failure to restore an iPhone from a backup.

In such a situation, it may seem that the phone has come to an end. But do not rush to conclusions, but rather try the following with the device.

In most cases, this problem can be solved by restore iPhone to factory settings. There are several ways to do this, depending on your situation. I have given both iPhone recovery modes below.

IPhone recovery mode

STEP 1. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect the USB cable (you don’t need to connect the USB cable to the phone yet).

STEP 2. Turn off the iPhone while holding down the HOME POWER buttons (for iPhone 7, 8 and X combinations are indicated above).

STEP 3. Hold down the HOME button and connect the USB cable to the device.

STEP 4. Hold the button Home until the iTunes logo and plug image appear on the device’s screen.

STEP 5. A notification will appear on the computer screen that the device is in recovery mode.

STEP 6. Now just click the Restore button. Be patient, because Before restoring the iPhone to factory settings, the computer will need to download the latest version of iOS from Apple servers. Wherein the phone will lie with the screen off and show no signs of life.

Even with a good fast Internet, the download process can take 40 minutes or more. If your Internet connection is not stable or slow, the process may never end. Connect to a faster Wi-Fi connection.

DFU Mode

If your iPhone does not turn on, even after trying the above, there is one more way. restore the iPhone in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. To start the iPhone in DFU mode, you must clearly follow the instructions described in the link above.

If you need to enter iPhone X or 8 in DFU mode. read this article

IPhone is very hot

Very often, after the iPhone falls to the ground (even from an insignificant height), its screen goes blank, and the device itself no longer turns on. When trying to charge, the iPhone case immediately starts to get very hot, which is NOT normal.

In such cases, I would not experiment at home. God save you from the fire.

It is natural to think that after physical impact (falling to the ground), the internal components of the iPhone could fail. What exactly, I can’t say. It is necessary to disassemble and diagnose. In this case, find a normal service center and entrust this question to professionals.

None of the methods helped.

What? Still struggling with your iPhone or iPad and just can’t “persuade” it to work? My advice to you is to save your nerves and go to a normal service center. They don’t take money for a preliminary inspection.