Sound Does Not Work On Iphone On Call

Sound Does Not Work On Iphone On Call

There are many reasons why a sound may disappear on an iPhone. The user is unlikely to be able to identify the correct one, so he will have to take various measures in order to eliminate the disadvantage. What are these measures, this article will tell.

The iPhone, on which the sound disappeared, actually loses most of its functions. it can not be used either as a music player or as a means of communication. Therefore, the user who encounters such a malfunction is forced to immediately attend to its elimination.

Immediately prepare for the worst. to contact the service and expensive repairs. the owner of the iPhone is not necessary. If the device is mechanically sound, then the user will most likely be able to solve the problem on their own.

Why did the sound disappear on the iPhone: a description of the possible reasons

The reasons why most often on the iPhone there is no ringing sound or sound during a conversation can be divided into software and hardware.

Software bugs

Common software causes for loss of sound include:

  • Unsuccessful jailbreak. Hacking a system can lead to an error in the iOS code.
  • Installation of unofficial software. From Cydia, you should only download tweaks that are tested and recommended by experts on thematic portals.
  • Hanging operating system.
  • Incorrectly set iPhone settings.

Hardware problems

Hardware problems that can lead to loss of sound during a call and in the dynamics are as follows:

  • Flooding. Due to liquid entering the housing, the headphone jack microcircuits are oxidized. Because of this, the iPhone constantly “thinks” that a headset is connected to it. although the 3.5-Jack connector is actually free. It is better to “treat” the iPhone from flooding in the service center, but the “first aid” to the gadget should be provided personally. Our article tells what to do if an iPhone falls into the water.
  • Clogged speaker or headphone input. This problem most often affects people who prefer to carry iPhones in their pockets without using protective cases. The speaker grid and 3.5-pin connector are inevitably clogged with small debris and dust.
  • Mechanical damage to the speaker. Damage to the speaker is a consequence of the physical impact on the mobile device. In this case, a replacement speaker or at least a non-working chip is required. A replacement will be able to a person who knows how to disassemble iPhone and owns a soldering paw.

What should I do if the sound is lost on the iPhone?

The average user is unlikely to be able to accurately diagnose the cause of the loss of sound. Therefore, it’s necessary to take measures aimed at eliminating all sorts of reasons. starting with the simplest.

You must follow this algorithm:

Step 1. Inspect the gadget visually. The reason for the lack of sound can lie “on the surface” and can be, for example, because the speaker is covered with a film or a cover.

Step 2. Reboot the gadget. As a result of the restart, the cache will be cleared, temporary files will be deleted, and iOS will start working again. Using a reboot can eliminate a cause such as operating system freeze. If after launching the iPhone there is still no sound, you should exclude this reason from the list of possible ones and move on.

Step 3. Reset settings. With this action you will bring all the settings of the mobile device to its original configuration. Follow the path “Settings”-“The main”-“Reset”, Press on “Reset All Settings”, Then enter the password twice.

Resetting of this type will not lead to the deletion of the user’s personal data, therefore, it is not necessary to create a backup copy before this operation.

Step 4. Uninstall apps. Remember which of your actions preceded the loss of sound. Perhaps you installed a tweak from Cydia and then immediately found a problem? “Take down” the applications and tweaks that have been downloaded recently, restart the device again and check the sound.

Step 5. Back up your data in any way. The next operation will delete the information on the iPhone.

Step 6. Restore your gadget through DFU mode. Connect the iPhone to the PC with a cable, open iTunes and enter the “apple” device in DFU MODE. How to start the DFU mode is described on our website. When a question arises about restoring a gadget in Aityuns, answer it positively.

If none of the above measures gives a result, there are no software errors. the problem lies at the hardware level. All that the user can do in this case personally. clean the headphone jack and speaker.

Do this work as accurately as possible! Do not use metal tools (such as a needle), otherwise you risk scratching the contacts. You can remove dirt from the 3.5 mm jack with a toothpick or a thin stick with a cotton tip.

To remove debris from the speaker, it is better to use a dry brush with non-rigid bristles.

If the cleaning did not give a result, you will have to come to terms with the fact that the iPhone needs professional repair.

Where to carry the iPhone, on which the sound disappeared?

Unfortunately, loss of sound is usually not a consequence of a factory defect, but a careless handling of the device by the user. If the iPhone is flooded or if its speaker is broken due to mechanical impact on the gadget (drop), there will be no warranty repair. the seller will return the broken smartphone to the buyer.

Before going to the seller and demanding a free remedy, the iPhone user should look into the SIM card slot. There is a humidity sensor. if it is red, then you can’t count on the seller’s assistance. The iPhone is a “drowned man,” and the guarantee no longer extends to it.

After the seller refuses, they will have to carry the iPhone to the service center on their own. The table below summarizes the approximate of works to eliminate defects that could lead to loss of sound: