Sound Buttons Do Not Work On Asus Zenfone

Sound Buttons Do Not Work On Asus Zenfone

4 Word pages about this phone))

Hello dear readers, today I will tell you about my new Asus Zenfon Selfie 32Gb phone.

So, I will start, as always, from afar. I do not really like smartphones. Old push-button nocks are much nicer to the heart for a number of reasons. Firstly, they were not killed, Secondly, they calmly got into their pocket. They called loudly, woke the dead. And in those old nokia passed the evolutionary revolutionary streak. Does everyone remember Nokia 3310? Appatar, which could not be charged for several weeks. Then Nokia “with a flashlight”, then color polyphonic 6610i, then MP3 xpressmusic and 2 MP cameras, which seemed like a miracle! The last device from the list has lived with me for almost 5 years! And back in 2013, his battery began to live for less than 4 hours. I bought a new one, but this problem was not solved. The phone itself began to cover itself. For a long time I was looking for an analogue, not much evolutionarily steeper, and really did not want to switch to sensory devices. The influence of society, social networks and the threat of going to the hospital drove me to buying the first touch-screen telephone with mobile Internet faster than the old telephone modem and Wi-Fi. This is the JIAUY F1. For 4.5 thousand rubles in September 2014 I received a Chinese smartphone with a 4-inch screen, 5MP camera, two standard SIM cards, a slot for a memory card, a front camera 0.3, an android 4.2, with a 2400mAh battery, a removable battery, a 1300MHz processor , with a geometry of 62.5 x 124 x 10.5 mm. I wrote more about him here.

Well, the time came when I realized that it is unrealistically outdated, Google Chrome opens at an unrealistically slow speed, when you make a call, the phone sometimes rings first, and then the name or number of the caller appears on the screen, some applications are not installed due to lack of RAM, some freeze, some crash. The wedge wizard helps, but for one application launch. But you know, for his price, he worked himself 200%. I did not find phones with such characteristics in this price category. A year later, the battery began to behave worse and at one point in the night (8 hours) after 100% charging of the battery when the applications were turned off in the background, he managed to sit down at 50%! And then I realized that it was time to change it.

I approach the choice of phone very meticulously. The appearance is important to me, the camera, the battery are important, so that the SIM cards are two, but not nano in size, and even better. ordinary. so that you can download the navigator and it works properly. And the size. under the thin female handle 4 inches is ideal. But the problem is that a 4-inch phone with a good battery, a good camera and an adequately working navigator does not exist. Even with all its advantages of internal and land mines, the iPhone is monotonous. Although, about two months ago, I was thinking about an iPhone, and I did not have a second SIM card. But no one knew that overnight the world could turn over))

So. On Friday, the courier called me at 12, I was ahead of time. Offered to deliver in 20 minutes. In my hearts I laughed because I indicated the evening delivery time. In short, I got it in the evening. I wanted to check with the courier, but it did not work out. There was a cardboard box, the courier cut the adhesive tape with a knife, inside the box the top was covered with parchment paper (such a brown one, they used to wrap sausage in it), under it there is another box in a film with popping pimples), it is on adhesive tape, I unfold it and laugh to the courier “I don’t remove the knife, “because the Asus box itself was also in the film.

I couldn’t turn on the phone with a flick of the wrist, I decided that between the battery and the film contacts, well, I let go of the courier. As soon as he left, I sat for about 30 minutes and tried to open the back cover.

Realizing that I was about to break my nail, I decided to wait for the young man. What is interesting is that when the phone was not opened, the back cover did not play, and when we opened it, we inserted SIM cards, flash drives, a battery, etc. (the battery was not fully inserted), the lid was closed tightly, and she began to play. Female phone, damn it (((

the battery is removable, 3000 mAh, but for such a screen size it is very weak (on the first day it was, of course, a hard workout. Connecting to Wi-Fi and installing a huge number of applications discharged it (in my opinion it was around 56%) up to 23%. The next day it was 19% and I decided to put it in charge without waiting for any howls of the phone. It charged for an hour and a half, maybe two. Interestingly, up to 60% comes quickly, and then for every percentage of the charge goes away much more time. Similarly, it discharges. From 100% to 50 it will reach tro, and then it discharges much more slowly. Yesterday I played all day to discharge the battery and understand what its critical point is. This point is 15%, the phone makes an unfamiliar new sound, there are no signs that “charge I beg.” Battery on top it turns red, nothing turns off, everything works. On what number it turns off, I did not check.